Lori – A Neighbor’s Delight Ch11

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Lori – A Neighbor’s Delight – Chapter 11

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Ken told the young woman that he was a man of his word. “She’s all yours. I promised you Lori and her sweet, ass daughter, and I am a man of my word.” He watched Kim’s pretty face turn to sheer happiness knowing she was fantasizing about lesbian lust. He was setting the stage for one more arousing afternoon for his beer-drinking buddies. ‘If only she knew,’ he determined.

His plan was simple. Kim was in love with Lori. She would do anything for the woman. He would satisfy Kim’s desire for his sexy neighbor by allowing her to ravage Lori, which would allow himself to gain a stronger hold over them both.

“I just wish I could be at your little, sorority orgy to watch you turn the two luscious sluts into loving slaves. You’re good woman, real good,” he told the smiling young woman. He wanted to build her confidence, and at the same time, give her the impression she had an element of control over what happened.

Kim merely wondered at the man’s disgusting, primitive views of women. Ken seemed to be so smug and powerful and it actually made her angry. She realized that, if anything, Ken was a master manipulator. He used blackmail and deception to the utmost to gain control over people, she reflected.

The meeting between “partners”, as Ken stated it, lasted for several minutes. Long enough for Ken to outline his scheme. He invited the neighborhood lesbian over right after work, as he knew his wife wouldn’t be home for another hour or more. Ken had been direct and to the point in his demands. Initially the meeting did not shock or frighten Kim but that changed in a heartbeat. Ken loaded a disk into a DVD player and naked bodies magically appeared on his large screen television. In measly seconds, Kim’s heart raced and she found it almost impossible to breath. Seeing an actress acting out the filthy man’s fantasies made her absolutely speechless because she was the actress.

Kim knew it was utterly futile to ask why or how he got the movie. Her mouth hung open waiting for Ken to explain. He purposely let the scenes roll wanting her to see as much of the porno flick before dictating his ultimate demands. Ken started the movie at an appropriate point. The scene itself was erotic and extreme with Kim grabbing Julia by the hair pulling her face into her waiting crotch. But it was Kim’s voice that added the definitive touch. “Eat me slut. Eat me!”

She watched the screen with her heart beating rapidly. The editing was perfect when the scene suddenly shifted to a naked woman with the biggest, black strapon around her hips. She actually had an evil grin on her pretty face guiding the tip of the damaging weapon toward the ass of a man. Kim couldn’t take any more. “Okay. Okay, you bastard. What do you want from me?”

“Look sweetheart. Don’t think for a moment that I won’t use this movie to get what I want. Is that clear?” he asked waiting for a response. After a few seconds, he made gestures until he got what he wanted.

“Okay. Okay. I’ll do what you want, but if you give that to anyone, I’ll kill you, you bastard,” she whispered using the meanest voice she could muster.

Ken merely grinned knowing she was his. He went on to explain what Kim was required to do to satisfy his blackmail demands. All the orders and instructions made her dizzy and confused but a couple of requests did stand out. She was to keep the two women at the sorority house all night and ensure Lori’s husband was told that his wife would not be home until the next day.

Ken’s final remarks still sent a shiver down her spine long after the meeting. “In the morning, you have a 9 o’clock appointment at Lu’s. You may know Lu for his tattooing but he also does expert piercings. Did you know that?” he asked, as if he were playing with her emotions. Kim shook her head not knowing what she believed while Ken demanded obedience. “Well he is going to pierce Lori’s, then Julia’s, and last of all… your nipples!”

Oh how she wanted to slap the man. Knock his filthy head right off, she hoped as she shook in fear. There was not another person in the world that made Kim feel subservient. In reality, she felt a pang of admiration for Ken because of his unscrupulous intelligence, which allowed him to gain the upper hand. ‘Oh God,’ she thought, ‘I’m a slut to be used just like the others.’ Strangely, the fact that she was like Lori made her feel somewhat pleased.

Kim did her best to ignore that Ken was the master of her destiny. Instead she remembered how she vowed to do anything in the world to be with her beloved Lori. What she did was not because of Ken’s manipulation but rather her love for Lori, the woman of her dreams for so many years.

Suddenly the horrible movie scenes replayed in her head. Kim quickly decided that she would be ruined if anyone saw her rape Julia and her father. Adding to the insult was the disgusting scene showing the animal lust of a common whore fucking Andy’s ass. She readily agreed that what Ken had covertly filmed was far too incriminating to overcome.

Kim rushed from Ken’s house with tears in her eyes without a backward glance. She did not utter a disparaging word about the harsh piercing demand but Ken knew she would follow his demands. Ken watched her sweet ass wiggle down the street knowing that once the sorority affair was over, it was his turn for glory. He remembered all the hero worship received after the Sunday afternoon football party for his friends and he planned to host an extra special gala for his beer-drinking buddies. “Fuckin’ A!” he whispered at the fleeing woman. “You and your lesbians will give the boys an eyeful. A show to remember!”


Kim was so worked up that it was hard for her to concentrate. Her fantasies and dreams ever since Ken’s shameful party had kept her in a state of constant arousal. Kim fully intended on carrying out the complete devastation of Lori’s daughter despite her passionate feelings for Lori. Julia was expected to arrive at the sorority residence at any second and Kim had the whole evening planned to a ‘T’. First the daughter, then the mother, she thought.

Her heart beat in time with the knock at the door. Kim’s hand went to the silver knob holding still for a few seconds. When she opened the door, a look of surprise crossed both girls’ faces for a reason neither understood. Julia was expected to be prompt or else face severe punishment and blackmail while Kim had set the rendezvous.

Julia looked at her young victor knowing the woman was far too powerful to triumph over. When Kim undressed her with her eyes, Julia merely stood motionless waiting for further instructions.

In very similar fashion to what happened at Ken’s party, Kim held out her hand for Julia. The timid, young woman quivered but managed to raise her arm until her hand met Kim’s. Julia was simply dumbfounded by the dire feeling of being completely controlled by such a young woman. All her life she had presumed herself superior and a step above her slightly younger, na├»ve neighbor.

Suddenly, Kim appeared stern and overly unyielding. A simple tug on Julia’s arm indicated she was to follow her young neighbor across the large room to where she could hear giggling and sounds coming from the basement. “Com’on. The girls are playing poker in the rec room,” Kim said and started down the stairs. She rushed into the vast, sparsely decorated room, which was pre-arranged for the upcoming encounter. The three girls in Kim’s sorority lived in a big house and used the basement solely as an entertainment area. Although the lower area had a bedroom and an exercise room beside the rec room, none of the girls used the bedroom for anything other than a spare room.

Sally and Sarah, who were identical twins, and Dana sat at a card table in boisterous conversation waiting for Kim and Julia to arrive. They all turned to look at the guest and noticed that she was even more beautiful than Kim described. The girls truly relished a slave who was smaller, even petite by the twins’ standards and couldn’t believe how attractive Julia appeared. Each looked her up and down taking their time, which made Julia quite embarrassed to see the seemingly devilish smiles cross their beautiful faces.

The twins immediately noticed Julia’s heavenly endowment. Her boobs were succulent. Sally and Sarah looked at each other acknowledging what they both thought, ‘They could hardly wait to get their hands on that pair,’ they conveyed without words. With a wink, Sally implied to her sister that they would each devour one of Julia’s titties once their sorority leader gave them the go-ahead.

Kim was speaking but it took a few seconds for her words to register. “We are going to play strip-poker so hope you know how to play,” she said to Julia. Someone at the table quickly volunteered to show her, which brought laughter from everyone except the frightened visitor. The young woman shrugged. Julia was fairly good at strip poker, well poker, but wasn’t it all the same, she wondered?

It was Julia’s turn to survey the area. The three young women were sitting at what appeared to be a games table with a deck of cards strewn across the top. She looked at the twins. ‘Wow,’ she thought. ‘Which was which?’ she wondered, as they were truly identical. She also noticed how gorgeous they were. Although Julia was not one to stare at another woman’s body, she had to admit the twins did have sexy bodies with everything definitely in the right places. They gave true meaning to the term ‘Blonde Amazon’, as they appeared to be around 5’10” with loose flowing, blonde hair. Before her eyes shifted to the remaining woman, Julia saw how stacked the girls were with an obvious display of cleavage that no one could miss.

She felt like a blush crossed her face so Julia promptly shifted her attention to Dana. Dana was a wisp of a woman compared to the much taller twins. She looked like she was an inch or two shorter than Julia’s 5’5″ certainly no taller, she determined. Dana smiled such a pretty, welcoming smile that it was impossible for Julia to hate her. She returned the girl’s pleasant greeting realizing it would be hard to not like someone so nice.

Kim suddenly made formal introductions. “This lovely creature is Sally.”

Julia looked Sally in the eyes and her legs went weak. Their eyes locked for what seemed an eternity for Julia and it was the guest who looked away first. It was one of those rare first encounters when a person looked into a stranger’s eyes realizing that the person was special. At no time in her life had Julia looked at another woman and felt such intense, intimate desires deep in the pit of her stomach.

She suddenly realized her mistake of following Kim’s blackmail demands. The images and thoughts in her head just from a quick look into the strange woman’s eyes told Julia she was lost. Sally’s stare conveyed pure lust; pure erotic intentions that made Julia shudder in fear. She could not say ‘no’ to this woman and suddenly Julia wondered, “Did she really want to?”

Seeing the beautiful woman’s reaction, Sally smiled. ‘Kim was right. Julia had an absolutely delicious body,’ Sally thought. ‘What eyes! God, so dark and mysterious, and I love how nervous she appears.’ Sally could hardly wait to enjoy the bare facts and her smile indicated pure confidence.

When Kim introduced Sarah, Julia did not dare look at the twin sister. She did everything in her power to let her eyes merely roam quickly past Sarah’s. The obvious discomfort made Kim giggle to herself and she gave a knowing wink to Sally.

Kim continued to Dana. “This beautiful human being is Dana who is a slave to the rest of us.” The revelation hit Julia like a ton of bricks. She wondered why Kim was telling her this, as she must have a reason? “Dana loves being a love slave to us and doing whatever she can to make us all happy. But my dear, you will find out that Dana has a dark side. When given the chance, she is the meanest bitch around,” Kim said almost in a whisper.

Julia’s body trembled listening to Kim. There had to be an explanation for what the young woman told her and the possibilities made her afraid. But Julia looked at the smiling girl again and shrugged off what Kim said hoping for the best.

There were two vacant seats at the table. Kim moved like an alley cat and sat between Dana and Sarah leaving only a seat between the twins free. Kim motioned with her hand that Julia should join the rest. Julia studied the group for a second before taking the available seat between the two blondes.

In reality, the four girls had used the strip poker ruse on a few occasions to trap unsuspecting females. Kim explained to Julia how they would pass the evening playing three-card, draw poker with the stakes being clothing. “Surely you know how to play poker? We like to make the game interesting and hey, there will only be us girls so what harm will it be?” Kim asked with a smirk.

The four were thrill-seekers and would do almost anything for the excitement of a challenge. Although, all the previous affairs had been to entice attractive girls, sometimes women into having lesbian affairs, Kim let it be known that Julia was different. Normally the seductions were one-night stands and the sorority used them as an exhilarating dare.

Ask any of the three girls in Kim’s lesbian sorority from the college who was in-charge? The three girls and Kim had formed a loving, sexual bond, which looked for innocent victims. The four students with Kim as their leader had seduced numerous girls, but none as desirable as Kim’s neighbors, Julia and her mother, Lori.

Kim had been very explicit when explaining the whole affair to her girlfriends. They would seduce and fuck the daughter as if she was a little nymph. It was more of a revenge or vendetta against Julia than anything else, she told them. Kim indicated to her girlfriends that they could use, abuse or even keep the daughter if they found her sexually appealing. Her goal was to totally humiliate the woman like never before.

The mother was different. Kim let it be known that she loved Lori more than anything. She did not want to share her dream woman with her girlfriends at first, but she eventually found the idea thoroughly stimulating. Her conniving scheme was to humiliate, seduce and demoralize her adversary enabling her to once again gain complete control over Lori. Kim deduced that once Lori suffered extreme humiliation and degradation, she would willingly become her faithful lover.

The young woman pictured the twins and Dana raping her neighbors. Sally and Sarah were extremely submissive and obedient when they were with Kim but not with others. Kim remembered the last woman the two gorgeous girls fucked. She had been a married woman, in fact a teacher at the college. When the twins were done with her, she was their devoted lover and a full convert once Dana was finished with her.

Probably what amazed Kim most regarding the twins was how they worked together attacking a poor victim with four hands, two mouths and more weapons than a normal woman could endure. A shiver of excitement shot down her spine with the purely erotic fantasy of Julia being assaulted by the two, young women. Kim realized that of all the relationships and affairs she had encountered to date, the ones with Sally and Sarah were most thrilling. She loved having two sexy girls make love to her at the same time. With a chuckle, she realized that more, three or four at a time, was even better.

Julia stared at Kim trying to grasp the dire consequences of her description for the evening’s entertainment. ‘Gawd,’ she thought. ‘That’s unique! Five women sitting around a table playing strip poker.’ But then Julia realized, ‘What choice did she have?’

Kim smiled with the knowledge Julia was a pawn for the sheer enjoyment of her girlfriends. The complete evening was outlined and planned in great detail by the scheming mastermind. Kim explained to her girlfriends what would happen during the two-stage affair. Her tummy went ballistic thinking of the second part when her idol would attend, as the victim.

She sat at the table waiting for the cards to be dealt knowing Lori was at home pondering her future. Kim had been precise and strict in her blackmail demands. She told Lori to be at the sorority’s dwelling at exactly 9 in the evening. That would give the four girls enough time to put Julia in the most compromising situation before Lori arrived. Kim also told Lori to ensure her husband knew she was not coming home tonight. The devious young woman sent Lori a kiss when she whispered, “Make sure he knows you are out with a woman. A woman who is going to make love to you all night long.”

That had happened earlier in the day. Kim had stopped at her neighbor’s house just as Lori was leaving for work. She knew the family’s schedule and intentionally met Lori so she could set up the drama for the evening. Lori knew it was hopeless to argue with Kim. The young woman possessed all the incriminating evidence that her hated neighbor, Ken, purposely provided to her. Lori fully understood that the pair were working together against her family and that she was forced to succumb to any blackmail demand from either of them.

Kim’s daydream was broken by a card shuffle. Dana was the expert dealer and no guest ever thought much of there being only one dealer. Once the cards were mixed, Dana got the game underway.

Everyone reached for her cards. Julia and her college friends played many forms of poker and three-card draw was fairly simple. The fact made her feel slightly better considering the difficulty of the surroundings. She tried not to look at the other players and only focused on her cards. Four hands into the game and it was four losses for the newcomer. Julia could not believe her luck. ‘Was it purely bad luck or were these girls really that much better,’ she wondered?

Another few hands saw much better results. She finally won a few hands or at least was not the loser of any more clothing. Julia was afraid to look sideways because the twins had both lost twice and each let everyone know they liked to start on top. Despite both wearing shoes, socks, skirts and lord knows what else under their skirts, they stripped their t-shirt and bra in the two losses. Even though Julia dared not look at their nudity, she could feel the intense heat radiated from them sitting so close to her.

“What do you think?” Kim suddenly said. “What do you think of Sally’s breasts?” Kim knew Sally was the stronger and more demanding of the twins so she would focus on getting Julia closer to her. “Don’t tell me you haven’t seen tits before?” she asked making it almost impossible not to take a tiny peak. Julia did not mean to gasp but once a little gasp escaped her mouth at the sight of Sally’s gorgeous breasts, Julia turned beat red.

Kim was determined and assertive. She was going to make the young woman suffer and humiliate her until she succumbed to every demeaning request she could think of. “I’ll bet mine are the only boobs you have ever felt, aren’t they?” she asked waiting for a response.

Julia’s face continued to burn feeling Kim’s embarrassing wrath. “Don’t worry. I told all my girlfriends how I fucked you and how I ate you out in front of your parents.”

Julia was sure she would die. “Feel Sally’s breast. Feel it now before I tell them everything that happened that night,” she ordered. The young woman immediately felt controlled by the girl knowing that if she did not do as Kim wanted, she would tell all.

Slowly, making the scene more enticing and erotic than ever, Julia’s head turned to Sally. Her hand trembled and her heart beat fast. Her fingers seemed to stop before reaching the big, firm boob, but somehow the nipple got pushed into her palm. Julia felt the hard pebble under her hand and she desperately wanted to disappear.

“That’s much better. Now pinch the nipple like a good little slut, or else,” came a request Julia dare not refuse.

She closed her eyes and her fingers moved by magic. They closed on the nipple causing a hushed silence in the room. When her eyes opened, her fingers were pinching Sally’s hard nipple and Julia could not believe a woman’s nipple could be that hard.

Kim was having fun. “Holy crap! I think you like feeling tits.”

Hearing the damning words, Julia’s hand quickly released the treasure but her heart rate did not decrease. Dana was dealing a fresh hand and it gave Julia temporary relief to be doing something. She could barely see the cards but finally decided which cards to discard. Dana went around the table giving out the required cards before sitting back with a most contented smile.

She had given the guest a good hand. But it was not going to be good enough to save her. It came disclosure time and when Julia laid down two pair, she felt fairly safe. To her dismay, two pair was a losing hand and she had to decide what to take off.

Julia looked around the room at the almost fully clothed women, well except for the twins who could have been dressed the same as Kim and Dana if they wished. Luckily for her that jewelry counted or she would have been fully naked at his point, but now it was time to show some bare skin. She only had four articles remaining, so it was either her shirt or her skirt. With a shrug, off came the neatly cut blouse.

The errant oversight by their guest made the four girls giggle. She could have taken off either her bra or panties without exposing herself but instead she had overlooked the possibility. All that crossed Julia’s distraught mind was that she had to remove one piece of clothing while leaving her undies for the last.

Julia sat in her chair hoping Dana would deal. She knew the others were looking at her but dared not look to see. Sally saw the frilly lace on the top of Julia’s bra hiding something that almost seemed to be popping out of it’s confinement. It was so quiet in the room that Julia started to shiver in her chair waiting for Dana to deal another hand.

It was like things happened in slow motion. Out of the corner of her eye, Julia saw Sally’s hand moving. When it got into her field of vision, she was amazed at how easily the fingers pinched the lacy trim of her bra. Her breath caught when Sally rolled the lace outward revealing an extremely hard nipple. The most amazing thing about the event to Julia was the fact she did not raise a finger to stop the girl. She let the twin expose her titty and admire the swollen bud without any struggle.

A minute or two went by in quiet, aroused fashion. The four young women licked their lips and hated waiting for the sexy woman who would shortly be a servant to a pair of lust-ridden, blonde Amazons. Everyone had been shown the succulent breast and knew the end of the game was drawing near. Once Sally had demonstrated to the young woman who was in control, the next card hand was started.

Julia was shocked yet again to find out she had lost. This time it took no time to decide that the skirt had to go. Quickly she stood up stripping the expensive garment from her lithe body and promptly sat back down in her chair.

“Don’t sit down, doll. Stand up and let me see your sexy body. Let me see how beautiful you are,” Sally whispered in Julia’s ear. Her hot breath hit Julia like a severe heat wave making her temperature rise drastically.

Suddenly so many things were rushing through her head. Julia felt totally overwhelmed by what was happening and did not know how to fight Kim or any of her girlfriends. ‘How can I stop this? How can I resist what she said? Why is Kim letting Sally do this to me?’ she wondered with her mind fraught with confusion.

Before any solution came to her, Julia did as Sally asked. Suddenly the twin had her hands on her shoulders and was turning her around as if she were posing. “Very nice. Very nice and I am hoping you taste as good as you look,” Sally whispered with her lips mere inches from her ear. Her demeaning remark sent a shiver up Julia’s spine and she could hardly wait to return to her seat.

It took three more hands but then it happened. She lost and one more item had to be stripped. Again the choice was simple and Julia slowly removed the uplifting bra. She dared not look at any of the girls but assumed they stared at her nakedness not caring whether she knew or not.

Dana obediently dealt the next hand. She winked at Kim indicating the time was up and the loser was going to be determined. When the cards were thrown down, Julia let out a dire moan of protest. “No, nooooo. I can’t. I just can’t.”

Kim was perverted and devious. She immediately went around the table grabbing Julia’s shaking hand before she resisted. A little jerk and a strong pull on Julia’s arm told her everything she needed to know about Kim. The room was deadly quiet as the two women departed with Kim sort of leading the timid new slave. The couple went into a small adjourning room and Kim slammed the door. The loud sound made Julia jump and her whole body shivered with fright seeing how mad Kim appeared.

The three girlfriends knew that Kim did not tolerate disobedience. They watched their leader take the young woman by the hand leaving the room together. Kim was strong, demanding and a Dominator. What Kim wanted, she got and they all knew that. The twins and Dana realized that when Julia returned, she would be exactly what Kim commanded her to be. They waited impatiently passing the idle time with nervous chatter.

The powerful, young woman glared at Julia making her feel like a naughty little girl. She did not say anything for many seconds knowing the delay would be agonizing for Julia. “You know what I can do with all the blackmail evidence?” Kim said waiting again before continuing. “I will not say it again. Take off the panties!”

Julia could not move fast enough. Her hands were a blur as they grabbed the sheer, silky garment and stripped it quickly from her body. She stood still before Kim hoping that she had made her happy. When the young woman did not acknowledge her obedience, Julia got worried. “Please Kim. I’m so sorry. I pro… promise I won’t disobey anymore. Please, oh gawd forgive me.”

The smile was like a gift from heaven. Julia felt like a tremendous weight had been lifted from her soul and now everything was okay. Kim’s wide smile indicated her approval and she held out her hand. The young woman understood the meaning. She put out her own hand and once Kim intertwined her fingers with Julia’s, the two returned to the recreation room.

Kim led the naked woman to her seat. She left her standing right between the twins and Julia immediately perceived their approval. Julia felt four sets of eyes staring at her nakedness and she turned a brilliant shade of red. The girls observed the tiny patch of curly, jet-black hair beginning at the peak of Julia’s precious pussy and barely covering any of her raised pelvis. Their tongues came out licking their lips and they knew the time had come. The winner of the poker game was offered the ultimate prize, which was the naked body of the loser.

Sally was in her glory. “Loser. You are a loser and now the winner gets to fuck your brains out. Since we are the winners, Sarah and I will take you now,” she said holding out her hand. Julia looked at Kim and pleaded and begged with all the moral fiber in her frail body. She knew enough not to ask but could not help pleading with her eyes.

Kim did not have to explain but felt some compassion for Julia. “The twins always do things together, so when one wins, they both win,” she whispered making explicit gestures with her hands. She indicated that Julia was the loser and her immediate obedience was demanded.

Somehow Sally grasped Julia’s trembling hand and with a jerk, started her moving. Sarah put her hands on the upper, flared portion of Julia’s seductive hips and pushed. The twins led the prize to the love nest which was the spare bedroom used for such purposes. The three entered the darkened room, which only had one small lamp giving the room ideal ambience.

Julia’s eyes got used to the dimness. She saw two beds and each had what looked like shackles on all four corners. Her feet refused to move so the twins seized the opportunity and hustled Julia to the far bed. Sally and Sarah took full advantage of Julia’s state of mind. Before she could react or even slow down the two determined women, Julia was bound spread-eagled on the white, satin sheets. The twin’s hearts beat rapidly as they stared at the darkly, tanned woman whose sexy body looked luscious against the contrasting sheets.

All the various perils of being the twin’s hostage filled Julia’s head. She lay on her back staring at the ceiling with tears forming in the corners of her eyes. Julia heard the rustling of clothing knowing the two girls were removing all their remaining garments until they were buck-naked. They stood together at the side of the bed merely inches from the shivering woman.

Julia stared not believing her eyes. Sally was nearest and she caressed the flushed flesh on Julia’s left arm, which was stretched out to the handcuff. Her finger traced a loving trail all the way down Julia’s arm until her fingertip reached her shoulder. Sally purposely held steady for a few seconds before her finger lightly traced a line to a succulent breast. The tip of her finger traveled to the edge of the hardened pebble and stopped. So did Julia’s breathing anticipating more.

Then it was like a vulture circling its prey as Sally traced lines all over the boob without actually touching the nipple. Suddenly her face broke out in a big, broad smile and she pinched the vulnerable tip. The only evidence the bound woman gave was a desperate moan, which left little doubt to Julia’s rising emotions. Then Sarah bent over and did the same disparaging thing to the other boob. She delayed the final assault until Julia’s chest thrust wildly up and down. Suddenly she pinched the standing nipple and Sally did the same thing to the other.

Julia closed her eyes afraid to surrender. The twins were gentle, even tender as they caressed her nipples making them throb madly despite the resolve to resist. A noise from the other bed broke the silence and Julia’s head snapped in the direction of the sound. She noticed Kim and Dana sitting on the bed as if they were watching a love story on television.

Kim noticed her questioning look. No explanation was necessary but she decided to explain her plans so the woman would know what was in store for her. ‘And her devoted mother, too,’ she thought with a chuckle. Kim glided across the room to the far side of the bed so she could whisper in Julia’s ear. “We always make sure our loser receives the ultimate joy of lesbie lovin’. You will love what Sally and Sarah are going to do to you.”

The whole time Kim was talking to her, the twin’s hands did not stop moving. Julia stared straight up at the ceiling with Kim’s words echoing in her head. She heard Kim tell her about the twins and felt fingers between her legs. Kim told her about lovin’ and suddenly her pussy lips were agape with the hidden bud being stretched outward.

Kim began nibbling her ear and running the tip of her wet tongue over the side of her flushed face, and Julia felt her clitoris being rolled around vigorously. Suddenly Kim grabbed a handful of curly, black hair and held Julia’s head positioned so that she could glare into her eyes. “When you get fucked by twins, you never forget it,” she whispered with a knowing grin on her excited face.

Suddenly Kim disappeared and once again the twins took control. Julia pulled on the bindings just hard enough to feel the restraints cut into her flesh. Unable to get free or escape the assault, Julia relented letting her muscles relax so that her lithe body was left vulnerable to the twins. A quick glance by the pair was all that was needed before they set out on a majestic pursuit.

A kiss began like any other between two lovers. Sally bent into her vanquished slave knowing she was in complete control. She held the young woman’s flushed cheeks in her strong hands attempting to demonstrate how superior she really was. The tip of her tongue felt closed lips but it took merely a couple of seconds to beckon their opening. She teased and licked the rosy lips in loving fashion and behold they opened. The tongues intertwined with one taking charge immediately.

Sally kissed the woman feeling a strange passion deep inside. Although she chose to be one of Kim’s sorority members, she was not sure she was really a lesbian. Suddenly she felt a warmth and tenderness for Julia and dearly wanted to rekindle the earlier passion she felt when the woman came into the abode. Sally caressed the woman relishing the intense desire rising inside, which was making her heart beat faster.

It was like two schoolgirls experimenting for the first time. Sally embraced her sweetheart and Julia stopped resisting the desire to be touched. The caresses from her sister merely aided in Sally’s deception and Julia was alone with a newfound lover.

Sarah held the soaked, puffy labia spread staring at Julia’s clitoris, which seemed to throb and quiver. She watched the bud for many seconds before sucking utopia. Sarah sucked the vibrating clit deep into her mouth letting her teeth nibble ever so carefully.

Julia was hot and burning up with desire kissing Sally with a lust so strong it made her dizzy. The kiss broke with both women breathing hard and gasping for more air. Julia was utterly beautiful, so radiant Sally wanted to taste every part of her glistening body. She rained kisses all over Julia leaving a wet trail wherever her lips traveled and Julia welcomed every one.

Her heart beat so excessively that Julia’s temp kept rising as Sally’s mouth kissed her face, her neck, her shoulders, then suddenly dipped onto her pounding chest. It was a game to Sally but one she took pride in achieving the ultimate prize. A woman’s heart and she felt it beating so strong and powerful that it made her own do likewise.

Playful caresses all around the upstanding hard pebbles teased Julia until she moaned acceptance of the girl’s wanton kisses. “Oh gawd, I am burning up. I don’t want it to stop,” she whispered but was cut off by Sally’s lips. Another heated kiss erupted and Julia arched her body upwards hoping the woman would feel her titties. ‘If only, if only,’ she wondered. ‘If only it would stop for a second. A second and I could gain a measure of control,’ she thought.

But there was no respite from Sarah’s hungry mouth. The twin sucked and licked the swollen clit like a true expert. Something she had done numerous times. Her hands hung onto the sweaty hips as they thrust madly both in an attempt to escape but also with the hope of salvation. Two mouths and four hands were far too consuming for Julia as she had never felt such burning desire in all her years. Her boyfriends and previous lovers had been rough, sometimes caring but most of them were after self-gratification.

Her mind was so alive and animated. She wanted to scream for Sally to take her. Without realizing it, she uttered the words. “Take me. Oh gawd, take me. I can’t stop. I need you so bad,” she moaned. There was no love, no spiritual worship, but merely sheer lust for a special lover. She desperately wanted to hug and caress Sally but the shackles prevented that. Bound and tied up like a common prisoner, Julia experienced a second orgasm from a woman’s touch but this time, she cherished the conqueror.

Sarah had the freedom to do whatever came to her devilish mind. With a smile and a whisper, she thrust a finger into the vulnerable hole. “Enjoy your little princess sis while I suck her twat’n fuck her ass.” Her mouth ate the sweet nectar running from Julia’s pussy and she fucked her ass with fervor. Thus began the ride of Julia’s young life. The twins worked together bringing such a climatic orgasm to Lori’s daughter that each felt a kinship that would last for a long, long time.

Sarah truly understood her sister and it was ‘that look’ between Sally and Julia when they met that indicated a special connection. The twins felt the same when it came to forming that rare friendship with another woman. They dearly loved women who were smaller than themselves, as it gave them a strong sense of power. Sarah felt that way with Dana. At 5’10” the twins were definitely an awesome sight to behold being much bigger than Dana, or Julia who was almost the same size as her mother.

The contrast between an Amazon blonde and a Hispanic woman was mind-boggling. Sally’s long, golden hair flowed down around her face even touching Julia’s jet-black, curly hair. When the twin brushed her hair back from her face, which may have been done on purpose, a person could see sheer arousal on both faces. Sally and Julia were locked in a passionate kiss with Sally doing much nibbling and pecking giving the scene an extreme, erotic appeal.

The orgasm started like all the others. Small spasms, which quickly developed into stronger tremors, that quickly erupted into steady convulsions. Julia lost all her senses and semblance of control. The sensations were entirely new and strange as her arms and legs were spread wide leaving her in a most vulnerable position. The last thing she heard was Sally telling her that she was in for the ride of her life.

Suddenly, the Amazon’s mouth dropped to her chest. Sally sucked one, then the other ensuring to leave both nipples fully erect and covered with hot saliva. Her sister was the consummate expert and drank from a fountain that seemed to gush forever. Julia recognized her womanly regions were overly sensitive but never realized how responsive her clitoris was when eaten by someone so skilled. First Sarah licked the tender bud until it throbbed madly; then she used her teeth ever so carefully to nibble. Sarah bit down on the clit and pulled it free of the protective hood until she heard a cry of wild desire; then she circled the swollen clit with the very tip of her tongue to become a fire-breathing dragon. Every nerve in Julia’s sweat, covered body was alive and ablaze.

The only thing left for Julia was the donation of her soul. Gladly, she emptied every emotion to her newfound lover while Sarah sucked the entire remaining love potion from her inner being. At no time in Julia’s years did she ever think of having a lesbian relationship. Suddenly she wondered what had become of her life and the moral upbringing from her parents.

Julia never realized it was over until Sally gave her an amorous hug. The twin embraced her and put her lips to her ear. “We have to go now. To meet someone you know very well,” she whispered waiting precious seconds for effect. “Your mother is coming to see Kim. Did you know she was Kim’s loving slut and she is coming here to save the day? I can hardly wait to see if what Kim’s said about your mother is true,” Sally said giving Julia’s ear a peck of affection.

The twin could not stop talking. “Your mother is going to get fucked by Dana on that other bed over there and you get the privilege to watch it all. Don’t tell Kim I told you, but she is in love with your mother. One more thing! Kimmie hates it when one of her sluts disobeys so I would be very, very quiet. Please don’t let your mother know you are here until Kim decides it is okay.”

Sally’s heart beat fast in great anticipation. “You haven’t seen anything until you see Dana fuck someone. God, I can still see that professor getting her brains fucked out a few months ago. And then if the bitch doesn’t fall in love with Dana,” Sally whispered as if talking to herself rather than giving Julia the sordid facts.

Julia wondered how her mother could fall into such a trap. Distraught from what had just happened to her, she watched the twins slowly put their clothes back on getting ready to meet her very own mother. Adding insult to injury, both girl’s smiled and blew her parting kisses before closing the bedroom door behind them.


Lori’s heart was beating a million times a minute. She pushed the doorbell and almost jumped back from the sound of the chimes inside the house. The door opened and she breathed a slight sigh of relief when it was Kim. The young woman had persuaded Lori to come tonight even against her better judgment. But then she decided, ‘What choice do I have,’ as Kim held all the cards. The young woman let Lori know that blackmail was a certainty so she may as well get used to it.

The evening was scripted and Lori had been informed of the dramatic details. Kim met her on the way to work and ordered Lori to be at the sorority’s residence that evening at precisely 9 o’clock. Lori knew enough to heed the young woman’s warning that she be there and on time, or else.

Lori tried her best to keep her emotions in check and also keep her heart rate from reaching unbearable heights. Suddenly the girl held out her arm implying she wanted Lori to take her hand. Lori felt the urge to comply and slowly put her hand forward. Strangely, there seemed to be no age difference between the two women.

Kim led Lori by the hand downstairs to the recreation room where there was a flurry of activity. It appeared like the twins were just getting dressed and Lori saw how flushed and glowing they looked. She quickly studied the room noticing how playing cards were strewn across the tabletop but were in no set hands or pattern.

The young woman let go of her hand and moved like a flash to the vacant seat between the twins. That left the only empty chair between Dana and Sarah and Kim indicated to Lori that she should be seated. “Sit down and meet my dearest girlfriends,” Kim said. She started the introductions and like earlier, teased Lori just as she had Julia.

“We thought a wonderful game of poker would pass the time quite nicely,” Kim said with a knowing wink.

“But I don’t know how. I’ve never played poker,” Lori whispered noticing how excited all the girl’s faces appeared.

“Oh well, probably the best anyway. But you can help the sorority, and especially Dana out by doing something for her,” Kim said. She decided to use the pretense that Lori would not be a victim but would be there just to give them a helping hand.

It was merely a tiny blimp in her plans. Kim was shrewd and easily came up with an alternative strategy. ‘Hell, the poker thing was getting lame anyway,’ she reasoned. Then with a chuckle Kim thought, ‘Your daughter knew how to play cards but ran into a stacked deck.’

A hush came over the room as Kim got things moving. She walked right up to where Lori was sitting and stood directly behind her. Lori looked around the table noticing the excitement etched on the three girls’ faces.

Kim leaned forward putting her lips to Lori’s ear. “Sure, that’s okay. You see Dana has wanted to be a full-fledged member of our secret sorority but needs to pass one more test,” Kim explained. “You could help her pass that test and we would sort of consider you a valuable part of our little girl’s club.”

Lori watched as Dana stood up and came to her side. Dana grabbed her arm pulling her out of her chair so that Lori was between herself and Kim. Lori shuddered with the realization that her young neighbor was far more devious and cunning than she gave credit for. She instantly thought it would increase her chances of survival if she cooperated.

The two girls sort of guided and led Lori to the center of the room. Suddenly all four sorority members surrounded Lori and she felt totally trapped not knowing what to do. Kim who had been standing behind her suddenly spun her around and looked her in the eye. “We need you to look beautiful and seductive for Dana’s ceremony,” Kim whispered holding Lori’s gaze like a powerful magnet.

The twins knew their role and each grabbed a piece of Lori’s clothing. Sally grabbed the bottom of Lori’s blouse easily forcing her arms in the air to strip it from her torso. Sarah undid the snap of the skirt and stripped the garment from Lori’s body before she could be stopped. “You look absolutely gorgeous and Dana will show you how we treat our guests,” Kim said admiring the seductive, lingerie clad body.

All the girls agreed that Lori did look ravishing. They decided to leave the woman dressed in bra and panties because the skimpy garments made the older woman appear utterly stunning and sexy.

Things happened fast and furious. So fast that Lori didn’t have a chance to run or stop the girl’s from tying her up. The twins easily held Lori’s arms pinned behind her back allowing Dana to secure her wrists together with a set of handcuffs. Kim stood back as if to admire her girlfriend’s work, which brought a sob of despair from the bound woman. “Are you sure I have to be tied up for this? I will pretend that my hands are tied and keep them behind my back, but please not like this,” Lori pleaded with Kim.

Her pleas fell on deaf ears. Suddenly Dana took over by stepping in front of Kim pushing the frightened woman backwards. Lori sort of stumbled and staggered back until she came to a stop against a wall. The girls smiled knowing that just on the other side of that wall was the bedroom where Julia had been left shackled to the bed. Every word and sound from the game room would be heard in the bedroom and that made all the girls very happy.

“What are you doing? For gawd sakes Dana, what are you doing?” Lori said as the young woman suddenly slipped a blindfold over her head. It was a big, loose bag, which had lots of room to breathe but left Lori’s world turned black. She twisted her head in an effort to see but quickly found out it was futile.

Kim chuckled knowing Lori would be well on her way to the ultimate humiliation by the time she realized her daughter was watching. She whispered low enough to Dana so that Lori could not hear. “She’s all yours. Take her into the bedroom and don’t forget love, I want her spanked, made to cry, and made to suffer when you fuck her hard.”

Dana loved Kim and would do anything in the world to make her happy. They had planned the bondage scenario down to the minutest detail and she was more than determined to follow the plan. Lori stood shivering in fear against the wall knowing she was at the mercy of the lesbian gang.

The girls took an extra second to admire Lori’s sexy body. Kim looked her up and down and marveled at how the skimpy lingerie made her look so attractive. Dana couldn’t take her eyes off the frilly bra, which seemed to hold Lori’s breast up and outward like a promise. She knew there were metal clips in her pocket and could hardly wait to use them on what appeared to be the nicest, defined nipples. Sally was in awe at the sheer panties, which were cut so narrow that it left much of Lori’s flesh exposed in a purely tantalizing manner. Sarah who was beside Lori could barely make out what appeared to be a tattoo on the upper portion of her butt. Her stomach churned in anticipation of Dana ravaging Lori’s ass to the utmost while her daughter watched all the action.

With Lori’s hands tied, Dana easily led her through the bedroom door. She held Lori by the elbows ushering her to the empty nest. Lori stepped gingerly because she couldn’t see and she paid no attention to a loud gasp of surprise assuming it came from one of her captors.

Dana was shrewd. She took her captive over to the empty bed before turning Lori so that she faced her daughter. Dana noticed how big and wide Julia’s eyes were from watching the bewildering scene unfold before her very eyes.

Dana was an inch or two shorter than Lori and stood behind her. She had to stand on her tiptoes to whisper in her ear. “I am going to make you cry,” she said waiting a merciless few seconds. “I am going to fuck you like you have never been fucked. All my sluts have tears in their eyes when I am done fucking them.”

Time stood still for Lori. The girl’s revelations made her think of such dire and drastic things that her body shuddered. ‘This can’t be happening to me,’ she thought.

Dana looked over Lori’s slender shoulder. Her hands went around Lori’s torso and clasped the bra cups. She squeezed and cupped the luscious boobs almost in teasing fashion while watching the daughter’s face twist in agony. Lori tried to bend away from the girl but was powerless to escape with her hands bound securely behind her back.

Sally slipped over to the shocked young woman. Julia couldn’t take her eyes off what was happening across the room. Sally put her forefinger to her lips giving a stern warning. “Shussssh. Shush,” she uttered telling Julia to be quiet.

The young woman was in control and loved the feeling of absolute power. Timid and very shy in normal life, Dana suddenly turned into a tiger wanting to prove to her master that she was worthy. Her assignment from Kim was nothing less than to rape Lori. If she showed or displayed any sympathy or compassion for her adversary, her three girlfriends would disown her. Therefore, Dana was on a mission of glory and one she was determined would establish Kim’s absolute trust.

Dana took a brief moment to reminisce. She wanted to make Lori cry, wanted to make Lori beg, and wanted to make the gorgeous woman submit. Dana had done it before and was extremely good at dominating one of Kim’s subjects. The full testament of that was the professor from the college. Dana had raped her! Fucked her so hard with a monstrous cock that it must have left permanent damage. Then she made the teacher beg for mercy and finally submit to every demeaning and degrading act Dana could think of.

Everyone was anxious for more action. The tiger was born! Dana grabbed Lori’s hair and pulled back hard. Lori had to arch her back to keep her balance and Dana put her lips to her ear. “It’s time, honey. You can start crying anytime and please, I love hearing you beg.”

Lori wondered what she meant. Suddenly Dana forced her backwards and when the young woman sat on the bed, pulled Lori onto her lap. Dana held Lori by the arms turning her so that she was laying face down bent over the girl’s outstretched knees. It was easy to hold the tied up woman steady even for someone as small as Dana. The sheer strength of the young woman actually surprised Lori as the girl manhandled her very easily.

All eyes focused on the seductive rear-end. Dana held Lori’s arms bent slightly keeping her hands above her waist with her elbows bowed outward. It left the alluring, panty-clad butt fully exposed. The first hard slap sounded and Lori was so shocked that she did nothing. Suddenly Dana rained slap after slap on her upturned ass and Lori kicked and screamed for the spanking to stop.

In a matter of seconds, the tanned, silky flesh turned to crimson glory. For only the third time in her life she was getting spanked without being able to prevent it. The previous two with Ken and his sons had been drastic but this diminutive powerhouse proved far superior. Dana slapped with all her might making sure to hit every inch of Lori’s tender ass-cheeks.

Lori’s panties were wedged in her crack and Dana ensured the material was there to stay. She grabbed the waistband with her free hand pulling up to give Lori a wedgie from Hell. The scene was pure, erotic lust and no one dared look away.

Dana’s face turned evil. “Open your legs slut. Your spanking is not over yet.”

She whispered the dire order and waited a brief moment. There was no immediate compliance so she acted. She pulled upward on the bound wrists, which must have hurt Lori’s arms. “Slut! If you don’t obey me this instant, you’ll suffer more than you can imagine,” she whispered.

Lori did not want to obey the young woman but saw no alternative. Slowly, everyone watched the shapely legs spread. Julia’s breath held as she watched the girl’s arm raise knowing her mother was in for more punishment. The distraught daughter saw her mother’s hips twist and rotate wildly even before the sound of the wet slap.

Dana peeked between the luscious thighs knowing exactly where to strike. She spanked the open crevice and ensured her fingers hit precisely between the puffy labia on every paddle. The pain was more a numbness by this time and Lori merely flinched and recoiled when Dana stuck her intimate treasures.

Lori was sobbing frantically when the young woman stopped spanking. The relief was astounding when Dana pulled her upper arms and forcing her into a sitting position on her lap. “That was the easy part. I have to show my sorority members that I am strong enough to be one of their members. You’re going to be my little bitch for the next hour or two so… just enjoy it, honey,” Dana said loud enough to be heard in the next bed.

Dana suddenly stood up. This forced Lori off her lap into a standing position. Dana was on her tiptoes; her voice was deadly serious. “Sit on the bed and I’m going to put shackles on your feet. Then I’m goin’ to untie your hands and shackle them to the bed too,” she said holding her lips right against Lori’s ear. A provoking lick or two from the girl made Lori’s stomach churn in fear.

She could feel Lori’s body shiver with fright. Slowly she turned Lori around and helped her sit in the middle of the bed. Dana wanted one last thing before turning her slave into a submissive bitch. “I’m going to show you all about being my slut. You have such a gorgeous body and I can hardly wait to fuck your sluttish cunt,” she whispered shoving Lori backward onto her back.

There was a rush when Sarah and Kim moved to assist Dana. Lori lay on her arms making it impossible to move her upper body and the two girls held her legs steady for Dana. The young woman quickly stripped the soaked panties before putting the shackles around Lori’s ankles and her eyes shone like there was fire inside them.

Dana pulled Lori into a sitting position allowing her to remove the handcuffs. Her hands now free, Lori desperately wanted to remove the blindfold but strangely she reasoned that would be a deadly move. She sat waiting until Dana gave her another shove backwards putting her on her back. There were helping hands all over Lori’s outstretched arms easily allowing Dana to rip off her bra. In a flash, Dana put the shackles around her slim wrists and the resulting whimpering from the overpowered woman sounded exhilarating.

Julia watched in utter amazement as the young woman stripped. Dana’s proportions were fabulous and Julia had to admit that the girl possessed a gorgeous body. Her boobs appeared much bigger because she was slender and willowy. There was no evidence of any bush on her exposed pelvis making her look like a little girl. Julia, spell-bound, watched Dana get things ready for her mother. She laid the largest, black dildo Julia had ever seen on the edge of the bed. Beside the intimidator, she placed a crystal-clear ornament, two small metal clamps and a large tube of cream.

The daughter started to shiver and shake wondering what on earth was planned. She would not have to wait as Dana strapped the black instrument to her hips. The sight was sheer magic as in front of the girl’s slender hips bounced a long, thick, rubber cock. Julia was positive that the one leather strap from below the cock running to the rear went right through the girl’s puffy, pussy lips.

Her mother looked so innocent and fragile, Julia thought. Lori’s arms and legs were outstretched and bound securely. She could not see her face but imagined it was wrought with distress.

Suddenly Dana jumped onto the bed. She straddled Lori’s hips and reached for the damaging toys. Holding a clamp in each hand, Dana purposely worked the springs, opening and closing the strong clamps numerous times for practice. The experiment mesmerized all the spectators as they imagined what it would feel like with one of the clamps on their nipple.

Dana slowly reached forward. She tenderly and with extreme care placed the end of each clip around an upraised nipple pausing before letting go of the springs. Each onlooker held her breath in anticipation. The scream was not immediate, but that was most likely due to the unexpected nature of the abuse. Lori could not believe anything could hurt so badly. Her chest heaved and thrust like mad in an attempt to get rid of the suffering.

The dominator leaned down so Lori could hear a whisper. “It will get better once your nipples get used to the pain. I love making my sluts cry so please feel free to make me happy.” Cry is exactly what Lori did and her sobs shook her imprisoned body much to Dana’s delight.

Lori’s nipples throbbed like mad. The fiery battle raged and inflamed every mind. Luckily the three sorority members had witnessed their willing cohort perform such drastic measures in the past but Julia had not. The daughter stared at the combatants realizing her mother’s body was supreme. Suddenly the girl reached for short tassels attached to the clamps and pulled. There was one lion aggressor and one timorous lamb. The lion stretched the raw nipples making her lamb beg for mercy.

With an evil grin, Dana let go of the tassels. Lori could not remember any time in her life when something or someone had made her body hurt so badly. Pleading and begging was futile. Suddenly the severe pain turned to a dull aching as Lori felt a temporary peace. Her pleas for mercy turned to groan after groan.

Dana’s eyes were ablaze. She stared at the rock hard nipples, which looked red and tender. The two buds stood proudly appearing puffier than ever. Tears ran down Lori’s flushed cheeks but the blindfold hid the ominous fact.

Kim watched and admired her girlfriend. Dana straddled Lori’s slender hips with the knowledge everything was going perfectly. The big, rubber cock reached forward from her pelvis laying along Lori’s flat tummy in an obscene fashion. Suddenly Dana reached sideways and grasped the odd shaped, crystal item off the bed. She put it to her lips and sucked it in a taunting manner while staring across the room. Her eyes met Julia’s and the gaze lasted many seconds.

Suddenly, Dana leaned forward far enough to reach Lori’s mask. She took the glass ornament out of her mouth and slipped it beneath the cloth covering Lori’s face. She pressed the tip of the plug between the woman’s lips and into Lori’s mouth with one thrust. “Suck the plug slut. I don’t want to hurt you when I shove it in your ass,” she whispered loud enough for Julia to hear.

“Oh my gawd. It’s a butt plug and she is going to… Oh gawd no,” Julia thought. All she wanted to do was yell at the girls to stop hurting her dear mother. But she knew it would do little good so she watched the mean girl treat her mother like a measly slut.

“I am ready. Now lift that pretty little asshole up for me so I can put this nice plug inside,” Dana whispered knowing it would frighten her lamb. Lori shuddered feeling the girl pull the plug out of her mouth. Dana reached for her lower extremities and there was no way Lori could prevent an anal assault with her legs spread.

Dana held the shiny tip at the entrance of Lori’s puckered hole. She glanced around the room noticing all the excited faces. Dana smiled and gave a little shove on the tapered plug. No force was required and instantly Lori felt her ass speared by the saliva-coated plug. Surprisingly Lori did not feel any pain but that could have been because of the nipple restraints.

Lori could feel movement. Dana’s body was shifting and moving on top of her hips making Lori wonder what was next. The girl grabbed the cream and was applying massive amounts to the black rod strapped to her hips. Her hand rotated up and down the wide shaft putting an oily coating all over the dildo to make it glisten.

Suddenly the young woman jumped off Lori’s hips and landed between the widespread thighs. She put the very tip of the ramrod at the entrance of Lori’s world holding still for just a second. Again she looked around at the gleaming faces seeing none more enlightening than Julia’s.

First there was a tiny thrust. Then an inch at a time, Dana moved her hips forward trying to get the big cock into the narrow channel. She started sweating and quickly her body glistened with moisture giving her turmoil an illustrious appearance.

Suddenly Dana got an irresistible urge. She yanked the clamps from Lori’s nipples most likely rougher than she intended. Lori uttered a loud moan of agony as her nipples burst with pain but then soft, wet lips covered a throbbing bud. Dana sucked a nipple, then the other in loving fashion making sure to leave the swollen buds thoroughly covered with warm spit.

Lori could not remember a more tender caress. The young woman’s wet tongue licked the end of her left boob and the feeling was astounding. Then she licked the right one and Lori could not prevent her chest thrusting up to the hot mouth. Quickly the girl shifted from one nipple to the other until Lori’s brain was filled with titillating sensations.

Even though she sobbed and her body shook wildly in what was a most aroused state, Lori tried with all her will to control her emotions. No one had ever implicitly controlled her body like Dana. The damage to Lori’s soul was done. Lust was roaring through her head making her ask questions. “Oh gawd, oh my gawd, what are you doing to me?” Lori whispered almost afraid to find out the answer.

The other women in the room studied the scene. Each saw Dana arching her back knowing she was almost ready for the final capture. Lori fought the shackles, her body straining, but it was her mind that surrendered. She rolled her head side to side. She heard many noises but the blindfold prevented any actual images. ‘Oh what it must look like,’ she thought, ‘a grown, mature woman bound to a bed like a common slut.’ Her nipples were on fire, her pussy was filled with black cock and her ass was burning up.

Suddenly, the young woman whispered a warning. “Hang on my love. You’re going to cum like you never cum before. With my big black cock in your belly and your ass full of love.”

Lori shuttered from the damning statements and thought it was impossible. But her daughter thought otherwise. Dana was raping her mother. Julia stared at the untamed lust while the petite girl rode Lori as if the older woman was a bucking bronco. The young woman pumped the big dildo with lost passion and the older woman’s hips bucked uncontrollably.

Julia’s eyes were big and wide. She watched the tiny girl grab the tender and swollen ends of her mother’s titties but with care and devotion so as not to cause any more pain. The girl caressed the nips as if they belonged to her master. Julia could merely imagine the crystal plug buried in her mother’s butt, which made her shiver in horror.

Suddenly Julia stared in sheer wonderment. Dana arched her back causing her boobs to hang down barely above her mother’s chest. Although Dana’s tits were magnificent, it was the unique aureoles and nipples that sent a shiver up Julia’s spine. She couldn’t take her eyes off them when all of a sudden the girl straightened up. Dana cupped her titty in her right hand and deftly shoved the end of her boob under the loose blindfold. With a swift thrust, she rammed her swollen nipple into Lori’s lips. “Suck’it slut. Suck it like a good little slut.”

Dana was in another world. She strained by reaching forward until her chest was even with Lori’s flushed face. The monster dick was long enough to r

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