Back from the gym

Author: Brian

For years I tried to talk my wife Ellen into a threesome but she always tells me that she has a fantasy about it but that she doesn’t really want to do it. A couple of months ago I met Mike at the gym and we started working out together. Mike is a good looking guy in his mid-thirties and pretty well hung.

Mike has met Ellen a couple of times and after telling me that she’s quite a fox I showed him a couple of nude pictures of her to which he commented that she’s pretty hot. Ellen is a very pretty redhead in her late 40’s, 5’4” and 120lb with a good handful of nice firm natural breasts with big sensitive pinkish-brown nipples, a nice round and silky smooth ass and great long legs.

One day after working out I approached Mike and asked if he would be interested in trying to get Ellen into a threesome? Mike was more than agreeable so we went back to my house to have a beer. Ellen invited Mike to stay for dinner and after dinner we decided to get in the hot tub. Ellen likes to be topless and I never wear anything in the hot tub so Mike decided to do the same.

As Mike climbed into the hot tub I noticed that Ellen had a hard time keeping from looking at Mike’s big thick manhood and Mike couldn’t keep his eyes off Ellen’s full firm breasts.

After the hot tub we all sat in the couch wrapped in our towels. I began to remove Ellen’s towel, which she resisted. I told her to let go and relax because she would be in for quite a treat, so don’t fight it. After I removed her towel she covered her breasts with her arms, so I winked at Mike and we each took an arm and gently pulled them away revealing her beautiful tits with already hard nipples.

Still holding her arms Mike and I started kissing, licking and sucking her tits. It had the desired effect because she closed her eyes and started breathing heavy. Mike and I each brought her hands down to our hard cocks, which she eagerly grabbed, and began to stroke.

After a while Mike got down between her legs and began to remove her panties. As soon as the panties where off he buried his face in her wet pussy and started licking and sucking her wet pussy. I got on my knees and stuck my cock in her mouth and she began to suck me in a hungry way that she’s never sucked me before while Mike and I pinched and pulled her big hard nipples.

Mike moved his head up from her pussy and looked questioning at me and I nodded at him to go ahead. He spread her legs wide and moved up so his big hard glistening cockhead just touched the opening of her very wet pussy. Ellen’s body got rigid with anticipation and she started to tremble when Mike slowly pushed his cock all the way in and with a slurping sound started moving in and out of her.

After a little while of Ellen sucking me, Mike and I caressing her tits and nipples, and Mike slowly taking her pussy I suggested that it would be more comfortable for everybody up in bed.

I told them to go ahead and that I would bring something to drink, I also whispered to Mike not to hold back and wait for me. As soon as they disappeared up the stairs I poured us some wine.

Mike hadn’t wasted any time. When I entered the bedroom he had Ellen down on the bed and himself on top of her in a 69. Even though her mouth isn’t that big she had swallowed his entire thick cock and was sucking him hard as his tongue moved in and out of her pussy. I put down the wine and sat on the bed enjoying their sucking and licking each other. I then spread her legs wide and pushed my cock hard into her pussy while Mike still licked her clitoris.

The minute I entered her I thought she was going to explode. Her loud moans where muffled by Mikes big cock in her mouth and her body was shaking and trembling in ways I’ve never experienced with her before. Her pussy was contracting so hard that I didn’t last long and I filled her pussy with my warm white cum.

After I was done I told Mike to finish her so he turned her around on all four and entered her pussy from behind. I couldn’t help but notice how much his thick cock widened her pussy and she gasped with pleasure as he pushed it all the way in.

While Mike was thrusting his cock in and out of her craving pussy I stuck my half-hard cock in her mouth and had her suck it clean and hard again. Mike pulled out of her and had her lay on her back again, I grabbed her legs and spread them wide to let Mike’s glistening wet cock back into her dripping wet and visibly widened pussy.

With my cock in her mouth and Mike fucking her hard I held her hand and pulled on her nipples with my other hand. Mike was now fucking her very fast and very hard. Suddenly she let out a muffled scream and her body started shaking violently when Mike did one last very deep hard thrust and emptied his load in her.

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