Watching April: April’s Lust On The Lake

Author: Master_Vyle


It was a very lusty day for my wife April. I knew it was going to be as soon as I started to wake up. I felt some very pleasant pressure down below and heard the sound of breath being pushed through someone’s nose as well as the sound of some greedy slurping. There was no mistaking that she was sucking my cock to rouse me from sleep. I let out a sigh, not opening my eyes, as I felt her warm tits tickle the right side of my waist.
“Mmmmm, okay,” I groaned opening my eyes to slits.
I’m Barry, as you probably know by now, Barry Snow, and again welcome to our little Watching April blog. Sorry again that I still haven’t gotten any other pics up, but I promise to have some new ones as soon as I can. I know that just having a few of us and the house is pretty boring, but the single shot of a hint of her playing where I took a picture of her pussy after it was filled by the first guy I ever watched her with in secret is the most popular one on the site so far and gets thousands of views a day.
I guess if you’re new and picked this as the first thing to read over then you’re probably a little lost. Let me fill you in by letting you know that my wife of 32 years is a certified nymphomaniac. (Well at least she would be if they gave certifications for that kind of thing.) And I am very supportive of her condition. Of course it doesn’t hurt that I am bi, and am always willing and ready to join in on the fun in some form or another.
My wife is my idea of beauty. Believe it or not she has corn-silk blonde hair that is so soft and smooth, and even though she is 50 she has never had a single strand of gray or white hair. If only I were so lucky, but I’m not aging as gracefully as my perpetually horny wife. She’s never had any whites or grays down below either. I know because even though she shaves it bald most of the time she does occasionally let it grow out, and during my close up views, which I get several times a week, I have never seen one.
April has gotten bigger as the years have passed, becoming what they call a BBW, a big beautiful woman. The term is okay, but I have always though of her as pleasingly plump. She is five foot six with a cute, round belly, and chunky thighs and upper arms which I think are great for grabbing on to. She has a fat pair of DD titties that have red nipples as big as your thumb tips when they get hard. Her pussy is nice and tight. The fat pouty lips might fool you, and even though it has had some workouts with some truly huge cocks it still shrinks back to normal after use so that it feels just as tight as it did the first time we ever fucked. Her puckered asshole is the same way. It always goes back to normal after taking a big and hard cock inside.
Anyway, I’m rambling on again…
I opened my eyes to see that my wife was a little off to the right. Her tits and nipples bumped and rubbed my waist as she bobbed her head greedily up and down on my already stiff cock. I do admit that I am by no means huge, but April has always loved it anyway. My lusty wife loves cock, and it always has been a matter of the amount of cocks she can get as opposed to the size. (Although we both do love a big, hard and long cock when it is available.)
I looked over to her naked ass as she sucked me. We’ve both slept in the nude from day one since we have been together. (For easy access anytime, of course.) Her firm and round moons jiggled slightly as she bobbed her head, and I noticed that her knees were wide and that she was working a finger furiously over her clit. Beside her leg sat a pink Thruster Bunny that was turned off, so I guessed she had been playing with that before she decided to wake me.
Looking the other way I could see that the TV was on. April was on the screen, naked and giggling, a little smaller than she is now. It is one of her favorites from our personal home movie collection. Recently I have put most of our old videos on DVD, and since then April has been watching a lot of this one in particular.
As she gave me a hard sucking, moving her head up my shaft, a naked male appeared on the screen. He has a fat nine incher that my wife puts her hand around and strokes as she sits down on the bed of some motel or other that I’ve forgotten the name of. He looks at the screen, and I seem to remember his name is Dale. He was older than us at the time, short salt and pepper beard and deep blue eyes as haunting as April’s gray ones. I had thought he was cute when I had suggested that April try to pick him up. He had a lot of stamina, and he was a big comer.
“You sure this is cool, man?,” he asked looking at the screen. He had one of those deep southern voices that sounded pleasant and not at all backwoods hick.
I’m pretty sure I know what people think of everyone from Alabama, and I can say it isn’t true of a lot of people that we have met. For us though…
Oh, well, I better save that for another time too.
Anyway, Dale is looking at the screen to me holding the video camera, the look on his face is one of nervousness and sincerity. He was sweet as well as cute, definitely one of the best accidental bi finds that we ever came across.
“It’s fine with me,” I said from off screen. “I told her to I wanted to watch you fuck her.”
April moaned loudly around my cock as she sucked it, and I let out a gasp. Apparently she loved me saying that because she started sucking me harder and fingering her clit a lot faster.
“Yeah,” he gasped. April had craned herself around from where she sat on the motel bed and sucked the head of his cock in her mouth.
“And you can have me too,” I offered on the video.
He closed his eyes, hissing as April sucked his head harder. “Yeah, fuck yeah,” he panted.
Closing my eyes I let out a little sigh as my wife sucked me a little harder at that moment. A little mindlessly I put a hand up and out, slowly stroking the side along her cool thigh.
“Come on, darling,” I could hear April plead, a little out of breath, over the TV speakers. “I want to get your big cock inside me.”
I turned my hand over and slid it up, then patted my wife’s ample ass. “Put you pussy on me, baby.”
Without a sound or even missing a beat April worked herself over. She kept sucking my cock the whole time as she threw a leg over my chest, then positioned herself to the middle. I raised my head up as she lowered herself to my face. Slipping my hands on each side of her ass I pushed it open until her pouty and engorged lips were right in front of me. As I slipped my tongue in her wet, sweet and juicy hole she moaned and sucked my cock even harder. I picked my head up as much as I could, then dipped down so that my tongue could beat her clit. The effect was almost immediate as she took her mouth off me and moaned as her body shivered and shook on top of me. Sliding my tongue up her hole I lapped up her dripping and dribbling juice as she had a little orgasm.
Once it subsided slightly and she caught her breath April’s head was back down, sucking my cock in earnest as I tongued every hot fold of her steamy pussy. The more I tormented her the harder and faster she sucked my cock. Finally, when she could feel the head swelling in her mouth and knew I was about to cum, she wrapped a thumb and index finger around the shaft and jacked it into her mouth as she sucked me. For my own part I made sure to lick up and down her wet slit, letting the tip of my tongue bump the tight rosebud of her asshole whenever I got as high up with her on top of me as I could.
When it was finally enough to drive her crazy she took her mouth off me and arched her back, panting and still stroking my spit slickened cock. April made a moan and a pant. “I want it, sweetheart,” she whimpered in a girlish voice. “I’m going to cum. You cum too, sweetheart.”
I drilled my tongue deep and then bobbed my face, pressing it against the fleshy folds of her pussy lips. I knew that since she was so close that that would take her the rest of the way over the edge. It didn’t take a moment for it to work. I felt her pussy clench against my face as her legs went ridged as she straddled me. I got my reward of a little more of her sweet cum juice as she ground her pussy on my face and stroked my cock faster.
“Neeayh,” April suddenly cried. “Oh, baby here it comes. NUUH GOD!”
I moaned into her sopping hole as she rose up halfway on her knees and cried out, stroking my cock even harder. That was all I could take, because I had to turn my face out of her pussy to moan and catch a fresh breath. With a loud groan I came, and at the first hint of noise April went back down, swirling her tongue around the head of my cock as my cum started spurting out. When it began to slow to a trickle she put her lips around the head and gave it a couple of hard and deep sucks to coax a last spurt of sperm into her mouth.
When she was satisfied she had gotten everything that she could out of my cock she rolled off me. I was suddenly cold without her body warmth on top of me and we lay next to each other sweaty and panting for a couple of minutes. I put a hand on her firm ass and rubbed it after a little bit, and she put a hand on my ankle and ran it up and down my leg.
“God, that was fucking good, Barry,” she purred in a dreamy voice.
Of course I couldn’t help but agree.
“God, that is so fucking hot,” her voice said from the TV speakers.
I looked up to see that I was laid back at the edge of the motel bed, knees open, as Dale knelt on the floor and sucked my cock. April had taken over the filming duties. She zoomed in on my face as I gave a smile that showed that I was getting a lot of pleasure as well as just smiling for the camera. Leaning back slightly I closed my eyes and let out a moan.
“Is it good, my hot thing?,” she asked with a purr.
“Fuckin’ yeah,” I panted, my top teeth grinding slightly against my lower lip.
“Mmmmmm, I can’t wait for you to suck him.”
At this Dale took his head off of me and let out a breath. He looked back to the camera, smiling and letting out a little laugh. “Y’all just give me a little break for a second and I’m going to be all ready.” He was stroking my cock, letting out a little sigh. “I just get a little too sensitive to be touched there right after I come.”
“Yeah, sixty-nine,” April cooed in her girlish voice.
I felt my cock throb slightly and stir as I watched Dale put his head back down and take me in his mouth.
“Mmmmm, that was a hot night,” April purred. She shifted, sitting up slightly and then turning around so that she could lay her head on top of my chest.
I moved my head down a little and let my chin rest on her head, tickled by her hair. I could feel that she was moving, and when I looked down I could see that she had a hand between her legs. She made a slightly choked noise in her throat as she raised a leg off the bed and opened herself up to her own fingers.
“What’s gotten into you, baby,” I asked, feeling a slight smirk on my face.
I was already pretty sure of what her answer was going to be.
“Mmmm, just one of my lusty days,” she panted back. Her body started to shift slightly as she pleasured herself with her fingers. “I’m super fucking horny, darling.” She paused and took in a gasp. “Really super fucking horny.”
Of course I knew what that meant. She was not going to be able to get enough fucking until she was totally spent and exhausted. It was a shame too because our friend Allen had been with us a couple of weeks and had just left two days before. If fucking the two of us every day for the past two weeks had not been enough to head off a building case of super horny lust then I was not quite sure what else could.
I stretched out my hand and reached for her Thruster Bunny. I could just get my fingertips on it and make it move my way enough so that when I reached out a second time I could wrap my fingers around its pliable and rubbery shaft. When April noticed what I was doing she cooed and nodded her head, putting her leg up higher.
“Want this little guy?,” I questioned, hitting the button that made the little vibrating ears on the bunny head at the base come to life.
“Nuuh-yeah,” she pleaded in a coo.
I moved my arm down, turning the head of the toy up so that it would be in a position to enter her wet and hungry pussy. When I about had it in the right spot she put a hand over mine and pushed it to find just the right place and jab it inside her with a bit more force than I expected.
“Yeah, you two suck each other. That’s so fucking hot,” her voice came from the video as she let out a loud cry, already coming as she ground the bunny ears against her clit.
“Baby, you’re so fucking hot,” I told her as she pushed my hand to help guide the cock shaped toy deeper into her pussy.
“I’m going to set the camera down and get myself off,” she announced on the screen.
Glancing up I saw the image shift and blur as she sat the still running camera down on the little table across from the bed. She sat down and back on the edge of the bed, opening her legs and frigging her clit with a fingertip as Dale and I sucked each others cocks just behind her.


By the time April came from roughly getting her pussy fucked with her toy I was hard and ready to go again. She looked a little dazed as I slid out from under her and then positioned myself between her legs. She looked up to me with her gray eyes filled with excitement as I lowered myself down and pressing our sweaty chests together. I put a hand behind her neck and we kissed as I ground myself into her, maneuvering my cock until the head touched her slit and I pumped myself into her slick hole.
“Oh, God, darling!,” April cried, pressing her forehead to my cheek. She was excited enough to come for just a minimum of touching. “NUMMMM!”
I raised myself slightly as I started to pound my stiff rod into her willing hole. It excited me a little more when I felt her raise her legs up. Her heels trailed lightly up and down my sides. Then she finally wrapped them around my waist and squeezed.
“You want to cum again, you hot slut?,” I groaned.
April’s eyes went wide and her lips quivered. Those eyes had a pleading look in them as she nodded her head. “Oh, yes, sweetheart,” she panted. “Oh, please.”
I moved my hips faster, pounding her pussy and pushing her harder against the bed as she held on with her legs. I felt her fingers trace my sides and then up my back and across my shoulders. With a groan I gave her several more hard thrusts.
“GA-OOOOH-YEEEEEEEAHA!,” my wife growled with animal fury, digging her nails into my shoulders as I fucked her. “OOOHA-OHH-OHH! Nuyah! NNNUUUUHH-SWEETHEART!”
I knew that April was coming a good hard cum. But I also knew in the back of my mind that it would not be nearly enough to satisfy her on a day like today. Knowing this just served to further excite me and push me to the edge of my own coming. “You’re a fucking wanton slut”, I panted in a ragged voice as sweat dripped off my nose and landed on her exposed neck.
“That’s it,” I heard my voice say behind me on the TV speakers. “Fuck her, man. Fuck her again.”
“Fuck that’s it, sweetie,” April was panting on the video.
“NUUU-UHUUAH-UHUUAHAAA!,” April cried, her legs giving my waist a hard squeeze as her pussy cinched up and gave a tug at my cock. “Cum, Barry baby, cum,” my wife whimpered, looking to me with lusty and slightly tear filled eyes.
It was already so good there was no way I could hold back anymore. I let go emptying my sperm into her pussy with a loud groan and several hard thrust. As I felt the last spasm I lowered myself on top of her, and her legs relaxed as our sweaty bodies were pressed against each other.
“Uh, God,” April panted under me, her voice raspy and slightly wheezy.
“Yeah”, I gasped and panted back. “That was fuckin’ good.”
It was good, but not quite good enough to satisfy her, I knew in the back of my head.
I felt a little dizzy, felt like I could take a little nap, even though we still had not officially gotten out of bed for the day. I did close my eyes lightly. Against my side I felt something that felt rubbery and sticky. Her forgotten toy, of course. Under me her sweaty tits seemed to expend and contract slightly as they moved a little against my skin with each breath she took. From behind me I could hear the panting and moaning of orgasmic voices on the DVD. They were our voices, I knew, the voices of me and my wife joined by some relative stranger in a forgotten motel off the interstate some time around 1986.
“Barry,” April cooed in a playful tone.
“Huh?,” I moaned back, not bothering to open my eyes.
“I have to pee.”
That had me up, instantly revitalized. When my wife announces that she needs to pee in that playful tone of voice it means that she not only has to relieve herself, but it means she wants to play some more too.
Okay, so have I mentioned golden showers before? Both April and I think they’re hot, and we both like to give and receive, although I only give to her and receive from her. She herself does not mind a little piss play with a man or woman she feels very comfortable with. So in a way I guess it is one of those private things that we share just between us most of the time, the same way my watching in secret is a thing the two of us keep to ourselves.
Anyway, I got off of her and headed straight for the bathroom. Our master bathroom is huge, and Allen has more than once commented that he has had bedrooms smaller than our bathroom. We have a nice big shower stall that could easily accommodate five or six people. An oversized Jacuzzi tub (so yes we have a Jacuzzi inside as well as the one on the first floor deck). There are his and hers sinks, a nice big dressing table and two huge opaque windows and a skylight that let in plenty of natural sunshine.
Inside the bathroom I went straight to the shower and opened the door. I sat down off to the side and against the wall, watching as April followed me into the stall, pulling the door closed behind her. I inched myself further down the wall and tilted my head back as April turned around and squatted over me. Letting out a breath I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out and up.
April gasped and let out a little hum as she relieved herself. I let out a pleased sound of my own and swallowed as her hot and somewhat salty piss filled my mouth, whatever I couldn’t swallow ran down my cheeks and neck. Once it began to pour down my chest I reached up with a hand and rubbed it across my skin. (You know my nipples are super sensitive when we’re messing around.)
When her flow slowed to a trickle I opened my eyes and reached up to slip a couple of fingers into her pussy hole. Inside she was wet, feeling a little raunchy slimy for having my cum shot into her. April moaned and squatted down a little as I worked her. I swallowed down the last of her piss as best I could and moved away from the wall to reposition myself.
April knew just what I had in mind at that point, because she moved forward, making my fingers slip out of her pussy. Then with a coo she bent down, reaching back and grabbing the cheeks of her ass and opening them widely. I took a couple of steps on my knees. Then I leaned forward and gave her a gentle kiss right on the tight bud of her hole. She moaned and gasped as I slid a hand up her wet leg, then plunged my fingers back inside. April stiffened and took in a sharp breath. I then leaned my face closer to her musky ass, letting out a slow breath.
“God, don’t tease me so, sweetie,” April moaned, sounding slightly frustrated. “Rim my ass if you’re gonna do it.”
I stuck my tongue out and licked her puckered hole, gently running it over the bud and making her sigh. I licked the bud up and down and around a few times. Then I stiffened my tongue and drove it right into her tightest hole. Again my wife moaned and cooed loudly, begging for more.
It’s kind of a middle foreplay for us. I rimmed my wife’s tight asshole, driving as much of my tongue into her steamy and musky little hole as I slowly continued to pump a pair of fingers in and out of her raunchy pussy. It drives April absolutely crazy, although on a day like today I knew even that would not be enough to satisfy her for very long. Once she gets hot enough it’s usually her turn to talk dirty to me.
“NNUN-yeah, eat my ass, you kinky bastard,” April groaned.
I raised my free hand and ran a finger along the edge of her inner pussy lips, moving it up until I could probe her stiff little clit as well.
“Nuaah-Barry,” April complained. “That’s not fair you son of a bitch.”
I ignore her, concentrating on riming her ass with my tongue, giving her two fingers on my right hand and working her clit with the index finger of my left hand.
“Fuckin’ not fair,” she panted in a whimpering whisper. She let out a breath, then she pulled away from me.
I know I had a devilish and shit eating grin on my face as she turned around and looked at me, a look of pained ecstasy on her face. “Had enough already?,” I questioned, trying to keep my tone casual.
Of course, I knew that she had had nowhere near enough.
April moved around me and leaned against the wall where she sagged down, opening her knees. “God, damn it, Barry,” she whined. “Suck it. Please, suck it.”
I happily went right to her, lowering my head down and running my tongue up her slit until I found the stiff little nubbin of her clit. I buzzed the apex with the tip of my tongue several times, making April moan. She reached out and put her tense hands on my shoulders as I worked the little bit of stiff flesh between my lips. Once I had it in the right spot I worked it with my lips and tongue.
“God, that’s it, Barry,” April panted, her body sagging slightly against the wall. “Suck it. Mmm-oh, suck my little clit like a cock.”
I picked up my pace, doing exactly as she requested. I gave her slow strokes with my lips and tongue, steadily moving faster. The more intense it got she started to squeeze my shoulder, then let go, and then squeeze again.
“Mmm-ah,” she gasped above me.
Knowing she was close I got a little closer, forcing her to move her hands as I placed my shoulders just against the bends of her knees. I could feel that she took her hands and put them against the stall wall to brace herself as well. I knew almost as much as I hoped that this was going to be a big cum for her, and with luck she would have a gusher, which is oh so fucking hot.
“Mha-muh,” April gasped.
I moaned between her legs, vibrating my tongue to make the sound as I pressed it against her clit.
“Nuuuuu-HAAAAA!,” April cried as her body shook.
I latched onto her clit with my lips, sucking it as hard as I could as she came. Indeed it was a gusher, a quick burst of liquid spraying around my cheeks, then dripping down my chin and neck.
April only comes like that when she has a really intense orgasm, the kind she always has at least once or twice during the course of one of her lusty days since she had the very first one. I’ll never forget it, seeing it happen and the look on her face as it did. She had been with this hot black guy with a huge cock, and the contrast of her snowy skin against his dark and shiny black skin made me so hot it was almost obscene. He had pulled out to cum because he wanted her to drink it down, and as soon as the slick purple head emerged at the edge of the hole there was an explosion of clear liquid around it that wet his chest, her stomach and the sheets of the motel room bed.
It was…
Okay, again, it’s another story.
I gave my head a series of quick bobs, sucking her clit as hard as I could. April was moaning and squirming against the wall, and she started slapping against it with one hand. This only made me suck harder because I knew she was going to go again.
The second burst of her gushing orgasm jetted out, spraying my upper chest and splattering on the floor of the shower stall. I took my mouth off her clit and started licking up and down her slit, sucking in the dripping and sweet tasting liquid she made whenever she gushed. She was drawing ragged breaths. I heard her hand slap the wall a couple of more times. Then she placed it on my head, slowly rubbing my hair.
“Stop, please,” she finally begged. “I can’t take any more.”
Well, I can tell you I knew that was a lie. At that second her body couldn’t take anymore. But I knew once she had a little breather she would want more, and that her body would continue to crave more until she was finally sexually spent for the day. My cock was rock hard again, but I knew that despite the excitement keeping me going that I would not be able to keep it going as long as she was going to need me to.
Oh, the horror of being married to a nympho. (Wink, wink).
“I’m going to fuck you again,” I told her.
“Mmmmm, yeah,” April cried in her girlish voice. Not even giving me a chance to rise she turned around, putting her hands on the wall and leaning over with her ass thrust out. “Please, Barry baby, please. Fuck me please.”
I got to my feet, noting that my knees were starting to ache. Just as Dale had complained to us on our recently converted video I was starting to feel my age a bit. I’ve always known that I was going to begin to slow down long before April would. In that brief moment I wondered if Dale was still alive and kicking. It had been a one time thing, and none of us exchanged any numbers or addresses, so he would be impossible to find now. However I was sure if he was still living and breathing and he was right there April would be dying for him to take a turn with her once I was done.
With a grunt I shoved my cock into April’s pussy from behind. There was a quick burst of sensation in my cock followed by a dull numbness. Usually it’s good for me to wait a couple of hours after I come the second time so that I get harder and feel a lot more, but on a lusty day I usually don’t have that luxury unless we already have company.
April proved that she was indeed not spent, or close to ready to quit. She ground herself back as I quickly worked my cock in and out of her pussy. She panted, gasped and moaned, but I know that she was going to need something more because I know she knew as well as I did that I had to keep up a fast and quick pace so that I could come before my cock would get soft and useless.
“Come on, darling,” she panted, her tone sympathetic and understanding. As I’ve said before she has an uncanny ability to know what to say when, and how to do things at just the right pace. My wife knows my body and how it works so well that there has never been any doubt that the two of us had always simply been meant to be. “Come on, give me your cum.”
I put my hands on her waist and thrust harder, panting and feeling my blood rush. She kept working against me, knowing just the right pace. I let out a pant, and then a little groan.
“Come on, Barry baby, cum!,” April cried in an excited voice.
There was no holding back after that. I felt a weak little throb in my cock and I let out a groan, knowing that little bit was all the load I was going to produce. I stopped moving, panting and placing my hands on her sweaty ass. We both panted and gasped for breath for a minute, and the my wife looked over her shoulder and smiled. “Fuck,” I hissed.
“That was so delicious, hot thing,” she purred.
“Yeah,” I breathed.
“You gonna be up for more after while?,” she questioned, her tone mischievous.
I nodded. “Oh, yeah.”
In a few hours I would be good for another go. In between, though, I knew, April was going to need a little something extra to get her through.


Since we had been in the shower we finally showered. First April soaped up a bath flower and scrubbed me down, and after she was done I returned the favor. I made a lot of lather, coating her body with foamy white bubbles. Then when I washed them away I took a lot of extra time on all her most sensitive parts. We kissed at the end under the showerhead as hot water rained down on us. As we did that I fingered her clit, massaging it slowly until April had another orgasm.
After drying off we went to the kitchen, still naked of course because most days that I am home neither of us bothers to dress unless absolutely necessary. There was still a case of Kalik that Allen had brought with him cooling in the fridge that we never got around to opening the last couple of days he had been here. April got us each a bottle, then she sat down as I rounded up some bacon and eggs for our breakfast.
“What do you have in mind for today, hot thing?,” she asked as she sat at the table as I warmed the skillet.
Without turning I gave a shrug. As I said my first order of business would be to rest for a few hours. “Just stay around the house I suppose,” I replied.
“Maybe we could head out later,” she suggested.
That told me she had it in mind to be on the prowl, much the way we had been the night that we had met Dale. I nodded as I broke an egg. “Sure.”
“I think I might go out for a walk later on. Want to come?”
Cracking another egg I shook my head. “No. I just want to stay around the house for a while. Maybe soak in the Jacuzzi.” I broke open three more eggs and started moving them around with a spatula to scramble them. Behind me I heard the sound of a little plunk as April knocked back some of her beer. I moved my head around a little, trying to pop my neck. “I think I want to be lazy for a while.”
“Mmmm,” my wife purred from behind me. “Want to know a secret?”
“What’s that?,” I questioned, although I was pretty sure I knew what her answer would be. I looked over my shoulder to see her smile, the top of the bottle slightly pressed against her lower lip.
“It’s a lusty day, and I’m super duper horny,” April replied, then giggled girlishly.
I couldn’t help but smile back, feeling a broad grin stretch my face. It was, of course, exactly the answer I had been expecting.
April opened her mouth and licked around the inside of the bottle top.
I gave the eggs a few more turns as they began to solidify a little. Then I turned and looked to her. “Well I’m super duper horny too,” I told her. “But my parts are in need of a break, as you well know.” I shook my hips back and forth and made my shriveled and limp cock beat my sides.
April laughed heartily at my display. Then she took another drink of the Kalik, draining most of the bottle.
I turned my attention back to the eggs, giving them another stir as they got firmer and fluffier. I grabbed a bowl from the cabinet that I could scoop them into so I could use the skillet for the bacon once they were done. “Any idea where you want to go later?”
There was a minute or two of silence from my wife as she though over her answer. “Not too sure,” she finally said. “We could just go out driving until we find something promising.”
I couldn’t disagree with that. Over the years we have found lots of action by just going out on the road with no real plan or destination in mind. (Although it is a bit of a random plan for a lusty day.) But it does always seem that something falls into out laps.
Or at least into hers. (Ha, ha).
“Although maybe something will come up before then,” she went on.
That was also a possibility. But it was September, and school had started back, so things around the lake were quiet with most of the summer residents gone.
Out of the corner of my eye I saw her take the last sip of her beer. It was a reminder that I had still only taken one sip of mine so far. I tend to get wrapped up when cooking, which is why I usually only drink once it’s time to sit down and eat.
“You going to be ready for later on?,” April questioned.
“Oh, I do hope so,” I told her as I picked up the skillet and ran a paper towel over the bottom to clean it a little before opening the bacon to put it on. I definitely hoped so. I am always willing to give April as much as she wants, it’s just that sometimes the body is not as able.
“Mmmm, I can’t wait,” she cooed from behind me.
I put the bacon in the pan, letting it sizzle for a moment before grabbing some foil to cover the eggs to keep them warm. I of course knew that she couldn’t wait. Her intention with wanting to go out and take a walk was to hopefully find someone who might be willing to give her a little temporary relief for her nymphomania.
As I finished putting the foil over the rim of the bowl I noticed a bit of motion at the kitchen table. Turning around I saw April sitting back in her chair, her feet off the floor and on the wooden seat as she rubbed the top of the bottle over her clit. Her eyes were closed and there was a look of sweet ecstasy on her face.
“You’re going to spoil your appetite,” I warned.
April laughed, and that made me laugh too.
In 32 years nothing had ruined her appetite for pleasure, so I knew that masturbating with a beer bottle as I made her breakfast was not going to be the exception.


After breakfast we both agreed that we could use a nap, as our morning activities had gotten the best of us both. I slept like a rock with April laying across me, with her head on my chest. It was around noon before we woke up, and she was out of bed first, choosing what to wear, because now that she was up she was determined to go on a walk, around the lake and probably to the park. Not quite ready to get out of bed I just sat up on our pillows and watched her as she got ready.
First she slipped on a pair of black shorts, not bothering with panties, and I admired the round moons of her ass as she bent down after she stepped her feet in the leg holes and then reached to pull them up. She zipped them once she had them up, and then she went to the bathroom. I lost sight of her as she went around the corner and got out a dryer so she could readjust her hair since she had done nothing to it after we had gotten out of the shower earlier. After the noise of the hair dryer stopped I watched as she went to the dressing table and turned the lights on before sitting down and putting on a little make up.
April barely wears any make up, but what little she does put on she likes to do until she feels it is perfect. I could see her putting a little something on her eyelids. Then she brushed a quick dusting of rogue on each of her cheeks. Then she leaned close to the mirror and worked to paint her lips a dark pink.
When she was finished with her make-up she slipped on her glasses and slinked out of the bathroom. She gave me a smile and I nodded back approvingly as I tracked the bouncing of her erect and upturned nipples. They are one of her best features, her tits. The nipples ride high up and always jut out and up, especially when the red areolas begin to shrink when they get hard. Her tits are nice and firm too, still as firm as when we first met. I swear her DD tits and hair are ageless, and I envy her because mine are far from it.
April went to the closet and pulled out a pink halter that was hanging by the back strap over a hanger. She sat the hanger aside and put her arms into the shoulder straps before snugging the cups over her tits and tying the big floppy tie in the front. She looked over her shoulder and gave me a wink and I realized the halter top was a good match for her lip gloss.
“All set?,” I asked, rolling over slightly.
April reached up and adjusted her glasses, pulling them forward a little by the thin wire frame around the lenses. I knew they were the ones that change to shades in the sun since she was planning on going out.
“Mmmm, I think so,” she replied.
“Where are you going to go?”
“Oh, just down and around to the park. Maybe I will lay out on the boat dock.”
There are several private docks attached to the houses around the lake. We have one ourselves, but I know she meant the one in front of the Johnson’s because it is the closest house to the park and right next to the public boat ramp. Plus the Johnson’s had left three weeks ago to go back to Maine, so the house was definitely empty.
“You still going to get into the Jacuzzi?”
I stretched my right arm and leaned my head back to stretch my neck, then nodded. “Yeah. I just want to soak for a little bit.”
“Okay, hot thing.” She smiled, flashing her white and perfect teeth. There was no mistaking that every other thought in her mind was about cocks and fucking. On one of her lusty days, no matter what expression she has on her face, I can just tell that the only thing she is thinking about is hot and raunchy sex. “I should be back in a couple of hours. After I get enough sun. Or whatever else that might come up.” Her smile broadened. “Think that will be enough time for Little Barry to charge up?”
With a mischievous smile of my own I rolled onto my back. I reached down and took my warm and limp cock in hand, stroking it slowly. It stirred, showing slight signs of life. I could feel the head swell slightly as I got a little bit hard. “Um, I’m pretty sure,” I replied.
April came straight to the bed and put her arms around me, pulling our bodies tightly together. We kissed as the fabric of her halter rubbed my bare chest. The taste of her pink lip gloss on my lips was enough to make my tired cock grow just a bit stiffer. She put a hand between my legs and rubbed her palm back and forth, up and down, on the shaft. Then, leaning back to break our kiss, she took in a deep breath, burning lust in her beautiful gray eyes. “BBL, hot thing,” she announced.
Oh, I like it when she tries to throw in a few modern terms as if she’s still the overheated and horny 17 year old she was when we first met. Although I guess that in all actuality she still is because, as I’ve said time and again, she hasn’t slowed down a single bit.
“I’ll be here,” I assured her. Then added, “With nothing on.”
April moved back and slid to her feet, looking down at me with a huge grin on her face. “Promises, promises, darling.”


I lounged around in bed for a little while after I heard the front door open and close. My body ached with the burn of lightly pulled muscles all over. I kind of knew if I stayed there too much longer that I would just fall back to sleep, which would not have been a big deal if I had, but I also didn’t just want to spend the rest of the day laying around. I knew if I did, even though I would be well rested for activities later on, I would be a bit sluggish.
Finally I slipped out of bed and headed to the kitchen, taking another Kalik from the fridge as I passed through. Somewhere in the back of my mind I made a note that we needed to get another case before Allen’s next visit as I was sure that April and I would kill off the case well before the end of the weekend. Then I went to the living room and to the sliding glass door on the side. To those of you who do not know the slider opens out on a large deck where we had an outdoor Jacuzzi installed about five years ago. Along the side of the house there is a high privacy fence, and the nearest house on that side is so far away that it is impossible to see our house from it, so going onto the deck nude is no problem at all. There is also a hedge that blocks the view from the lake as well, so we’re pretty well covered on the side yard.
I sat the timer for 15 minutes, then eased myself down into the nice hot water and formed lounge seat as the jets began. I sat the beer into one of the holders on the side and closed my eyes for a moment, relaxing as the water and the jets did their job on my aches.
It wasn’t a minute or two as I relaxed with my eyes shut before I started thinking about Allen. If I need to catch you up on him he is someone that we met through my business, one of a very few people I ever bent my no mixing business with pleasure rule. Allen is a couple of years older than me, slim and hairy, he has a short beard and his hair is salt and pepper all over. He doesn’t have a monster cock, but it is about six inches and nice and thick. He was our accountant a while before he decided to retire and move down to Florida, which made me feel a little better about messing around with him since we no longer had a business relationship as well.
Anyway, he and I are about at the same pace, so when one of us gets too tired the other takes over. This works out well when he comes and stays with us, or we visit him, which is about every other month or so. I again kind of wished April’s insatiable lust had hit her a few days before when he was still there.
Allen loves to fuck and suck at the same time. I think it’s his favorite thing of all. Somehow we always end up in a situation where he is giving it to April while giving me head at the same time. I was at the moment remembering the second night he was there just this time past. The three of us were in the Jacuzzi a little after dark, illuminated by a pair of outdoor lights and the light spilling out through the sliding glass door. April was on her knees, facing backward in the seat I was in at that moment as Allen pumped his cock into her ass from behind. I stood a little to the side of them on the deck, squatting slightly so he could turn his head and suck my cock. Just thinking of it was getting me a little hard, and I could feel sweat beading on my forehead.
Smiling to myself I opened my eyes and reached over to pick up the Kalik. I took a drink, and just as I finished I dipped my tongue in and licked around the inside of the top just as my wife had done with the one she had drank that morning. I sighed and let out a breath, imagining that I was returning the favor for one of Allen’s suckings and licking around the brim of his uncut cock.
I took a breath as I took my tongue out of the bottle top. Then I put it to my lips and kicked back a little more of the beer, letting it pour across my tongue. After the sip I eased a little further down in the in the molded lounge seat. Under the rolling water I reached up with each hand and started to rub my index and middle fingers around on my sensitive nipples. Beneath me I had the pleasant sensation of my ass tingling, first around my rosebud, and then from deeper inside. Enjoying the slight sensation I was giving myself I let out a sigh.
Then the jets cut off as the time limit passed. There was the last roar from the motors and the sudden fizzing of thousands of bubbles popping at the same time on the surface of the water. After that there was silence for a moment. Then I could hear the singing of birds, and off in the distance there was the sound of someone firing up a leaf blower. Eyes closed I took in a deep and relaxing breath. I could feel my semi-hard cock and balls floating up a little, lifted by the still moving water currents in the Jacuzzi.
I stayed like this for a little bit, then opened my eyes and picked up the bottle to drain the rest of the contents. That too finished I decided it was time to go inside and dry off.


I watched a little TV after drying, leaning back in the recliner. I just managed to catch the end of As The World Turns, and then watched the first half hour of Guiding Light. Then, not bothering to turn the TV off I lowered the volume and reached beside the couch to grab my laptop. I sat against the arm of the couch and put my legs straight out as it warmed up. As I waited for the internet to come up I glanced to the TV and saw a commercial for Palmolive was on the screen.
I went online and signed into peeplchat and Facebook. There was no one that we knew on at the moment. I checked the site to see how many hits we had gotten since last night. After a few minutes of admiring my handiwork I decided that, since none of our friends was on, I would head upstairs and relax on the upper deck outside our bedroom.
After closing the laptop I sat it on the floor and slid off the couch. Going to the kitchen I grabbed an ice bucket and filled it up, then stuck four bottles of the Kalik in it. I went upstairs to our bedroom and then through the slider and onto the upper deck that also acts as the roof of our lake view porch.
The upper deck is straight out past the foot of our bed, for those who do not know, it was an early addition to the front of the house not long after we bought it because April wanted more than just a window to enjoy the view of the lake. There are a couple of loungers set up with a small, plastic table between them. On the table was a pair of binoculars, we use for watching the action on the lake, an old radio and a weighted ashtray that at the moment still had a few cigarette butts in it from Allen’s last day at the house. I put the ice bucket beside the table, then stepped over to the rail. There are a couple of trees that frame in the deck, naturally obscuring it from casual observers, so it’s shady and fairly private so we don’t worry about anyone seeing us in the nude because they would have to be looking hard.
As I stood naked at the rail I closed my eyes and stretched. It was going to be a warm day, and the feel of the sun as it beat down on my back felt good and refreshing. After enjoying the relaxing feel of our partially hidden upstairs sanctuary I turned around and stepped back over to the deck chairs.
I gave the volume dial on/off switch of the radio a twist until it clicked and turned on. It’s a little yellow radio shaped like a ball with a flat bottom. We’ve had it since the 70’s but it still works just fine, and definitely good enough to pick up the local station that plays a good combination of country music and easy listening, and it’s just the right size for the upper deck. Atlanta’s song ‘Wishful Drinkin’ ’ was on, and for me it was an appropriate enough signal that I should open up another one of Allen’s imported island beers.
After opening another of the Kaliks I dropped the cap into the ashtray, making a note to dump it after I was finished lounging around on the deck for a while. I haven’t smoked in about six or seven years, and April only smokes at the house if we have company that smokes, which at present is only Allen.
Beer in hand I strolled back over to the rail and looked out onto the lake. Everything close by was quiet and there was no one in sight, which is what we’ve come to expect after the summer is over. Looking out to the other side of the lake was a different story though. The park, although you can’t really tell, is directly across from our house on the other side of the lake. Just beside the area where the public park lies hidden by a thin border of trees is the public boat ramp, and at that moment there was a white Ford F-150 backed down the ramp. I saw two men working to get a boat off the trailer attached to the truck. Then looking a little more to the left I saw April making her way casually toward the ramp from the Johnson’s dock. She cocked her head and I could tell that she had to be saying something to the men. (Just being neighborly, of course). Then she raised a hand and fanned herself.
I put the Kalik bottle to my lips and knocked back a sip. I looked back to the boat ramp and saw that April was a little closer to the man on the driver’s side of the truck as the other man unhooked the boat from its trailer, wading into the water and then pulling himself up over the side. Feeling a slight smile on my face I took another sip of the beer and then made a quick trip back to the table to grab the binoculars.
I sat the bottle on the rail, then placed the eyepieces of the binoculars to my eyes. I gave the focus bar a slight touch. The driver had gotten back in the truck to get it and the boat trailer off the ramp. April had her back to me and she was directing the other man to pull in at the Johnson’s dock. The boat driver started the motor and followed her instructions. I have to say the boat itself looked a little nice, maroon with gold trim. From what I could judge from my vantage point it looked like a tournament four seater, probably a Skeeter. The two men had come to fish, no doubt hoping to catch some saugers and crappie, and maybe a catfish apiece. I had a feeling they had already caught something they hadn’t expected. Although it was April so that makes it the other way around and she was the one catching fishermen.
I trained the binoculars on the man driving the boat. He looked young, maybe his mid 20’s. He was wearing a yellow and white ball cap on his head and it looked as if he had dark, curly and slightly long, hair poking out from under it at the sides. He had on a pair of reflective shades, and I am sure doing his best to look the part of leisure time fisherman.
Lowering the binoculars I saw that April was walking toward the end of the dock to where the driver was parking his truck. I guessed there were a few things the men wanted to load onto the boat that they hadn’t done before hand, and that April had suggested they use the dock to more easily carry their things across so they could lower them into the boat. Later on I would learn that the driver had initiated the conversation, assuming that April was the owner of the dock and asking if she minded if they used it.
Of course you know that April didn’t mind them using it at all. The dock either.
(Hee, hee.)
When the other man got out of the truck I put the binoculars back to my eyes to get a better look. He was a little older, probably his 30’s. He had a thick mustache at least a couple of days growth of beard on his chin. He was wearing a Roll Tide cap, you see so many of them around here they’re hard to mistake. In addition he was wearing a gray shirt that had the sleeves removed and a V cut at the throat, as well as a pair of cut off jeans.
As I watched April followed him to the back of the truck and he let the gate down. He struggled to work a large white ice chest onto the gate. Then after he had it adjusted on the gate he took it by the handles and struggled to move it off the gate and sit it on the ground. As soon as it was down April stepped up and grabbed one of the handles. The driver then grabbed the other and they lifted it up. I felt my smile grow a little broader as I watched my wife slowly help him carry it down the length of the dock.
After the younger of the two had temporarily moored the boat to the Johnson’s dock he got out and took over April’s end to help lower the big cooler in the boat. Then they made a couple of trips back to the truck to get another cooler and a couple of more things. April helped them transfer their stuff to the boat. Then they stood on the end of the dock talking for a few minutes. I saw my wife point to the north end of the lake, and I knew she was letting them know the water was a bit deeper at a little cove that was just within the viewing range from our upper deck. There was some more nodding, smiling and talking. The man who had driven the truck, I noticed, was definitely checking my wife out. From the expressions on her face and her body language I knew that she was flirting with him.
I adjusted the binoculars and took a closer look at April’s titties. Just as I suspected I could see that her nipples were hard and plainly visible through the fabric of her pink halter top. I was also aware that my cock was starting to stiffen as I watched, my balls slightly creeping in their sack.
They talked for another minute or so. Then the two men got onto the boat. The older of the two with the Roll Tide cap and big mustache stood on the bow and offered a hand. My excitement built, and my still recovering cock managed to get harder, as I saw my wife take his hand and then step over and onto the bow with him. April quickly eased herself down on the cushions of the bow as the driver of the truck stepped down into the boat and took a seat. Within a second his younger friend had turned the engine over as April reached over the bow rail and slipped the mooring tie undone.
I put the binoculars down and left the rail to sit them in their place on the table. Then I went back inside to get the camera and the handheld digital recorder. I had no doubt that my wife had gotten into to boat to show the two erstwhile fishermen something other than a good spot to fish.
Mel Tillis was singing ‘Coca-Cola Cowboy’ on the little radio as I came back out with my equipment in my arms. The first thing I did was set up the hand cam on a tripod slightly taller than the deck rail. I have to tell you these things are one of the greatest inventions ever. They sure beat the old video recorders like the one we used to document our night with Dale all those years ago.
I went to the rail and turned the digital camera on once I had the recorder set up and aimed at the bay off to the side of the northern shore of the lake. I looked through the viewfinder and adjusted the zoom as the boat neared its destination. The zoom on both digital devices is as good as, if not better than, the zoom on the binoculars. I watched the boat bounce along with April pressing herself back against the cushions on the bow and holding onto one of the crossbars supporting the bow rail. I realized that my cock was now standing at half-mast and I hadn’t even touched it.
I’m not sure if either of the men on the boat were aware of April’s intentions. The oldest of the two probably, but his friend looked a little unaware to me. Watching I saw the boat slow as it reached the bay. After a minute the man who had driven the truck got up and dropped a small anchor over the bow.
It was a little after the boat came to a stop that the two men got their reels out, then cast and sat them. I could tell there was a breeze blowing over the lake from the way their shirts rippled in it. I wished, and of course you know not the first time, that the recorders could pick up sound from a distance like that. I looked to April who was stretching out and lounging in the bow of the boat. I could see her saying something, and on her lips was that somewhat mischievous smirk she gets.
I contented myself to be in for at least a little wait. But I was sure that since it was a lusty day, and April had admitted to being super duper horny, that it wasn’t going to take but an hour, an hour and a half at the most.


As I waited, and it didn’t take very long, the songs on the radio continued to change. I listened to the Bellamy Brothers sing ‘Redneck Girl’, then The Oak Ridge Boys singing ‘Elvira’ before some more easy listening kicked in with Rod Stewart singing ‘These Foolish Things’. I filled the time by finishing the Kalik I had been drinking and then opening another as I looked through the viewer on the camera and took the occasional still picture of April lounging on the bow of the little Skeeter. After about half an hour the man who had driven the F-150 had decided to leave his rods in their holders and join my wife in the front of the boat. His friend sat in the seat behind the driver’s seat of the boat, barely taking notice as the other man got up.
The driver of the truck had gotten a couple of Millers out of one of the coolers and had taken them with him. He handed one to April and she took it, pausing long enough to adjust her glasses. Then she smiled to him and said what I am sure was a thank you before taking the top off. When she adjusted herself she maneuvered herself to sit facing him when he sat on the other side, which incidentally was facing the house and waiting cameras. April had one foot up on the cushion beside her, the other leg spread as far away from it as possible. The man smiled back, nodded and said something else.
As I watched they were silent for a little while longer, just sitting and relaxing, sipping their beers. Then I watched as April dipped down to sit her beer at her feet. She raised back up, and as she did instinct told me I better get the camera on. I rushed to it and slid the power button to turn it on, pressing the little record button as soon as the view screen had power. I adjusted it on the tripod so that it was dead on my wife, who at that moment was saying something and smiling broadly. Her companion on the boat bow had a funny look on his face for a second, but he shrugged and nodded to her. April adjusted herself slightly. Then she casually reached up and pulled at the floppy tie of the halter top.
God, I wished I had gotten his face now. I’m sure the look on it was as golden as Todd’s was the day that April got him to fuck her in the living room while I hid in the closet and he thought it was part of an April Fool’s Day joke.
April slipped one breast out of a halter cup. She massaged it, looking dead at the guy and pinching her nipple. His eyes got a little wider as I did a quick pan to him and then back on April. She slipped her other tit out of the other cup and then let her halter top drop by her feet after arching back and working to shrug it off her shoulders. The guy’s eyes were starting to bug out of his head a little. I don’t think at this point that his friend even realized what was going on.
My wife just smiled casually and leaned down to pick her drink back up. I know she was purposefully leaning down to give him a view of how far her Double D’s hung down, as well as how the nipples still looked nice and perky because of how high they sit on her boobs. She sat up and kind of rocked her shoulders back and forth. Then she took another sip of her beer and leaned back against the inside of the bow.
I could feel my cock starting to rise to half-mast again as I watched. The guy sitting in the bow with her took his Roll Tide cap off and brushed his forehead with it before sitting it aside. I felt pretty sure that he knew he was gonna get some all along, but I just don’t think he expected that April would just casually take her top off right there on the lake. They continued talking for another few minutes. I have to say that this guy had to have a fair deal of self-control. Back behind the driver’s seat his friend was still sitting there with his rod in hand, completely unaware that my wife was sitting at the bow of the boat with her top half naked.
Finally the guy up front with her shifted and reached out. Talk about self-control. It was everything I could take to keep from reaching down and grabbing my cock to stroke it to full hardness. I probably just would have done it if we hadn’t already had such a hot morning, and that I wanted to be ready for some more before we turned in for the night. It was even harder as I watched April make a face of pained delight as the guy gave one of her nipples a

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