The New Bet

Author: LOVELY

It had been about eight months since my wife Ann Marie had taken a cock other than mine. Her latest escapade was a dozy, so I thought I would share it with you. First of all, let me tell you that at 30 years old, she is as hot and sexy as she has ever been. 5’7” and 135lbs of pure sex appeal. Her legs and her ass are still those of a 25 year old, and her 34B boobs are as perky as ever. She still possesses “traffic stopping” beauty and is always turning heads when in public. She has recently added blond highlights to her hair, and the effects are simply stunning. She is also the classiest lady you will ever meet, but every once in a while she will act like the biggest slut on the planet.

About three weeks ago, I learned that in a few weeks, I would have to travel to New Jersey on business (we are about a three hour drive from there), and since my meetings would be about five minutes from Manhattan, I asked Ann Marie if she would like to join me for a couple of days. I figured she could shop or hang around the indoor pool at the Hilton during the day, and we could do dinner and a show at night. I didn’t realize at the time that the night we would be away was October 12th, the night of game one of the Yankee vs. Red Sox playoff series. Since we are HUGE Yankee fans, we were a little bummed at the timing, but figured we could still have an early dinner and catch the game back at the room.

I got my business done during the day, and when I got back to the hotel, I found Ann Marie dressed to kill. She looked amazing. She was wearing a very clingy black mini dress. She obviously was not wearing a bra, as I could see her large nipples clearly through the thin fabric. She topped off the outfit with her customary thigh-high stockings and high heals. Her hair was long and wild, and her makeup was perfect. We decided to head into the city for dinner and believe me when I say that she could not make a move without having at least twenty set of eyes (both male and female) following her at every turn. I must admit that my mind was racing with possibilities, but knowing that there was no way we were going to miss the ballgame I figured that her quest for “big cock” would not be fulfilled this evening. Boy was I wrong.

We got back to the hotel right before game time and decided to take in the first couple innings at the hotel bar. The Hilton bar war pretty empty, but there were two college age guys sitting at a table near the TV. They were both wearing Red Sox caps, so Ann Marie (no shrinking violet) started to get on them a little. The guys took it pretty well and since they were good sports I sent them over a round of drinks. When they got their beers they came over to our table to thank us. To my surprise (I guess in retrospect, I shouldn’t have been surprised at all) Ann Marie invited them to sit with us.

It turned out that Dean and Robby were both seniors at Boston University, and they decided on a whim to drive down to Yankee Stadium to see the game. Well, after finding out that the cheapest tickets they could find from scalpers at the Stadium were about $500 each, they decided to head back to their hotel (our Hilton) to watch the game at the bar. They were really friendly and I could tell right away that Ann Marie was physically attracted to them. They looked pretty much like brothers although that wasn’t the case. They were both about six-foot, well built, black hair and dark skin. Ann Marie later described them as “fucking hot”. The four of us were exalting the virtues of our respective baseball teams, Dean and Robby were supremely confident that the Sox would totally dominate the Bronx Bombers, and the four of us were really busting each other’s balls. It soon became apparent that they were really super nice guys. As the first pitch was thrown, Robby bought us all a shot of tequila and we decided that we would agree to disagree.

The game started off well for the Yanks; their pitcher (Mike Mussina) got through the first inning with no trouble, whatsoever. The Red Sox starter (Curt Schilling), wasn’t so lucky. The Yankees jumped on him early and scored a quick two runs. Ann Marie and I were high-fiving and cheering on every pitch, but to the guys’ credit they weren’t deterred. They said to just wait until the Sox bats started waking up and that the Red Sox would probably win by the score of 10-2. Mussina pitched another perfect inning in the second, and it seemed as if Schilling was settling down for the Sox as he set the Yankees down in order in the bottom of the inning. I was so entrenched in the game, that it took me until then to realize that Dean and Robby were really checking Ann Marie out. It was a little chilly in the bar, and Ann Marie’s nipples were certainly making an appearance. You could see them clearly, as there was a good deal of light in the bar. Her dress had ridden up a bit (I guess the result of a couple of beers and the tequila shot), and the tops of her stockings were visible for all to see. Now that I had noticed, it was kind of funny to watch the guys try to be discreet while looking at my wife’s tits and thighs. I also realized that I was getting completely turned on. I felt so proud that my gorgeous wife could still garner this much attention from two guys that were almost TEN years younger than us. I caught Dean “red handed” as he gawked at Ann Marie’s nipples. He knew I had busted him and looked at me quite nervously. I just gave him a little grin and a wink and at that I saw him noticeably exhale.

Mussina stayed perfect through the top of the third and Ann Marie and I decided walk out to the parking lot to smoke a joint. We asked the boys to join us but they declined, they said that they would have two fresh beers waiting for us when we got back, and Robby said not to be gone too long because the Sox would probably be ahead 6-2 in about ten minutes. Ann Marie scoffed at this and said “Yea right, if the Sox are up by the time we get back I’ll….I’ll…” and she just left it at that as we headed out the door. Dean shouted after her, “You’ll WHAT?” , but my little tease of a wife just looked back at them and flashed her sexiest smile, puckered up her lips and blew them a kiss.

On our way out to the parking lot I asked Ann Marie if she knew how clearly her nipples were showing through her dress and she said, “I know, I know. I noticed they got hard when it got chilly in there, and when I saw them, I got really horny and they got even harder. I just couldn’t stop it.” We had a good laugh at that and as I was lighting the joint, she asked me if I thought the boys noticed. I laughed even harder and told her they were all but drooling over her. With that, she gave me that “slutty look” that you just have to see to believe and asked me if I would be ok with her doing a little flirting.
I said “Does it matter?” and she laughed and said “No, I guess not.”
I asked her if she had her choice, which one of them would she want, and without hesitation she said “Oh, I’m going to fuck them both.”
Although I should have learned by now to never be shocked by what Ann Marie says, I admit I almost choked on the smoke I was holding in. When I recovered, I told her that I was sure they were talking about her at this very moment.

By the time we got back inside, the Yankees had scored another two runs and were really beating the Hell out of Schilling. The boys were pretty much banging their heads against the table and Ann Marie and I whooped it up even more. By the end of the inning the Yankees were up 6-0 and the result of the game was no longer in doubt (or so we thought). After another couple inning, Mussina was still perfect and with the game all but decided, the boys really started to pay more and more attention to Ann Marie. She was openly flirting with them both now, and she had positioned herself in a way that gave them a great view up her dress. She would cross and uncross her legs and every once in a while even brush the back of her hand against one of her nipples (they were now harder than ever). We all had a good buzz on now, and Dean and Robby seemed to get a bit bolder. There were a lot of wise ass remarks and quite a bit of arm and leg touching. It was all still innocent enough, but there was certainly a good deal of sexual energy in the air. I noticed once that after Ann Marie had made a joke, we all laughed and Dean leaned over and put his hand on her thigh. It lingered for just a moment and as he was taking it off, he slowly (and still very discreetly) let it roam upwards until he touched her bare skin above the top of her stockings. Ann Marie let out a small but completely audible moan and for a minute, there was just a touch of embarrassing silence.

Since the beers were empty, I thought it might be a good time to give my wife and the two boys a few minutes alone, so I got up to get another round. Ann Marie told me later what went down when I left, and I will describe it for you now: As soon as I left the table Robby looked at Ann Marie and said, “So, you never finished your sentence when you went outside to get high. What was it that you were going to do if the Sox were up by the time you got back?” Ann Marie just smiled and said that it really didn’t matter now, since not only did the Red Sox not take the lead, but the Yankees actually scored more runs.
Dean piped in and said, “Well, if it doesn’t matter, then you can tell us what you were going to say. Come on, spill it.”
Ann Marie looked at them and said, “Ok, I guess you’re right. Well boys what I was going to say was that if the Red Sox were ahead when we got back (pause) I would….I would suck your cocks.” My wife told me that Dean’s mouth dropped open, and Robby literally fell off his chair.
Dean said “Fucking Red Sox, they just continue to disappoint me.” Ann Marie told him he better get used to it.
By this time, the Yanks had scored another two runs, and Mussina was still throwing a perfect game.
Robby then said, “You know, I don’t think the Sox are done yet. What if they come back and win? Can we get that same deal?”
Now all three of them laughed and Ann Marie said, “Listen Robby, your Red Sox are down eight runs, they haven’t had a hit all night and we are already going to the seventh inning. You know what? If the Red Sox come back and win, sure, I’ll blow the both of you. In fact, I’ll let the both of you fuck me, and you Robby, (and this she whispered) I’ll let you fuck me in the ass. How’s that?”

This last part must have been transpiring just as I walked back to the table, because the boys started a “LET’S GO RED SOX” chant and the three of them broke down in laughter.
I asked what was so funny, but Ann Marie just said “Don’t you worry about it, honey.”

Well, if you are a baseball fan, you probably know what happens next. Mussina, un-hittable all night long gives up a hit, and then another, and yes, then another. One run, two runs, three runs. The boys were going absolutely bonkers, and Ann Marie kept saying, “I can’t fucking believe it.” I, for one, didn’t know what all the fuss was about. I mean the Yankees were still up 8-3. And then ‘BAM’, two run homer. 8-5, we have a ballgame. Even I was starting to get a bit nervous now (and I didn’t even know what we were playing for yet). The boys were really hooting and hollering now, and Ann Marie was just shaking her head. I knew something was up but I didn’t learn about it until the Sox scored two more in the eighth inning.
At 8-7, Ann Marie said “Oh fuck, I guess it’s time to tell him, fellas.”

“Tell me what?” I said cautiously. I could only begin to imagine what I was about to hear. Ann Marie started with, “…for God’s sake babe they were up 8-0”. I looked at her and asked, “What did you do?”

“Well, I told these two young men that if the Sox came back to win…the Yanks were up 8-0…Oh fuck, I told them that if they came back to win I would suck their cocks”. Now it was my jaw that dropped. Not because I didn’t expect something like that, but because of how matter-of-factly she said it.

Dean and Robby were anxiously waiting for my response, but Ann Marie wasn’t finished. “I also told them that they could double team me and I told Robby he could fuck me in the ass.”

Ok I admit it. This time I was shocked. The thing was that after five years together, I had never fucked Ann Marie in the ass. And now I was one run away from watching these two college guys totally have their way with her.
I looked at my wife and said, “You are such a slut”.
This sort of broke the ice and we all laughed again. I guess the boys realized that I was really alright with this. It was like they just hit the lottery. At this point Ann Marie said that she guessed we should all go watch the end of the game up in our room. Dean and Robby were up on their feet before she finished her sentence.

In the elevator, I took Ann Marie in my arms and gave her a deep kiss. We made out during the entire trip up to the ninth floor.
Dean said “Dude, your wife is so fucking sexy, and both you guys are so cool.” I think Robby was still too shocked to talk.

Our room was sort of a mini suite, with a couch and TV in a separate room than the bed. I turned on the game as Ann Marie sat between the two Red Sox fans, on the couch. I took a seat on a chair next to the couch. The Yankees scored a couple more runs in the bottom of the eighth and Ann Marie got a kick out of teasing the boys by telling them that it looked like they were out of luck. She told Dean that his Red Sox were three outs away from disappointing him yet again. But all four of us knew that the outcome of the game was no longer important.

As the Yankee closer (the amazing Mariano Rivera) was dashing all hopes of a successful Red Sox comeback, the real action started. Dean and Robby (sitting on either side of my wife), slid the hem of her dress up to her waist and were rubbing both of her bare thighs. Robby started to play with her nipples through the top of her dress and finally peeled it down over her shoulders. Ann Marie’s beautiful breasts were now in full view, and Robby wasted no time in sucking on both of her nipples. Dean took her dress, which was now bunched up around her waist, and slipped it down her legs and over her high heels. She was now lying back on the couch with her head back, Robby was still sucking on her tits, and Dean was now rubbing her pussy through her panties. Dean pulled off her panties and kneeled between her legs, while Robby lifted his head and brought his lips to hers. Ann Marie willingly opened her mouth and took in his tongue. Dean was kissing her thighs, very softly, and it was making her squirm.

Robby stood up and unbuttoned his jeans. He kicked off his sneakers and stepped out of his pants. He moved over towards my wife and put one leg up on the couch. She reached out for him and found his cock under his boxer briefs. He positioned himself in front of her face and pulled down his underwear. Dean was now flicking her clit with his tongue, and teasing her ass with his finger. You can’t imagine how hot she looked, wearing nothing but thigh-high stocking and high heals; having her pussy licked and a cock rubbed on her face.

Ann Marie took one look at Robby’s cock, and then she turned to me and said, “Honey, it’s big. Look. I haven’t had a big cock in such a long time”.
And it was big. Not huge, but I have to admit, bigger than me.

She licked her lips and took his cock into her mouth. Dean was still working on her clit, and that’s when her first orgasm hit. She put her hand on Dean’s head and pulled him into her. She was grinding her pussy on his face, while she was licking Robby’s balls and stroking his cock. She came quick, and strong. She moaned, and I think I even heard her growl. It was absolutely the sexiest thing I had ever seen in my life.

When Ann Marie stopped shaking, she looked at me and said four words: “Condoms. Purse. GET THEM.” I can’t believe I moved as fast as I did. I hopped up and sprinted to the table in the small kitchenette; where she had dropped her purse. I remember thinking that after all these years, I never knew that my wife kept condoms in her purse. But when I found them there (six of them), hidden in an inside pocket in an envelope, it made me so hot, I swear I almost came.

As I was retrieving the condoms, Robby pulled his dick out my wife’s mouth, bent over and picked her up into his arms. He carried her past me and into the bedroom. Dean followed, and then me. Robby laid her on her back, across the bed. Dean was quickly out of his clothes and positioned my wife with her head off the end of the bed. He held up her head with his hands and brought his cock up to her face. I heard her say that it was just as big. And then, Dean started fucking her face.

Robby went to the night-table and grabbed a condom from where I had put them. He ripped it open and rolled the rubber over his cock. He spread Ann Marie’s legs and rubbed his cock up and down her pussy over her clit. She stopped sucking Dean’s cock long enough to beg Robby to put his cock inside of her.
“Fuck Me, Robby.” She cried. “Please, put your cock inside of me.”

Robby moved on top of my wife. I knew from her gasp that he was now fucking her. He was fucking her very slowly, going a little bit deeper with every stroke. Ann Marie went back to Dean’s cock. Licking the shaft and then moving down to his balls. Robby was now fucking her very deep. She was licking and kissing his dick and Dean was playing with one of her nipples. The boys kept telling her how fucking hot she was and I think this is what started her next orgasm. She came all over Robby’s cock.
This time, when she came, she looked right at me and said, “It is so fucking big. It feels so fucking good.”

Dean took his cock out of Anne Marie’s mouth and struggled to put on a condom. He lay on his back and told my wife to sit on his cock. She straddled his thighs and lowered herself on top of him, and she turned to me once more and (sweet as sugar) said, “Get the slippery stuff from my purse, Honey. Robby is going to fuck me in the ass.”

I was so hard at this point that I could hardly move. I had unbuckled my pants and was rubbing my cock while Robby was inside of her. I zippered up and brought here back the lube. She had me drip it down her ass and onto Dean’s cock as she was riding him, slowly. She was leaning over him and he was gently sucking on her tits. Robby moved over and started rubbing his cock up and down Ann Marie’s ass. She started moaning loudly, when he pushed his cock slowly into her ass. Her rhythm, while she was riding Dean, was nothing short of amazing.

I realized I was now blatantly stroking my own cock. I was leaning back against a bureau, watching my beautiful wife sitting on top of Dean’s cock, while Robby was fucking her ass from behind; pulling her into him by her hips. It was then that I can honestly tell you that I saw Ann Marie cum like she had never, ever, cum before. She was bucking on top of Dean and throwing herself back to Robby. She must have said, “YES, YES” twenty times. When Robby was about to explode, he took his cock out of her ass and pulled off his condom. He immediately started to cum, all over my wife’s ass and back. He let out what sounded to me like a roar and collapsed back on the bed. Spent.

Ann Marie looked at Dean and said to him, “I want you to come in my mouth.” Dean slid out from underneath her and pulled off his own condom. He took Ann Marie by the hand and said, “Get on your knees.” She climbed off the bed and put a pillow down on the floor to kneel on. Dean walked up to her and put his cock back in her mouth. It only took about ten seconds before he told her he was cumming. He started to cum in her mouth as she reached around and used her finger to play with his ass. Her other hand was milking his balls as he continued to cum. He finally pulled out of her mouth, and as my wife was looking up at him with her gorgeous brown eyes, he came on her cheek and then all over her tits. Man, this fucking guy came a lot. Ann Marie pushed her tits together and he finished cumming while sliding his cock between them.

I will never forget how hot my wife looked at that moment. She had made two college guys dreams come true, and she had turned me on more than I ever thought possible. And let’s not forget she had three colossal orgasms. So we were all happy. The boys hung around for a little bit, but they could tell that Ann Marie and I were ready to be alone, after we made sure to get their e-mail addresses, they went happily on their way. As Ann Marie and I laid down on the bed, she said that I would have to wait until tomorrow to fuck her, but that she wanted to rub my “nice sized” cock and balls while telling me how great it felt to have not one, but two big cocks inside of her at the same time.

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