Sex Slave

Author: socalellen

My name is Ellen and my husband Brian describes me as a very pretty shoulder-length redheaded MILF; I am in my early fifties; 5’4”, 120lb, with 34C/D nice firm natural breasts with sensitive pinkish-brown nipples, a nice round silky smooth ass and a tight partially shaved pussy.

If you have read any of my other stories you will know that my husband loves to create all kinds of sexual encounters with me as the center of attention. For the last couple of months we have had two friends staying with us which have been incredible for me because the white guy Mike’s cock is at least 13 inches and the black guy John’s is about 12 inches and they are both immensely thick and I’m allowed to have sex with any of them whenever I want ;-0

This one night we’re all hanging around in our grubby clothes watching TV when John gets up, stands in front of me and pulls his shorts down and says “I need a bitch to suck me right now” to which I reply “you better go find a bitch then”.

John: “I got a perfectly fine redheaded ho right here”

Ellen: “oh really, I don’t think so”

John: “oh yeah you will suck this cock right now”

I look him defiantly in the eyes, crosses my arms in front of me and I notice that Brian and Mike seems to be quite amused. John grabs my head and tries to force his cock into my closed mouth but I keep it closed. That’s when Brian and Mike get involved and the three of them unfolds my arms even though I try to fight them off but the three of them are so strong and before I know it they have removed all my clothes.

They carry me down to the basement where we have our S&M room and I know what’s going to happen to me now – I will become their sex-slave for hours (which I actually really enjoy, sometimes I like to be totally submissive). I get my hands cuffed behind my back and Brian helps me put on my shiny black thigh-high vinyl boots with 5” heels. He then put on me the tight open rubber bra that squeezes my tits really tight and makes my tits poke straight out. That bra squeezes my tits so tight that my nipples get incredible sensitive and for last he puts a black leather choker around my neck with a chain leash on it.

Brian yanks me down on my knees and tells me “you are our sex-slave and you will refer to us as Master only and you will do everything we tell you to our satisfaction or you will be punished, is that understood?”

Ellen: “yes”

Brian hits my ass with a nine-tail leather whip and says “yes what sex-slave?”

Ellen: “yes Master”

Brian hits my ass again and says “yes Master Brian”

Ellen: “yes Master Brian”

Brian: “that’s better sex-slave now apologize to John for not sucking his cock when he wanted you to”

Ellen: “sorry”

Brian hits my ass hard with the whip and says “what do you say sex-slave?”

Ellen: “sorry Master John”

Brian whips my ass again and “sorry for what sex-slave?”

Ellen: “I’m sorry for not sucking your cock Master John”

Brian: “what should you do now?”

Ellen: “suck Master John’s cock”

Brian whips my ass again and says: “you will ask Master John nicely for permission to suck his cock”

Ellen: “May I please suck your cock Master John?”

John: “yes you may but if you’re not doing to my satisfaction I will spank you tits with this paddle”

I started licking his long thick shaft and heavy balls when he hit my left tit so hard it stung.

Ellen: “what?”

John hit my right tit and said “you’re supposed to suck and refer to me as Master”

Ellen: “yes Master John I will suck you properly”

I took his half hard cock in my mouth and began to suck the best and hardest I know how and very quickly he grew very hard and demanded me to deep-throat him. Mike and Brian got over and stood next to John with their half hard cocks right in front of my face and even relaxed Mike’s cock is frighteningly huge.

John: “looks like you got some more cocks to suck, why don’t you ask them if they would like their cocks sucked?”

Ellen: “Master Mike and Master Brian may I please suck your cocks?”

Brian: “yes but start with Master Mike”

Mike: “yes you whore get started before I spank your ass”

Ellen: “yes Master Mike”

I open my mouth as much as I can and suck his enormous cockhead into my mouth and begin to suck him hard. While I am sucking Mike I feel Johns head between my legs from behind and I shutter when he starts licking my pussy. John’s tongue plays with my pussy-lips and he penetrates my wet pussy with his tongue, it feels incredible with his tongue and Mike’s cock in my mouth. John gets up behind me, grabs my hips and plunges his huge cock into my very wet pussy – the incredible feeling of his huge cock inside me makes me shiver.

John spanks my ass with the paddle and says “stop shivering and concentrate on our cocks”

With Mikes cock in my mouth I manage a muffled “yes Master John”

After sucking Mike completely hard I now take Brian’s in my mouth and enjoy the familiar taste and feel of his already hard cock. While I’m sucking Brian John slowly moves very deep in and out of pussy and Mike is licking and sucking my tits and nipples. I am just about to have my first orgasm when John and Brian pulls out of my pussy and mouth and Mike let’s go of my tits.

Ellen: “oh no – please don’t stop please………… Masters please”

Brian: “not yet sex-slave, we’re not ready to let you cum”

John slaps my ass and says “you control yourself bitch – we’ll decide when you cum”

They un-cuff my hands and the three of them carry me over to this medieval wooden stockade where they put me on my knees. They position my neck in the larger hole in the middle and my hands through the smaller holes on each side of my head. They then lower the upper half down so my head and hands are held in place with no place to move. Mike takes these suction cups and places them on my tits over my nipples and turns on a machine that begin to suck my nipples kind of like a device used to milk cows.

He turns up the suction and the machine alternating suck my tits and nipples and I can feel my nipples swell and get harder. Meanwhile Brian and John begin to spank my ass with their hands and I can feel a wonderful burning sensation. John gets in front of my face and commands me to suck him while Brian turns up the nipple suction even more and it feels absolutely fantastic how my tits are being milked one at a time and John exclaims “look how big her nipples gets – I can’t wait to suck one of those”.

As John is fucking my mouth Mike begins to spank my ass with his humongous cock while Brian is whipping my ass with a horse whip and I can hear the swoosh just before I feel the wonderful stinging pain. Somebody grabs my hips and I feel a cockhead touching my pussy and with a thrust I feel Mike’s enormous cock plunge deep into my tight wet pussy and he fucks me slow and deep. Brian removes the suction cups from my nipples and begins to lick my swollen hard nipples; they are so sensitive that I immediately feel an orgasm coming.

I’m still loudly sucking John when Mike pulls out of me and he then holds one of the suction cups up to my clean-shave pussy, he turns the suction on full and I can feel my pussy-lips begin to swell right away. After a couple of minutes of sucking John and Brian whipping my stinging ass Mike turns of the suction and spreads my very swollen pussy-lips and again plunges his cock deep inside me and because my pussy-lips are so swollen and sensitive I just have this exploding orgasm and I let out a muffled scream of ecstasy.

Mike: “see bitch that’s how it’s done”

Brian: “give it to her hard Mike”

John: “suck me hard bitch”

John is now fucking my mouth hard and fast and Mike’s huge cock is furiously pounding my pussy while Brian is licking and sucking my swollen nipples. Suddenly Mike grabs my hips hard and with some deep hard thrusts he empties his load in my pussy and when he pulls out of me Brian spreads my ass cheeks and gently penetrates my ass. Once he’s all the way in he starts fucking me hard and deep and his loaded balls slaps against my ass. John is fucking my mouth really fast and all of the sudden he pulls out but keeps the tip of his cockhead between my lips and fills my mouth with his warm tasty cum, I have to swallow three times before I got it all. Now Brian is fucking the living shit out of my ass and soon enough I feel him cum and fill up my ass.

Ellen: “now that we’re done please get me out of this thing”

Brian: “who says anything about done, you are our sex-slave and we have just started”

Ellen: “oh no I am sore and done”

Mike: “aren’t you forgetting something? We are you Masters and you will do what we command you to”

John: “you will do as told and speak to us with the respect of a sex-slave – do you understand?”

Ellen: “yes Master John”

John: “that’s better now tell me do you need more cock?”

Ellen: “my pussy is sore”

Brian whips my ass with the horse whip so it stings like hell and says “you do need more cock right?”

Ellen: “please I’m really sore”

I hear the woosh just before Brian whips my ass again.

Ellen: “yes I want more cock”

Once again I hear the woosh just before the whip lands on my ass with a painful sting.

Mike: “ask nice”

Ellen: “please Masters I need more cock please”

They open the stockade and carry me over to the low table where they put me on my back, lift my legs up and spread them wide as they secure my ankles in the two leg-holders (think medieval gynecology chair). Once my ankles are secured they stretch my arms above my head and out to the sides where my wrists gets shackled so I am now spread-eagled with my legs up in the air and spread wide and my poor sore pussy completely exposed and at their mercy.

They bring out nipple-clamps that are connected with a small chain and after attaching the nipple-clamps to both my nipples Mike attaches the chain to a pulley-system hanging from the ceiling. He then pulls until my nipples has been pulled so far up that it feels like I’m hanging from my nipples, then they put a clamp on my still swollen pussy-lips. I am now in a position where I can not under any circumstance move. To be continued…………..

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