A Journey of a Real Woman 5

Author: Kacey1999

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Please email me your comments and suggestion, as I appreciate readers who take the time to give feedback. The style of this story is new and I hope readers can understand what I tried to do. I am telling Betsy’s story, as she gets set to turn 40, and she thinks back to what has happened in her life.

Betsy is probably the most appealing woman I know, and strangely, I am not sure if she is not the wittiest, smartest woman… or the craziest.

Chapter Five – A Love Affair With Thomas Continues with Susan
(MFF, FF, F+, MMFF, Fdom, reluc, drug, gangbang, oral, anal)

With many tears, Debbie moved. Betsy stayed in contact with her for several years, but by and by, the letters and phone calls stopped. She still thought of her dear friend every once in awhile and felt immense regret for not keeping in closer contract with Debbie. Then Betsy realized their friendship was just like any other. They would always care immensely for each other even if their heartfelt emotions faded with time.

The winter came and went. Thomas met her family and Betsy even introduced him to one of the precious people in her life. Doris was raised like a sister in their home by Betsy’s dad when Doris’ parents were killed in a car accident. Suddenly Betsy felt a warm, fuzzy swirling in her tummy, as she dreamed of Doris. It was too early for her life-chapter with Doris but Betsy yearned for it to begin. Soon, she thought, just as soon as her relationship with Thomas was over, then she would relive one of the best chapters of her life.

Slowly Betsy’s dream drifted back to Thomas. Summer was upon them and Betsy spent most of her free time in the pool with him. She missed Debbie but the calls became less and less. In late summer, Betsy went to Thomas’ and the first thing he asked her was did she trust him? Then out of the downstairs bathroom came the beach-slut. Thomas introduced her as Susan, saying he met her on the beach. Of course Betsy distinctively remembered the woman as the one who had her hands all over her new beau back when she first met Thomas. Betsy could have been strapped down and flogged for the vengeance she felt at that very second. But she used her nicest southern smile and said it was nice to meet her.

The burning issue of revenge lingered, as she listened to Thomas and Susan talk. ‘Has anyone ever done something, even without knowing, that just made you mad and you can’t let it go?’ Betsy could still see Susan running her hands over Thomas that day on the beach. Suddenly the woman was standing just a few feet away and Betsy wondered what the hell she was doing there. Then she recalled Thomas saying, “Trust me… its okay.”

Betsy was still transfixed on vengeance when she was interrupted. “You girls have a seat in the living room while I make us some drinks… get to know each other,” Thomas said. “Then I’ll cook up something quick and easy… so have a seat.”

Suddenly Betsy vowed to try. She would do her best to be friendly and not scratch the woman’s eyes out like she wanted to do when the woman first came into the room. The two women sat in the living room and chatted casually about their jobs and generally about the news of the day. Thomas gave each woman one of his famous beach drinks when they first sat down and all of a sudden they were on their third drink.

When Susan started telling her about when she met Thomas, Betsy’s ears perked up. Susan explained how she had just broken up with her boyfriend. She had decided to spend three days at the beach and that was when she met Thomas. He had come to her rescue and she would be forever grateful after he saved her from certain harm.

Susan further explained how she really hadn’t broken up with her boyfriend, but merely decided to contemplate whether their relationship was worth saving. Apparently her boyfriend wanted her to do a threesome with one of his buddies. He kept pushing and finally demanded she do it or they were through. Susan explained that she decided to spend a few days at the beach contemplating about whether she should sacrifice her values to save the relationship. That was when she wound up in trouble.

Susan was not the best drinker in the world and that day she consumed far more than she could handle. When she staggered down the sandy beach, two strangers accosted her. They noticed an easy piece of ass and quickly hustled her into a secluded place between two buildings. That was when Thomas was taking a secret path to the beach to reconnect with his newfound girlfriend. He jogged between two tall buildings and came upon a gorgeous woman who had her top stripped and her boobs brazenly put on public display. Although he relished the thought of aiding and abetting the two men, he wisely put a stop to the unwanted assault.

Betsy listened intently to the woman’s story. Something went off in her brain, but she just couldn’t get a handle on it because of the peach drinks. Two were usually her limit, but somehow she was already on number three. She vaguely wondered if she was right to hate the woman even though her story now seemed legit.

All of a sudden she noticed that both drinks were empty. Betsy tried to stand but her legs were so wobbly that she staggered against the sofa to regain her balance. Then both women broke out in laughter, as Susan stood, so that both women could hold each other up when they went into the kitchen. “Bartender! Refills… the girls need fresh drinks,” Betsy explained with a slur, as she set the empty glasses on the counter.

Susan abruptly excused herself, rushing off to the bathroom leaving the couple alone. “I helped her out back then… as you now know. She would’ve been raped if I hadn’t shown up… so she sort of considers me her white knight,” Thomas said. “I met her the other day and invited her here tonight, for a drink. I thought you two might hit it off.”

Thomas gave Betsy that puppy dog look and explained how he merely wanted her to be happy. “Honey, when Debbie moved away… you were so sad and I felt sorry for you. You need a close friend… a girlfriend like Debbie,” he whispered. “All I want is to make you happy. If Susan isn’t the one… she’s out of here.”

Slick perverted fucker, Betsy thought, now years later and looking back on coming face to face with the woman. Thomas was planting seeds and she could see how he was trying to convince her to like Susan. But she still didn’t like the woman.

With their drinks refilled, the women returned to the living room while Thomas finished preparing something to eat. Betsy listened to Susan some more, but this time it appeared more like yapping than social conversation. Susan said how she broke up with her boyfriend right after that eventful weekend. Apparently when she returned home, Susan even considered her boyfriend’s ménage a trois, but then she found out he had screwed one of her girlfriends. Susan told Betsy how she started dating another guy but that went nowhere.

Susan explained how she ran into Thomas on the street the other day. She said that she remembered him because of the two assholes who tried to rape her, but apparently Thomas didn’t remember her. Looking back on it, Susan’s story might have been a little bit of bullshit, but at the time Betsy was too tipsy to know for sure.

Thomas interrupted the conversation by setting the food on the table. The two women joined him in the dining room and he graciously refilled everyone’s drink. They ate a fantastic meal and the combination of too much alcohol and lots of food was paralyzing on both women.

When the meal was finished, Thomas suggested a late night swim and then he fixed their drinks in plastic cups. Betsy’s slurred mind went into overdrive as she contemplated revenge on the woman she thought was a beach-slut. “C’mon Susie. Let’s go for a dip and poor Thomas can ogle your charms. We swim nude all the time… so don’t worry about not having a suit. Heck… Thomas has seen it all before,” she said, as both women broke out in laughter.

Betsy was sort of stunned when Susan quickly disrobed, leaving all her clothes crumpled on the dining room floor. Suddenly Thomas had seen enough and he took off his clothes without waiting for Betsy. Then without any hesitation, the two rushed through the patio doors and dove into the pool in a most daring fashion.

To this day Betsy couldn’t understand why she compared Susan’s body to Debbie’s. Debbie had a great body, sexy and all the curves seductively proportioned. Susan was a sexy woman too, but her body was nothing special except for her breasts. Her boobs sagged slightly and they were relatively small, however her nipples were extraordinary. They were huge and covered half of her boob. The amazing areoles and nipples swelled to a massive size that made anyone stare in awe.

Betsy remembered the swim as nothing more than three friends splashing each other and joking around like teenagers. She caught Thomas staring at Susan’s boobs many times and each time the woman touched him, Betsy felt that familiar hatred. She was not normally a jealous woman, but this woman seemed to affect her in a strange way. When she wondered if Thomas had ever fucked the bitch, her stomach churned like mad.

Thomas eventually got tired of splashing around and he casually excused himself. He left the pool and took a lounge chair so he could keep an eye on the two women. Now Betsy looked back on that night and realized her boyfriend probably planned the ensuing intimate encounter. He lay on the chair and made sure his private parts could be seen easily from the pool.

“Ooh, my God. He’s so built… so big,” Susan whispered. “I have always dreamed of being with a man like that… so endowed. My boyfriend… well he was big enough, just nothing like Thomas.” Her revelation actually made Betsy feel better, as she realized Susan had not been intimate with Thomas.

Betsy’s inspiration came to her right out of the blue. She suddenly decided to take control and put on a show that Thomas would remember the rest of his life. She was sitting on the edge of the pool with Susan beside her and they were talking. All of a sudden Betsy jumped into the water. She flipped around and started treading water right in front of Susan who merely stared at her in disbelief.

“So! What did you decide about having a threesome? You mentioned earlier… about making up with your boyfriend,” Betsy whispered. “Did that mean you were going to have a threesome with him?”

The two women stared at each other and Susan’s entire body vibrated. Susan sensed that something phenomenal was about to happen and she had never been more willing in her life to experience something. She could always blame it on the booze, but there was no way Susan was going to ignore the deliberate seduction.

Betsy floated in the water and let her chest rub against Susan’s legs, as they dangled in the warm water. Then she reached for the drinks, which were still on the pool deck. Betsy noticed Susan’s hands shaking when she handed the woman her drink and it made her smile, knowing she was having the desired affect on her. “Cheers! Let’s drink to happiness… to you experiencing your first ménage a trois,” she whispered.

Betsy was much lower than Susan. When she tilted her glass to take a drink, so did Susan. Betsy could see the woman’s head go back and her neck expand as the peach-paralyzer flowed down her throat. Betsy deftly reached up with her free hand and pinched one of Susan’s enlarged nipples. The daring act didn’t bring about any retaliation and Susan merely sat still, as Betsy tweaked one, and then the other inflated nipple.

Susan’s fingers strained, as they held onto the side of the pool, and she acted like her arms were stuck in cement. When soft, demanding hands touched her knees and spread her legs wide, she merely sat without uttering a protest. Then sharp fingernails raked the tender flesh of her inner thighs and she tried harder to open her legs even wider. Susan thought the top of her head would blow off when a hot, dry wind blew against her exposed crotch.

Susan pinched her eyes closed, as tight as possible, not daring to look. Her arms remained pinned at her sides and then it happened. The hot breath stopped inflaming her skin just as her upper torso was pushed backwards. Susan wound up on her back and she swore when her head bounced off the hard pool deck. She was dizzy, but not dazed enough to miss the drastic consequences of being under Betsy’s control.

Betsy dragged the woman’s ass to the very edge of the pool and held her thighs outspread, to their widest reaches. She pulled herself forward and put her head between the splayed legs, as her body floated in the water. Betsy’s fingers pried the puffy labia apart to reveal utopia and then it happened so fast that the sudden orgasm surprised everyone. Betsy pushed her face into the wetness and she rolled the tiny clit around with her tongue. The juices exploded out of the steaming hole just as Betsy rammed her tongue into the opening.

Betsy was drunk, not only from the peach-riches, but also from her triumph. She fucked Susan with her tongue and the woman’s hips barely stopped thrashing when Betsy demanded more. She grabbed Susan around the waist and pulled her into the pool.

The water was up to their armpits and Betsy stood right behind Susan with her arm around the woman’s neck. She tightened her arm around Susan’s neck and pulled backwards very hard. This stretched the woman onto her tiptoes and her chest pushed outwards. “That was nice… but now you are going to show Thomas how you like to cum,” Betsy whispered giving her ear a flick with her tongue. “He’s going to watch me… turn you into my little slut.”

Betsy’s free hand cupped one of Susan’s titties and squeezed, pretending she was a teenage rapist. Susan’s nipples didn’t get any longer; they just got fatter when Betsy used her fingers to stretch the nipples outward. Later she found out that Susan used a pulsating showerhead on her boobies, which made her nipples overly sensitive.

Betsy made sure they kept facing her boyfriend. “You have luscious tits. I’m sure any man would love sucking them… kissing them,” she whispered. Betsy held the woman with her back arched and still on her tiptoes. “I can hardly wait to watch Thomas suck your tits.” Then Betsy thought of Marty, Penny and finally Debbie. By this time, her breathing was just as broken and ragged as Susan’s.

Thomas witnessed a dream. He watched his girlfriend choke Susan, as the waves on the surface of the water splashed around their chests. All of a sudden Betsy’s right hand disappeared under the water and then the other woman started moaning out loud. He saw Betsy’s arm going straight down in the water and it jiggled back and forth at a furious rate. Then Thomas noticed Betsy’s tongue licking the side of Susan’s flushed face and also her teeth nibbling at the woman’s ear.

He was not surprised when the woman finally climaxed for a second time. Betsy’s loving arms were wrapped around Susan and she held her firmly, as her hands performed magic. Susan’s head rolled backwards and her mouth was wide open, as she tried to survive through another traumatic orgasm. Thomas had never seen his girlfriend act like this and he relished her sudden dominating character.


Betsy’s life story seemed to be out of control during those days with Thomas and Susan. She remembered how much fun it was to be in control and thought that only two things remained. First it was Thomas fucking Susan like she was the biggest slut and secondly, it was having the woman’s face buried in her pussy.

Betsy turned Susan around and kissed her deeply on the lips. Susan’s body still jerked randomly and flinched every time Betsy’s hands touched a tender or sensitive spot. Breaking the kiss, she told Susan that Thomas was going to fuck her. The woman was like a small child, as she shook her head, but she responded with a definite, ” Yes.” Holding Susan’s hand, they slowly got out of the pool and Betsy led the way over to where Thomas was pretending to be asleep. Betsy chuckled thinking of how he faked his inattention, but there was no doubt he was faking. His cock was hard and throbbing like mad, as it stood up at an obvious erect angle.

The scene was eerily like the one months ago with Debbie. Betsy watched in a mesmerized state when a dainty hand reach out and fondled Thomas’ thick cock. His eyes remained closed, but the little smirk on his face said it all. Then the head with jet-black hair dropped and the hot mouth engulfed the head of Thomas’ big prick. Suddenly Betsy shivered when she realized that the woman was not Debbie, but some other bitch. Her feet were frozen on the ground and Betsy stood motionless as another woman sucked her boyfriend’s engorged cock. She could plainly hear loud slurping sounds and knew the woman was giving the blowjob of her life to Thomas.

All of a sudden it was just like before. Thomas reached out to grab the woman and he shifted her so that she had to straddle the lounge chair. Susan’s naked body sat directly on top of his pelvis, and Betsy could hear the woman’s obvious vulnerability.

An overwhelming urge swept over her and she had to see for herself. Betsy quickly walked around the couple and stood at Thomas’ feet, staring at his crotch. She crouched down and sat on the ground so that her face was between his feet, which were apart. Betsy remembered staring at his balls, hanging down so tantalizingly. She desperately wanted to help, so Betsy reached out and grabbed Thomas’ bag. Her fingers toyed with it, rolling the balls around and around, before cupping them in her hand. The memory was exciting and thrilling, even as Betsy lay on her bed years later, dreaming of her life story.

Her dream went back to that date and time. Betsy stared at the back of Susan’s sexy body, as the woman sat on top of Thomas. She marveled at the sight of Thomas’ pecker, which lay menacingly under the woman’s backside. Suddenly the woman went nuts when Thomas began playing with her enlarged nipples. He twisted and rolled them around like crazy and then Susan’s body bent forward allowing Betsy to see more. Her eyes widened at the sight of her boyfriends cock, which pressed up against the woman’s narrow wetness.

Susan’s crotch hovered inches above Thomas’ hips and his cock jerked up and down randomly grazing her soaked opening. Betsy couldn’t resist reaching under Susan’s body and grabbing the shaft of her boyfriend’s stellar cock. She coaxed the woman higher, which enabled Betsy to pull Thomas’ cock straight up in the air.

It was obvious that Susan felt the sudden poking from the head of Thomas’ cock and she started whining out loud. She raised her chest up and off Thomas’ and stared into his eyes. “Oh, my God! I can feel it… feel your cock touching my cunt,” she moaned. “Oh, God! It’s so… so big. But I’ve dreamed of this day for a long, long time.”

Betsy remembered how much she wanted to strangle the woman. She had always hated the beach-slut, but now she had good reason. Suddenly Betsy noticed the head of Thomas’ cock disappear inside the woman and she acted out of hatred. She quickly let go of the throbbing penis and jumped to her feet. She grabbed Susan’s shoulders and then sternly shoved the woman downwards with all her might.

Betsy smiled when she heard the scream of panic. Susan must have thought the enormous cock had destroyed her precious insides, but her reaction was music to Betsy’s ears. With one strong push from Betsy and one powerful thrust from Thomas, his cock was buried in virgin territory. It didn’t take Thomas long before he was bouncing Susan up and down and at the same time Betsy grabbed those large nipples. Betsy was much rougher than she intended to be, but the sudden force only made Susan more distraught.

She could still see the orgasm of the century. Betsy wasn’t sure of how many orgasms the woman experienced, but the tremors seemed to go on forever. Thomas let Susan do all the work on the first one, as she moved her pussy up and down on the extended pecker. Everyone knew when the erratic spasms had turned into a full blown orgasm, when her body started jerking wildly, and the powerful convulsions made her yell out loud.

Betsy remembered glaring at the spectacle of pure ecstasy, but then Thomas took over. At first he slowly pumped his hips up and down making sure each thrust embedded his entire cock. Abruptly he speeded up and forced Susan’s body to rock back and forth, as his cock remained buried in her inner most sanctuary. Her breathing stopped and all that Betsy noticed was Susan gasping desperately for more air.

Susan was experiencing another violent climax with Betsy’s boyfriend and now Betsy was jealous. She vowed to make Susan pay, so just as the orgasm subsided enough that Susan’s body quieted, Betsy unexpectedly pulled the woman off of Thomas.

Betsy couldn’t remember being more aroused or so turned on. For a fleeting moment, she wanted nothing more than to be ravaged by her boyfriend, the animal who had just screwed another woman. Betsy stared at Thomas’ dwindling prick hanging down between his legs and she could not remember a time when she was more frustrated or desperate. She quickly got down on her hands and knees begging her Thomas to fuck her doggie style.

She reasoned that being in control was an aphrodisiac and the sudden power went to her head. Suddenly she was hit with a brainwave. “Get down here… now!” she yelled. “I want your slut-mouth on my cunt… now!”

Thomas was all in favor of lesbian sex. He forced Susan onto the ground and between his girlfriend’s widespread legs. “Eat baby… eat some pussy,” he whispered shoving Susan forward. “She’s all yours now… eat that gorgeous pussy.”

Betsy remembered the climax was swift and painless. For a woman who professed no experience, Susan acted like a pro. She tongued Betsy and slapped the engorged clitoris around as fast as she could. Then her teeth nibbled with just the right amount of determination to expand the clit into a throbbing epicenter. When the orgasm exploded and flowed freely from her internal being, all Betsy could do was wrap her fingers into Susan’s hair.

Thomas watched his girlfriend succumb to another woman’s caresses. He marveled at the enormous climax and the scene resembled the one with Debbie months ago. Following the demoralizing act, Betsy didn’t feel like more. Susan had collapsed in a fit of total exhaustion, so Thomas suggested they move into the serenity of the house. Once inside, Betsy noticed it was already midnight and much too late for Susan to go home. “It’s late. Stay the night. Thomas has a spare bedroom… it’s no problem at all,” she said. “Please stay.”

Betsy found a spare toothbrush and giggled when she gave Susan a nightshirt to wear. She remembered what she thought at the time. If Susan was submissive, then she would keep her as a friend just like Thomas wanted. Now Betsy looked back and realized that she really didn’t see things the right way. She fully understood what she wanted, but never actually carried out the plan properly. Like everything in her past, once someone got his or her foot in the door, Betsy was the one who turned submissive.

Betsy returned to the living room and into the arms of her boyfriend. Thomas handed her a drink and they relaxed together on the plush, leather sofa. He asked her if Susan was a keeper. “Da… I’m not sure. I haven’t had time to think,” she whispered. “She seems nice enough.”

She snuggled against Thomas thinking about the dilemma that lay ahead. She really needed to know how submissive Susan was. She just didn’t like the way the woman put her hands all over Thomas at every opportunity. Betsy couldn’t forget the mental images of Susan and Thomas together on the beach and she still resented the woman for being overly friendly with her boyfriend. Then Betsy pictured herself lying on a bed with Susan between her legs… giving her the best cunnilingus.

Suddenly warm, mushy feelings flowed through her head with the thought of Susan licking her pussy like she did outside. She imagined the woman was really a dog and then pictured Thomas fucking her like one. That would make Susan submissive and Betsy felt much better, being able to control the situation. Maybe she would keep the woman around just so she could extract her revenge, Betsy thought.


They went to bed right after finishing their drinks. Both were still in a heightened sense of emotions from what transpired earlier and neither wanted to spoil the wonderful effect. Erotic fantasies filled their heads and eventually they went to sleep without actually having sex again.

Betsy remembered having the strangest dream of all time. Her eyes had closed with images of being in complete control over everything Susan did. Betsy dreamed of forcing the woman to perform just like she did on the pool deck. She could almost feel the woman’s tongue leaving a wet trail across her quivering tummy and down until it stroked her upraised pelvis. All of a sudden it all felt so real. She imagined yanking hard on the woman’s hair and making her cry for mercy when she forced Susan’s head between her widespread legs.

It was three or four in the morning and Betsy didn’t want to disturb the dream. All of a sudden she felt Debbie sneaking into bed behind her. The dream was exactly the way it was when Debbie, Thomas and her slept together. She always slept on her side and in the middle with her boyfriend and girlfriend on either side. Then her dream continued and Betsy mumbled her approval when she felt someone giving her soft, tender kisses on the back of her neck and shoulders.

Suddenly the kisses shifted to the crook of her neck and shoulder and Betsy smiled when an arm went under her head. Another arm snaked between her upper arm and torso and suddenly she felt hands on her bare boobs. It was all so familiar and similar to the way it was with Debbie. A tear came to her eye, as the dream seemed so real. In her own way, Betsy realized that she loved Debbie and missed her terribly.

When something didn’t seem right, Betsy didn’t want to stop the dream of Debbie being with her again. She was just about to open her eyes when Thomas kissed her. He cupped her head firmly between his strong hands and kissed her hard on the lips. Betsy remembered thinking that it was odd the way her boyfriend held her, but the amazing sensations were wonderfully overwhelming.

Betsy wondered why her nipples suddenly throbbed madly and there seemed to be fingers pinching them so hard they hurt. She felt like one confused Cajun woman and oddly didn’t try to stop the cunning assault. As things weren’t going the way she imagined, Betsy wanted to end the dream. She was supposed to be in control, but now she seemed to have very little.

When a swift spasm shot through her body like a jolt of electricity, Betsy abruptly opened her eyes. It wasn’t a dream. Everything was real and happening at once. Thomas kissed her and continued to hold her head with his hands. Her dream broken, suddenly she was aware of strange hands that were causing her so much turmoil. It was the absolute weirdest feeling. She lay on her left side; her top leg was lifted into the air and forced on top of Thomas’ legs, which left her crotch vulnerable.

Betsy couldn’t see because of the way Thomas held her, but she felt every damning caress. Soft, demanding fingers caressed her exposed crotch and suddenly one of the fingers pushed into her wetness. All Betsy could do at the time was moan out loud just as Thomas kissed her harder on the lips. Even though she wanted to protest and ask the impostor to stop, it wasn’t possible.

All of a sudden fingers pinched her clitoris hard, but her scream was gobbled up by Thomas’ kiss. When teeth started carving a trail down her back and onto her butt, Betsy was distraught. Suddenly a tongue lashed out and licked Betsy’s ass all over. The insistent tongue finally stopped when it darted into the dark, velvety crack.

Abruptly everything came to her like a bolt of lightning. A swift flash of light dazed her for a split second and it gave Susan time to attack. The woman was determined and stronger than Betsy ever imagined. Susan raised Betsy’s leg up, as high as it would go, and then she licked her asshole. Just as the woman’s tongue pressed hard against the puckered entrance, her finger slipped into Betsy’s honey-hole.

Susan knew exactly how to control Betsy’s inner emotions. The middle and forefinger of her right hand thrust into the hot cavity and her thumb rested directly on top of the unguarded clitoris. Susan pushed the clit all around with her thumb, as her fingers caressed the delicate, ribbed G-spot like an angel.

Betsy could only envision what the scene looked like at the time. Her upper leg was held high in the air and she must have appeared like a dog in heat. She was unable to stop the damaging caresses, which quickly robbed her once proud and long lasting stamina.

With the seduction going better than he ever predicted, Thomas moaned, “Holy fuck, baby! She’s sucking your ass… eating your ass.”

Betsy couldn’t prevent her hips from thrashing back and forth. Whether it was trying to get away from the disparaging tongue or the damaging fingers, Betsy wasn’t sure. She heard the woman spit into her crack and then Susan used her tongue to press all of the juicy saliva into the tiny asshole. Every time Betsy’s hips shot forward, Susan’s thumb remained in intimate contact with the clitty. Her crude assault left Betsy’s dignity shattered and frayed.

“Amazing… it’s amazing, honey, the way she’s eating you.”

“Please gawd… stop her.”

“Holy shit… she’s tonguing your ass.”

“No… dear gawd, Thomas! Make her stop.”

Then Thomas grabbed Betsy’s leg from Susan and held it even higher in midair. “Fuck baby… I’ve never seen your ass go like that. What’s her tongue doing to you?”

“Oh gawd… this can’t be happening to me!”

“Oh baby… it is… it is!”

Susan’s tongue was relentless. She kept licking Betsy’s ass and using her tongue like a stiff penis. “Dear gawd… make her stop!” Betsy cried to no avail. Suddenly Susan started finger-fucking her like a crazed woman. Susan jammed her fingers to the hilt with every mad thrust while letting her thumb squash the tiny clitoris into the hard, bony pelvis.

“Thomas… dear gawd, she’s… she’s…!” Betsy’s pleas ended mid-sentence, as Susan’s rough and determined efforts swiftly ended the feeble protest.

Thomas stared at the most erotic scene. “Christ baby… I think you’re cumming.”

Betsy wondered if her delicate clitoris would ever be the same. All of a sudden the woman shifted her fingers and grabbed the swollen clit. She squeezed so hard it forced a wild scream from Betsy and then she rolled the rosy bud around vigorously. Betsy suddenly realized she was on her back and her legs were spread wide allowing Susan complete freedom. Her vulnerable clitty was a blur, as the woman took her over the crest, and left her tumbling down the far side of utopia.

Betsy’s hips thrust madly at the fingers and the orgasm made her insane with lust. When the woman clamped her mouth right over her honey-hole, Betsy surrendered to the demanding woman, knowing the battle was over. She remembered coming down from that lustful session and getting yet another setback in her mission of gaining control over the beach-slut.

Susan and Thomas seemed to work as a team. Susan rolled over Betsy’s outstretched body until she wound-up lying on top. Then she kissed Betsy hungrily, letting her taste the remnants of female juices, which sent a shiver of despair through Betsy knowing they were her very own love-juices. When Betsy noticed her boyfriend shifting around to the rear of the woman, she welcomed the thought of the beach-slut getting fucked like a dog.


Things seemed to get further out of her control. Each day passed and Betsy found it increasingly harder to think of a good way to get rid of Susan. She needed a plan. Betsy reasoned that if she humiliated Susan enough, the woman would just leave. Surely Susan had some pride, she thought.

Susan left Thomas’ early Monday morning with a promise of staying in touch. Betsy was infuriated by what happened on the weekend, but she didn’t know how to tell her boyfriend that she wanted Susan gone. Then Thomas departed for a few days on a business trip and Betsy was left alone with her dilemma. Before he left, Thomas encouraged Betsy to befriend their new play-toy.

Thomas even invited Susan to stay at his place with Betsy on the following weekend despite the fact he was going to be away. “It’s a good chance for you two to get to know each other better. Give her a chance… I know you’ll like her,” he reasoned. “I’ve already invited her over on Friday… right after work. She knows I’ll be away and was very excited for an opportunity for you two to socialize.”

Betsy cursed for not telling Thomas that she hated the beach-slut and really didn’t feel comfortable with her around. Instead, she merely listened to his explanation and eventually accepted the proposal. As the weekend drew nearer, Betsy planned her ultimate revenge against the woman, but she was fairly hesitant about treating another person so badly. When she finished teaching that Friday afternoon, Betsy’s state of mind was much more passive than it was at the beginning of the week.

Susan showed up at Thomas’ about six o’clock and she was carrying a suitcase. Betsy recalled that nothing really happened that evening, as the two women merely sat around talking. Strange, Betsy thought, how a person’s hatred disappeared once they got to know their adversary. She remembered thinking Susan wasn’t such a bad person and the woman seemed to like and dislike a lot of the same things Betsy did.

Betsy didn’t remember how it happened, but sometime Saturday afternoon, she convinced Susan to try bondage. Once the woman was tied securely to the bed, Betsy extracted a measure of revenge. Susan’s hands and feet were bound to each corner of the bed and then Betsy used one of her dildos and vibrators on her. Susan was bound and gagged when Betsy applied rubber bands around her boobs and things kept getting better and better.

Betsy marveled at how the luscious tits turned color and then she clamped on the menacing clothespins. She remembered using her middle finger and snapping Susan’s engorged nipples. When the woman screamed in agony even with a gag in her mouth, Betsy snapped her nipples again and again demonstrating her complete control. Betsy’s emotions went sky-high, as the instruments of torture made Susan squirm and struggle hard against the bonds.

By Sunday evening, Betsy realized her plan was failing. Susan hardly objected to the various humiliating acts forced on her, and she turned out to be the perfect submissive partner. The only thing Susan protested vehemently about was when Betsy rubbed oil on her asshole, indicating it was the next aperture to be assaulted. Looking back on that time alone with Susan, Betsy realized the weekend turned out quite gratifying even though she was skeptical at first.

Betsy remembered receiving a phone call from Thomas on Sunday, as he was checking to see how the friendship was progressing. Her first impulse was to tell him that she still hated Susan, but she relented. Betsy realized now, that she felt sorry for the woman, and the weekend alone with her was quite gratifying. Then on Sunday evening, Betsy didn’t have the nerve to ask Susan to leave, so she timidly asked the woman to stay until Thomas returned.


Betsy couldn’t remember exactly what day she went to the mall, but sometime during the week Thomas was gone, she went shopping. He wasn’t due back till Saturday afternoon, so she still had time to kill. Out of the blue, a girl came up to her and said hello. It took Betsy a minute before she recognized the brazen salesgirl from Victoria Secrets. They chatted and the girl said that she was now the manager of the store, more by attrition than any other skill.

Then the girl shocked Betsy. “Are you still with your boyfriend?”


“I remember him. It’s not everyday a guy comes up and pays you big money to feel up his girlfriend.”

“Aaah, gawd. He did?”

“Yeah, he paid me… told me to feel your tits. And I must say… you do have a nice set of boobs… for an older woman.”

Betsy felt like crawling under a rock.

“I’ve dreamed about you since that day. How you almost creamed when I touched you.”

Betsy couldn’t remember being more intimidated than by the salesgirl. She watched the girl’s pretty face get more dramatic, as she continued.

“Yes, dreamed about you. How I put my hands on your beautiful tits… then touched your ass. I’ve had girlfriends, but never someone as hot as you… as sexy as you.”

Betsy merely remained motionless letting the girl befriend her.

“Do you need new bras… or something new to sleep in? We have a new line of bras that would look lovely on you. If you come into my store, I’d be glad to show you our new delicates.” The grin on the young woman’s face said it all.

Betsy knew enough not to fall for her blatant manner, but suddenly a devious thought hit her. “No. No, I’ve got everything I need. But I do have a friend… Susan, who needs a new wardrobe,” she said feeling more excited with each new thought. “She definitely needs new bras… and panties. Her undies just don’t fit right.”

Betsy made all the arrangements to meet the girl on the upcoming Friday. The salesgirl wisely suggested 9:00 PM, which was closing time. She winked at Betsy, which caused a shiver to shoot up her spine. “I’d love to give her my undivided attention. Maybe you should stay and watch… watch your girlfriend get girlie fucked!”

Betsy couldn’t get away fast enough. She rushed out to her car and sat in secluded silence with her head resting on the steering wheel. Her sly arrangements would definitely get the weekend off on the right foot. She planned taking Susan to the lingerie shop at the determined time Friday evening, and then leaving the woman there with the determined salesgirl. Betsy winched thinking of how the girl would certainly ravage the poor beach-slut.


Susan couldn’t drink worth a damn, so it didn’t take Betsy long to get her to lose her inhibitions. They had dinner in a mall pub with a few glasses of wine, and soon both women were feeling no pain. Although it was still an hour or so before the scheduled rendezvous, Betsy coerced Susan past the Victoria Secrets store. She innocently suggested they take a quick peek at all the pretty under garments, which Susan found very enticing.

The salesgirl immediately met them and introduced herself as Jillian. She also introduced her new trainee, Sherri. Jillian motioned the two customers to the back of the store while secretly ordering her trainee to secure the front door even though it was a little early. As expected, Jillian quickly assessed Susan’s proper size and then she grabbed several garments, taking them to the back change room. She also grabbed items that fit Betsy so both women were in for a big surprise.

Susan never realized the whole adventure was a setup. “Sherri is new… just learning how to serve a Victoria Secrets customer,” Jillian said. “As you know… we sell the best… the sexiest lingerie.”

Betsy thought she would be excluded from the sales pitch and she was shocked when Jillian ushered both women into a fairly large change room. The room was big enough for the four women but it left little room to move around. There were mirrors on three walls and only the door on the one side. Betsy suddenly felt trapped when Jillian pushed her and Susan against the far wall and then the salesgirl stood blocking the exit.

Jillian looked directly at Susan. “Take off your top… first we’ll try on bras. I will demonstrate how I want Sherri to assist customers,” she said with a deadly serious expression on her face. “Here… let me take that top. Then I want Sherri to learn the tricks of the trade.” When Jillian gave Betsy a wink, it sent a sudden tremor through Betsy’s entire body knowing what she meant.

Susan hands didn’t move fast enough so the young girl abruptly stripped her blouse, which made the unsuspecting woman turn a brilliant shade of red. Betsy stood off to one side shivering, as she remembered being in the same predicament with Jillian, not that long ago. Both salesgirls had their hands all over Susan’s body and it soon became evident the woman’s nipples were affected by the extra attention.

Suddenly Jillian measured Susan for the correct bra size, but it was not the conventional type of measurement. Her hands cupped the boobs and purposely dared the woman to protest. Susan stared into the dark, demoralizing eyes and she did nothing to stop the girl. Then Jillian popped Susan’s titties out of the lacy cups and used her skilled fingers to caress the hardened ends.

Normally Susan didn’t feel timid or self-conscious in front of other women, but suddenly she felt funny. Her boobs seemed inflamed and her tummy was doing so many summersaults; she felt kind of wheezy. That brought the first and only protest Susan made that night. Her head appeared like it was on a hinge and Susan twisted her head towards Betsy. She stared at her friend and pleaded for an intervention, which would never happen.

All of a sudden dainty fingers pinched the ends of her breasts and twisted her nipples around very vigorously. Susan raised her hands, but just as she grabbed Jillian’s hands, Sherri reached for her skirt and stripped it before she had a chance to stop the trainee. Jillian glared into Susan’s eyes with the sharpest daggers. “Stand still! Let me measure your tits so we can fit you with the proper bra.”

Suddenly Susan was pinned into the corner of the change room by the two determined salesgirls. They freely molested her and she felt helpless, as Jillian and Sherri ripped her undies off her body. Every moral fiber inside her head screamed for them to quit but all of her pleas went unanswered. The trainee mauled her lower body and used her skilled mouth to leave a wet trail of destruction all across Susan’s tummy.

The manager was a pro. She sucked the inflamed nipples and used her teeth skillfully to leave Susan’s buds throbbing madly. Susan could not remember a time in her life when she felt so vulnerable or so powerless. Suddenly Jillian wedged her right hand into Susan’s crotch and instantly jammed her middle finger into the defenseless hole.

Betsy’s eyes grew wider watching the brazen assault, which was happening a few feet in front of her. Jillian knew what she was doing and she wanted to demoralize the stranger as quickly as possible. She forced Susan’s body tightly into the corner of the room and the palm of her hand flattened the puffy clitoris. Jillian jiggled her hand back and forth vigorously ensuring her palm and fingers were caressing the most sensitive spots.

There was something about watching another woman get finger-fucked that Betsy found mesmerizing. She listened to Susan whimper in defeat when Jillian pinched the clitty between her trained fingers, yanking the bud all the way out of the labia protector. Susan fell against Jillian and remained up on her tiptoes, as if trying to outreach the perpetrator.

At the time Betsy wondered if anything could be more devastating. She witnessed a finger fucking by a monster and a woman experiencing an orgasm while completely nude standing in a lingerie store. The orgasm must have destroyed any of Susan’s remaining willpower. She merely moaned out loud but not once did she push Julian or Sherri away, as her body thrashed wildly in the corner of the room.

Susan wrongly assumed her turmoil was over when she climaxed. When the last earth-shaking tremor rocked her frail body, she was literally thrown onto the floor. Susan never dreamed she would ever experience cunnilingus on the floor of a woman’s change room.

The next hour was one Betsy would never forget. Her eyes bulged out of her head when the young trainee dove between Susan’s thrashing legs. The girl locked her arms around the struggling limbs and held them fairly motionless, as she began licking Susan lower torso. Her daring tongue caused Susan’s body to twist and turn but there was no evading the tongue when it thrust into the bellybutton. Then the girl began a downward decent and Susan’s body went out of control, bouncing from side to side. The tongue was like a dart, as it stabbed Susan everywhere. All of a sudden it disappeared between the wide-spread legs and the sound of utter betrayal echoed throughout the enclosed change room.

Suddenly Betsy witnessed David and Goliath. Jillian stripped her clothing and when she was naked, grinned at Betsy. Then she slapped the whining woman hard across the face. It stunned Susan and she didn’t protest when a hard nipple was shoved in her face. The girl used brute force to pry Susan’s mouth open and then she shoved her boob into the open mouth. Jillian left her throbbing nipple in Susan’s mouth for a few seconds, and swiftly switched to the other nipple using the hair on Susan’s head to hold her face steady.

Betsy was so engrossed with the assault she almost didn’t hear Jillian. “See what you missed? How about it… do you want to try a second time?”

Betsy thought she would pee her pants at the disgusting remarks. She opened the door of the change room and almost fell out of the room, trying to escape the girl’s control. Once outside, she slammed the door shut and wandered into the middle of the now darkened store. Betsy could still hear the two salesgirls, as they ravaged Susan, but she didn’t leave the store.

She wasn’t positive how long Jillian kept Susan in the dungeon. The entire time, Betsy remained standing in the middle of the darkened sales floor. Even though the lights were off, she felt that everyone who walked by the large display windows could see inside the store. Luckily there wasn’t much traffic with all of the stores in the mall closed, only the occasional salespeople leaving work and the odd late customer.

All of a sudden Betsy remembered being surprised by the intimidating salesgirl. Her heart must have been beating a thousand times a minute when Jillian slinked up behind her. Betsy had been watching a couple of salesmen walking by when the girl startled her. “You should watch your friend… she’s being punished just the way you like,” she whispered. Betsy almost jumped out of her skin when Jillian put her lips next to her ear. “You’re missing the best part!”

Betsy had already taken her credit card out of her pocket and she held it in the air for the salesgirl to see. “Charge it on this. Put as many bras and panties on my card as you like… just be fast,” Betsy said, as her voice quivered.

Jillian stood right behind Betsy. The salesgirl had merely donned a shear dressing gown when she exited the back change room, and she suddenly wrapped her arm around Betsy’s neck. Jillian tightened her hold and pulled back at the same time, which severely arched Betsy’s back.

All of a sudden Betsy remembered being shamelessly put on display by the brazen Jillian. A couple of stragglers walked by the store windows and looked at the sexy lingerie displays. Then Jillian’s left hand yanked Betsy’s shirt all the way up to her neck making sure to grab the bra at the same time.

Betsy stared straight at the unaware viewers not sure if they could see inside or not. “Too bad they can’t see your luscious tits,” Jillian whispered. When the girl boldly cupped her right boob and aimed it at the window, Betsy cried for not acting at once. She merely stood frozen on the spot and let the girl fondle her breast without any reprisal.

Then Jillian acted so fast and abruptly that the young woman stunned Betsy. She let go of her and grabbed the credit card. Then she quickly stuffed the card into one of the front pockets of Betsy’s pants before grabbing her hand. “You don’t have to pay. I owe you for all of the sweet dreams you have given me for the past months,” Jillian said. “Come! I want you to witness your friend getting her face fucked.”

Jillian held Betsy’s hand and she led the way back to the change room. She quickly opened the door, making Betsy stop on a dime, as she stared into the heated room. Susan’s face was completely buried in the young girl’s snatch. Sherri had her fingers wrapped in Susan’s curly hair and kept the woman’s face pinned in her dripping crotch.

“Watch this. Sherri is the best… at forcing a bitch to eat her out,” Jillian whispered.

A truer statement was never uttered. The girl crushed Susan’s face harder into her crotch and twisted her head back and forth wiping Susan’s open mouth across her exposed cunt opening. Sherri was a squirter, which Betsy had never seen before, and the girl’s cum washed all over Susan’s blushing face. At one point Susan almost choked, as the abundant cum ran into her mouth and down her throat.

Jillian held the door open so Betsy could see it all. “That’s something… isn’t it? Have you ever seen a woman squirt like that?”

Betsy could only shake her head, as her voice was gone. She watched the girl’s body shiver and shake out of control but Sherri never released the imprisoned head. She held Susan’s open mouth directly over her cunt and made sure the woman’s nose was mashed tightly against her most sensitive clitty.

The scene was the most profound thing Betsy had ever witnessed, which was likely the reason she let her guard down. All of a sudden Jillian had her hands on Betsy’s chest, cupping her boobs before she had a chance to escape. Then the girl hugged Betsy tightly into her hard body. “Just wait… you’re next. I want to reward my faithful trainee with the sexiest woman. Give her something she will never forget.”

Betsy dearly wanted to run but her feet were nailed to the floor. She had an impulse to move but for some strange reason never took a step. Then she heard the girl speak. “I made a promise after not taking advantage last time,” Jillian whispered. “I vowed to turn my dream woman with the sexiest body into my darling slut.”

Betsy’s legs got increasingly weaker and she felt like she might collapse. Her eyes widen and her mouth hung open in shear amazement when Jillian boldly faced her. Betsy could see the girl’s arms moving with her peripheral vision, but she didn’t move a muscle to stop her. Jillian shoved her into the change room just as Sherri and Susan got off the floor. Then Jillian purposely left the door open when she ordered Betsy to strip.

Betsy refused to obey the girl, but that was a big mistake. Suddenly she was slammed hard against the wall of the change room, which knocked the wind out of her. Abruptly there were so many hands taking her clothes off that Betsy was too confused to do anything. She desperately looked at Jillian, and then at Sherri, but their serious faces and wild eyes sent panic through her entire body. She fully expected to be raped by the two maniacs, but that was not what happened.

Then she pictured what really happened in that crowded change room. There was a bench against one wall and Jillian suddenly sat on it. Then the girl literally ordered Betsy to eat her, as she ripped the gown off her youthful body. The command made Betsy’s heart stop and she remembered turning her head to the side, looking out of the wide-open doorway to the dimly lit store display windows. Obviously no one could see into the change room from the mall corridor but Betsy was never sure.

Much to Betsy’s dismay, Susan even helped in her seduction. Susan did whatever Jillian ordered her to do. When Betsy didn’t obey Jillian at once, Susan and Sherri became the enforcers. Betsy remembered how Susan and Sherri forced her onto her hands and knees in front of the waiting Jillian, and then pushed her head into the woman’s lap. Nothing more had to be said to Betsy, as she started licking Jillian in a way that definitely pleased the young woman. At the time Betsy wondered if she wasn’t a born-again lesbian, with the way she performed oral sex on Jillian.

Betsy remembering thinking she had to act fast. She desperately wanted Jillian to experience a climax right away so she used her mouth and fingers for decadent purposes. Betsy licked the young woman’s pussy while paying particular attention to the throbbing clitty.

Then the shocking revelation of that particular time hit her. She was on her knees between Jillian’s legs and performing cunnilingus on her when one of the others got behind her. Someone started licking her ass and then their tongue went into her velvety crack. When the person fucked her asshole, Betsy wanted to cry. She couldn’t think of anything more humiliating yet it was so intimidating that she was unable to move away.

When Jillian’s orgasm ended, the girl swiftly changed places with Sherri. Betsy remembered being ordered once again to perform oral magic. She faithfully used her tongue on the young salesgirl and it wasn’t long before Sherri’s hips gyrated all over the bench.

At the time, Betsy didn’t dare look behind her but suddenly she flinched remembering the drastic feeling. A mouth kissed her butt and left a wet trail all over until darting into her dark crevice. Abruptly a tongue lashed out, licking her puckered asshole, and Betsy’s dilemma grew dire once again. But this time it was different. All of a sudden a finger pushed into her pussy, which Betsy was okay with, but then another finger was forced into her back entrance.

Betsy sobbed that night when she felt Sherri’s orgasm burst in her mouth. The girl used brute force to hold Betsy’s head against her crotch. Sherri knew exactly how to rotate Betsy’s head back and forth in her wetness and expertly keep the open mouth directly on her soaked cunt. Sherri squirted cum out of her convulsing belly and filled the open mouth until the juices spilled out.

Then with the sudden swiftness of a bullet, Betsy’s orgasm exploded. Jillian finger-fucked both holes and made sure she rammed each finger to the hilt with each determined thrust. Betsy relived that horrible experience. Her hips bucked so hard and fast that she almost hurt her knees on the hard floor. She was forced to perform an immoral act on another woman, which was bad enough, but also experiencing a mind-blowing orgasm at the same time was demoralizing.

Betsy pictured all of it, as she recalled this chapter of her life story. Jillian crouched behind her and she kept the orgasm flourishing from one gigantic high to the next. The girl rammed her slender finger into Betsy’s ass while at the same time replacing her other finger with her hot mouth. Betsy remembered her entire clitoris engulfed by Jillian’s burning mouth and then her delicate bud being bashed around by the girl’s skilled tongue.

She thought the orgasm would never end. Just as Betsy teetered on the highest peak, the devious Jillian switched. Her tongue started licking Betsy’s asshole pretending to be a penis and Jillian finger-fucked the saliva, soaked pussy like a wild woman. Even years later, as Betsy reminisced about her life, she shivered with the images of how she let lust overtake her sanity, in of all places, a woman’s change room.

***The Affair Changes

Both Betsy and Susan were completely spent when they left Victoria Secrets. Adding to Betsy’s humiliation at the time, the two salesgirls sort of turned all their attention to each other and ignored the two, distraught women. Long after it was over, Betsy wondered, ‘Why didn’t I fight the girls? Why didn’t I didn’t slap Jillian’s face when she said such vulgar, brash things?’

When they got back to Thomas’, they went straight up to the master bedroom. Neither woman said a word. It was by implied, mutual consent that they went to bed together and Betsy remembered how nice it was to have someone around who cared. The Friday night episode with Jillian and Sherri had been traumatic and Betsy found Susan’s company gave her some consolation. Betsy was beginning to appreciate Susan more and more even though she didn’t want to admit the fact.

Suddenly at the frightening age of 39, Betsy looked back on the way her life was changing. Her love affair with Thomas was truly special, but suddenly it was becoming complicated. She reflected and realized the relationship changed shortly after Thomas returned from his weekend conference. He came home early Monday morning and immediately informed Betsy that they were invited on weekend getaway, a short holiday with another couple to New Jersey.

Thomas told her about one of his biggest clients, Ted who owned a large HMO. She remembered meeting Ted casually at one of Thomas’ parties, but couldn’t recall any specific details about the man. Thomas explained spending a lot of time with Ted and his wife at the conference and he mentioned how much he liked the couple.

Betsy tried to think back to how it really happened. Her love affair with Thomas was truly special, but suddenly things changed. She reflected and realized the relationship changed drastically during that New Jersey holiday. When they went with the married couple, Ted and Alice, Betsy expected the extended weekend in fun city would include drinking, gambling and having a good time. Suddenly she grinned with the realization that it wasn’t necessarily in that order.

Apparently the Atlantic City weekend was Ted’s idea. Betsy found out later that she was the reason the man wanted to spend a few days with Thomas, but she was far too naïve to suspect anything was wrong at the time. Now years later, Betsy sprawled out on the bed in her spare bedroom thinking of reasons and excuses for the way she acted in Jersey. The last thing of interest to her at the time was swinging, but it just happened. At first Betsy thought of blaming it on being tipsy from having too much to drink. Then she realized that she was not the type of woman to extract blame or make excuses. At 39, Betsy was a grown woman and she never shrank away from taking responsibility.

The holiday was planned as an extended weekend retreat. Thomas and Ted intended to finalize some business deals at the same time so there were good reasons for them going together. Late Thursday , the couples arrived in Atlantic City. They checked into the hotel and only took time for a couple of drinks in the hotel casino before hitting the sack.

Friday morning the couples got up and toured the city before returning to the hotel for dinner. Betsy reflected on what it was like. The whole atmosphere was party-like and the booze flowed freely so everyone seemed happy. After eating, the couples spent the whole evening in the casino, which provided loads of fun gambling. Win some, loose some and in the end nobody really lost much money.

Betsy remembered feeling no pain when someone suggested it was time for a nightcap. Her legs were fairly wobbly when they went back to the room, but Thomas managed to keep her steady and upright. The couples had adjoining rooms so it was natural that Ted and Alice followed them into their room. Once inside, Thomas mixed drinks and the couples sat around chatting and telling jokes. Betsy remembered it as a great time and her belly hurt from laughing so much that night.

All of a sudden about two in the morning, Alice suggested getting into a more casual, relaxed attire and she excused herself to get changed. For some strange reason, everyone laughed when Alice dared Thomas to help her get changed, saying that she couldn’t do it alone. At the time Betsy thought they were kidding and she merely resumed taking sips of her drink while casually watching what was on the television.

When Thomas followed Alice, Betsy reasoned her boyfriend was merely playing along with her silly game. All of a sudden Ted stood at the door to the adjacent room. “Wow! You should see this,” he whispered in Betsy’s direction. “Allie’s naked and Tommy boy is kissing her…!”

Ted sort of left his revelation hanging. Not really understanding what was happening, Betsy resisted the urge to look. She grinned at Ted, but he kept glancing into the room and then at her in a most animated manner. Suddenly the temptation got the better of her and Betsy went to the doorway. She peeked into the room and her jaw dropped.

Betsy was dumbfounded watching Thomas fondle Alice’s fully exposed titties. The fact the woman wasn’t wearing any clothes took Betsy by surprise and her heart started beating very rapidly. It almost felt like she was spying on someone and if they saw her, she would be in big trouble. Her eyes got bigger when Thomas played with the enormous nipples with his tongue and the sound of Alice moaning sent shivers up Betsy’s backbone.

Her heart almost pounded out of her chest, as Ted grabbed her dainty hand and led her across the dimly lit room to the bed she shared with Thomas. Betsy remembered being absolutely petrified when Ted slowly unbuttoned her blouse one button at a time. Reflecting on it, Betsy reasoned she had plenty of time to stop him, but she didn’t. The doors to the adjoining room were left wide open and Betsy remembered listening to the loud moans from next door.

Betsy couldn’t fathom how everything seemed to be closing in on her, in that small hotel room. She remembered acting like a mechanical robot. Betsy tried hard to picture what Thomas and Alice were doing and her head got more confused with each passing second. Seeing it all now in her daydream made Betsy realize that it was all a planned setup.

At the time her entire focus and attention was on her boyfriend and Alice. Betsy stood beside the bed and never even tried to stop Ted who swiftly stripped her blouse and skirt, leaving her skimpily dressed in bra and panties. He literally threw Betsy on the bed and was on top of her before she had time to escape. Betsy did remember putting up a futile struggle after she hit the bed, but Ted merely pinned her arms above her head. He slithered between her legs, which he forced apart, and Betsy suddenly realized she was going to get fucked.

Abruptly Ted sat up and frantically ripped his clothes off. Betsy would always regret not struggling harder or trying to escape at that time. She lay motionless on the bed and watched in horror, as Ted stripped, even though she knew what was in store. All of a sudden he was naked and on top of her again. She felt his erection poking her in the crotch and flinched every time it struck the narrow band of panty material between her legs.

Betsy moaned out loud trying hard to let Ted know of her displeasure, but he was far past the caring stage. He leaned down and put his mouth next to her ear. “Alice thinks you have the sexiest body… so do I. Thomas told us how much you like swinging,” Ted whispered. “He said you were the best… liked having sex with another couple… and sex with another woman.”

Ted’s disclosure made Betsy want to struggle harder but it was too late. The man was a brute and he held her arms pinned firmly on the bed, as he rode the bucking mustang. It seemed the harder she struggled, the more determined Ted got. “That’s it baby. Fight… fight for all you’re worth baby,” he hissed. “Tommy said you like putting on a show… like to pretend you’re being raped.”

Betsy remembered crying and pleading with Ted, but it only encouraged him more. Suddenly she turned her head to the side and stared into the deep, black eyes of the devil. Somehow Alice had crept into the room and she was kneeling beside the bed. Betsy’s memory became more dramatic and more detailed. The wo

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