Lori – A Neighbor’s Delight Ch14

Author: Kacey1999

By Kacey1999
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Ken’s football party will be in two chapters. This chapter will be the first part with all his buddies enjoying Ken’s fantastic sluts. Chapter 15 will be after his buddies leave the party but Ken does not let all his sluts go home.

Lori – A Neighbor’s Delight – Chapter 14

Ken and his buddies sat around drinking beer like there was no tomorrow. When the evening first started, the men were skeptical of Ken’s boastful promises but they were all hopeful. Now that each had consumed a few beers, doubts as to what was going to happen all but evaporated. All were extremely excited and confident that Ken would deliver. The growing anticipation was pure agony waiting for the women.

Andy’s anxiety of being left out of Ken’s invited guests quickly disappeared when the screen of his HD TV flickered to life. There was something mysterious about spying on someone that filled Andy with sheer exhilaration. Feverishly, he tested the joystick that controlled the remote camera, panning about Ken’s rumpus room in search of his wife and daughter. To his disappointment, there was only a large group of guys, middle-aged men, younger men and even Ken’s two teenage sons. He recognized four of the men as guests from Ken’s first Sunday, Football party, but Ken’s other friends were new.

Andy had become very proficient with the operation of the remote camera and all the recording equipment. The so-called practice that Ken afforded him during the schoolgirl episode enabled Andy to become an expert with the camera joystick. A shudder went down Andy’s spine with the memory of how Ken and his sons repeatedly violated his wife and daughter during the eventful “schoolgirl” orgy. The evidence was permanently retained on the DVD he recorded that night. Recalling that DVD, Andy could not remember watching anything more mortifying yet arousing.

He studied the exited faces of the party guests and lingered a little longer on Ronny, who brought back licentious memories. Ken had given Andy the movie of that season-opening football party which clearly showed his sweet Lori getting ravaged by this dominating black man. A futuristic vision flashed through his mind of an event soon to come, of the large-cocked black man ravishing his innocent daughter’s pussy, the vision stirring his cock to erection.

Forcing himself from his lewd revere, Andy focused the camera on the various newcomers. Two of the men he recognized were from the neighborhood. One was Jim who was an influential businessman, and who had a nice family. But it was the other man that sent a shiver through Andy. It was Craig, who was a very well known city councilor that attracted Andy’s full attention. Craig was tall, about 6’4″ and had an extremely muscular body. But the outstanding feature was that Craig was black. It made Andy’s belly flutter wildly thinking of what it would be like watching Craig with his daughter.

While Andy became comfortable with the joystick, skillfully scanning and focusing on various things, he refreshed his sense of the large room’s layout. He had an uneasy feeling, as he realized that there were far more men than Ken had led him to believe would be at his party. His uneasiness faded though when the magnitude of the upcoming gangbang filled his feverish mind with images of raw lust and sex.

He tested the zoom control and was delighted to see that he could clearly read the labels of beer bottles and make out other fine details. As the minutes ticked away, he was getting anxious for things to happen. Andy knew it was wrong and stupid to allow his neighbor to use Lori, and his daughter Julia as whores, but for some strange reason, he was keen and enthusiastic to be able to watch the action without actually being a part of it. He felt that very familiar twitching in his pants knowing his penis was getting hard merely thinking of what lay ahead.

When the faint sound of the doorbell was heard in the den, all the men heard it like it was the loudest musical chime. Andy heard it come over the TV speakers and quickly adjusted the joysticks to see who was entering the den of inequity. “Well, boys!” boomed Ken’s voice. “The pussy’s here! Are you guys ready for some of the sweetest, best tasting pussy in the world?” Ken boastfully announced heading upstairs to meet his guests.


The last football party Ken hosted had shown the men that he was indeed a man of his word. Those lucky enough to have attended the first party all remembered Lori. God did they remember her! Now their buddy promised more of the same. More of the same but only better. ‘How could it get any better?’ they each wondered. But then Ken told them that not only the gorgeous Lori would be serving drinks like last time, but her equally gorgeous, daughter Julia would also be a barmaid. He boasted that the young woman would do anything in the world for him. His buddies were incredulous. ‘The daughter too,’ they questioned, but they also discerned that he wasn’t all bullshit either.

Ken’s plans for the party were destined to surprise his friends. He dearly wanted to divulge all the devious ploys but held off knowing it would make the night far more dramatic by letting the events unfold in a timely manner. None of his buddies thought much of it when Ken brought Rex into the rumpus room thinking he merely liked having his loyal dog around.

Initially Ken thought about having the women serve in the nude, but decided it was far more seductive having them in sexy, waitress outfits. The sexy, ‘Hotties’ attire had worked extremely well before, so why change a good thing, he thought. It was tough to get three more sets from one of the friendly waitresses, but he managed with a generous tip.

Ken and his buddies frequented the local, seedy bar, named ‘Hotties’, fashioned along the lines of ‘Coyotes’ and ‘Hooters’. He loved the way the barmaid outfits displayed lots of cleavage but he decided to forgo the attire’s pushup bra for his party. Ken anticipated that the women would have an extremely difficult time keeping their boobs inside the very skimpy, tank tops. He was positive there would be more flashing than his buddies could endure, which would have them getting raging hard-ons.

Ken had secret alliances with both Kim and Lori, but he had a unique relationship with Julia. The young woman would do anything for him in an effort to make him happy and he milked the woman’s faith for all he could. He particularly enjoyed using Julia’s devotion for him to get Lori to do almost anything as well. Ken found his mean demand that Lori stop having sex with her own husband truly exhilarating.

From the start of his blackmail of Lori, he knew she would not betray his trust in her. That was until Kim entered the scene, so it was getting far more difficult to keep absolute control over everything, Ken reasoned. So far he had been able to persuade Kim to surrender to his schemes but he deduced that she was planning to rebel. He noticed how she had grown fond of Lori and how it seemed the two were acting more and more like a loving couple.

At first Kim had balked at helping Ken during his party. After the demeaning way he used her body and assaulted her, she decided that enough was enough. There was no way she would be blackmailed by the man again, no matter the consequences, she told him. But Lori convinced her otherwise. Lori explained about what Ken’s blackmail would do to her and her family. She told Kim that it would be a huge financial hardship for them. It would destroy everything they had worked for over the years, she assured Kim.

So it was for Lori’s sake that Kim now had to protect both Lori and Julia, and she vowed to protect them by doing whatever was asked of her. After all, Kim reasoned, Lori had expressed her undying love for her. Lori also told the young woman that she was leaving her husband as soon as she could get out from under Ken’s dominate control. That motivated Kim to come up with a plan to get out from under Ken’s dominance but she realized her plan would have to wait.

Kim vowed to succumb to Ken’s wishes one more time but in so doing, she would extract her revenge once it was over. She would walk out the front door at the end of the night and go straight over to see Lori’s husband. Details of the remote cameras had come up one night while the two were savoring the tranquil moments after mad, passionate sex. The two had rambled on about everything and nothing, and Lori mentioned how Ken had recording equipment installed. When Kim pressed for more info, Lori merely told the young woman that Andy was going to be Ken’s technician and record everything that happened at the upcoming party. Kim was positive she could use the recorded evidence to put Ken in his place. ‘In jail,’ she secretly hoped.

The women had gathered at Lori’s home before going to the rendezvous. Kim did not keep anything to herself. “They are rotten. Don’t think the bastard has any sympathy for any of us. He will make sure we give his filthy pals an erotic show. Oh God, just fake it if you have to, but do it or he’ll ruin our lives,” she said. “You know what men think of watching lesbians… well, he wants me and Lori together, and you and Julia,” she whispered looking directly at her sorority girlfriend, Sally. He’s assured me that that’s all we have to do.”

Lori knew better but dared not say anything. She quickly seized upon the fiction using it to ally her fears for her daughter. Still she knew she had to be upfront and added what she had experienced at Ken’s first party. “They will put their filthy hands all over your body… inside your top… under your skirt… gawd, one of them finger fucked me right in front of everyone,” she said. “And don’t think you can fight them off, because you can’t! They’re animals once they start drinking.”

There was dead silence in the group before Lori added, “Just do what he wants and if we make the show good enough, maybe they will all jackoff… and won’t bother us.” They all giggled with the raunchy thought but none of them, Lori especially, really believed it would happen that way.

Julia was overly excited. She listened to her mother and Kim, as they gave advice and caution. It was all she could do to stop from yelling at them, ‘just shut your mouths and open your legs girls, you’re going to get fucked hard and often.’ Ken had been with his devoted slut almost every day over the past week and he told Julia what was really going to happen. True, he said, they would put on a hypnotic lesbian display but after that, there would be a total gangbang. However, she believed him when he lied that she would be fucked by him, and him only.

Julia dearly wanted to tell him her deep, dark secret but she was still unsure how he would react. After all, he had told her in front of her father that he would breed her when he was ready to breed her and not before. ‘Later,’ she deemed, ‘later I’ll tell him that I’m no longer on the pill.’

Julia did feel sorry for Sally who she considered her dearest friend. But there was no way she could warn her about the party or else she would ruin Ken’s plans. She remembered the meeting with Sally when she broached the subject of her attending Ken’s party with her. The two women joined her mother and Kim at the sorority house and they all discussed the event. Ken’s blackmail was the deciding factor and the reason both Kim and Sally agreed to go along with the plan to put on a lesbian show.

Julia remembered that Sally still had some doubt whether to actually perform for strangers. That was until Julia kicked her persuasion into high gear. The conversation was over with Lori and Kim when Sally stood up taking Julia by the hand. Lori’s heart fluttered, as she had never witnesses such seduction or salacious actions.

The tall, blonde woman led her daughter to her bedroom and shut the door. On the way across the room, Julia stared at the tantalizing wiggle of Sally’s hips dreaming about how soft and velvety they felt. Once inside the dimly lit room, the women faced each other.

Suddenly Julia felt strong, stronger than at any time in her life. Sally’s hands started to rise but Julia quickly brushed the woman’s hands down to her sides. Julia noticed that Sally’s face was flushed and heated so she put her hands on her rosy cheeks. She watched the dark, brown eyes close in anticipation so she kissed her newfound lover complying with her secret wishes.

When the hot, burning lips closed on her own, Sally wanted to caress and hug the young woman. But Julia would not let her and indicated she wanted her arms to remain at her sides. Suddenly, Julia grabbed the bottom of Sally’s top and swiftly stripped the garment leaving the woman shivering in expectation. The kiss was broken for a brief second when the top when over Sally’s head, but when the embrace renewed, there was more desperation. It was a heated kiss with tongues intertwined in loving fashion making it difficult for both women to remain standing.

Sally was amazed at how easy it was for the much smaller woman to maneuver and steer her over to the bed. The young woman almost threw her on the bed and Sally was unable to offer any meaningful resistance. Sally dearly wanted to question Julia and ask her why she was acting so strangely, but she suddenly didn’t feel a need.

The tall, slender woman landed on her back and put her arms out to slow her fall. It afforded a perfect opportunity for Julia to attack. She was not an overly aggressive woman or even a woman who forced her will on anyone, but for some strange reason she felt that way at that moment. Ever since Ken had become her esteemed master, Julia seemed to act out of character trying to please the man.

Julia almost ripped the lacy, sheer bra from Sally’s chest. Staring at the suddenly overpowering woman whom she was so fond of, Sally was awestruck by the young woman’s sudden burst of courage. The show of force won her heart.

Julia smiled every time she thought of that loving encounter. It was the first and only time in her life that she felt like she had raped someone. Julia wouldn’t let Sally caress her or even touch her body. She used her mouth, her tongue, her lips and fingers on the burning, Amazon flesh until she lost track of how many orgasms Sally experienced. When it was over, Julia had persuaded the young woman to attend Ken’s party with her even though Sally knew it was a stupid mistake.

*** Party Time!

Ken greeted the women with a joyous hello. “Come… come, the guys are thirsty and need drinks… lots of drinks,” Ken said to the stunning waitresses. He took Lori by the hand and led the four females to the lower level of the house to meet his enthusiastic and testosterone-charged buddies. Seeing what the women looked like dressed in the skimpy outfits confirmed Ken’s decision to use the sexy, barmaid attire again.

It was a parade. First Ken sent the older woman into the rumpus room and she was greeted by rowdy, noisy howling. Lori looked absolutely gorgeous with long curly, black hair framing her eye-catching face. Her high cheekbones and brightly flushed cheeks made her appear overly seductive to all the men. Lori’s big, dark eyes stared in awe, radiating pure sex in the aroused minds of Ken and his friends. Her soft, Hispanic features were the refining touch to an already attractive, desirable woman.

Right behind Lori was her daughter. The men stared at a slightly younger version of the dark goddess in front of her. They easily mistook Julia for being relatively close in age to Lori. Her tanned, olive skin seemed to glow transmitting sex rays across the room to the already aroused minds of the men. Julia tugged on the tank top trying hard to keep it covering her well-endowed boobs. The short skirt emphasized her shapely legs making them appear long and slender much to the men’s delight.

Kim appeared and stood right beside Julia. She was about the same size as the mother and daughter, but there was something unique about her. The men fantasized about this one being strong and much more powerful than Lori or Julia. Ken had hinted one time that he held control over a first-class lesbian and his buddies dreamed that Kim was the one. She looked protective and seemed to convey the attitude that she would be a struggle to overpower. Each man grinned knowing Ken’s power over her would make her go to her knees and suck cock just like his other sluts.

Andy’s drifting attention was drawn by a boisterous uproar. He snapped out of a dreamlike state just as the last of the four women entered the room. She was truly a golden Amazon. Sally was inches taller than any of the other women and her figure was absolutely perfect. The camera along with all the eyes in the room started at her long, blonde hair, which was tied in tails on each side of her beautiful face. She looked young and her large, brown eyes darted around the room in an extremely nervous fashion.

The men’s eyes wandered lower to her well-rounded tits, which were barely covered by the skimpy top. The garment may have fit the other three women but not Sally. Her large, stiff nipples were displayed through the thinly stretched material to all the hungry eyes and Andy made sure the seductive features were digitally captured.

Sally’s midriff was flat and bare. The bottom of the tank top was held far out from her chest leaving her tummy exposed to the greedy eyes. Like the top, Sally’s skirt was far too small to hide her curved hips and long, shapely legs. The material hugged her hips and she pulled on the hem in an effort to keep it down far enough to cover her crotch. The small top and skirt made her look like a cheap whore flaunting all her charms in an effort to get laid.

That was exactly what all Ken’s buddies were thinking. Sally looked timid and extremely worried, which gave all the men a large boost of confidence. They drooled while nervous chatter filled the room, as Ken ushered the four women across the floor to a makeshift bar. To a man, they dreamed of screwing Ken’s sluts and could hardly wait.

Sally noticed all the hungry animals. She wanted to run at the first sound of the enthusiastic hollering but somehow didn’t. Her attention was briefly drawn by a low growl and she wondered why any man would bring his big dog to such a house party?

Of course, she was a loyal sorority member with Kim and when Kim asked her to come to the party, she didn’t bother to ask why. If it was good enough for Kim, it was certainly good enough for her. And when Julia explained how her neighbor was blackmailing her family, Sally volunteered in a heartbeat to help her dear friend. She vowed to support the two women in her life whom she felt a special attraction towards.

Seeing the many leering faces made Sally wonder. How had things progressed to the point where she stood dressed like a cheap whore before a hoard of lecherous men? She wore an outfit that was many sizes too small for her Amazon body, which surely conveyed the look that she was an easy slut. The lust etched on the men’s faces was enough to put the fear of God in Sally.


Ken had the foresight to turn his recreation room into a den of inequity for his festive, football party gangbang. There was a bar set up in one corner and a large screen TV in an adjacent corner. Soft, leather sofas and chairs were strewn around the large room but the one corner gave all the women pangs of anxiety. There was a staged area with a mattress, many blankets and pillows and it was very obvious what was going to happen in the cozy area. Lori spotted the theater and gave a quick glance to Kim for her reaction.

“We’ll get through it. Let’s put on such a good show… then maybe they will leave us alone,” Kim whispered fully realizing Ken would likely dash her hopes.

The world was closing in on the four visitors. Hungry eyes devoured each and every sexy body trying to determine which woman was the most desirable. “Let’s get the show on the road,” Ken declared. “I think you ladies know what is expected.”

Ken was pleased having his so-called harem right in front of him. “You know the routine, ladies. Serve drinks and snacks,” he said. “I’ll let you know when we want the lezzy show.” Then he quickly punctuated their demise. “And I expect a fucking good show, or else!”

The rec room was noisy with Ken’s buddies rowdy and boisterous. There was a wildcard playoff game on the television but no one was really watching football even though the sound was turned up. Luckily Ken had scheduled his party so that there would be no intervention. It coincided with his wife’s family reunion, so Helen was away for another two days. Ken considered the plan of Lori’s husband being totally cuckold to be a thing of beauty. He imagined Andy sitting next-door riveted to the camera monitor watching his wife’s adulterous affair, with his diminutive cock in hand.

Ken’s buddies hastily finished their drinks and ordered fresh ones. Lori was destined to be the bartender because she was the most familiar with mixing drinks. The orders came fast and furious and she made the drinks or prepared the snacks giving them to the three waitresses.

Shortly after Lori handed out drink orders, a squeal erupted from across the room. She glanced in the direction of the sound. Lori’s stomach churned when she noticed her beloved daughter being groped by one of the men. Her first instinct was to rush to Julia’s aid, but she wisely held back. Julia carried a tray, which hampered her ability to fight or evade the man’s crude advances. He swiftly rolled her undersized tank top above her boobs exposing them to everyone in the room. But it was when one of the other men entered the fray that Julia uttered a futile cry.

Julia struggled to get free of the two men but they were far too strong plus determined. The short skirt merely enticed the men and one of them shoved his big, burly hand between her legs. He covered her precious crotch while his fingers never stopped moving. She helplessly moved her legs but went nowhere being held in the grasp of two overpowering men. Suddenly, one of the men made a disgusting gesture. He brought his freshly soaked, middle finger up to his face staring at it. Then using a taunting manner, he put the finger in his mouth. At the same time, he smiled indicating it was the most satisfying taste ever.

Andy panned the camera so he recorded everything that happened to his daughter, as the two men groped her. However, the initial fondling of Julia was over in a few seconds. The men wanted to keep up the chauvinistic charade for a long time so they set Julia free. Andy was somewhat disappointed that the men had not just laid his precious daughter out and fucked her on the spot, but he quickly realized that it was only the beginning of what promised to be a fantastic show.

Each waitress went through similar degrading acts, as each man got his fair share of feeling tits, ass and pussy. The raunchy foreplay was enough to fill each man’s brain with intense lust and anticipation for a gangbang to remember. No one even noticed the cameras, as the evening rolled along. Next-door, pleased with his good fortune, Andy was stripped below the waist and playing with himself.

During one of Kim’s trips around the room, Ken whispered directions to his na├»ve accomplice. “Kim, do it now. Take Lori over to the blankets and show my friends how you eat pussy.”

Kim’s legs got weak. The time of reckoning had arrived and she wasn’t sure if she was strong enough to obey Ken’s orders. Kim envisioned having to put on a lustful demonstration in front of these beer-drinking barbarians and it made her wonder if it was not the time to run. She glanced over to the bar and noticed how lovely and beautiful Lori looked.

Suddenly, Kim was only too glad to finally get away from serving drinks. She had lost track of how many times someone felt her boobs. She desperately tried to keep their filthy hands off her lower extremities but that did not stop the daring ones from feeling her up. Keeping her thighs together had proven most difficult and a couple of the braver men had managed to wreak havoc on her pussy.

Kim shuddered from what one man bragged to his friends. “Christ, this lesbo has one sweet pussy. She’s one tight slut!” Kim almost fainted when he added, “I can hardly wait to get my cock inside this slut.” He then sucked his sticky fingers licking Kim’s juices off while giving his buddies a very contented smile. Kim shuddered but quickly assumed he was merely making a foolish boast at her expense.

Lori was shocked back to reality when Kim ordered her obedience. “Come with me. I hope we can do this and make them think it is real,” Kim whispered keeping her voice extremely low. “We have to make the bastards think we are really making love. I will do anything for you, please know that my love.”

Kim knew how to seduce a woman. She reached out and grabbed Lori’s hand. Kim led the older woman across the room to the plush blanketed area. Ken was smart enough to have the lights dimmed at the precise time, which added to the heightened arousal of all the men. A sudden hush came over the room as a scene unfolded that was so erotic and overpowering that each man’s heart skipped a few beats.

The only lights on in the room were focused on the stage, which left most of the room in darkness. All the men watched the bold, young woman swiftly pull the tank top over Lori’s head tossing the garment to the throng of men. Kim kept Lori standing while turning her around to give the men a perfect view of her succulent breasts. Lori did not have a chance to protest or even wonder what Kim would do. The young woman caressed one hard, extended nipple with her skilled fingers while devouring the other with her hot mouth. Kim quickly had both buds throbbing and hard with a yearning for her loving touch.

Lori merely closed her eyes in an effort not to see the predators who were hidden in the shadows. She let her emotions follow the ebb tide of desire knowing Kim would take good care of her. She never imagined her heart would start to beat rapidly or her desire would rise so fast.

Strangely, the two women had discussed what to do before leaving Lori’s place. Ken had made his plan perfectly clear. He said that Kim and Lori would put on a lesbian show for his pals. It was agreed that Lori would put on the acting performance of her life and Kim would try her best to give the men a show they would remember. For some reason, Lori wondered why things seemed to be going in the wrong direction and not following the path that the women had planned.

Kim shifted her body so that she stood behind Lori but kept her slave facing the audience. The men noticed the subtle differences between the two women. Lori was tanned and there was hardly a tan line on her sexy body. Her bare breasts made their mouths water and the pretty, golden charms gave the two mounds an alluring facade. Suddenly Kim stripped the skirt from Lori’s stunning body leaving her standing in high heels and a big frown.

The men were mesmerized by Lori’s sexy body but quickly realized that Kim had removed her own skimpy items of clothing. There was just enough lighting to catch every aspect of both sexy bodies with most of the stares admiring the older woman’s cleanly shaven pelvis. The enthused men tried to imagine what her baby-like flesh would feel like.

Kim was pure white. Her golden trinkets dangling from the incredibly unique ends of her titties making the nipples appear very luscious. The known football emblem on her snowy pelvis sent a shiver of desire through each man. Ken had informed them that he had the Seahawk put there because Kim was his devoted slut, which made every man envious.

Ken admired his sluts. The young woman’s hands reached around Lori’s chest cupping both breasts with the utmost compassion. Kim put her head over Lori’s shoulder and beside her lover’s face so she could whisper in her ear. “I love your body. I love the way it responds to my touch.” Tenderly Kim’s fingers pinched the hardened tips as she hissed, “When I do this!”

At her lover’s demanding touch, Lori arched her back so that her head was tilted backwards sort of resting on Kim’s shoulder as Kim stretched Lori’s nips outwards, as if to offer them to the hungry animals across the room. The stage had an erotic ambiance. The men sort of blended into the darkness, which gave the two women the feeling of being in a private world.

“I love your nipples. The way they get so hard, so perfect. Do you like it when I caress them like this,” Kim whispered. Her fingers rolled the buds around and around squeezing and pulling at the same time. Lori mewed her absolute approval, as the sudden flames of desire built.

Every time Kim toyed with the golden charms and used them to twist Lori’s nipples, all the onlookers uttered their approval. Kim was really getting into the exhibition. “Open your legs. Are you getting wet?” she asked the shivering woman who was growing more embarrassed by the second.

Lori fully intended to act out the lesbian display just to make Ken happy. Suddenly she cared less and less about what he wanted and more about what her body needed. She understood the men were in the room but could not comprehend why she complied with Kim’s request. She put her feet farther apart and opened her legs like ordered.

Kim, sensing Lori was obedient, took command. “You are my slut. I want your sweet pussy… I’m going to eat you… to taste you. You’re going to be my slut and show these bastards you are my loving slave,” she whispered with her lips against the side of Lori’s face. She kissed and ran her tongue across Lori’s burning cheek. Lori tried to turn her head so as to reach Kim’s lips but the young woman refused to let her.

Suddenly, Kim grabbed a handful of hair and yanked hard arching Lori’s back into a huge bow. Lori didn’t know what to do. She realized all the men were watching and desperately wanted to put on a believable acting performance. All of a sudden, Kim’s bare hand slapped her shaved pelvis letting the sound echo through the room. Lori tried hard to shift her pelvis back, away from the hand, but to no avail. Kim paddled the shaven flesh a few times before her fingers went between the quivering thighs covering the vast wetness.

Kim could feel the moisture between Lori’s legs. She purposely pressed downward with her middle finger feeling the puffy labia spread apart. ‘There it was,’ Kim realized. ‘Directly under my finger,’ so she pressed harder. The delicate clitoris was hers for the taking, Kim reasoned.

The two women were locked in a frantic embrace. This was a game, a show for an audience who wanted to see lesbian lust, Lori mused. Her breathing was so ragged and rapid that she found it hard to keep control of her emotions. She could feel her face becoming flushed and redder by the second. Lori desperately wanted to turn her head sideways so that she could whisper to Kim. That was not possible as the young woman held a firm grip on her hair keeping her head tilted backwards.

Suddenly Kim pinched the throbbing clit between her thumb and forefinger. She twirled it vigorously rolling the bud around in the abundant juices. Lori’s legs were shaking so badly that it was hard to keep her balance but Kim was there to keep her steady.

“Spread your legs wider, slut. I want to show Ken that you are now my devoted slut… that I can make you cum whenever I want,” Kim whispered in Lori’s ear.

‘Fight,’ Lori thought, ‘Fight as if my life depends on it.” She desperately wanted to put up a valiant struggle but none was forthcoming. Her intention was to act out the affair and fake an orgasm to make Ken happy. Her legs spread and all the men saw her rosy clitoris being caressed by the skilled professional.

Kim wanted to have fun. “That’s it. Act like you want it so the bastards think you are getting aroused,” she said not caring if the men heard or not. “Keep those legs spread so I can show them your cunt.” Kim kept up the onslaught and beat the swollen clit like a mad woman. She was in total control just the way it should be, Kim deduced.

Lori couldn’t believe that she was exposing herself to strangers. Her heart was beating fast making her temperature rise so that her body was flushed all over. Lori wanted so many things to happen but her mind was confused. She wanted to hide; she wanted to get away from the spectators; she wanted to keep acting, as if what Kim was doing really got her aroused. But suddenly she wanted something more than anything else. Lori knew if Kim did not stop touching her down there, and stop doing that to her throbbing clitoris, she would not care what happened.

“Oh gawd, no!” Lori whispered. A powerful spasm shot through her body causing her to question her adamant resolve. ‘This is not suppose to happen like this,’ went through her flustered mind over and over.

Kim felt the telltale sign. Her confidence soared higher and the young woman attacked. “I am going to make you cum… standing right in my arms. I get so hot feeling your body experience an orgasm… you will cum for me, won’t you?” Kim whispered. Her left arm let go of Lori’s hair and went around Lori’s chest holding her so tightly that Lori was her captive. Kim’s hand cupped Lori’s right titty and her fingers caressing the vulnerable nipple at will.

Kim held Lori’s upper body pinned tightly against her own. Her right arm snaked around Lori’s hip so that her hand was thrust between her lover’s spread legs. Kim’s fingers had a death grip on the extended clitoris while moving back and forth at a vigorous rate.

‘I can take it, I can take it… I will fake it and make them happy,’ ran through Lori’s mind but her destiny was in Kim’s right hand. There was no letup. Kim’s fingers were a blur and Ken and his beer-drinking buddies saw a wild and wonderful show of a woman’s ecstasy. Lori reached back with her hands finding the velvety curve of Kim’s hips. She felt fully reassured that this young woman would love and cherish her forever, which enabled her to let go.

Kim was fully satisfied having the woman of her dreams become her slave. She felt strong; so powerful that having Lori fall in love with her was her ultimate prayer.

During the astounding surrender, Ken convinced Julia and Sally to take front row seats. One of the leather sofas was a big one with large, stuffed cushions and padded armrests. The two young women sat in the middle with Ken sitting beside Julia and one of his friends beside Sally. “I love watching your mother get fucked. She’s one hot slut, don’t you think?” Ken whispered to Julia.

All Julia could do was stare at the profound combat happening across the room. Her bewildered state of mind afforded Ken the perfect opportunity to cop another feel. He swiftly thrust his big hand under Julia’s flimsy top and freely cupped her tits. “Do you know what I want you to do?”

Julia ripped her eyes from the erotic scene just as her mother’s climax became obvious. “What do you mean?” Julia whispered. She was readily prepared to be Ken’s faithful slave but wasn’t sure if now was the time to prove it.

The questioning look on her pretty face amused Ken. “I am dying to see you kiss Sally’s gorgeous tits. I want you to show me just how much you will do for me,” he whispered.

The distraught young woman had to make a decision. Without thinking, she twisted her body so that she was facing to her left. Glancing downward slightly, not far, as Sally was so tall, she noticed Sally’s well-endowed chest. Her boobs were scarcely concealed because the tank top was extremely tight and skimpy. Suddenly, Ken’s buddy stripped the top from Sally forcing it up and over her head in a flash despite her attempts to stop him. He whisked the garment off leaving the stunning woman shivering with disbelief.

Sally saw that Julia was mesmerized at the sight of her naked breasts. She knew what her tormentor had asked Julia to do but held out hope that she could prevent it from occurring. The dark, starry eyes shifted up until the women stared at each other and Sally’s tummy did a summersault. She looked into her, dear friend’s eyes and it was just like the first time. Strong, swift tremors shot through her torso like they did the other day. No other person had been able to do that to her. Not even Kim, she realized.

In a flash of inspiration, Sally decided to do whatever it took to save her best friend. She pushed Julia backwards into the soft back cushion of the sofa with a stern shove. The sudden, brazen actions of her friend made Julia feel timid and submissive. Somehow her arms were pinned at her sides. Julia was positive that it was not Sally subduing her as the young woman’s dainty hands were roaming the front of her almost naked body.

Julia was instantly overwhelmed. The much bigger, more aggressive woman took complete control in the bat of an eye. Julia’s hands got free and went to Sally’s blonde head as if she was trying to resist the assault. The attack was swift and sure. Sally easily bared Julia’s breasts by swiftly rolling the skimpy top upwards. In a flash, she sucked one of the struggling woman’s nipples into her hot mouth much to the joy of Ken and his buddies. All of a sudden, there was a large audience huddled near and around the sofa.

In mere seconds, both of Julia’s pink, hard nipples were covered with saliva. More saliva than was necessary and enough so that it formed a trickle of spit running down from the extended nips.

Ken smiled his utmost approval when Sally licked the abundant moisture from the tits. He noticed that the Amazon was willing to take control and fulfill his dream. It gave Ken the perfect opportunity to strip the tank top up and over Julia’s head growling, “You won’t be needing this anymore.”

Sally would never understand why she felt the strong urge to scratch. Her sharp nails raked over Julia’s delicate flesh leaving dark, red scratch marks from the top swell of her breast to the sweaty underside. That included the puffy areolas, as well as the extended nipples. The punishment was slow and deliberate. Not too hard to break the skin, but hard enough to make Julia moan in agony. Ken imagined it was not pain but sheer desire that made the young woman whimper when her girlfriend punished her body.

Suddenly Sally put both hands around one of Julia’s bare titties. She cupped it so that the end was squeezed out of her hands towards her mouth. Sally barred her teeth and all saw how she bit down hard on the pink, tender bud. A resultant yelp was music to the men’s ears. Sally held the damaged bud between her teeth showing everyone that she was actually biting by keeping her lips peeled back like a rabid dog.

Julia was sobbing and whimpering out loud. Not so much from the pain or agony caused by her dear friend’s assault, but from feeling so overpowered. Her ultimate master was at her side giving his encouragement yet she felt like she was betraying his trust. Julia desperately wanted to stave off Sally’s determined advances yet at the same time wanted them to continue. Suddenly, Sally’s hands were on her thighs giving definite gestures that they should be opened. Without a second’s hesitation, Julia spread her thighs and in the next instant, Sally got the most stimulating inspiration of her life.

‘If you bastards want a show, I’ll give you a show you’ll never forget,’ Sally mouthed a silent declaration. She quickly rolled her body around so that she was kneeling in front of Julia. Her strong hands grabbed the sofa’s big, stuffed cushion and pulled it along with Julia off the sofa. She slid the sofa cushion onto the floor with Julia still sitting on it.

The sudden display of superior strength sent a message of wild excitement to every man. They watched the sexy Amazon easily control the smaller woman. Sally grabbed Julia’s shoulders and twisted her around, and then pushed her face down on the cushion. Luckily the cushion was big enough so that Julia could lie on it with only her head and legs hanging over the edges. Sally quickly shifted her position so that she was crouched at Julia’s feet.

Sally looked up the short skirt, which had ridden up Julia’s hips. The suddenly exposed crotch was most tantalizing and the last thing Julia thought of was pulling down the hem of her skirt. Julia wrapped her arms around the cushion, as if she was clutching a life preserver for dear life. Sally used her strength to spread Julia’s legs as wide as they would go so that she could shift her body between the shapely limbs.

Sally stared at the golden globes. Julia’s perfectly shaped ass was inches away so the Amazon swooped in for the kill. She rolled the skirt up and out of the way, and then rained kisses all over the velvety cheeks. Julia shook and shivered with the soft, tender caresses sending a million sensations through her inflamed body.

Loud ‘aaahs’ and ‘ooohs’ erupted from the crowd when Sally put her hands on each firm butt cheek and spread them apart. She ran her tongue up and down through the sweaty crevice much to Julia’s horror. The young woman twisted and turned but found escape impossible. Not only Sally was holding her down with a viselike grip but others were also helping the blonde beauty. Suddenly Sally pretended to fuck Julia’s asshole with her tongue, which brought shouts of encouragement from all the men hoping to see more.

Lori wanted to yell at the two to stop. Her breathing and heart rate had returned to almost normal but suddenly that changed. She watched her daughter get ravaged by the much bigger and stronger blonde Amazon who showed no mercy. Lori’s mouth gaped open in utter dismay when Sally suddenly rolled her daughter onto her back. Again she kept her body between Julia’s splayed legs but this time for a frontal assault.

Julia desperately wanted to use her arms but found them pinned above her head. One, possibly two men held her a prisoner for the ambush by the sexiest woman. All eyes ogled the fantastic scene as Sally put her eloquent fingers on each side of the glistening labia. In one instant there was a narrow slit running between Julia’s legs and the next there was a vulnerable, pink clitoris lying barren to the world. As if she was not punishing Julia enough, Sally innocently flicked the tip of her friend’s clit with her finger watching Julia’s hips shudder with each demoralizing touch. She did this over and over while Julia’s sweaty torso rolled on the damp, leather cushion in frustration.

Julia did not react at once. Sally’s head dropped to the exposed crotch and licked the upper most section of Julia’s pussy. She ran the tip of her tongue all around the opening, thrusting it between the puffy lips whenever Julia’s hips quieted. The jousting was Hell on the young woman’s resolve as the teasing was taking a severe toll on her stamina. Julia had made the decision long ago that she would fake an orgasm thus ending the lesbian charade but suddenly she was not sure.

Not satisfied with the chastisement, Sally rammed her mouth at the soaked labia. Her tongue separated the lips allowing her to seize the expanse of Julia’s clitoris with her teeth. She nibbled on the base; then one wing; then the other until her teeth caressed the entire clit. When Sally started battering the swollen bud with her tongue, Julia’s world came crashing down. She was totally unaware of what she was doing or what it looked like to everyone watching. Her hips thrust up madly with a lust and desire not common to public display.

“Holy, sweet fuck! The slut is actually creaming in her mouth… Look! She’s creaming in her mouth… I never thought I’d see the day,” one of Ken’s friends confessed.


Ken could hardly wait for the next phase. The lesbian shows would certainly cement his kinglike standing with his beer-drinking buddies but he still had much more to offer. The night was still young, as far as he was concerned.

Julia and Sally collapsed in an overheated embrace. Ken had motioned the other two women to shift their butts over to the sofa so he could talk to them all. Lori and Kim moved over to the sofa with the comfort of being near the two, exhausted women.

“That was gorgeous… a fucking show to remember,” praised Ken as a lull came over the party. The men could see the evil glint in Ken’s eye, and waited. The women anticipated their roles were done, and waited.

“Okay sweethearts,” Ken announced loud enough for all to hear. “That made me and my boys so horny… that now we need a blowjob… right boys?” Ken grinned at Sean and Troy, and then motioned for them to select a victim.

“I guess we need three volunteers… and oh yes, a fourth volunteer for poor Rex who must be horny as Hell with so many bitches in the room,” Ken said interrupting the erotic fantasies of his buddies. Only three of the women knew what Ken was talking about, which meant Sally was at a great disadvantage.

Ken’s gaze was intimidating, as he looked at each woman before setting his stare on Julia. He realized the young woman would give him an invigorating blowjob, which would be a highlight for his pals. She was his devoted servant and Ken knew she had no qualms with sucking his cock in front of strangers. “Now which of you gorgeous sluts has to wait… wait because the other three are going to suck some cock!”

Seeing Ken’s gaze had settled on her daughter, Lori’s stomach tightened into a knot. She did not have time to ponder or contemplate over which Patterson had chosen her as Troy moved to the forefront. He was eager and dropped his pants indicating it was time for Lori to respond. His extended cock bobbed in front of his slim hips and he thrust it towards his dream woman.

Lori was forced to grab the teen’s penis to prevent him from shoving it in her face. The scorching steel rod sent a violent shudder through her body, as it seemed to do every time she touched Troy’s lengthy cock. Lori never did understand why she compared it to her husband’s in her mental imagery. The images of both peckers filled her head with the younger cock surprising her with it’s magnificent and overly dominate appearance.

Like every other encounter with Troy, many things rushed through her head. She wondered if having sex with Ken’s youngest son was sinful or immoral. She wondered if craving such a cock was wrong, or if she had the will to disobey Ken’s demands? Did she have a choice, she asked herself?

Suddenly the teen rammed his cock between her lips and the blowjob commenced much to the delight of the cheering crowd. Lori hated the loud, lewd sounds of a blowjob. Her dainty hand squeezed the hot skin over Troy’s penis and moved up and down the shaft like a well-oiled machine while the teen kept the head of his enlarged cock embedded in Lori’s mouth.

All of the spectators praised and yelled their encouragement to all three women. They applauded Sean when he grabbed Kim by the hair and demanded obedience. The teen was not to be outdone by his younger brother. Fully confident that Kim would follow his father’s strict orders, he thrust his pulsating cock in her blushing face. The young woman did not move away or evade Sean’s demeaning maneuver but resigned herself to the inevitable. She would rather suck Sean’s cock than go down on all fours for Ken’s deranged dog.

Kim was determined to survive even if she was forced to perform such degrading acts. She noticed the remote camera. It was the one thing that was going to be her salvation, and the salvation of her soon to be wife. She shuddered with the thought. Lori was committed to be with her and the pleasant thought gave Kim the strength to endure Ken’s punishment. She prayed that Andy was recording all the sinful action because that was her way out of the dilemma.

The onlookers were thoroughly amazed by Ken’s control over three spectacular women. Most of the men were envious and watched the gorgeous Julia stroking Ken’s throbbing pecker much to his delight. The young woman cherished the feel of his splendid cock and that was conveyed to the aroused watchers. Lesbian lust, blowjobs and gangbangs were something the men saw in movies but really didn’t happen in real life. That was until Ken came along, they all determined.

Each climax was more illustrious than the previous. First the youngest ejaculated in a woman’s hot mouth, and there was a frantic struggle by the woman to drink all of the boy’s cum. Then the second teenager despoiled his young wench. She initially appeared reluctant but the teen refused to pull his cock out of her mouth so she was forced to swallow his immense load. Finally the ultimate master climaxed the licentious ordeal. The young Julia lovingly milked Ken’s thick cock and swallowed his cum like his loyal slut. He ran his fingers through the jet, black hair relishing the magical blowjob. The entire scene was sheer fascination to Ken’s buddies and their esteem built even higher for him.


The porno scenes from next-door got Andy so worked up that he had already jerked off twice by the time his daughter gave Ken a blowjob. In utter astonishment, Andy heard Ken move onto the next, diabolical phase and the camera equipment kept recording.

“Okay sweethearts,” he announced loud enough for all to hear. “It’s time the other stud gets his piece of ass… his share of sweet pussy!” Ken said. He paused and looked around the room at all the lust-filled faces before his glare settled on the Amazon. ‘Fuck, she was the best looking piece of ass and I can’t believe she doesn’t know,’ Ken murmured but far too quietly for anyone to hear. Sally’s pretty face was etched with fear, which made her look more attractive to Ken.

Ken walked across the room to his faithful pet. Rex had been sort of hidden and out of the way but suddenly he wagged his tail in anticipation. He whined and snorted when his master petted the top of his head. Rex was fully aware that his master was turning him loose. His nostrils flared breathing in as much of the bitches’ powerful scent as possible. Rex did not care which one he mounted knowing he was fully capable of any challenge.

“One of you sluts is going down on all fours for Rex boy… and I think we all know which one it is,” Ken said in the sternest voice he could muster. With his gaze still on the intended victim, he tightened the screws. “Like I said before the wonderful blowjobs, the last volunteer was going to be Rex’s bitch… and I love it when we get volunteers.”

Up until then, she thought he was talking about one of his sons. Sally wanted to scream, ‘This all has to stop!’ She looked at all the leering faces and none seemed to offer a solution to the building dilemma. The sudden realization hit her. She had been totally ignorant when Ken mentioned the name ‘Rex’ earlier, which was not going to be a good excuse to plead her innocence. Sally looked at Ken, then to his mangy dog, then to Julia and Kim for direction. To ask, ‘what is going on?’ seemed silly at the moment so Sally said nothing.

Kim looked at her dear friend feeling terrible about the sacrifice. Her stomach tightened into a knot but she wasn’t about to switch places. She deemed there was no way she was going to let some filthy dog fuck her in front of a gallery of perverts. She looked at the men circling her sorority sister and shuddered with the awareness that she was powerless to help Sally.

Ken boldly approached Sally, as she shivered feverishly. “Well sweetheart… I guess you’re the lucky girl. You get to be Rex’s bitch!”

“Noooo!” she screamed defiantly.

Sally almost fainted as the big man roughly grabbed her by the arm. Ken yanked her to her feet and put his rugged face mere inches in front of her startled face. “Bitch… get your doggie ass down on the floor or I’ll turn all these men loose on you… so you be the judge,” he growled at her. There was complete silence except for the loud panting of Ken’s faithful dog, as time seemed to stand still.

Ken held her steady and Sean quickly grabbed her other arm. The two held her prisoner almost lifting her tall, lean body off the floor. All Ken’s buddies surround the trio and Ken purposely rotated her around in a circle so that she could see all the ravenous faces. Sally had never been so scared or demoralized in her entire life and she thought her heart might stop beating.

“Let one dog have your slut cunt or be a slut for 10 angry men… it’s up to you sweetheart.” Still Ken waited until he knew she was ready. Sally looked at the hungry men knowing there was no way on earth that she would allow so many men to fuck her. She twisted and turned but the strong hands easily held her captive. Sally suddenly realized that she was going to get raped one way or the other. It would be by one dog or 10 men. She was given the choice of who to have sex with and her whole body shuddered with the perilous suggestion.

It was too late go back in time or to speculate about what ‘if’. What would have happened if she had not agreed to join her dear friend Julia and her sorority sister Kim? At the time it sounded like a good plan to help Julia in her fight against Ken’s blackmail control. All of a sudden her entire world was encased inside a circle of angry men.

Ken was easily capable of stripping the only garment left on the intimidated young woman but that would not serve his purpose. “Strip… take the fucking skirt off sweetheart… Hell, it makes you look like a cheap whore anyway. Strip!”

Sally stared into his dark, sinister eyes. She found it utterly profound that her hands moved, but they did. She rolled the useless skirt down her rounded hips and let it drop to the floor. Suddenly the whispers around the room made Sally aware that the men were ogling her nudity so she put her hands in front of her pelvis. Her display of modesty made most of the men laugh, as they truly enjoyed Ken’s taunting measures.

Suddenly Ken grabbed Sally by the pigtails and guided her to the floor with Sean’s help. She quickly found herself in a model kneeling position much to the delight of the onlookers. “Now you stay on your hands and knees… don’t move a fucking muscle girl… or else!” Ken said in an unyielding voice almost sounding like a growl.

Not in a million years had Sally ever envisioned a scruffy dog would mount her backside. She never imagined that it was possible for a woman to have sex with a dog. The possibility seemed very unreal. When the evil man demanded that she stay on her hands and knees in doggie fashion to wait for Rex, she obeyed thinking she could somehow evade the drastic affair. She wanted to bolt from the room but Ken and Sean’s hold demonstrated there was no way to escape.

Sally heard the rowdy commotion behind her. Naked, she was an utterly gorgeous and breathtakingly sexy sight. Every man felt intense desire to feel her luscious breasts hanging down from her chest to see if they were as firm as they appeared. Her nipples were long and extended putting a perfect end on her big tits.

Her long, flowing hair hung down shielding her beautiful face, as the bands had fallen out of her pigtails when Ken manhandled her. Sally knelt doggie style almost as tall as Rex with her legs bent so that her thighs were slightly spread to retain her balance. The men moved so they could see her luscious rear. The picture of a long, narrow slit running up and down her crotch transformed their cocks into raging hard-ons.

Rex stood tall and proud behind his bitch appearing to block any escape. His fur seemed to shine and he looked absolutely powerful and in command. All eyes were on the thick, hairy sheath hanging below his belly. There was a small length of dark, red cock protruding, which seemed to get longer by the second.

The beast squirted slimy fluid all over the place with some landing on the naked backside of his waiting bitch. Suddenly Sally realized the impossible just might indeed be possible and let out a pleading wail; a plea that served only to stiffen the cocks of the spectators.

The noise was loud and boisterous in the room. Ken and his buddies shouted support to the pair who were locked in animal foreplay on the floor. The two jousted and seemed to be testing each other to see what would happen. All the while Ken and Sean held the young woman not letting her get out of the ominous kneeling position.

Suddenly, Rex reared up and jumped on Sally’s back. A wailing, “Noooooooooooo!” filled the room. Sally’s temples started to pound madly as it seemed all her blood rushed to her head. Rex’s front legs went around her slim waist and he knew to curl his paws into her flat tummy preventing his bitch’s escape. He gave a sudden pull with his powerful legs and brought her vulnerable backside into his furry belly.

Unable to move forward, Sally felt trapped. She felt her skin getting wet and there was something poking into her crotch. The dog madly probed with his cock knowing it was not yet time to mount his waiting bitch. Rex realized this bitch was magnificent. She was a perfect height and size not like the smaller bitches his master provided for him.

Sally felt totally hopeless but she struggled one last time to get free. The surprising strength and control of her three attackers quickly told her that any struggle was in vain. She bemoaned the fact she willingly joined her girlfriends at Ken’s party but the regrets would do little good to her while in the grasp of a sex starved dog. ‘God dammit, is it possible for a dog to have sex with a woman?’ Sally asked herself pondering the improbable question for a meager few moments.

The answer came so fast and furious that she did not have a chance to evade the mad dog. She tried to move forward but Rex’s strong legs held her absolutely motionless. A silence fell over the room except for the struggle in the center of the room, as the sparing match between the sexy woman and Rex turned into a deadly game. Even Ken’s mouth was gaping open as his loyal pet mounted the waiting bitch. Sean remained beside Sally just to ensure she remained in the doggie position.

Rex was a master and knew exactly what to do. He had covered his wonderful female with an abundant amount of slimy lubricant and knew it was time. The tip of his burning rod pierced the soaked slit between Sally’s legs in one instant. In the next, there was an ensuing howl, which Rex translated as one of enjoyment and pleasure.

He began such a rapid humping that Sally could do nothing but try to remain upright. It was the hottest, most damaging tool embedded in her tender pussy. Her heart raced so fast that she felt dizzy from being so flushed. It was the most severe embarrassment for Sally to have a dog’s burning cock inside her vagina knowing her respected girlfriends were watching.

The dog humped his thick, fiery cock in and out of her pussy. Ken felt there was no need to hold onto the writhering body any longer. Sally’s upper body dropped down onto her elbows in an effort to survive the powerful onslaught. Her only thought was a prayer hoping her bestial rape and turmoil was almost over. Her innermost reaches were on fire. She put her face in her hands sobbing the whole time with the realization that her struggles were futile.

For a moment, Sally got a reprieve. Rex stopped humping and came to a complete stop allowing his bitch’s body to settle on the floor. Sally’s breathing was ragged and quite fast but the temporary respite gave her the chance to regain a measure of composure. Lori was not the only one aware of Rex recoiling so that he sat still on his haunches. Rex had performed this ceremony many times becoming a master at knotting with a tight bitch.

There was a slight pause when Sally’s breathing returned but it was snuffed out with one powerful lunge. It would take a split second for the beast to overcome any resistance. Rex thrust upward with all his might and buried his searing dog cock in what must have been a virgin volcano.

Sally was unable to scream or yell, as the pain was so intense. Rex’s cock was to the hilt so that his balls slapped her bare pelvis in the lewdest fashion. He knew the bitch was his. Blood rushed to the big knot making it swell into a large ball to seal the bitches opening. His cock throbbed and pulsed like mad with jets of molten lava shooting into the small cavity. He did not have to hold her anymore with his front paws and he relaxed letting his doggie cum fill his bitch.

It took many moments before Sally’s breathing returned. Her arms had collapsed so that her head was on the floor with her face turned sideways. Sweat covered her Amazon body making it glisten like a sensual picture of immoral lust. Her long, blonde hair was wet and covered her pretty face so that she could not see. The men were totally awestruck seeing the gorgeous woman at the mercy of Ken’s dog. Never in their wildest dreams did they ever imagine anything so dominating yet so erotic.

Sally sobbed. She had never been so humiliated by any man, or anyone in her life. The large cock fully embedded inside her tender womb continued to squirt cum and she could feel every time it swelled and pulsed. She wondered if the dog would ever let her go when she was hit by the biggest wave of relief. Her hips dropped and all the pressure and strain of having the thick cock inside her was gone. She slumped to the floor curling into a ball liberated at last.

She was not sure how long it was before a big, muscular man grabbed her legs. He straightened and spread them at the same time while twisting her body until she was on her back. The man held Sally’s legs splayed treating her like a common whore. Resigned to the reality she must remain submissive to survive the drastic affair, she did not resist. Sally tried not to look at the man keeping her head turned to the side. Ken’s buddy was on a mission of glory, deeming Sally the sexiest, most seductive woman he had ever seen.

He did not care about being second, or even that Rex had already fucked Sally. The man was over 40 years old and considered this opportunity a chance of a lifetime. His head filled with visions of Sally’s hot, delicious cunt and he had waited all evening to fuck such a gorgeous woman. Sally tried to block out what was really happening, willing her mind to think only about the future. Her dream of the future was with her dearest friend Julia who she saw in an eerily similar standoff with another stranger off to her left side.

The man on top of Sally was already naked from the waist down in anticipation of the best fuck of his life. It was the first gangbang that he was lucky enough to participate in and vowed to enjoy each and every second. Quickly he got down on his knees. He fisted his long, hard cock when he got a sudden flash of motivation. Leaning forward until his hand brushed against Sally’s crotch, he began slapping her upraised pelvis with the end of his pecker. His eyes were transfixed on Sally’s, bald pussy with the beating sound of flesh on flesh driving his arousal to a peak. There was still plenty of used doggie’ cum all over Sally’s crotch and the slapping sounded wet and vulgar.

The man could see the tantalizing tip of Sally’s clitoris poking through the puffy, pink labia. Fully energized by having ultimate control over such a beautiful, sexy woman, he innocently pressed the head of his cock on her sensitive button. Her hips jumped and jerked wildly so he purposely flicked the swollen bud with the end of his cock. Every time he swiped the flared meat through the but

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