Lori – A Neighbor’s Delight 6

Author: Kacey1999

By Kacey1999
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Please send your comments and suggestions as the feedback is always appreciated. This story is written at the request of a reader and I hope I do her fantasy justice. This chapter begins with Ken’s Sunday Football party. My story is written in a series of chapters and a reader may want to read previous chapters for a better understanding of what is really happening in Lori’s life.

Lori – A Neighbor’s Delight – Chapter 6

It was peaceful and quiet in the bedroom and Lori looked at the four items Ken had given her. A skirt, tank top, bra and pair of boots were the extent of what she was ordered to wear. Ken told her he wanted a Hotties’ waitress on Sunday and all his buddies would be served by a luscious piece of ass. Every time the vile man said evil and disgusting things, Lori would always find a way to forgive him. She chose to ignore the insinuation of his demands and considered the waitress aspect of his request.

Ken contemplated leaving out the bra or the tank top but decided each added to the sexy facade. He loved the name ‘Hotties’ across the chest and the pushup bra didn’t leave much to the imagination. ‘No matter,’ he thought, ‘I’ll have all her clothes off before too long, so what did it matter how much she wore?’ He was determined once and for all to show his beer-drinking buddies that his boasting and bragging was not complete bullshit.

He got his vision from watching the vivacious waitresses at Hotties. The franchise was the local area’s version of National bars like Hooters and Coyotes. They modified their waitresses’ attire to reflect the owner’s preferences and the outfits expertly displayed a woman’s attributes to hungry men. Ken and his buddies frequented the seedy place on a weekly basis and it did not take Ken long to get to know one or two of the sexy waitresses. This made it quite easy for him to borrow one of the women’s uniforms that would fit Lori.

A waitress outfit ensured there was lots of cleavage shown and also gave the customers plenty of opportunities to see frilly, lacy panties. The Fredericks’ catalog was the source of all the girl’s undies and Hotties did not skimp when purchasing outfits for their workers. The owner realized early on that men loved being served by sexy women who flashed lots of tits and ass.

Sadly, Lori would quickly find out that the omission by her hated neighbor of the panties would severely hamper her movements. She remembered his words when he told her what to wear. “I want your beautiful ass and that gorgeous bald pussy on display to all my friends,” he had informed her.

Lori held the short skirt up against her body and saw it was not going to reach far below her crotch. The outfit Ken had gotten was a seductive black and most definitely would look attractive against her tanned-colored complexion. Having a slight Hispanic appearance, Lori’s jet-black hair looked great with black clothing.

Standing naked in front of a full-length mirror, Lori saw her reflection and a quick thought shot through her head. ‘Would Ken like to see me now?’ she wondered and scolded herself for being so daring. She noticed that the hickies sucked onto her body by the Patterson’s had faded and that made her somewhat happy.

Quickly, she donned the items of clothing supplied and again looked at her image in the mirror. Her mouth hung open and she stared at a picture of a wanton whore. She looked like an insidious hooker who was going out on the street corner looking for a trick. “You dirty bastard, you fucking bastard, I hate you,” Lori whispered to the one man in her life who could make her do anything.

The scanty, pushup bra was like a stiff platform on the lower half of her breasts and pushed upward creating a spillover effect. It was almost a sinful display that would surely create wicked images in any man’s head. The upper portion of the cups was made of sheer lace, which barely covered her areoles and Lori was sure she could see through the revealing material.

The tank top was cut so low that more cleavage was visible than she would ever consider displaying. She tried pulling up on the tank top’s swooping material but it did little good. As soon as she let go of the material, it fell below the lace of the bra cups exposing her immense, eye-catching cleavage. To her utter dismay, Lori’s breasts were to be put on exhibit.

Glancing lower, Lori could see the flared skirt made her look like she was 18 again. Her flat, bare midriff was left exposed and looked seductive to surely arise the desires of any man. Luckily the bottom of the skirt did seem to hide her private treasures but the high-top black, cowboy boots did make her legs look a lot longer than they really were. The details made her feel good as she considered her shapely legs one of her defining features.

Lori innocently performed a little twirl as if she were moving around with a tray of drinks and her heart almost stopped. There would be no mistaken impression that she was not dressed like all Hotties’ waitresses, she quickly realized. ‘Gawd, how will I ever move around and not show myself?’ she wondered and looked again at the obvious sinful display when she bent over. A shiver of fear shot through her body knowing that Ken’s buddies would certainly be aware of her being naked underneath the skirt.

With great uncertainty, Lori headed downstairs to the living room to say goodbye to Andy. It was time for the dreaded rendezvous and her tummy was twisting and churning with great nervousness of what lay ahead. She vowed to stay optimistic and kept thinking of anything positive. She dreamed the men would merely be content with her serving drinks and doing typical maid service during the party. Maybe giving her a gentle pat on the behind every so often, but nothing more, she hoped. Lori wished for the best and shoved the allusion to the back of her mind about being naïve and far too optimistic.

Ken loved the fact he controlled the couple. Years of fantasizing about Lori, watching her in the neighborhood built a determination in him to possess the sexy woman. In Ken’s mind, it was like Lori flaunted herself and appeared to think she was so much better than he was. “Well,” he decided weeks ago, “I’ll show the bitch who is superior!”

His instructions for the Sunday gathering had been downright devious and dirty but they made him chuckle. Knowing the husband’s penchant for voyeurism, he wanted the husband to hear and know everything that went on yet not actually join in. Also, Ken didn’t want his buddies to be concerned over some distressed husband ruining their good time. That was the reason he instructed Andy to come over to his place once the party started to watch everything from the quiet comfort of his living room. He explained that a camera would be set up that would show everything that happened so Andy would not miss a thing.

Andy expected his wife’s appearance and his eyes opened wide in amazement at the sight of how sexy she looked. The large letters across her chest were a bold advertisement for the drinking establishment that made Lori look absolutely ravishing. Andy admired his wife and suddenly wondered is he was not sending her off to the wars. He got a sudden urge to show her love and affection and reached out to give his sexy wife a comforting hug.

His hand went to the small of Lori’s back and he pulled her into his body as the couple embraced for a few seconds. Innocently and like he did on so many occasions, his hand dipped down to swoop under the hem of her skirt. Andy loved feeling Lori’s butt and for some strange reason, he had visions of her sweet ass covered with frilly panties.

He almost swallowed his tongue. It took a few seconds to recover from the shock of feeling his wife’s bare ass. “Darling. Darling I know we agreed with Ken but… I guess I didn’t realize what was actually involved,” he said implying he was dumbfounded. He looked at the beautiful woman of his life and saw she struggled for a response.

The reality of what he’d known along suddenly came to fore. Certainly his wife would be gang fucked. That thrilled him, yet… the awful truth was, she was now Ken’s sex slave to do with as he wished. Andy felt his life going downhill in a hurry, but did not know how to combat the strong, demanding man. Everything seemed to be closing in on him. He felt strong desire and passion deep inside but wasn’t sure if the price of sacrificing his lovely wife wasn’t too high. True, it filled him with intense lust to watch another man have sex with Lori, he thought. But he did have reservations with the thought Ken held control over their future.

Finally, Lori was able to speak. “Andy, you know I wouldn’t do this if he didn’t make me do it. He gave me the outfit to wear and demanded I wear only the things he provided. And… oh, gawd Andy, I am sure he is going to let his buddies have me,” she blurted out before she even had a chance to think about what she was saying to her husband. Yes, she finally realized that Ken was much stronger than she was and she was willingly going to his place to do whatever he wished. It suddenly hit her. Once she volunteered to obey his instructions, there would be no stopping the man. He would own her soul!

Lori was severely upset that she told her husband what was on her mind and she looked at his troubled face. “I am so sorry, but you know he is making me go over there,” she said hoping he would forgive her. “You agreed with it when he told you,” she added in self-defense.

It was time for the action to begin and the blunt facts hit the couple. Both took a few seconds to fully comprehend what was about to happen to the woman of the relationship. They hugged and with a departing kiss, Lori left for the rendezvous. Andy was reluctant to let her go alone but he rationalized that he would be allowed over once the party got under way and would see that she wasn’t harmed.

Grabbing her coat on the way out the door, Lori arrived at Ken’s house at precisely the prescribed time. She tapped lightly on the front door not wanting to ring the doorbell and make a loud announcement to the world that she was there, available for the taking. When the door opened, Lori’s heart beat much faster. In a desperate bid to deny the reality, she hoped that she was hallucinating and it was merely a bad dream.

“Come in my dear. I’m dying to see the look on the guys’ faces when they see how beautiful you are,” Ken said with a pretentious smile that feigned a pleasant smile. The smile made her shudder. Under ordinary circumstances, compliments made Lori feel good and boosted her confidence but not when they came from her controlling neighbor.

Lori looked at Ken’s rugged features and gave a tiny shiver realizing he was kind of handsome in a manly sort of way. He was dressed in a casual manner with loose blue jeans and a short sleeve shirt, which was open almost all down the front. His arms were very muscular and the bulging biceps caught her eye as he flexed them on purpose. She caught the glimpse of his powerfully built, hairy chest and again quivered realizing he was so strong and dominant. His skin sort of glistened almost like it had been oiled for effect and Lori could see that even his chest hair shone.

Suddenly Ken pushed her against the front door so her back was pressed hard into the wood. In a swift move, he kissed her hard on the lips as his hand ripped open her coat below the waist. Bold and brave from his hold over Lori, his hand slipped into the opening of the coat and under Lori’s skirt. First he had to ensure she followed his directions and second he had the urge to feel her pussy. He was forceful and rough as his hand pressed between her thighs as Lori tried to prevent his invasion. Ken’s big hand closed over her precious opening, pressing his middle finger along the puffy slit in a most threatening manner.

Ken broke the kiss and looked her directly in the eyes. “I love how you get wet whenever you are with me,” he whispered in a taunting fashion. Full of confidence, he slowly pressed his finger into the wetness, watching her reaction as he opened the delicate hood covering her clitoris. Deliberately, he rolled the tender clit with his finger.

Lori realized the vile man was correct. She was wet and getting wetter by the second. Betrayed by her own body, an unwelcome shiver of desire shot down her spine right to her crotch. She prayed in vain that it was not for this man.

His voice suddenly shocked her back to reality. “Come. I’ll introduce you to the guys,” he said releasing his grip on her body. He took her by the elbow to guide her across the room. Ken led the way down the stairs to the lower level and at the bottom of the stairs, he turned and faced Lori. He held out his hand and whispered, “I’ll take your coat. We don’t want you to hide your sexy body from my friends, do we?”

She had worn the coat as a safety blanket. Ken had ruined it by ripping off the bottom buttons, but it still covered her body right down to her knees. Lori slowly undid the remaining couple of buttons until it hung loosely almost teasing the waiting men across the room. There was a hush but that soon changed to many loud gasps as Ken removed the coat from her slender shoulders. The men saw her beauty for the first time and it made every heart in the room quicken to a furious pace.

Like a true gentleman, Ken took Lori’s coat and hung it up before escorting her into the center of the room. The men could not take their eyes off Lori’s alluring body. All devoured each and every curve knowing of Ken’s promise. One gave his buddy a quick jab in the ribs. “Fuck, he wasn’t kidding, she’s fucking gorgeous! Look at those knockers!” he whispered to his buddy.

“Gentlemen,” began Ken. “This gorgeous creature is Lori. Lori will be our waitress for the afternoon. Anything you want, she will serve,” he said glancing in Lori’s direction to display his evil grin. “There is no better maid on the planet. Believe me when I tell you, she is the absolute best,” Ken told his buddies who all stared at the scantly clad woman. “She has assured me that she will fill your every request.”

Ken’s friends all remembered his promise that each of them would have the chance to ravage his slut. They were utterly astonished at the fact he wasn’t bullshitting them and Lori was for real! Every man was horny as hell and could hardly wait for things to happen.

“Lori loves cock. Don’cha baby?” Ken said with a grin causing Lori great embarrassment. Suddenly he grabbed her right hand tightly and spun her around as if to make a grand entrance. Lori was halfway around before she could react by using her free hand to hold the skirt in place. All she could do was pray that the men did not notice her flash of exposure, but notice they did.

One by one Ken introduced his friends and with each meeting, Lori felt their hungry eyes looking up her short skirt. ‘Oh gawd,’ she thought, ‘can I get through this without them all touching me, groping me like teenagers?’ She was determined to overcome the huge odds but her confidence was eroding. The one thing she knew was that she had to remain fully upright and to remember not to bend over.

A large plasma television was against one wall and the sound was not turned up very loud. There was a football game on but none of the men were watching the screen. Ken had outlined his plan to all his buddies long before the servant joined the fray so they sat back and waited. Nothing, nothing he had reiterated, would start before he initiated it and there would be no fucking and screwing until half time.

Ken had bragged about Lori being his devoted slut and he was determined to demonstrate how much control he had over her. “Don’t worry,” he told them, “You will all get to fuck her… but in good time. We don’t want to wear her out before the second game, do we?” he said and they all laughed.

“Now if someone happens to feel a bare ass or pussy, well… so be it. Just no screwing until the second half,” he said when he laid out his plan. “And guys, I have heard all about blacks fucking white bitches and today, we will see it live, in living flesh, for ourselves,” Ken said and again laughter had broken out. All except for Ronny, who was the one Ken mentioned. Ronny just grinned, excited knowing what was going to happen, while his buddies slapped his shoulders with glee.

“Time to go to work sweetheart, the bar is over there,” Ken said and pointed to the portable bar set up on one side of the large recreation room. “The men need a drink, the game is on, a sexy waitress is serving, what else could a man want?” Ken said and grinned at his attempted humor. “I’ll have a Bud,” he said sitting back waiting to be served.

All watched the sexy woman in the revealing Hotties’ outfit move gracefully through the room following Ken’s demands. Lori brought Ken a Bud and before she could get away, he put his big, strong arm around her waist. He pulled her tight against his chest and looked up slightly into her eyes. “Guys, Lori loves it when someone plays with her pussy, isn’t that right honey?” Ken said much to Lori’s horror.

She twisted and tried to move away from his strong grip but that was impossible. A loud gasp of air escaped her throat when his vulgar finger again entered her wetness and swirled around like it was his personal possession. She let out a tiny sob when he slowly removed his finger and put it to his lips. With a deliberate show of intimidation, he sucked his finger and smiled with satisfaction that it was the sweetest taste.

After Ken had broken the barrier, it was open season on Lori’s pussy and every time she brought a fresh drink, the man would feel her up. She didn’t know what else to do but allow it. The skirt was so short it gave no protection and without panties, it took but a split second for any man to finger-fuck her. By the end of the first quarter, everyone had felt all of Lori’s pussy and cherished the taste of her sweet juices.

Lori’s tanned complexion was turned into a reddish tone from the embarrassment of being groped so eagerly by Ken’s buddies. The fact that one of them was black gave her a strange, uncomfortable feeling but she tried to ignore the obvious difference. Lori had never dated or been with a man who wasn’t white although her and Andy had talked about it numerous times.

Eventually Ken turned up the volume on the TV and the loud noise made it more of a party atmosphere. The men cheered the big hits and close plays of the game while passing Lori around like she was a trophy. She tried to stay at arms length but that did not work. Each time Lori served a drink or appetizer to one of Ken’s buddies, the man took liberties of putting his hands under her skirt. The groping was bad enough but every time the perpetrator made a scene of licking his wet fingers, it shamed Lori to the utmost.

The second quarter started and Ken had more plans to humiliate his submissive slut. “You’ve heard of a man having a quick shot with his beer, well let’s see how good a waitress you really are. Every time you bring a beer, offer a nipple to go with the beer. And you can start over here,” Ken said and waited for his inch of fleshy liqueur.

Lori obediently brought Ken another beer and stood still in front of him. She knew what he wanted but was unable to comply so easily. Ken’s hand shot out so fast she could not avoid it. He grabbed the bottom of the small tank top, which had the name ‘Hotties’ across the front in big, bold letters. With a swift, sure move, he removed it over her head and all she could do was blink in amazement. ‘How can this be happening to me?’ Lori wondered.

The men stared at the black, lacy bra noticing how big and attractive her titties looked with a pushup effect. Not an eye missed the revealing of Lori’s left breast as Ken rolled the black lace off her mound. All the men yearned to be in Ken’s chair as he brazenly exposed her lush tit. A whimper was heard when his mouth went to the tip and the room filled with a loud sucking noise when he devoured her nipple. To Lori’s dismay, he sucked it deep into his hungry mouth before letting it slip out slowly. His teeth scraped over the tender flesh, tormenting her until the rose-colored bud popped out of his mouth.

The temporary relief when Ken set her nipple free was short-lived as orders for fresh drinks were given. Lori went to the bar and picked up the next order taking it to Ronny. She stood in front of the black man handing him the beer and waited like an obedient waitress. He was about to grab her tit when Ken suddenly spoke up.

“No! Ronny don’t do it, let her offer you her nipple. I want my sweetheart to serve up her nipple to each guy. I want my pretty, loyal slut to bare her sweet titty to each and everyone of you,” he said while holding her eyes in a deadly stare. This was it to Ken’s fired-up ego; this was the moment of truth. All his bragging had come down to this. One last stand by a beautiful woman who Ken boasted to his buddies was his devoted slut.

There it was! Lori shook with utter astonishment at his brash demand. She turned her head from Ken’s glare and looked at Ronny whose eyes were locked on her chest. How she moved was a complete mystery to her confused mind. Lori’s fingers trembled but she managed to expose herself. In an instant Ronny sucked her precious bud into his starving mouth sending a shiver through her entire body.

Lori glanced down at the black, curly hair and for a fleeting instant, wondered about Andy. How many times had they talked about Lori having sex with a black man, she questioned. For the first time in her life a black man was caressing her boobs and Lori felt familiar spasms roll through her tummy.

In her mind, she was a slut, Ken’s slut. Everything was a blur and it did not take long before her bra was cast aside. Much to the delight of five aroused men, Lori moved around the excited men with nothing on but the hopelessly short skirt and high boots. They all marveled at the gorgeous body of Ken’s slut and took every opportunity to feel her titties, pussy and her bare ass.

Lori’s prized treasures were passed around like cherished ornaments and by half time she was dreadfully flushed from embarrassment. She fretted about what Andy would think of his once faithful wife being a pawn for Ken and his buddies. Lori did not have to worry about her husband as Ken had ensured that he was one happy man.

Long before anyone arrived for the Sunday get-together, Ken had set up a movie camera with the video piped to his living room television. He put the camera on the stereo cabinet, which was beside the large plasma TV so that it panned the entire room. Although the picture was not a close-up and not of great quality, it did show the events quite explicitly leaving nothing to the imagination.

Ken had outlined the day to Lori and Andy when the couple left his place that fateful evening. He caught Andy at the door on the way out after Lori had departed and told the husband in very precise terms that he could come to his place after the party started. “I want your wimpy ass over here when we fuck your wife. Be there!”

“Have you ever watched your wife get fucked by a black man?” he had asked in his normal crude, brass tone. “It’s goin’ to happen, little buddy and you can watch it happen in my living room. Fuck, I can hardly wait to see Ronny get his black hands on Lori,” he told Andy and dreamt of it happening. The details were so shocking to the point they filled Andy with intense desire to watch what happened. He did not mention them to Lori for fear of how she would react.

Andy sat in the room thoroughly amazed at what happened downstairs. He watched the black man suck his wife’s big tits and saw how he ripped the bra from her chest, tossing it across the room. Andy was in a world of his own and his fantasies of many years were coming to fruition. He, like Lori, was thoroughly flushed and heated by halftime expecting even more things to happen.

There was a heightened atmosphere in the game room as everyone anticipated Ken’s plans. Lori was completely exhausted from running around. Not only had she served drinks and snacks but also worked very hard to stay out and get out of the men’s clutches. Ken’s buddies were told they would all get to have intercourse with his slut and they eagerly waited for his go ahead.

The half time show was almost over when Ken revealed a few playing cards. He had an ace, deuce, three and four in his hand and shuffled them so that his friends did not know which card they would pick. They would each choose a card to determine the pecking order for sex. “Whoever draws the ace gets to fuck my slut first, the deuce gets sloppy seconds and so on,” Ken said offering a card to each man.

“Hell, I can have her anytime, so I’ll wait until the end. Lori loves it when I fuck her and you’ll see what kind of slut she is,” he said with a beaming smile. “In fact gentlemen, Lori and I have an appointment at Lu’s when the games are done this evening,” Ken said and it caused each man to hold their breath. They all knew that Lu’s was a famous tattoo parlor in the city and wondered what Ken had in mind.

“And it’s a good kick, all the way down to the goal line,” the announcer stated and the second half was underway. Ken and his buddies cheered a punishing tackle, which put the ball on the seventeen-yard line, but their focus was really not on the game. Half time was over. All knew it was time. They were all tuned to Lori pleading for her dignity.

The only first down that occurred was by the lucky man who drew the ace as he quickly removed Lori’s skirt and boots. All the pleading in the world would not prevent the man from scoring a touchdown and he set out to accomplish his goal. A couple of his friends aided in manhandling Lori to get her on her back and spread eagled on the carpeted floor. They all took a second to admire her beauty and sex appeal. Struggling to remain free, Lori looked absolutely ravishing.

Suddenly strong demanding fingers reached out and grabbed onto her enlarged nipples. Lori watched helplessly as the buds were turned into stone. When she noticed dark, black fingers on her left nipple, the contrast between her tanned, colored skin and black sent a strong shiver through her body. Lori had many dark, skinned friends but never had been intimate with any. Now she lay on the floor unable to get free of the damning caresses of a black man she hardly knew.

The black fingers pulled the nipple out from her chest, grotesquely stretching it to the limit. It took a few seconds before the pain traveled to her brain. When the wave hit her, she tried to grab the hands in front of her but someone quickly slapped her hands away. Lori was in a state of shock as she watched the dark face lower and pearly white teeth close over her vulnerable, throbbing nipple.

She expected the man to bite hard and cause her great pain but instead, he used his teeth and tongue in a teasing fashion. Lightly he nibbled on the bud and pulled it gently away from the rest of her titty. He used his tongue, ever so skillfully, to caress the very tip that was buried inside his mouth. Lori was so focused on the black man and what he was doing that she was only vaguely aware that someone had slipped between her legs.

The man who drew the lucky ace easily spread her legs wide, but Lori could not see over the black head on her chest. All she knew was that something was spreading her labia to the outer limits and that something was a strange man’s cock. Suddenly someone entered her well-lubricated grotto, taking her breath away when the unseen man rammed his hips downward with a violent thrust. It took many seconds for her breathing to resume. In the meantime, the man pumped his big cock in and out like he was fucking a whore. There was no care or loving tenderness, only immense passion to fuck the sexy body of an entrapped woman.

All the bystanders cheered the action and yelled at their buddy to “fuck the bitch“. Lori was pinned and Ronny and the man seemed to work in unison. For the time being, her tits and cunt belonged to Ken’s buddies and Lori was destined to fulfill the drastic fantasies of five enraged men. The man in the saddle dug his strong fingers into the tender flesh of Lori’s hips and pulled them off the floor to enable him to split her spirit into shreds. Both men were in an erotic paradise. After sitting through two quarters of football of tasting her pussy, it made them crazy with lust.

Lori was like a Barbie doll, easily manipulated by the men. It took measly seconds for the first load of cum to fill her heavenly chamber. The man plowed his hard cock in and out of Lori non-stop and with each thrust downward, hot lava erupted from the head of his cock. Lori cried out not knowing whether it was from the disgusting fact that a stranger was fucking her pussy, or that a black man was sucking and mauling her titties.

Suddenly Lori felt the man who had fucked her roll off her legs and away from her body. Horror filled her head when she realized the black man had shifted his big, lanky body so that he now had his hips between her splayed legs. She knew exactly what he planned and her fighting was a mere formality. Her struggles were so futile and hopeless it seemed to add to the man’s desire to possess a white woman.

Ronny found it thoroughly arousing to feel her hands push and struggle against his muscular chest trying to hold him at a distance. Lori tried in vain to close her legs but that was impossible with over 200 lbs of man between her thighs. His desire heightened as Lori’s hips twisted and rolled but not far enough to evade the head of his big, black cock.

A quick jab every few seconds threatened to invade Lori’s internal chamber and she began to plead with Ronny to stop. He laughed out loud at her escape attempts and tantalized her by pressing the tip of his ramrod between the puffy labia. “Oh please, don’t, oh don’t do this to me, please,” she moaned and he loved every word. The desperation in her voice became very evident as Lori realized that Ronny could overpower her at will and she was helpless to stop him.

When Ken had first told his buddies that he had complete control of the sexiest bitch ever, Ronny thought it was mere, groundless bragging. It had however made him dream and fantasize about having sex with such a woman, and her being white added immensely to his lustful dreams. Realizing now that Ken’s boasts were not mere bullshit, he was determined to treat Lori exactly like he saw many black studs do in triple ‘X’ movies. ‘Rough and extremely demanding,’ he reflected. “Gonna fill this white cunt with some good old, devil semen!” he had whispered to her earlier while fondling her titties.

Again and again Ronny teased her knowing he could shove his large cock into Lori at any time. Oh how he loved smaller women, especially the sluttish ones with white skin who still fought to keep his black prick from penetrating their bodies. Ronny didn’t just want to fuck the white bitch, he wanted to rape her and he wanted the enticing session to last forever. His way of thinking did not consider it as rape but merely a playful façade. Lori was his to do with as he pleased and Ronny loved the way Ken’s slut was playing her role as the reluctant victim of his sexual assault.

The man’s friends were getting anxious for their turn. They began prodding and coaxing him to proceed and fuck the bitch. “Come on Ronny, fuck her, fuck her with that black cock. Come on, we don’t have all fuckin’ day, man,” they kept pleading with him.

Ronny’s black ass jammed forward brutally, knocking the air out of Lori’s lungs. Everyone in the room knew when the black stiletto pierced Lori’s cervix, turning the womb that had nurtured her children into a black ghetto. He powered his cock into her so hard, so deep, and so brutally fast, that Lori struggled to catch her breath as Ronny battered her cervix.

Seconds passed before she could breathe again and by that time, Ronny had gained a fucking rhythm of a madman. In and out he went like a racing locomotive and with each penetration to the hilt, Lori felt more like a consumed bitch. Someone took the liberty to wrap Lori’s long, slender legs around the black hips and held them there for security. She knew full well she was now a white bitch being fucked by a black man and that her sacred vagina would soon be filled with his black seed.

Suddenly a spasm shot through her loins like a bolt of lightning, just as fast and with the same intensity as an electric shock. No, no, Lori kept telling her troubled mind but all the while she knew the man was not going to be satisfied by merely fucking her. The more she tried to stave off the demeaning orgasm, which was whelming deep inside her womb, the more it reared its raging head.

Out of nowhere, the man reached for her gyrating titties and pinched both nipples between his strong, black fingers. Ronny arched his back to allow room so he could caress her titties and pinched so hard it was impossible not to get Lori’s complete attention. Then he whispered ever so sarcastically. “Tell me you want my black cock to fuck your tight, white cunt. Tell me or else. I want your white ass bitch and I want to hear you say it. Say you want my black cock!” he whispered while pulling her tender nipples with a wild fury.

There was no respite for Lori as he relentlessly pumped in and out. “Oh my gawd. I’m being fucked by a black man,” she began the dire protest which quickly turned into a complete confession. “Gawd, you’re so deep, your black cock is so deep. I can feel it inside me, fucking me,” Lori moaned.

He tweaked the swollen nips to indicate he wanted her to say more. She didn’t want to but the lust was far too compelling. Lori knew his threats were idle ones and he would not really hurt her, but she used his words as an excuse for complying. After all, she deemed, Ken wanted to hear it too.

“Fuck, fuck, please don’t hurt me,” she pleaded. “Yes, you’re fucking me with your black cock. Oh gawd, you bastard. I want your black cock inside me, fucking me! Are you fucking happy?” she yelled and suddenly he hit a spot inside Lori that took the last shred of decency from her mind. “Fuck me you bastard, fuck me like I’m your white bitch, fuck me…Oh gawd I’m coming for you. I’m coming for you… Oh gawd why? I can’t stop; it feels so fucking good,” she moaned in lost passion, adding, “Bastard, bastard, bastard,” to let him know she still had some fight left.

He took Lori over the crest of the mountain of lust and smiled the biggest smile as her orgasm flourished like no other. It was time to release the black demons and he climaxed with the utter satisfaction of knowing he was master of a white princess. Not only were they fucking like two animals to a shocked audience, but they both were entirely sweep away by the intensity of their own ecstasy.

When it was over, Lori’s arms and legs were shoved, sort of cast to her sides. She lay on the carpet completely spent from the ordeal and did not even attempt to get away from number three. It turned out that three and number four worked together. Not a protest was heard from the beaten woman when the one man went between her legs. The other caressed her titties like he had never felt such enormous beauty. He squeezed them as if they might break and teased the ends like they were precious jewels.

Lori understood what would make Ken’s buddies happy and she obliged not wanting to displease Ken who was still not far from her side. Why she did not fight or protest would always remain a mystery but she allowed each man to possess her exhausted body and use it as they wished. In fact, she blushed with embarrassment knowing she relished the gangbang with Ken’s buddies. Her only regret was that Andy was not there to see it.

There was no need for any worry from Lori because her husband watched every erotic scene unfold with intense desire. Although the picture was not perfect, Andy had no problem seeing what went on in Ken’s playroom. The gangbang would be recorded for all time and Ken would most likely replay the raunchy episode over and over for himself, his friends as well as his two boys.

The first football game ended but none of the men regretted not watching most of it. The announcers gave a pre-game hype for the evening game, which featured the Seahawks. Ken and his crowd loved the Seahawks and Lori would eventually find out just how much. His plans would leave a permanent reminder etched on her body but he would save that for the finale of the best day ever of Sunday football.

The sound was turned up on the television but no one seemed to hear the broadcast. An erotic ambiance filled the room and suddenly Ken got an impulsive flash of genius. He quickly decided to modify his plans and rushed upstairs. He looked Andy straight in the eyes. “Come on down little buddy, your slut wife wants you to fuck her in the ass. You didn’t get a chance to finish the other morning when I busted in on you, but now, it’s your big chance,” Ken said giving Andy little chance to digest his devilish request.

Andy interpreted his neighbor’s words as an order and one he was destined to obey. Like it or not, he decided, Ken held the controlling influence over himself and Lori. With a shrug of his shoulders, he followed Ken into the den of purgatory. In Andy’s aroused state of mind, he was definitely not thinking with any logic or reason.

They entered the den and Ken quickly resumed control. “This is Lori’s husband. Would you believe, he has never had anal sex with his slut wife,” Ken said with a laugh. Then he boasted, “I have!” to a roar of laughter. He turned and spoke directly to Andy. “She wants you to fuck her and I know how to absolutely blow our minds,” he said. “Hell they’ve all fucked her so you may as well have a piece of the action,” Ken said and the obvious sarcasm did not register in Andy’s, lust-filled brain.

How two people who appeared quite normal and intelligent could fall under the control of a lowdown skunk would surely leave anyone dumbfounded. But Ken was the ultimate schemer and instinctively knew exactly how to gain the upper hand.

He had sacrificed his dream woman to his drinking buddies, holding off satisfying his own pent up emotions. But not any longer, he decided, as his cock was ready to burst and it was time. He guided the awestruck Andy over to Lori and spoke to both.

“We’re going to put on a little sex show for my friends,” he said and proceeded to remove his clothes. This left Andy as the only one dressed but that did not last long after Ken ordered him in his meanest voice to undress. They were standing near the bar and Ken suddenly lay on the carpeted floor at Lori’s feet.

Ken lay on his back with his head propped upward and his cock pulsed and jerked wildly above his pelvis at about a 45-degree angle. He glanced around the room and saw that his close buddies were all thoroughly envious. Not one was about to miss the dramatic scene unfolding like an award winning, soap opera. Ken’s hero status to his close friends would be entrenched in the hallowed walls of football Sunday, he knew.

“Get down here sweetheart and sit that tight pussy on your favorite cock. It’s time for double trouble my dear slut. Get your sweet pussy on my cock, now!” came the demand from the devil as far as Lori was concerned. Ken could see that she was hesitant or reluctant. “Show them how much you need my cock and I don’t want any fucking backtalk,” he whispered and it was an obvious command.

Lori whimpered and glanced at her husband to see he was more interested in Ken’s dick than her dilemma. She felt lost without any recourse. The profound demand hit her hard. “Oh gawd,” she thought, “He can’t be serious? Not here in front of everyone?” But her actions were controlled by an inner being belonging to her powerful neighbor.

The men watched her move slowly, but with grace over Ken’s body. When she squatted and hovered over his throbbing pecker, they all held their breath in anticipation. Lori put her dainty hand around the long, veined shaft and held it upright.

They did not have to wait long. There were loud groans of envy when she placed the flared head between her thighs and paused for a few seconds. When she rubbed the head back and forth through the vast wetness, they all knew she was really going to do it. Lori sat down, piercing herself fully with the large man-cock that promised to give her intense pleasure. Lori’s moan of anguish melded with the men’s moans of lust. Her heart beat a thousand times a minute and she became so flushed it was hard to keep conscious of what was happening.

Lori welcomed Ken’s demands as he guided and shifted her body so that she lay prone. Somehow he managed to get her legs spread wide enough to go around his and she lay on top of the serpent. His cock was embedded inside her heated channel and her breathing was extremely broken and ragged.

“Now hubby can finally fuck your ass,” he sneered. “I am going to enjoy him blowing his load up your butt, then you can cum for me while I fuck your cunt,” Ken whispered for her benefit only. “You are my slut and you will show all my friends that you love nothing more than coating my stiff dick with your cum. You just can’t resist cumming when I fuck you, can you?” he asked greeting her with an intimate smile.

She felt movement behind her and knew what Andy was going to do. That did not stop her from concentrating on fighting the man who controlled her secret desires. “Fuck you. You can fuck me but I’ll fight you forever, you bastard,” Lori whispered with a determination to survive. “Your fucking pervert cronies can watch you climax in a dishrag. In fact, you may as well masturbate, you bastard,”

The head of Andy’s cock found the puckered asshole and he pushed. A cry of agony escaped Lori’s lips.

“Not too fast little buddy,” counseled Ken. “Take it easy on her ass. Put some spit on your cock to make it go in without hurtin’ her,” he informed the inflamed husband.

Andy immediately covered his penis with saliva lubricant. There was a slight hesitation when he re-entered her hole but then he was inside. The heat and shock of actually satisfying a lifelong fantasy struck and his stamina disappeared in a flash. He gave one, then another pump and that was all it took to begin an orgasm that he had staved off for a complete football game.

All Lori could think about was hoping that Andy would delay his climax. Maybe it would assist her in her dire struggle to defeat her hated tormentor, she reasoned. It seemed that Ken worked his magic every time they had intercourse. Ken was well aware that any husband having to watch his wife have sex with strangers for two to three hours would be absolutely at the end of their stamina. Andy had watched the whole affair with intense lust and desire but now the heat of his wife’s cherished ass turned his willpower to quicksand.

Lori felt the hips above her quiver and jerk out of control. She did not have to look to know what was happening to Andy. For the first time in his life, Andy shot his load up Lori’s ass and for a brief second, she wished an orgasm would overtake her desires. Within a minute, Andy was finished and all his pent up desires had vanished when he slowly rolled off the two sweaty bodies.

Ken felt a strong passion building inside his chest that made his ultra ego flourish. “I hope you are holding back, darling. I don’t want my slut to have an orgasm before I am ready,” he whispered. He grinned knowing it was time for humiliation to the nth degree. “Can you feel my cock inside your pussy? I can feel your belly and I’m ready to give you the fucking of your life,” he said making it sound like a promise. He was determined to talk and keep telling Lori how he felt.

“Oops, I’m sorry, I mean you are going to fuck my dick and give yourself an orgasm,” he said. “Yes, you’re going to cum on my dick, aren’t you baby? You always cum on my dick. I do love the way your little cunt squeezes my cock and makes it throb like crazy,” he whispered. “God, I love fucking your cunt and blowing my load into your sweet belly. Maybe if you keep moving your hips like that, you will make me climax,” he said and Lori found it amazing that she was actually moving.

Suddenly she made a decision. ‘Maybe if I do it to him, he will climax and I will be free,’ she thought. She began a slow and deliberate pumping of her hips, up and down over his extended manhood. Suddenly Ken put his big, strong hands around her hips and his fingers dug into the fleshy cheeks of her ass. Every time she moved her hips downward, swallowing up the long shaft, Ken pulled hard and dug his fingertips into the tender ass cheeks.

Somehow a rhythm developed as her hips began pumping much faster, up, down, up and down. Ken’s cock suddenly hit some button inside Lori. Her mind fought for liberation knowing time was running short. It was the ultimate battle of the sexes, Lori wanting to make her hated neighbor have an orgasm while she kept her soul free from the man.

“That’s it. fuck me baby, fuck me with all you’ve got, sweetheart, because you are going to blow your fucking load on my dick,” he whispered and gritted his teeth. His willpower was profound and he continued. “Andy is watching you fuck my cock,” he said realizing her husband was off to one side. “He loves watching you orgasm like the slut you are when I fuck you.”

“All my buddies are watching you, my slut bitch, fuck my cock. You know what I feel like doing? Getting Rex in here to give them a real fuck show,” he said. “How would you like it if I got Rex in here so he can fuck his bitch too?” he whispered. “I know your husband would like that, wouldn’t he?” Ken asked and felt her body jerk wildly.

The two interlocked bodies were in a separate world oblivious to any spectators. Ken’s talk, his dirty demands were too much for any sane woman and Lori suddenly lost the will to fight. Visions of Ken, his sons and now Rex flashed through her head like a most vivid dream. It was like performing in front of a large audience and Lori could plainly visualize herself being fucked by Rex.

Ken released her sweaty ass cheeks and grabbed her by the head, wrapping his fingers of his left hand in the long, black curls. He used his superior strength to bend her upper torso upwards, arching her spine so her chest was up off his body. With his free hand, he slapped and punished her titties without caring if it hurt or not. All mouths hung open with sheer amazement as Ken roughly treated Lori like a cheap slut. Slap, slap and each loud slap on the hanging titties was cheered with enthusiasm. Suddenly everyone noticed the tanned hips were thrashing out of control.

“Don’t do it. Don’t cum yet, I want to savoir the joy of fucking you,” he hissed. “Your god damned cunt is so fucking hot, so fucking tight, so fucking sweet…I want this fuck to last forever,” Ken whispered knowing his time was getting short as well.

“Oh gawd, I can’t. Oh gawd, I can’t. Oh please, please stop for a second, just a second, oh please Ken, please,” Lori begged letting Ken know she was his. Continuing his battering of her hanging tits, he held her by the hair, most likely hurting her but it did not matter. Brutally, he forced her face to his and nailed the coffin shut.

“Fuck me bitch! Fuck me! Lori, listen to me… I love my slut and want to make her happy. It’s okay to cum sweetheart, so cum now for me, slut. Can you feel my cock fucking your filthy cunt?” he asked and Lori creamed like never before. Her body was pure steel and tense nerves. All that mattered to her now was that Ken was making her cum. Lost in a deep, dark sea of passion, she climaxed like Ken wanted knowing that he was holding back for her to cum first. She swore to keep moving, keep her hips thrusting up and down for him.

“Fuck… I can’t hold it any longer, baby…” he hissed. “Fuck it’s good, so fucking good. I want my chizz in your goddamned, whore’s-belly. I’m cumming, cumming you slut. Damn, you’re the best fuck ever,” Ken hissed through his teeth as he felt the fires roar out of control. It may have lasted but a mere few seconds, but to Ken and Lori, it felt like forever. With a forceful blast, Ken emptied his bloated balls into her as Lori welcomed his seed into the deepest reaches of her coveted womb.

Suddenly, Lori knew there was but one man for her sexual desires. Her secret confession would be held that way for a long time but for now, she relished the total fulfillment a man could give a woman. If Ken wanted to have sex with her, Lori would fulfill his dreams; if Ken wanted her to act like a slut for his friends, she would do it; if Ken wanted her to service his mangy dog, she would comply.

When Ken released her body and let her free, he indicated her afternoon was not done. The lust-filled men who were rejuvenated from watching the torrid episode of erotic passion manhandled her. Each wanted one thing, Lori’s lips wrapped around their cock. Lori would remember feeling cocks, putting her elegant hands around hard throbbing cocks, marveling at how divine each one felt in her small, dainty hands.

One man got the urge to have Lori suck his cock and without asking or waiting for an invite, he used her mouth. He shoved his rod into her lips and forced her mouth open. Lori realized the man was treating her like a street whore but she knew what was required to please her master. She gulped the slim pecker into her mouth even allowing it to slither down her throat a ways when she realized it was not really big enough to choke her. The stale, salty taste was slightly revolting causing Lori to shiver with disgust for not finding his offensive actions more horrifying.

Andy’s face blended in with all the others. He too reaped a reward but it took him well into the second game before he was re-energized. Lori had swallowed the seed of every man before getting to his but that did not matter to either one of them.

The Seahawks hung on to win but the game was all but forgotten by Ken and his friends. It was getting late when the phone rang. Ken answered it knowing it would be one of his boys. The arrangements he made with Sean and Troy were that they would call when they left Helen’s sisters. He knew he would have only one hour to clean up the house before they arrived home.

“Tell your mom that I will be out for a couple of hours and if she asks, just tell her it’s none of her fucking business. But you will be amazed the next time you see Lori,” he told his son. His plans to have the Seahawk emblem tattooed on Lori’s ass gave him the biggest thrill and he just had to tell someone. Ken had made arrangements with Lu to open his shop but that was very easy since Lu lived above the parlor.

“I am taking her to Lu’s to have the Seahawk head tattooed on her ass. Fuck, every time the slut looks at her butt she will see the hawk’s head and know she is a bona fide slut…my slut,” he told his son and laughed. “See you later, buddy. Just keep your mother happy and tell her I will be home when I get home,” he said.

The party broke up fairly quickly once Ken’s friends knew Helen was on the way home. They all thanked Ken for the special day and all left with the biggest smile of satisfaction knowing it was a day to remember. None of the men were in any shape to drive and left by cab. Ken also called a cab for his trip downtown with his sexy neighbor.

“Time to go home little buddy,” Ken told Andy. “Leave Lori with me. I am taking her to see my special friend Lu. You know Lu? He owns the tattoo parlor downtown. When I bring your little slut home, you will love what I am getting done to her gorgeous ass,” he told the flabbergasted husband.

“But…” Andy started to say.

“Party’s over, pal! Now get the fuck out of here!” Ken stated and it did not take long until he was left alone with his slut Lori.


Ken left his home fully satisfied with how the Sunday Football party had gone with his buddies. His faithful slut Lori had performed far beyond expectations and even he had to agree she surpassed any of his wild fantasies. Watching her entertain his beer-drinking friends and serve them beer along with every part of her sexy body was the biggest thrill. When he watched Ronny, his black friend, molest and turn his servant into a wanton, white slut, Ken thought he would blow his load on the spot. He could not remember getting so aroused in his entire life.

The taxi arrived and Ken led Lori by the hand out to the cab. She shivered not only from the cool breeze hitting her flushed skin but also from the stunning view she gave the taxi driver. All she wore were the boots, skirt and the tank top. The top covered her magnificent boobs but made them even more appealing. Her nipples had remained hardened and put two big bumps in the stretched fabric that nobody could miss.

Ken helped Lori into the backseat and he plunked down right next to her immediately putting his big, burly arm around her lithe shoulders. It prevented Lori from moving away from his body and it appeared to the driver that they were a loving couple. He kept checking the rearview mirror for any eye-catching sights and Ken made sure to oblige.

Ken gave the address of the tattoo parlor and proceeded to demonstrate a slut’s role. “Ken, for gawd’s sake not here,” Lori protested to no avail. Every time she put her hands up to protest or right her top, Ken easily brushed her aside. He hugged her against his body and rolled the tank top up, off her titties much to the driver’s amazement. The driver watched the couple in the backseat of his cab as the woman’s tits were displayed for his hungry eyes. Somehow he managed to keep the cab on the streets even though his eyes were glued to the rearview mirror.

“Sit the fuck back and enjoy the ride. You will love what I have in store for you. It will always be a reminder of me, of what you are to me,” Ken whispered and smiled as Lori fidgeted in the seat. He fondled her boobs and caressed her nipples without another protest and Lori merely whimpered keeping her arms down at her sides. Ken glanced at the mirror and grinned with satisfaction knowing the man would think Lori was an exhibitionist.

“Holy fuck! They are magnificent,” the driver whispered not believing in his good fortune. He ogled the man and woman in the backseat and it almost seemed that the man was purposely showing him two of the nicest tits. Ken stretched the hardened nipples beyond reasonable limits but Lori remained passive as he molested her. Then he rolled them between his fingers making sure to keep the ends exposed to the front seat. He got extremely excited thinking of how he was putting on an erotic show for a complete stranger.

“You can’t be serious. You can’t mean it? You aren’t getting some fucking football emblem put on my body?” Lori responded in a shaky voice. Visions of a Seahawk like the one on the team’s jersey flashed through her head and her whole body shivered in horror. “Ken. Ken for gawd sake you can’t be serious?” she asked almost pleading.

“Sweetheart. You’re fucking right I am serious. Lu is going to put the head right on the cheek of your ass and I am going to cherish every drop of ink,” he told his frightened hostage. Suddenly he twisted in the seat and his hand went to Lori’s chin to turn her face to his. “Lori, I am going to fuck you whenever I get the urge and you know you want me as much as I want you,” he whispered and stared in the eyes.

“I just love the way you fight me and think you are so goddamn superior,” Ken said. “But you don’t really have a choice in the matter. Do you? Your ass is mine, sweetheart and Lu is going to tattoo your ass for me… Do you know how I am going to pay him?” he asked and waited a dreadful minute. Lori thought of many responses to his frightening question and they all made her stomach do constant summersaults.

“I am going to let the greasy, little bastard fuck my slut and fill her little hole with some Asian chizz,” he informed Lori much to her chagrin.

Lori was speechless and sat very still as the cab pulled up in front of a dimly lit storefront. Somehow her top got replaced over her breasts whether it was Ken or she who righted the garment. Ken got out and held his hand out for Lori, which she reluctantly took for fear of his reprisal. Her legs shook and vibrated and it was extremely hard to walk as Ken led her into the darkened shop. Lu had left the door unlocked and was sitting at a large desk waiting for his expected visitors. Lori looked at his face and saw desire written all over it.

“Come. You come in back. I have ready. I put hawk’s head on ass just like you say,” Lu said to Ken and motioned for Lori to follow him into the backroom. Ken sort of pushed Lori towards Lu and saw her timidly follow the man to the brightly lit salon in the back section of the shop. He locked the front door and followed the pair. Lu was the best artist in the city and his work was highly prized by anyone wanting a tattoo or piercing.

Lu quickly ushered the quivering woman into his operating room and motioned for her to get onto a leather-covered table. Lori reluctantly got up on the table but it did not please the little Chinaman. “No! You lie down. Put face on table and lay on stomach,” Lu said and immediately assisted her to get into a prone position. Lori could only imagine the view the little pervert got of her derriere and it was next to impossible to keep her short skirt from riding up. She desperately wanted to tug on the skirt to keep the hem down so that her bum was covered but knew it was senseless. Not wanting to make a scene, she merely prayed the fabric shielded her nakedness from Lu’s beady eyes.

It happened so fast Lori was unable to prevent Lu from exposing the intended area for the engraving. He flipped the bottom of her skirt to her waist and admired the gorgeous ass. “It go here,” Lu said and pointed to a spot at the upper region of Lori’s right cheek. Then he drew a frame with his finger on her inflamed flesh and Lori flinched from his bold touch.

Lu left her buttocks fully exposed and went to work readying his equipment for the task. Every few seconds his glare returned to Lori’s shapely butt and a little evil smile crossed his face. Yes, he decided, he was surely going to enjoy ravishing this gorgeous piece of ass.

He glanced in Ken’s direction and immediately saw the man gave his full approval with a nod of his head. When his friend suggested to him days ago that he wanted a tattoo put on his slut’s ass, Lu had thought Ken was nuts. First he wondered how a married man could have a slut, but also he wondered how a woman would ever allow such a thing? Seeing Lori prone on his worktable, Lu was about to realize a dream of his life. He fantasized for years of fucking a truly sexy, white woman and now here she was lying on his table.

Lori held her legs together with a desperate plea it was all a bad dream. Suddenly Lu got much bolder and moved to the end of the table where Lori’s feet were. He put his small hands on her ankles and his grip was viselike as he forcibly moved her feet apart. Wider he spread her legs until he spotted the narrow, pink slit between her thighs. Lu marveled at the fact he could see no hint of hair and shifted Lori’s legs apart until he could see the puffy lips open slightly on their own.

Lu had never seen anything so alluring or so enticing. Lori sensed what the little artist was doing but one glance at Ken told her there was no alternative. Oh, how she wanted to jump off the table but she knew that Ken would not allow that. Like a timid little girl about to be scolded, she lowered her eyes and stared at the soft leather in front of her face. She could only imagine what the man was looking at and how exposed her lower body was to his hungry ogling. Degree by degree her temperature rose until Lori was completely flushed with embarrassment.

The fact Ken had promised payment, but a payment beyond anything Lu could imagine, fueled the lust in Lu’s brain. This gorgeous woman willingly spread her legs to expose herself, he inferred, and she did not move a muscle to stop what was happening. His pecker was fully hardened and put a small bulge in the front of his pants as he anticipated fucking this sexy creature.

Suddenly Ken was at her side and Lori knew he was up to no good. He put his big hands on her legs, grabbing her about the knees and pretended to hold them apart. Slowly, he caressed upward, caressing the insides of her thighs, making Lori shiver as he drew closer to her precious opening. Visions appeared on the insides of Lori’s eyelids as she pinched them closed. They showed how wanton she must appear with her legs splayed so openly. She imaged both men spying her nudity with evil intent.

Lori almost expected it when fingers touched her. A finger easily slipped between her puffy labia and the only thing Lori wondered was who invaded her exposed pussy. The answer made her cringe in fear. “Oh fuck, I never see such gorgeous cunt. Lu fuck like you promise, right?” the artist whispered in his broken English.

Ken’s promise to reward him by having intercourse with Lori was foremost in Lu’s mind. He stared at her cunt and it was truly the most erotic experience of his life as his finger penetrated the puffy, pink lips.

Lori uttered tiny sobs and felt totally helpless when fingers pinched her clitoris. Suddenly, the throbbing bud was pulled out from its distended hood much to her dismay. Lori felt like crying when the slippery clit was rolled, pinched, squeezed and molested and there was nothing in the world she could do about it.

She prayed for deliverance. Anything to get free of the obtrusive fingers and the damning caresses, she implored. Lu was in heaven. He stretched the tender morsel until it was twice its normal size. He could not imagine anything more astounding. It was time to get on with the tattoo and Lu reluctantly let the swollen treasure slip out of his fingers. Lori breathed a big sigh of relief and hoped the little bastard would now leave her alone.

Lu moved around the table to the right side, but Lori couldn’t get her legs closed fast enough. It may have been a small triumph but to Lori it was huge. Free at last, she thought, but it was only a fleeting respite. Lu moved his tray of instruments up to the table and decided the quicker he finished the tattoo, the sooner he would be able to ravage Lori’s, sexy body.

Lori jumped when Lu wiped a sterile, cotton swab over her right cheek prolonging the caress. “I clean… draw head on ass,” he said and promptly started to etch a rough drawing of the Seahawk symbol with his pen. Lori closed her eyes and tried to block out the upcoming episode intended to be the ultimate humiliation by her captor.

Her heart skipped a few beats when the needle instrument began the ardent task of tattooing, and then beat hurriedly as the artist worked the magic device. It was ink and wipe, ink and wipe and Lori only imagined what the inflamed cheek of her ass looked like. A loud buzzing sound filled the air and then pain rushed through her brain. Tears definitely ran down her rosy cheeks as Lu skillfully etched the dreaded Seahawk head on the cheek of her ass.

It took many minutes for the tattoo to be permanently inked into her skin. It had to be the longest yard, the longest 30 minutes of her life before the humiliation was complete. For the strangest reason, Lori got some comfort when Ken stood at her side and held her dainty hand. He wrapped his big, strong fingers around her small hand and it gave

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