A Journey of a Real Woman 6

Author: Kacey1999

By Kacey1999
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Please email me your comments and suggestion, as I appreciate readers who take the time to give feedback. The style of this story is new and I hope readers can understand what I tried to do. I am telling Betsy’s story, as she gets set to turn 40, and she thinks back to what has happened in her life.

Betsy is probably the most appealing woman I know, and strangely, I am not sure if she is not the wittiest, smartest woman… or the craziest.

Chapter Six – A Love Affair With Thomas Continues with Susan
(MFF, FF, F+, MMFF, Fdom, reluc, drug, gangbang, oral, anal)

Betsy rushed back to her spare bedroom wanting to finish the chapter, ‘A Thomas Affair.’ She recalled it was late October when they returned from Atlantic City. Thomas had told her all about Ted and explained, as best he could, about how much he relied on the business from Ted’s company. Apparently Ted was so pleased after the weekend getaway that he set the wheels in motion to upgrade the pharmacy section of his company, which meant big money for Thomas.

Strange what men were willing to do in an effort to get ahead, Betsy thought. Thomas willingly sacrificed her to get ahead in business, which was the dawning of Betsy’s realization that the relationship was doomed. When Thomas suggested that they should have Ted over on occasion, he winked at Betsy letting her know he meant more of what happened in Atlantic City. Betsy remembered how furious she was at the suggestion and thinking about it now, she realized that her feelings for Thomas were changing.

Right after that, Betsy got the surprise of her life. It was midweek when she went over to Thomas’ only to find Susan had moved out of her apartment and into the second bedroom. Looking back on it now, Betsy realized she bought the bullshit story about Susan’s place being converted into condo units. Susan said that if she found a place to live for three months, then she would get a tremendous deal on renting a condo unit.

Later when she was alone with Thomas, he told Betsy how he was doing this for her. He was keeping Susan around just to make Betsy happy and that she should appreciate his giving up so much privacy. When she opened her mouth to say something, Thomas merely restated the fact it was only for a few months.

With the beach-slut now living in the same house as her boyfriend, Betsy wasn’t happy with the arrangements. All of a sudden she wondered if she hadn’t underestimated the bitch. After that it was only a couple of days before Betsy also moved a lot of her belongings over to Thomas’ and she too started staying fulltime with her boyfriend. She reasoned her best plan was to keep an eye on the two who had suddenly become very friendly.

Betsy had a harder time remembering what started a trend, which she regretted. Thomas had business dealings with Ted almost every week and in early November their meeting took place at Thomas’ house. When the subject of them entertaining his business acquaintances, Betsy didn’t see anything wrong with it and Susan didn’t seem to mind either. As Betsy eventually found out, the private setting was perfect for what the men had in mind.

Thomas joked about how Susan could really help him out by making Ted happy. “Ted’s a big customer of mine. He’s married… but he does like a little on the side,” he said, winking at the two women.

Suddenly Betsy looked back at every detail that she missed. The business meeting was followed by a cozy meal served by herself and Susan. It seemed more like a double date than anything else, as she sat right next to Thomas and Susan sat beside Ted. Betsy missed the fact the two guests seemed far friendlier than a couple meeting for the first time. Susan laughed at everything Ted said and after a short while, he seemed to keep putting his hands on her shoulders or touching her face.

Right after dinner, Thomas and Ted moved out of the kitchen area and that was when Betsy mentioned the expectations of Susan being Ted’s date. She should have been suspicious at the time, but once again her innocence showed. Susan readily accepted the plan and the woman didn’t blink an eye when Betsy mentioned that Ted might want sexual favors.

‘Gawd,’ Betsy thought, ‘how stupid I had been.’ It seemed like the perfect transition when all four adjourned to the family room and sat around the fireplace. They were involved in a lighthearted discussion and Betsy remembered looking over at Susan who had gone to the bathroom and just rejoined the group. The woman had the top few buttons of her blouse undone and the extra cleavage was a big hit with Ted and Thomas. Betsy recalled Susan was wearing one of the sexy, Victoria Secret bras at the time.

That night the drinks flowed freely. It didn’t take long before Susan was giggling and acting like she didn’t mind that Ted groped her the odd time, which Betsy found interesting. When Thomas excused himself and then asked Betsy to join him, it was a defining moment in the ensuing friendship. “Come,” he whispered as they proceeded up to his bedroom. “I think Ted wants to be alone with Susan.”

Betsy was astounded at the speed things happened. Suddenly she realized why Thomas liked the lofted ceilings and how the bedrooms overlooked the downstairs living area. She was speechless when she peered out of the window of his bedroom at the naked couple, as they rutted on the floor in front of the fireplace. It still sent a shiver through her body at how she witnessed such untamed lust and she didn’t object when Thomas started ravaging her body. They had sex that night with the fervent sounds of Ted and Susan’s love making filling the whole house.

After the first time, Ted visited on a weekly basis. Betsy recalled the trend continued until late November when Thomas mentioned they were having a celebration over another large business deal. Although he told her that someone else was joining the party, a man named Mel who was Ted’s financial advisor, Betsy never objected.

When Mel showed up with Ted, she instantly didn’t like the man. The best way to describe Mel was that he was creepy. His eyes seemed to slyly shift from one woman to another and his face was plastered with an evil grin, which gave Betsy goosebumps. Mel was short, even shorter than she was, and he was overweight enough to look repulsive. Every time he looked at her with his beady eyes, it sent a shiver of anxiety up her backbone, making the hair standup on the back of her neck.

On that particular night, Betsy was relieved when Thomas took her up to his bedroom like always. She remembered trying to watch what was happened downstairs, but couldn’t bear to see Susan having intercourse with such a disgusting man as Mel. The fuck-fest lasted well into the early morning and Betsy could only imagine how many times Ted and Mel had sex with Susan.

***The End Was Near

Her life story was nearing another monumental happening. Betsy recalled how the trend of hosting celebrations for Thomas’ business associates took another bizarre twist. Thomas invited not only Ted and Mel but also two other businessmen for an early Christmas celebration. When he suggested Susan dress like one of the sexy waitresses from the local strip club, she didn’t object at all. He even bought her the required waitress outfit and Susan looked very seductive with most of her rich assets fully displayed for all of the prying eyes.

Everything went fairly smooth that night until most of the men had consumed more alcohol than they could handle. Betsy remembered how they teased her for not dressing up like Susan, but she didn’t let it bother her. Then Mel started heckling her and that was when she most likely created an enemy who would not stop until he extracted sweet revenge. Mel teased her and she called him certain names, which she now felt sorry for. Names like pervert, creep, and bastard were the ones that Mel resented most.

When the party got down to the nitty-gritty, Betsy couldn’t get out of the downstairs room fast enough. She quickly persuaded Thomas to leave with her to the upstairs bedroom even though he desperately wanted to stay for the fun. Susan’s boobs were fully exposed by this time and it was more than obvious she was going to get fucked in gangbang style.

Betsy could tell from Thomas’ reactions that he wanted her to be part of the gangbang. One or two men she could handle, she thought with a grin, but not four or five. The two new businessmen were young, very muscular and black. They looked like your typical athletic stud and easily fit the profile of a bouncer at a nightclub. When one of them actually felt her up, Betsy wondered if she would get out of the room without a fight.

When she got up to the bedroom with Thomas, he gave her a warning. It was a warning that today she wished she would have listened to. “You should be careful. Mel can be very dangerous… and he can hold a grudge,” he whispered. “You shouldn’t call him names… shouldn’t be so obvious that you hate the man.”

Suddenly everything became very clear to her. Betsy shrugged off the warning at the time, but later she would be sorry. Funny how a woman could get hoodwinked and not even be aware that people were planning her seduction. Betsy never suspected a thing when Thomas suggested another celebration about a week before the holidays. He had just completed his best year in business and wanted to celebrate with a party at his house. Betsy didn’t think much of the idea but she didn’t want to spoil his happiness so she reluctantly agreed.

Betsy thought about how stupid she had been back then. When the party was mentioned, as was his normal, Thomas only had Betsy and Susan on the guest list of women. Ted was married, but if any of the other men had wives, they were never mentioned. Betsy tried hard to recall every detail of the subverted plot that Thomas had cooked up with the beach-slut.

Betsy arrived home at her normal time and found Thomas in the family room with his friends. The party was already in full swing and Betsy assumed it started very early because the men seemed drunk. Susan was alone in the kitchen, so Betsy stayed with her, not wanting to be with the overly boisterous men. The woman poured her a drink and it was a matter of 20 or 30 minutes before the fateful evening became a complete black hole to Betsy.

That was how Betsy found out that there were three levels of tequila. After three or four drinks, she was a complete zombie who was too inebriated to know her friend had spiked her drinks. The last thing she remembered was having a hard time setting down her blurry glass and then being taken by the hand. Although her memory was very hazy, Betsy was positive it was Susan who led her into the family room and then there was some loud laughing and cheering.

Betsy’s next recollection was waking up about 11 in the morning with one of the worst hangovers of her life. Her whole body felt like it had been through the most intensive workout and every muscle felt too sore and tired to move. Thomas came into the bedroom and said she was the biggest sex machine last night. Betsy’s head pounded and her temples throbbed when she heard his shocking disclosure.

“You even begged me to fuck you in the ass. Holy fuck honey… I thought you would never stop.” Betsy’s head spun like mad mostly from the booze and drugs and she tried harder to remember anything from the last few hours. “I watched the whole thing and you were a crazy person in bed.”

“But it must have been the tequila. I remember drinking… having a drink or two… then nothing,” she moaned. “Gawd… what have I done.”

“Hey, if it was the tequila. I must get some of that shit,” he said. “If it can turn you into such a sex machine… I need a bottle.”

The rest of the day was a blur. All week Betsy got little images of Susan’s serious face and numerous sexual encounters with what looked like strangers with no faces. She couldn’t put her finger on anything concrete and it bothered her more than anything in the world. With each little glimpse into that evening, Betsy vowed to find out more.

Christmas was midweek, so the Friday before was her last day of work until after New Years. Betsy was too apprehensive to stay at work past noon and she decided to start the holidays early. She left school in a hurry and really didn’t plan anything. Now years later, Betsy realized there was a humorous side of life.

When she got to Thomas’, she found both his and Susan’s car in the driveway. Betsy found that odd, as no one ever got home before four or five o’clock, so she sneaked in the house on a mission. There was no one downstairs, but she could vaguely hear noises coming from the bedroom area. Betsy tiptoed up the stairs, holding her breath the whole way. Suddenly her heart pounded when she heard the sound of slapping flesh coming from the bedroom she shared with Thomas.

All Betsy could think of was killing someone. Then she heard Susan plead with Thomas to turn up the volume. “Honey, turn it up. I love this part of the gangbang,” Susan said. The next sound was Susan’s voice coming from the speakers. “Suck it. Suck it, Betsy, my love.”

Betsy thought her legs would give way, as she listened intently to lots of men voicing their encouragement.

“That’s a good girl. Get on your hands and knees… pretend you’re a good doggie.” Betsy immediately recognized Mel’s squeaky voice and her body shivered in disgust. “Suck that big, black cock, baby.”

Then she heard Susan’s voice again. “Get it nice and hard… so he can fuck you again with his black cock. Suck it… suck it!”

Betsy heard Mel’s squeaky voice again and the hair stood up on the back of her neck. “Here… here’s another hundred. I want her to pay… big time! Fuck that beautiful ass.”

All of a sudden Betsy couldn’t believe her ears. “No… dear gawd, no. Not there, … not my ass.” Her own voice startled her and Betsy wondered what was going on. Suddenly she was yelling for mercy. Betsy heard her own voice and wondered what was going on. “It’s too big. Dear gawd, not there! Gawd, not there.”

Betsy didn’t remember how long she stood listening, but it felt like an eternity. Her legs almost gave way when she crept down the stairs. She left the house as quietly as possible and drove blindly away. About an hour later, she called Thomas and told him she wasn’t feeling well. She said that she suspected the flu and to prevent passing it around, she planned using her own apartment for the weekend.


The Monday before Christmas was a regular workday for both Thomas and Susan. Since she was off, Betsy went back to Thomas’ with one goal in mind. She had to find that horrible tape and reasoned it must be in Susan’s room, as Thomas would never store it where Betsy could accidentally find it. Her logic paid off immediately. The first place she looked was the closet and Betsy found the incriminating evidence stored in a shoebox on the top shelf.

Betsy didn’t dare review the tape at Thomas’ in case he or Susan came home unexpectedly, so she rushed back to her apartment. Her hands shook wildly when she popped the case into the VCR and she sat back to watch the worst night of her life.

Conveniently the movie started at the beginning and Betsy’s heartbeat increased dramatically watching herself being led into a room full of rambunctious guys. She seemed to stagger but Susan held her steady until they were standing beside one of the sofas. Then the cameraman did something drastic which sent a tremor of panic right through Betsy. He panned the crowd and showed each hungry face. There was Thomas who smiled for the camera and Ted who merely kept staring straight ahead, obviously at the two women.

The camera panned until focusing on the two black businessmen that Betsy had met during one of Thomas’ parties. She stared in disbelief as one of the men rubbed his crotch and the other licked his lips obviously craving the women who had just entered the room. Betsy wondered about Mel, but she didn’t have to wonder long. The devious man rotated the camera around so it showed his rotten face and Betsy almost cried when his lips moved. “Enjoy the movie… ‘A Slut For The Taking.’ Watch one sexy broad getting her brains fucked out.”

All of a sudden everything made perfect sense. Betsy never wanted to believe that she was used and abused, but suddenly it was more than apparent. Tears filled her eyes as the camera slowly panned back to the two, sexy actresses. Betsy looked at the scene unfold in dramatic fashion. She could tell by the way her head sort of rolled from side to side that she had been drugged. Although her eyes were open and staring straight ahead, she still appeared to be in a dazed state.

Susan was standing behind her and the woman looked like she was presenting Betsy for the men’s approval. Suddenly the woman reached around Betsy. Susan started playing with her boobs and Betsy noticed how her hands went up in a sort of protest. She stared at the movie as it showed Susan whispering something in her ear. Abruptly Betsy saw her arms slowly drop to her sides and then Susan boldly unbuttoned Betsy’s blouse with all the men cheering her on.

Betsy’s eyes opened wider when her blouse was swiftly stripped. Then Susan whispered in her ear again and to Betsy’s horror, she removed her own bra. Betsy could see how Susan continued to whisper commands in her ear the whole time. Now completely naked above the waist, Betsy witnessed something that made her heart flutter out of control. The movie depicted a brazen woman cupping her own tits and holding them proudly up in the air. Then the half-naked woman’s right hand pushed up harder until she licked her own nipple.

The cameraman caught all of the sinful action. Mel was the perfect director and he made sure all the raunchy details were caught on tape. There was loud cheering when Betsy licked her own nipple and the yelling got louder when she switched to the neglected bud. Susan kept her mouth at Betsy’s ear and obviously kept telling the drugged woman what to do. The nipple licking and sucking went on forever and Betsy was slightly relieved when she was ordered to stop.

Betsy wondered what Susan had given her that made her such a zombie. She stared at the movie, and even knowing she was out of her mind, it was very hard to tell, as the camera didn’t zoom in on her face very much. Suddenly she heard Mel’s voice when he told Susan to get the slut on the sofa so she can show all the guys how a real woman does herself.

All of a sudden her head was tilted back in the movie and something was poured down her throat. Susan held a glass to Betsy’s mouth and forced her to drink, with the odd amount running down her chin and onto her chest. Suddenly there were hands rubbing all of the spilled drink off her boobs and Betsy flinched noticing that she didn’t object one bit when someone boldly pinched her nipples.

Betsy couldn’t stand to watch the humiliation so she hit the fast-forward on the VCR. When she hit the play button again, things got even worse. She was completely naked and sprawled out on the living room sofa. Then Mel’s voice made it very clear that Betsy was masturbating. “Holy, sweet shit… look at that. She’s doing it… actually doing it,” he said loud enough so it was recorded by the camera. “Susie, honey! You’re really making her masturbate… so we can all watch.”

Betsy quickly hit the FF button again, as it was too horrible to watch every detail. When she hit the play button again, the movie depicted a naked Betsy staring straight up at the camera. Mel was recording his own blowjob and he had the camera pointed straight downward. Although Betsy suspected what the movie scenes would show, she kept it in play mode. Her right hand was stroking Mel’s rod, which was not even fully hard, and her face was tilted backwards just enough so that the lens caught her entire face.

Even though her eyes were glazed, no one would be able to tell she was not fully enjoying the blowjob. The head of Mel’s prick was buried in her mouth and she appeared to be sucking it. Mel was in his glory. “Take it out… rub my fucking cock all over your face,” he whispered making sure everything was caught on tape. “That’s it baby. Suck it again and get me real hard. I want to blow my fucking load down your throat, honey.”

Betsy resisted the urge to hit the FF button and she kept watching the devastating scenes of her sitting on the floor with Mel’s cock in her face. He fucked her mouth and rammed his cock into her throat making Betsy choke and cough like mad. Betsy could tell it would be hard for anyone watching the porno movie to determine her actions were not legitimate. She noticed a stoic expression on her face, but it would be almost impossible for someone to notice that she had been sedated.

All of a sudden gobs of white cream came out the corner of her mouth and the television speakers erupted in loud cheers. The filthy man filled her mouth with searing cum and she winced, as Mel made sure the camera caught the scene. Suddenly he deliberately pulled his spurting cock out of her mouth and rubbed it all over her face. When Mel slapped her face with his prick, all of the men yelled their approval.

Abruptly Mel tilted the camera and her heart stopped. It showed her on hands and knees with one of the big, black men behind her. He was on his knees and had his engorged cock in his fist, which was aimed straight at her backside. The camera was unable to catch the actual penetration, but Betsy could tell when that happened. Her head shot up and her eyes, which were merely half open, were suddenly open wide.

Her ass-end jumped in the air the then the man grabbed her velvety, flared hips with his big hands. She noticed the man squeeze her waist real hard and then pull with all his might. Her white ass pounded backwards and slapped against the man’s midsection, as all the air came out of her chest. Her eyes bulged out in obvious, extreme agony and Betsy would never forget the demoralizing scene.

The next part of the movie would always haunt her. Mel moved the camera again and focused on her winching face. He was proud of the leftover cum still on her face and much to Betsy’s dismay, there was some of the white juice in her hair. Somehow Mel used his free hand to hold her head in place, as he rubbed his balls across her cheek.

All of a sudden Betsy had to hit the FF so she didn’t have to see her great humiliation. She skipped forward a few times and each time she stopped the tape to play it again, a scene of her being screwed flashed on the screen. First it was one of the black businessmen, then the other who was followed by Ted. She was outstretched on the floor when Ted had intercourse with her and Betsy noticed her feeble efforts to stop the men.

Suddenly the scene shifted to her boyfriend. Before she could hit a button on the VCR, it showed Thomas having sex with Susan. She went from being distraught and anxious to being extremely angry. Betsy watched Susan squirming wildly under Thomas’ rugged torso and then to her utter horror, the woman motioned directly at the camera. The gestures were meant for only one person in the room and soon the zombie rolled over to Susan.

Betsy couldn’t believe any tranquilizer could make her obey so readily. Without a protest or putting up any fuss, she lay motionless beside the couple as they screwed. She was mostly likely not even aware that the climaxes were over when Susan shouted orders at her. Betsy watched the movie unable to believe that any drug or sedative could wipe out her entire memory of that fateful night.

All of a sudden Susan grabbed her by the hair. She yanked Betsy around until her head was almost touching her crotch. In no time Betsy’s face was buried in Susan’s pussy and it was very obvious the woman was in complete control. Betsy stared at the scene noticing how her body was prone and between the woman’s splayed legs. “Eat me honey. Eat your boyfriend’s cum out of my cunt,” she moaned making sure the microphone caught every word. “That’s it… eat me! Keep your tongue right there… right on my little clitty.”

Then Susan lifted the head out of her crotch and let the camera focus on all the slimy cum on Betsy’s pretty face. After she was sure everything was caught on tape, she shoved Betsy’s face back into her juicy snatch. Susan tightened her grip on the hair and wiped Betsy’s face back and forth through her open pussy.

Betsy was despondent and ready to hit the FF again. She reached out but just then the camera started jerking and everything went out of focus. At first Betsy thought that her turmoil had ended but she was sadly mistaken. Suddenly Mel’s squeaky voice came over the speakers. “Here! You record the rest. Make sure to capture her eating Susan out… making her cum all over her face,” Mel whispered. “I’m going to christen that beautiful ass. But first… I want to mark her… so everyone knows she’s a slut.”

The camera eventually steadied, as one of the other men took over recording Betsy’s demise. The scene continued with Betsy’s face buried deep into Susan’s soaked pussy. “Taste it. Can you taste it?” Betsy couldn’t believe her eyes and ears. She watched Mel use what looked like a felt pen on her twisting torso. Suddenly she took a closer look at the screen and noticed many dark, red marks already decorating her white flesh.

Abruptly Mel was crouching at her feet and he sternly lifted her up by the hips. He propped Betsy on her knees and ogled her behind like the creepy man he was. Then he got right behind her and boasted to all his buddies. “Watch this. Watch me plant my fucking rod in her ass. I’ll show the beauty queen that she’s nothing but a whore,” he hissed extracting the revenge he sought for a long time. “Let’s see if she’s too fucking good for me now.”

Betsy couldn’t stand to watch any more. She quickly rewound the tape and left her apartment in a hurry, trying to get back to Thomas’ before he or Susan got there. There were no cars in the driveway so Betsy breathed a sigh of relief. She rushed into the house and put the tape back in the shoebox before either of them discovered she had found out their secret. There were no tears when she left and vowed that her love affair was over.


The Christmas holidays were the hardest time for Betsy. It was a week of knowing her relationship was over, but not having the courage to end it when she found the tape. Christmas came and Thomas cooked a great meal for the three roomies, which seemed like the ‘Last Supper’ to Betsy. Looking back on their relationship, she probably missed Thomas’ cooking and entertaining skills more than anything else.

They exchanged presents and to this day Betsy didn’t know why she had one more night of sex with Thomas. She reasoned it must have been because of the Christmas season and she felt so festive. By Boxing Day, she was ready and just waited for the right opportunity to end the relationship. She had removed most of her clothes and things a little at a time, so as not to create suspicion, and all that was left at Thomas’ were a few clothes and her toiletries.

Betsy remembered how Thomas wanted to end the year with a flourish. He arranged a party for the Friday after Christmas and invited his usual guests, which were the same ones from that fateful gangbang night. Betsy knew the time had come when his guests started showing up. Mel, the pervert, entered the house and Betsy couldn’t hide her emotions any longer.

Being the type of woman who always wore her heart on her sleeve, Thomas immediately recognized Betsy was aloof and not her normal, pleasant self. He noticed Betsy acting strangely during the holidays and suddenly he suspected the worst. She was putting the last few items in a suitcase when Thomas entered the bedroom. Betsy didn’t have to say a word. She had already retrieved the tape from Susan’s bedroom and she handed it to him.

When Betsy walked by Thomas on the way out of the room for the last time, she paused in front of him. Before she could say a word, he said he was sorry but… it was, too little, too late. Her response was simply a whisper but it carried a tone of absolution. “Don’t call me!”

Three days later Betsy was in New Orleans with her dad. Probably her best friend ever was there, as well, and that was when she finally cried on Doris’ shoulder. Betsy vowed not to reveal what happened during the last three days in this chapter of her life, but she would save that for the next chapter.

***New Orleans and Doris.

It was time to move ahead to the next chapter. Betsy lapsed into the perfect visualization mode once again and then the images of her life appeared on her darkened eyelids. Her stormy romance with Thomas was over but Betsy was glad in a way. Although she fell in love with him at first, things started to turn sour when he brought Susan into the relationship. But it was time to move on and suddenly Betsy felt her tummy quivering from the realization that the next life chapter was devoted to Doris.

When Betsy returned to New Orleans after the breakup with Thomas, she relished the chance to be with her family again. Even though it was a season of joy and happiness, Betsy was having a hard time feeling that way. She had been back for a day with her dad when Doris showed up. She was like a sister to Betsy, as her dad had raised Doris from the time she lost her parents in an auto accident when she was ten.

Betsy and Doris were practically closer than sisters, as they never fought like siblings did. When Doris showed up at the door the day before New Years, Betsy fell into her welcoming arms. All of a sudden everything was alright and Betsy felt like she could move on with her life. The two women rushed off to a secluded part of the house and it took hours for them to rehash the last year or two of their lives.

When Betsy got to her relationship with Thomas and how it ended, she finally broke down. She cried her eyes out that day, and all the while, she was in the arms of someone she loved. Doris comforted her like a sister and held her like a lover. Once the storytelling was over, the two were ready to celebrate the New Year in style. They partied with some of their old school friends and acquaintances, and both Betsy and Doris hated when it came time to resume a regular life after the holidays.

Doris lived in a city a few hours away and she went back to work the Monday following New Years Day. Betsy made what seemed like a rash decision at the time, but she decided to stay in New Orleans. She put out job applications but something didn’t seem comfortable with it all.


Doris lived in a newer condo and she was thrilled when Betsy called. “She’s coming to stay… live with us. Oh Bingo! I can hardly wait… I’ve missed her so much,” Doris said to her faithful pet dog. “I’ve invited her to live here and she said yes. I’m so happy.”

Doris lived alone except for Bingo who she adopted from the humane society. She got him the day of her first modeling breakthrough and therefore the name Bingo. Doris quickly became a professional model and her career took off once people realized her great charisma. Her job meant she was on the road quite often and she had considered getting a roommate for a couple of years before Betsy called. Doris didn’t like putting Bingo in an animal shelter when she was out of town and having her dear friend live with her was perfect.

Bingo was about four years old at the time and he was a very big dog. Probably bigger than a single woman living alone should have but he afforded Doris more safety and security than any alarm system. She made sure Bingo was well trained by having him attend numerous obedient training sessions and he never left her side when she was home. He slept in her bedroom and Doris devoted one potion of the room to his comfort.

Betsy remembered how readily Bingo accepted her into the house. She moved into Doris’ spare bedroom and even managed to find a job at the local college. Doris taught her the commands that Bingo understood and he quickly considered both women as his masters. Doris even ensured his bed and play toys were moved to Betsy’s room when she had to go out of town for a modeling job.

Thinking back on it, Betsy was amazed at how she was so much like Doris. They seemed to know what the other was thinking even without saying a word to each other. She had been living in the house for a couple of months before Doris questioned her for more details about the reasons for her breakup with Thomas. Doris could tell in New Orleans that she was very upset with the breakup but didn’t want to press the issue until the proper time. Funny, Betsy thought, how Doris seemed to know when to do things or approach delicate subjects.

When Doris asked, Betsy knew it was time. Holding things inside only made matters worse so she confided completely in her dearest friend. Strange Betsy thought, as she looked back on that day, but after she told Doris everything, they seemed to grow emotionally closer to each other. Betsy wanted to setup that eventful night and describe it perfectly in her dream. She wanted the life chapter to be explicit and to be exactly how it unfolded in her past.

Betsy had her own room after she moved in but on most nights, they slept in Doris’ room. They had sex many of the nights but suddenly Betsy realized she was falling in love with Doris. When she told Doris about her feelings, she said it was about time, which made Betsy laugh. Then she popped the question. “Tell me about Thomas. Why did you two breakup,” Doris asked. “I know it was rough. I could feel your pain when you moved in.”

Luckily Doris had picked the right night for the enlightenment. It was a Friday and neither worked the next day so the amount of sleep they got was totally irrelevant. Betsy remembered how she cried when all of the details finally came out. She told her about Thomas, Debbie and Susan. She explained some of the more dramatic events and then told Doris about the final blow. “He made me join his party. It was supposed to be a celebration… a frickin’ celebration with some of his business associates. The bastard had everything planned out,” she whispered.

Betsy’s eyes were filled with tears and she sobbed during her explanation. “And I thought I loved him. Thought I would do anything for him,” she moaned. “Then I found out what a devious, two-timing bastard he is.”

Doris hugged and caressed her crying friend. “I know… I know.”

“The party started and at first everything was okay. There was only Susan, Ted, Mel, another couple of guys and us two,” she whispered. “That’s when the bitch must have spiked my drink. Honest! I don’t remember a thing after drinking whatever she gave me.”

Betsy remembered how she sobbed out of control and how Doris tried her best to comfort and show her love.

“I don’t remember anything that happened after that. Thomas must have let them do anything they wanted to me… then I woke up in my own bed. Not a stitch of clothes on… and marks all over my body,” Betsy sobbed. “And my body hurt. Hurt all over… even down there.”

Doris continued to hug and hold her, knowing that Betsy would feel better once her confession was out.

“I could tell that I had sex. Like I said… my body hurt all over. And especially my pussy… and… oh gawd, my ass,” she said with her voice breaking. “I put my hand down there… and felt lots of stuff still leaking from inside of me.”

Then Doris kissed her and caressed her all over.

“I looked at myself in the mirror. There were dark, red hickies all over my boobs. A big, red one… right beside my nipple. Gawd, you can’t imagine how awful my breasts looked… covered with hickies,” she whispered. “Then you should have seen what else they did.”

Doris could tell the story was getting more sadistic and upsetting so she tried harder to show Betsy compassion.

“They used a felt pen to write on me. Someone… that creep, Mel, wrote, ‘fuck me here.’ And the bastard drew a big arrow pointing right at my pussy,” she moaned. “And when I turned around… he wrote on my back, too. ‘Fuck my ass,’ with an arrow pointing to the crack of my ass.”

The story was broken for some time, as the two women hugged and kissed. There was no completion or actual lovemaking but merely tender caresses to show how much they loved each other.

When Betsy continued, she had regained her composure. “I found out exactly what they did to me. You see… everything was taped. That bitch taped the whole fucking thing… or she had that fucking creep do it,” she said. “You see… I found the tape and managed to look at it.”

The end was near so Betsy rushed to finish the story before she broke down again. “When I told Thomas we were through, I shoved the tape in his face and left,” she whispered. “I thought that was the end of it… but it wasn’t. That fucking bitch showed up at my apartment with a copy of the tape.”

After another short pause, Betsy continued. “Susan showed up at my door and waved the tape in my face… and she wasn’t alone. There was a big black man with her and he scared the hell out of me. He looked like one of those football players who plays for the Saints.”

Doris held her hands and encouraged Betsy to continue.

“I didn’t know what else to do. She threatened me… warned me that if I didn’t cooperate she would show the tape to every school board member in the state,” Betsy explained. “She blackmailed me into having sex with him… and that’s not all.”

Doris could tell Betsy was upset again and she encouraged her to get rid of it all. “Tell me. You’ll feel better once you tell someone. I love you… so tell me.”

“That bitch… whore. She pulled my hair out… pulled so hard I’m sure she tried to scalp me. The black bastard was fucking me and then she ordered me to climax… cum all over his black prick, or else,” Betsy cried. “I’ve never seen such mean eyes. She stared at me and ordered me to do it… or she would show the tape to everyone.”

Doris couldn’t tolerate to listen anymore. It would have been too ominous to hear that her best friend had succumbed to blackmail and experienced an unwanted orgasm with a stranger. Then Doris wondered what she would have done in the same circumstances. She shivered realizing that she, too, would have surrendered her soul to the devil.

When Doris asked her if she still had the video, Betsy had to admit that she had it hidden in her room. Betsy thought her friend was going to watch it but she was utterly surprised when Betsy destroyed the tape. Doris stretched and mangled the actual tape so it was no longer usable.

Betsy’s couldn’t remember feeling more passion or love towards anyone when Doris whispered, “a new day. Forget the past. Lets make it a new day.” Her heart melted and suddenly new horizons appeared. Then they made love. Doris was very, very good and in no time Betsy was thoroughly drained.

In the morning Betsy was the first to rise. She looked at her sleeping beauty with her naked body only partially covered by a sheet. Betsy wondered if she should wake Doris and suddenly she threw caution to the wind. Although she had been with other women, even touched and caressed them, but she never felt comfortable performing cunnilingus on a woman.

Betsy chuckled remembering how it happened. She climbed back into bed with Doris and it seemed natural to fondle Doris’ naked body. About fifteen minutes later, she stopped and asked Doris if she was doing it right. Doris merely smiled and whispered, “go with the response you get.” So that was how Betsy remembered the first time she went down on the woman of her dreams.

***Playacting… or not?

There was one extremely memorable event that happened during her relationship with Doris. At the time Betsy thought she was being smart and doing something pleasurable to her dearest friend. It happened in the middle of the night. She had gotten home late from doing student interviews at the college and immediately got ready for bed. Just as she was about to get into bed, she felt thirsty. When she walked past the open door to Doris’ bedroom, she noticed her sleeping soundly.

Betsy felt a sudden need to explain their relationship. Her life story was beginning one of the best chapters and she wanted everything explained so readers would understand what she was going through at the time. Doris and her had grown very close. Although they each called it love, their emotions were more like a sisterly affection where they considered the other a soul mate rather than an actual life partner. Betsy felt she could confide in Doris and vise versa. They did sleep together on many occasions but not on nights when one went to bed before the other because of work commitments.

They each felt the appreciation for having someone who was always there when they needed compassion or comfort. Each woman still held out that hope for finding the perfect husband and Betsy and Doris saw nothing wrong with having an intimate relationship. On this particular night, Betsy went to the kitchen for a drink of water and things eventually turned into a most memorable experience.

Betsy was quenching her thirst when she noticed a strange box sitting on the kitchen counter. She nonchalantly walked over and peeked in the mystery box, gasping out loud at the contents. Slowly and almost too afraid to do it, Betsy reached in the box and pulled out an ominous looking strap-on dildo. Then she remembered how she and Doris had been downtown the other day. They visited a sex shop and found a big, black dildo but the store didn’t have one in stock. Betsy reasoned this was the one they ordered and it came in the mail.

Betsy couldn’t remember whether it was her or Doris who dared the other to buy the colorful dildo. The adventure seemed funny at the time but all of a sudden it seemed oddly tempting. Then she remembered being hit with a flash of inspiration. Betsy’s hands shook so bad it was hard to strap the overly lengthy dildo onto her hips.

Her fantasy that day was innocent and extremely vivid. She slinked into Doris’ bedroom and decided to play the part of, ‘break-in person.’ Doris was lying on her side and Betsy swiftly slipped under the blankets. She rubbed against the sleeping woman and before Doris could move, she spoke into her ear. “I’m going to rape you. Fuck your little, white cunt,” Betsy hissed.

Then she licked and kissed the side of Doris’ face. “Feel my big… black… cock? It’s going to rip your white cunt apart,” Betsy whispered. “Spread your legs. Show me what a slut you are.”

Then Betsy grabbed her by the hair. She pulled Doris’ head backwards but wouldn’t let her see who was behind her. Even though it was just a game, Betsy wanted everything to be realistic. It would not be until much later when she would find out that her actions exposed a demon that Doris had carried inside for many months.

Betsy was hornier than ever at the time. She acted rougher than intended and yanked on Doris’ hair showing her that she was serious. “I said spread’em… spread your legs.”

Doris let out whimpers and acted the part of a victim. She lifted her leg and let the rapist have their way. She felt the bulbous head push into her wetness and prayed her juices would lubricate the dildo so it wouldn’t hurt. Suddenly the rapist jerked the big penis against her vulnerable pussy. Even though she knew it was only make believe, her heartbeat raced out of control.

“Raise your leg higher… higher.”

“No… dear God, no. You’re hurting me.”

“Shut your mouth. Feel it? Can you feel my cock?”

“Oh God… please don’t. Don’t put it inside… please, no.”

“There! It’s in, baby. Inside your slutty cunt.”

“No… no… no. Please don’t.”

“Cry baby… go ahead, cry.”

And Doris did cry but it would be hours later before Betsy would realize the implications of her actions.

Then Betsy rolled the crying woman onto her belly. The oversized dildo was plenty long enough to remain embedded. Betsy pushed Doris’ long, slender legs apart and made sure they were splayed to the widest reaches. Then Betsy arched her back and fucked Doris like a true rapist but being careful not to physically hurt her dear friend.

Betsy was having trouble making her climax so she leaned forward so that she lay on top of Doris’ back. She reached her arm around and under Doris’ hips and found the key to success. Her fingers closed on the throbbing clitoris and pinched the tiny bud until she heard a dire moan. Then she squeezed a little harder and twisted the clit around and around. Betsy couldn’t move or pump the giant dildo but there was no need for further stimulation. Her skilled fingers robbed the last shred of decency and Doris’ orgasm flowed freely from her inner sanctuary.

Doris played the part of a beaten victim perfectly because she felt like one. When the final tremors of the orgasm finally subsided, both women fell asleep. The erotic encounter was exhausting and neither woman woke up until the sun was high in the sky.

***A demon in the morning.

Betsy’s dream of her life story was about to take a frightening twist. In the morning, Doris was the first to wake. She whispered for Betsy to turn over, as she wanted to snuggle. On her side and being snuggled by a lover from behind was Betsy’s most cherished position. They cuddled for a few minutes and then Doris took command. She innocently rolled Betsy onto her stomach so that she could sit on the small of her back. Doris grabbed Betsy’s left arm and pulled it behind and pushed it up her back.

It was one of those famous wrestling holds, which renders a person totally helpless. Betsy felt that way. Suddenly Doris shifted her body so that she was lying beside her but still holding her arm severely bent. When Doris started spanking her, Betsy thought it was a practical joke.

This part of her life story was not going to be easy to tell. Betsy had never been spanked in her life and especially not as severely as the one Doris administered. Her ass was on fire and Betsy was positive the spanking was going to leave permanent marks. Then it got even worse. “Open your legs. I’m not done spanking you yet,” Doris whispered in her ear.

Betsy quickly spread her legs hoping Doris would stop spanking her ass. All of a sudden she was confused. Doris aimed slaps on her ass plus between her legs. The aim was perfect as Doris’ fingers rained blow after blow directly on the exposed pussy. Betsy heard the loud slaps and they sounded wet when Doris spanked her between her splayed thighs. She could not remember her precious labia ever being so puffy or so inflamed.

Abruptly Doris leaned down and put her lips next to her ear. “Are you ready… ready for a proper rape?”

Then she spanked again. Betsy was afraid to fight or struggle too much just in case the spanking got worse. When Doris shifted her body again and slithered between her wide-spread legs, Betsy merely shivered in defeat. Suddenly Betsy realized her best friend was wearing the strap-on as Doris was rubbing the big, rubber dick all over her backside. She felt the dildo being rubbed on her butt, along her thighs, and then between her legs.

“Where do you want it… slut?”

Betsy couldn’t believe what was happening. Suddenly she jerked as the threatening cock was forced through her wet opening.

“You don’t know what rape is. Now you will find out!”

Then Doris thrust her hips and she guided the end of the menacing cock to the exposed crotch. “Are you ready for a real rape?” Doris pushed a little harder and kept the tip of the dildo directly on Betsy’s quivering asshole. “Where do you want it?”

Betsy had never heard Doris talk this way. She remembered crying out loud and begging her to use her cunt… not her ass. All of a sudden she was being raped. Doris lay on top of her and she was a madwoman. The loosely strapped-on cock was slapping against Doris’ pelvis and she pumped her hips up and down at a furious rate.

Betsy’s memory was clear and very accurate. She cried and then Doris grabbed her hair, pulling so hard it hurt. “Get on your knees. It’s your favorite fuck position… isn’t it slut? Now it’s time to get raped,” Doris hissed.

It must have been a pretty picture, Betsy reasoned as she dreamed of that eventful morning. Doris jerked her hair hard, forcing Betsy to arch her back very severely. This pointed her vulnerable pussy right at the big dildo and Doris made her pay.

Doris thrust her hips forward with all her strength. She embedded the lengthy cock and pulled back on Betsy’s hair, ensuring the ultimate demise of her rape victim. Betsy remembered the name-calling and how Doris kept spanking her upturned ass the whole time. It seemed utterly impossible to achieve any satisfaction or pleasure from the savage attach but suddenly a familiar spasm rocked her beaten body.

Doris was no fool. Betsy’s arms gave away and her upper body slumped onto the mattress. Her crotch remained properly positioned high in the air and Doris finished her perverted scheme. “Shove you thumb in your mouth… suck it. Suck your tiny penis and make it cum… in your mouth,” Doris screamed.

She slammed the cock deeper and forced Betsy’s knees off the sheets. “Suck it… suck that tiny cock!”

Betsy didn’t remember where it started. The enormous orgasm may have started in her mouth, as she sucked her penis-thumb; or started in her boobs, as they scraped across the sheets; or started in her stomach, which was filled with the giant dildo. It was the orgasm of her life and spread through her entire body like a warm flush of embarrassment.

The next thing Betsy remembered was Doris shoving the juice-covered cock into her mouth. She had taken off the dildo and forced Betsy to suck on it. Doris was crying at the time and Betsy was surprised and shocked by the sudden outburst. She watched her friend get off the bed and crouch next to her beloved pet whose bed was only feet away. Doris petted Bingo and even hugged his big head with a show of great emotion.

It was a defining moment in their relationship. Doris was sitting beside Bingo, talking to the dog but really talking to Betsy. All of a sudden Betsy realized that her friend had been raped and the play-acting last night brought back the horrible memory.

“It happened in Paris. I had just started modeling. After an afternoon photo session, I went back to my hotel. Two guys somehow got into my room… and they raped me. Oh God, it was awful. First the one guy… and then the other! They gagged me so I couldn’t scream… and they raped me!”

Betsy could tell Doris was desperately trying to rid herself of the ghastly demon. She remained silent and let her friend continue. “The one guy… he came inside of me and laughed out loud when I cried. Then he pulled it out and rubbed it clean all over my breasts. Then the second guy filled me with his filthy cum. It got worse when he ripped off the gag and forced me to suck his cock. Oh God, I threw up when he shoved it down my throat. That didn’t even bother them. The bastards made me suck their cocks… until they got hard again. Oh God… I can still see it all. One of them forced me to suck him off… forced me to give him a blowjob. And he made me swallow all of his rotten cum. Then the other guy… oh God, it was awful. He and his buddy rolled me over and he… he… he fucked my ass!”

Betsy remained quiet and gave Doris time to gain her composure. It was the longest story yet it took measly minutes to tell. “I didn’t dare tell anyone. It would have ruined everything… destroyed my modeling career. So I kept quiet… until now,” Doris whispered. “What you did. What we did brought it all back… but that was a good thing.”

Betsy would always remember what happened next. Doris slowly got to her feet and they merely looked at each other. She stared at Doris with pleading, sorrowful eyes and tried hard to say sorry. Suddenly Doris reached out her hand indicating everything was okay. “I love you. Please… let’s have a shower. Get rid of all the filth… and turn the page,” Doris whispered.

Doris smiled at Betsy and both women knew what the other was thinking. There was no need for talk but tender actions were the way to convey their loving emotions. Doris’ shower was huge, with three heads. They embraced when they got under the water and stood hugging each other for the longest time. It seemed the confession and now the hot water washed all the demons away. They showered; they cried, and they laughed. Finally Betsy and Doris understood what loving another person was all about.

***Betsy discovers a secret.

One day for a reason she couldn’t recall, Betsy came home early. Doris’ car was in the driveway, which struck her as odd because she was never home before five in the afternoon. The house was quiet and Betsy assumed her dear friend had come home early because she wasn’t feeling good. Without much care or concern, she poured herself a glass of wine and headed upstairs to find Doris.

As she got close to Doris’ room, she heard what sounded like noises of a serious sexual encounter. Doris never brought men home with her and Betsy wondered why she had this time. The curiosity got the best of her and slowly she crept to the open door of Doris’ bedroom. Her heart beat so fast she was afraid it would be heard inside the room but then she found the strength to peak into the doorway.

If Betsy thought her heart was beating fast before, it raced out of control when she looked into the room. Doris was on her hands and knees beside the bed with her head and shoulders spread across the messed-up bed. Bingo was behind her naked body and drilling her with a beastlike fashion Betsy had never seen before. There was a towel on the floor and Bingo was wearing some kind of white socks on his front paws.

Betsy was frozen to the spot. Petrified and unable to move, she was deathly afraid her friend would notice her standing in the doorway. Her mind went crazy trying to find answers for what she was watching but then she found the courage to move. Quickly she shifted back from the open doorway and collapsed with her back against the wall. Betsy put her hand over her left breast and she was positive her heart was going to explode.

It took a few moments before her legs worked again but then she slowly stumbled down the stairs. She went into the kitchen and finished off her glass of wine in one big gulp. Then she refilled the glass and sipped it this time, reflecting on what she had just witnessed. Betsy wondered what she should do but eventually she just sat in the kitchen drinking wine.

About 30 minutes later Doris came into the room wearing a robe and she appeared to have just taken a shower. She acted like nothing had happened and went directly to the laundry room to put the towel and socks in the washing machine. Then Doris returned to the kitchen table and Betsy could tell her friend would love a glass of wine. She poured Doris a glass and refilled her own without a word being spoken.

Suddenly their eyes met and then nothing else mattered. Betsy felt a warm, tender flush wash over her body and she knew Doris loved her. “Get changed. Change your clothes. We are going to take Bingo to the park,” Doris whispered staring deeply into Betsy’s bewildered eyes. “I always take Bingo to the park after he has been a good boy.”

Betsy fretted about whether Doris knew. ‘Oh, gawd, she knows. She knows I saw her with Bingo,’ Betsy thought. Then she shrugged off the awful thought and decided that Doris didn’t mean anything incriminating by her request.

Both women went upstairs to their rooms and changed. Betsy could hear Bingo prancing around the hallway trying to encourage his mistress to hurry up. He loved going for walks and nothing was better than going with the two females that reeked of animal sex. First Bingo poked his nose inside Doris’ room knowing she would do anything for him. His belly fluttered thinking of how he loved making her his bitch and he could still smell her in the air.

Then he pranced down the hall to the closed door. He put his nose to the door and he felt that familiar tingling in his balls when he imagined a willing bitch. He sniffed the air and wagged his tail at that most familiar smell. Suddenly the door opened and there she was. The bitch promised to him by his loyal master. When Betsy reached out and petted his thick fur, Bingo was in doggie heaven.

He rubbed against Betsy trying to show her how fond he was of her. Then his master appeared. She snapped a leash to his collar and off they went to the park, which was only a short distance away. It was a gorgeous day with the sun shinny and not a hint of a cloud in the sky. For the first thirty minutes, his masters threw a ball and he did everything to show them he was a great retriever.

Doris and Betsy talked about the weather, about work and about everything in general. One would throw the ball for him to fetch, and then the other would toss it. Suddenly Bingo returned the ball and dropped it into Betsy’s lap, as she sat on the plush grass talking to Doris.

It was one of those predefined moments in a person’s life when Betsy looked at her dear friend. Their eyes met and Betsy merely murmured, “yes!”

Doris whispered softly, “I love you.” Then she stood up and reached out her giving hand. That was the way it was with them, as both Betsy and Doris knew when it was time to make love. It was always by mutual consent and each liked nothing more than making the other happy.

The memory was so vivid that even today her stomach quivered. Betsy had been in a trance that day and she was willing to give Doris whatever she wanted. When she took her girlfriends hand, she assumed they would have sex like they always did. Looking back on it, she realized that Doris had other plans. Betsy lay on the bed dreaming and not having any regrets for what actually transpired that eventful day.

The walk back to the condo took forever and all the way Betsy watched the most beautiful woman. Bingo acted very excited and at the time Betsy wondered why the dog was getting so worked up. They entered the house in quiet and once the front door closed, Doris walked immediately up the long set of stairs. Betsy watched every sway and movement of Doris’ luscious hips from behind and she didn’t move until her friend was at the top of the stairs.

There was that defining moment when Doris stopped dead and waited. In complete silence, she waited until she heard the soft footsteps reach the top stair. Then Doris continued into her bedroom and waited again.

Betsy grinned thinking of how na├»ve and unsuspecting she was at the time and then she let her dream continue. Once she entered the bedroom, Doris went directly to the bathroom and started the shower. At the time, Betsy was on another planet and she merely thought out loud. “Oh goodie! We will do like we always do,” she whispered. “We’ll have a shower… then make mad, passionate love.”

When the water was hot and steam filled the big enclosure, Doris beckoned for Betsy. “Come my love. Let’s shower… then you can make your master happy,” she whispered. The most devilish grin on her pretty face went unnoticed by Betsy at the time but now she saw it clearly in her flashback.

Betsy watched her life story unfold. She quickly stripped and almost ran to the shower. She couldn’t take her eyes off Doris’s beautiful face and did sort of wonder if something was out of the ordinary. Then the water hit and there was nothing else to do but shower. Each woman had a bar of fragrant soap and used it on the other. They liked having showers together, as it gave them each a big thrill rubbing and freely caressing the other’s sexy body. Something seemed even sweeter and better that day, as the fondling and uninhibited groping got both women overly aroused in no time.

Betsy was glad when the shower was finished, as it meant they would rush to the bed and make love. Suddenly Doris stopped her. She carefully dabbed the soft towel over her body and then motioned for Betsy to stand still. Doris reached for a convenient container of powder on the vanity and began covering Betsy’s naked torso with talcum powder. Then she grabbed a bottle of her favorite perfume and dabbed it on Betsy’s neck and chest.

“Yes my love. You get to make your master happy,” she whispered again, putting her lips next to Betsy’s ear. Then Doris rained tender kisses on her neck and the side of her suddenly flushed face.

Eventually Doris took her by the hand and sort of led Betsy out of the bathroom and into the large bedroom. Suddenly Betsy noticed something different about the room. She looked beside the bed and there was Bingo lying on a large makeshift bed. Betsy was speechless when Doris let go of her hand and quickly walked over to the dresser. She picked something up and returned to her stunned friend.

Doris stood right in front of Betsy and slowly opened the clasp of a leather collar. She reached for Betsy and slipped the dog collar around her neck without one bit of resistance from her trembling friend.

Betsy’s heart beat so fast that she could hardly breath. Her mind pondered what was happening and suddenly she realized that Doris must have seen her earlier. She stared into the sky, blue eyes of her lover and knew everything was going to be alright.

All of a sudden she noticed Doris’s lips moving and then she heard sound. “Bingo. Bingo… here Bingo. Come and taste your new bitch,” Doris whispered. There was a warm smile on her face, as she spoke directly to her friend. “That’s it Bingo. Lick her! Yes, lick her all over… especially there.”

The two women were within inches of each other and their hot breath washed over the others flushed face. Betsy felt fur behind her and then the hot, wet stroke of a dog’s tongue. Bingo put his nose between the back of her thighs and he knew what he was after. It was exactly the same smell, as his mistress, and he wanted it more than anything else. He licked the insides of the human’s thighs and felt them shake and shiver. Suddenly there was just a little separation and Bingo rammed his big snout in between the velvety thighs.

His tongue lashed out again and then Bingo tasted the bitch’s juices. He loved his mistress and felt determined to make sure he satisfied her best friend.

Doris grabbed the collar with one purpose in mind. She jerked on the metal ring in front and put her finger through it. Then she led her timid girlfriend over to Bingo’s bed. “Lay down. On your back so Bingo can taste your precious honey pit,” she ordered. “You haven’t had an orgasm until you have one from Bingo’s loving tongue. He’s a master… and my dear Betsy is going to be his bitch.”

Before she could do anything, Doris was helping her into the desired position. Betsy was quickly forced onto her back in the center of Bingo’s big bed and Doris huddled next to her head. “Here Bingo. Here boy. Show your little doggie bitch what you can do with your tongue,” she whispered kissing Betsy’s ear at the same time. “Open your legs. Spread them for Bingo!”

Betsy would never understand why she did it. Her legs parted, as if they were pulled apart by some mysterious fiend, and then the hungriest demon ate her spirit. Bingo watched the pearly legs open and then he saw his ultimate goal. His oversized pecker poked out of his hairy sheath and Bingo anticipated what would happen when his mistress gave the order.

But Bingo knew what his mistress wanted before he was allowed to mount the bitch. Do

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