Wife’s Poolside Mistake

Author: Seduced2Cheat

Raven Todd was nervous. She licked her lips to wet them as she slid on her tight pink bikini. All those hours of working out had paid off; her thighs were firm and her breasts beautiful round globes barely concealed in their Lycra cups.

Her husband had left for work hours ago and Raven had been waiting anxiously for the pool man to arrive. Jake was a huge, blond stud; body rippling with muscles and his skin had a brown luster that made the beautiful young wife want to lick him from head to toe. She had never cheated on Bob, but she had never been tempted like this.

She grabbed her towel and headed down the stairs. It was such a cliché, seducing the pool boy, but the very naughtiness turned her on even more.

Over the last two weeks, she had made a point to sun herself as Jake cleaned the pool, her skin glistening with oil and her long black hair shining. She carefully applied makeup to accentuate her eyes and lips, something she never did for Bob anymore.

Jake filled his role equally well, showing off his tan physique, giving her tantalizing views of his ass as he bent to clean the pool. They were joined in a sort of mating ritual and it had all come to a head last week.

Jake had asked her if he could apply oil to her back. She had complied; luxuriating as the strong hands rubbed her muscles, spreading warm oil down her back, and over the tight curves of her ass. As he had stroked her legs, she felt his hands tentatively stroke her pussy through the thin cloth of her bikini. She had moaned and spread her legs, her thigh coming into contact with his crotch. He had been hard as rock, proving that she was turning him on. She had moved to allow him to continue his stroking, but Jake smiled apologetically, saying that he was late for his next appointment. He told her he would do a more thorough job of cleaning her pool next week.

Raven spread out her blanket upon the cement next to the pool. She lay back, closing her eyes, immediately thinking of Jake’s strong arms and hands. She smiled to herself, her hand sliding down her body. She reached under her bikini and felt the soft down of her pubic hair. Thoughts of the young stud had made her wet and she slid a finger between her hungry lips.

“Oooooh! Aaah!”

She moved her finger faster, the tip teasing the swollen clit. Spears of pleasure shot through her body. So caught up was she in her fantasy, she barely noticed a man’s hands on her thighs, spreading smooth flesh easily. She felt her bottom being removed and held up her ass slightly, her mind feverish.

“Oh! Jake!”

Raven gushed as a head was lowered between her legs and a fat tongue pierced her inner flesh. The tongue pulsed with life, each flick causing electric shocks of pleasure to rip through the young wife’s body, her legs splaying helplessly to either side.

“Jake! Yes! I’m cumming, baby! Don’t stop! I’m cummmming!”

She dug her hands into his hair, realizing that the head between her legs had greasy long hair, not the well-trimmed locks of her would-be lover.

Raven’s eyes flashed open, still caught in the throes of orgasm. Rising up between her legs was a fat, older man, his face glistening with her juices. He was wearing a dirty white tank top that could not hold back his fat hairy belly. His trunks were tented in arousal.

“Who…who are you?”

The man smiled a yellow-toothed grin.

“Jake said you were a hot little whore. I never believed it!”

Meaty hands gripped her knees, forcing her legs wide.

“Stop! Where’s Jake?”

The fat man yanked off his trunks, revealing a huge cock at least 3 inches round and 9 inches long. Raven quit struggling and stared at the red ugly monster between the pool man’s legs.

“Name’s Sam. I’m Jake’s boss. He called in sick. My lucky day.”

He was breathing heavily as he guided his huge cock to her pussy. Raven tried in vain to close her legs.

“No! It’s too big! Stop!”

“That’s what they all say, baby, but once you get this cock into you’re pussy you’ll get a fell for it. You’ll be begging for it before we’re done, slut!”

Sam punched the fat head of his cock into Raven’s cunt like a battering ram through castle gates. She cried out in pain and pleasure, stretched to limits she had never reached. She closed her eyes, blocking out the fat man’s leering face, concentrating on the huge muscle now throbbing inside her belly.

“So big! GOD! I’ve never had it so big!”

“Bigger than your husband’s, ain’t it slut?”

“Yes! Much bigger!”

“Bigger than Jake’s too. After I’m done, you’ll never be able to fuck anyone else!”

To make his promise a reality, Sam began to ram his cock in to the young beauty, hands ripping off her bikini top. With a hungry growl he attacked her tits with bites and licks, centering on one large, pink nipple. His fat body was drenched with sweat as he hammered into the small, golden-skinned beauty.

The heat from her previous orgasm, combined with the spectacular fucking from his huge dick was too much for the young wife.

“You like that big cock, don’t you whore?”

“Yes! Yes! I love it!”

“Beg me to make you cum, whore! Beg me to fuck you!”

“Yes! fuck me baby! fuck me hard! You’re the best fuck I ever had! Don’t stop. Please! Don’t ever stop!”

Sam growled at the uppity bitch’s submission. He pounded harder into the young woman; each thrust rocking her to her core. She was crying with pleasure as he forced her into the second orgasm of the day.

“I’m cummming again! Fuck! I’m cummming, baby! Faster! Harder!”

Raven clawed at her lover’s back, gripped by intense orgasm. He continued to fuck her and she clasped legs around his pale body, riding out her orgasm, giving into her overwhelming desire.

“Yeah!” Sam pulled out of the young wife’s now gaping pussy. “Now it’s my turn.”

Sam straddled the spent young woman, slapping a wet cock between her tits, folding the ample flesh around his cock. Raven moaned as Sam began to pump between her breasts, his cock burning, the bulbous head punching up against her chin.

“Yeah, bitch. Looks like you need some lotion on your face and tits. Here ya’ go, baby!”

Raven felt the cock throb grotesquely between her tits, suddenly belching out a hot stream of spunk across her chin and neck. Sam grabbed his filthy cock, directing more cum onto her lovely face and splashing onto her tits.

Sam said nothing more as he looked down at the young wife, cum dripping off her body and soaking into the towel. She looked exhausted and Sam though she might have passed out. He pulled up his trunks and left her there.

Raven awoke an hour later. She struggled to sit, her pussy was throbbing and her skin was hot. Fiery stings ran through her body.

She looked down and saw her skin was lobster red, tight as and drawn from the attention of the sun. thick white streaks of cum cracked and flaked as she hauled herself to her feet.

It took her another hour to wash because of her hideous sunburn. Her pussy, although not in pain, felt stretched like a rubber band. She turned to the mirror in her bedroom and gasped.

Across her face and chest were white streaks, like veins running through red marble. The cum had been so thick in places, it had actually blocked the sun, leaving her skin blotchy in places, a reminder of the illicit sex she had just engaged in. She was wondering what to do when she heard Bob’s voice at the bottom of the stairs.

“Honey, I’m home.”

What would she tell Bob?

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