Family Friend – part 1

Author: socalellen

My name is Ellen and my husband Brian describes me as a very pretty MILF with curly shoulder-length red hair and blue eyes; I am in my mid fifties; 5’4”, 120lb, with 34C/D nice firm natural breasts with sensitive pinkish-brown nipples, a nice round silky smooth ass, long straight legs and a tight partially shaved pussy.

Brian is in his late forties, very handsome and athletic 6’3” and 190lbs with a nice big and thick cock that always seems to be ready for me. If you have read any of my other stories you will know that Brian loves to create all kinds of sexual encounters and role-plays with me as the center of attention.

What happened here was quite an unsuspected surprise – We had tried for a long time to get together for dinner with our long time friend David and had finally found a Wednesday night that worked for everyone and David was coming to our home for a home-cooked dinner (I love to cook).

At 7pm sharp David arrived with flowers and a couple of bottles of wine. David is a good looking guy very similar to Brian in age and build (although I can’t speak for his cock since I have never seen it) and he’s smart with a great sense of humor.

After hugs and kisses we all got our glasses of wine and the guy’s went outside for a little while and then came back in and hung around the kitchen. I teasingly asked them “so you boys had some secrets to share?” and they both shook their heads and said no. After a short awkward silent moment David was asking how I was doing and the usual chitchat picked right up.

During dinner it was almost like David was studying me and whenever he didn’t think I was looking I saw him steal glances at my breasts. I couldn’t really put my finger on what was slightly strange about his behavior considering we have known each other for at least 10 years and he has certainly seen me in jeans and a T-shirt before.

After dinner Brian and David cleared the table and cleaned the kitchen and we all re-convened in the big couch in the living room where we had more wine and talked about everything as usual. David was complaining over a stiff lower back because he had driven down to San Diego and back and I said maybe we should have a hot-tub in a little bit to loosen up your back.

About half an hour later we decided to get in the hot-tub and I went to put on my bikini and when I came out they were already in the hot-tub and had brought our wines out as well. I noticed David almost staring at me when I realized he has never seen me wear so little clothing and I kind of enjoyed it and was also flattered by it. We sat in the hot-tub for quite a while and again I noticed David stealing glances at my breasts as we were talking and sipping wine.

Both Brian and David decided to get in the pool and when they were getting out of the hot-tub I realized that none of them were wearing swimsuits and I also noticed that David has a very nice big thick cock just like Brian (I shouldn’t notice things like that). After a couple of minutes I too decided to get in the pool.

I was sitting between Brian and David on one of the pool-ledges when suddenly Brian removed my top revealing my breasts.

Ellen: “what are you doing?”
Brian: “letting David enjoy your tits”
David: “they are very beautiful”
Ellen: “now you have all seen them please give me back my top”
Brian: “too late – David and I are gonna have our time with you tonight:
Ellen: “so that’s what you were contemplating before dinner?”
David: “yes, I have always thought you were beautiful and wanted to have you, so when Brian suggested this I immediately agreed
Ellen: “you could have said something years ago and we would have done it then and many times since”
David: “better late than never”
Ellen: “it’s about god damn time”

David starts caressing my left tit and quickly begins to kiss, lick and suck it and I notice his cock is already hard and ready. Brian begins to suck on my other tit and I just sit here enjoying both my tits being sucked on.

David and Brian are like hungry little kids just sucking hard on my tits and nipples like they’re feeding and I grab their hard cocks with my hands and slowly begin to stroke them. With my tits filling their mouths their hands are all over my body and almost as on cue they pull off my bikini bottom and they both spread my legs. Brian as the perfect host lets David be the first to touch my pussy.

Again as on cue they lift me up and carries me over to the nice soft grass next to the pool where they gently lay me down on my back and both immediately begin to suck my tits and nipples again. They make sure to put their throbbing hard cocks in my hands so I can continue stroking them.

David stops sucking my tit and grabs it with his hand as he begins to kiss me hungrily letting his tongue explore my tongue and mouth while Brian is still sucking my other tit like crazy. David’s hand now wanders from my tit to between my legs where he begins to play with my wet pussy and soon I feel his finger slide inside me.

With David’s tongue jammed deep in my mouth and finger-fucking my horny wet pussy and Brian sucking on my tits and squeezing my hard nipples and a hard throbbing cock in each hand, I just can’t help it and I get hit by a very powerful orgasm. After a couple of minutes I’m able to breathe again and I realize they’re both looking at me with huge grins.

Ellen: “what?”
Brian: “I thought you were going to pass out with that orgasm”
David: “you looked extremely beautiful when you came”
Ellen: “we’re not yet – right?”
David: “not even close, we’re just getting warmed up”
Brian: “not to worry, but we have a couple of cocks here that need some attention”
Ellen: “well give them to me”

David instantly moves up and pushes his big hard cock into my mouth and I hungrily start sucking it while I stroke Brian’s cock. Brian moves up on the other side of me so I can now take turns sucking their gorgeous cocks, they taste exquisite and I can’t wait to feel them in my pussy and ass.

As I’m greedily sucking on David’s cock Brian begins to spank my tits with his big hard cock and once David sees this he helps Brian spank my tits with his big hard cock as well – I love having my tits spanked by a big cock.
Brian tugs my hands under my body so they’re restrained and then they each grab a tit and squeeze it at the base while their cocks spank my nipples hard and my body is wriggling with pleasure.

Brian let go of my tit and spread my legs wide apart and he begin to spank my pussy with his big hard cock while David now spanks both my tits with his cock while my hands are still restrained under my body. There are loud slaps every time one of them spanks my tits or pussy and I’m starting to get a nice burning sensation from the spanking.

Brian: “David why don’t we trade places so you get to spank her nice wet pussy?”
David: “I would love to spank that beautiful pussy”
Ellen: “please somebody fuck me”
Brian: “all in due time, all in due time, you will get fucked”
Ellen: “please fuck me now”
David: “I’ll be happy to when Brian says it’s okay”
Ellen: “no, I want a cock in my pussy now”
Brian: “I think we need to spank her harder so she knows who is boss here”
David: “my pleasure”

David now spanks my pussy really hard and Brian is doing the same to my tits and it stings wonderfully every time their cocks hits my pussy and tits. Suddenly I feel David ram his big cock hard into my unsuspecting pussy and he begins to fuck me very deep while Brian’s cock is still spanking my tits.

Ellen: “oh yes – fuck me, fuck me, fuck me”
David: “I will fuck you until you beg me to stop”
Ellen: “never, keep fucking me”

David then jams his cock into my mouth and down my throat (thank god I can deep-throat) so now I can’t say a word. Brian slowly feeds me all of his cock and begins to fuck my mouth While David is holding my ankles up in the air spread wide and is fucking my dripping wet pussy wonderfully hard and deep.

That’s all I can handle and my entire body is shaking as I have another tremendous orgasm while the boy’s just keep fucking my mouth and pussy. All of the sudden Brian pulls out of my mouth and starts shooting his warm delicious cum all over my face and tits. After he is done he sticks his cock in my mouth again so I can suck him dry.

David spreads my legs even wider and just fucks me hard, fast and deep while the rest of my orgasm rolls through my body and all of the sudden he makes a couple of very deep hard thrusts into the very bottom of my pussy and I feel his cum hit the end wall of my pussy. David keeps shooting his cum deep inside me and it feel absolutely wonderful.

After a little while we’re all sort of composed again and I begin to get up when Brian and David grabs me and pulls me back down.

Brian: “where do you think you’re going”
Ellen: “well we’re done so I’m going to put some clothes on”
David: “oh no, we have just started”
Ellen: “you’re kidding, I’m already sore”
Brian: “too bad, that was just the warm-ups, and by the way you don’t need any clothes on until tomorrow – David is spending the night here”
Ellen: “sounds like I won’t be able to sit or walk tomorrow”

To be continued…

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