Author: Seduced2Cheat

I awoke that night. I don’t know if it was a noise, or because I had to go to the bathroom, but I noticed right away that Michelle was not beside me in bed. For some reason, the empty place in bed bothered me, although it was not uncommon for her to be up in the middle of the night.

I pulled back the covers first, the need to empty my full bladder more pressing than the need to find out where my wife had gone to in the middle of the night.

I walked into the master restroom, holding my penis, waiting for my stream to start when I heard something that stopped me in mid stream.

“Quiet Mrs. Rush. You wouldn’t want your husband to hear you.”

The voice was soft, but the master bedroom wall was shared with the guestroom next door. I could make out the voice clearly. As well as the muffled moan that came soon after.

Suddenly, my bladder was the least of my thoughts. My heart beat faster as I stumbled out of the bathroom. Tom, my son Sam’s friend from college had been staying with us for the last week during break. I would have had to be blind to not to notice the flirtation he and my wife had been doing, or the fact that it seemed to turn my wife on more than usual. She had always been an extremely sexual woman, and flirting was in her nature, but this. I had never expected this.

I crept down the hall. My feet were bare and made tiny little squeaks in the quiet hallway. I neared the guestroom door, scared and excited at the same time. I couldn’t hear anything through the closed door.

My hand gripped the knob and I turned it slowly, opening it just a sliver. I could see into the small guestroom and immediately saw my wife; lithe form dressed only in a sheer nightgown, raven black hair falling to her shoulders. A strong arm was reaching from the bed, hand disappearing as it slid between my wife’s thighs. She moaned again, louder this time and I felt my something tearing in my heart.

“Don’t worry, Mrs. Rush.” Tom said, coming into view as he sat at the edge of the bed. “I can teach you to be quiet. Will you let me teach you?”

She nodded, completely under the young man’s spell. I watched with a lump in my throat as the as the blond slipped off his boxers, a rock hard cock standing straight between his legs. It was long; scrotum smooth covered in a fine down of blond hair. Not like mine, shorter and fat which sprang from a wiry mass of graying pubes.

“Go ahead,” Tom murmured softly. ” Show me how quiet you can be Mrs. Rush.”

Tom guided Michelle down to her knees between his legs. She looked up at him and he smiled smugly. Michelle took his cock in her hand and stroked it tenderly, her wedding ring bright against the young man’s bronze skin. She said nothing, opening her mouth and pushed the bloated head into her mouth. Tom sighed, hands resting on her black hair, pushing her softly down on his cock.

I wanted to groan as I watched my wife lower her mouth until she could take no more, gagging slightly, then sucking up his spit eagerly. Michelle had never liked the taste of cum, but that seemed not to matter now as she hungrily attacked Tom’s cock, her hand firmly at the base, other hand rolling his balls gently in her hands. Tom was hardly able to keep quiet, his teeth biting his lip, hands digging into my wife’s thick hair. I realized then that she was trying to make him cum, trying to provoke a reaction, to prove that she was in control.

Just thinking of the powerful lust motivating my wife’s actions made my own cock hard, full bladder or no. It stretched out the front of my boxers but I resisted the urge to take it out. Just because my body was responding to the display my wife was giving, didn’t mean I liked it.

Tom’s back arched and I thought he was going to cum, then suddenly he regained his composure, pulling my wife’s face up from his dick and staring hard into her eyes.

“Not yet, Mrs. Rush.” He whispered. “I think you’ve learned the value of being quiet. Now it is time to test it.”

He pulled her to her feet, and directed her to the guest bed. She lay down, back to him, her body trembling as he snuggled up against her, spooning her like an old lover. Tom murmured something, then spread her legs slightly. I could see clearly as his huge cock slid up against her cunt, my wife biting down upon the pillow. She moved her ass, trying to push the head of his cock inside of her.

Tom grinned at my wife’s frustration. He leaned forward and I could hear his cruel whisper.

“Put it in, Mrs. Rush. Show me you want it.”

My wife was beyond all rational thought as her hand snaked around his cock and guided into her tortured pussy. Tom shoved forward as my wife’s ass slammed back, their bodies locked perfectly together. Michelle and I had never been this perfect together.

Tom pumped into my wife’s cunt, the small bed creaking with their thrashing bodies. All the while Tom spoke in her ear, fucking her with words as he fucked her with his cock.

“That’s right Mrs. Rush. You love that cock?”

“Yes.” She whispered, more gasp then speech.

“I can fuck you like this all night, Mrs. Rush! Would you like that?”

“YesЕbut my husbandЕ”

“He never needs to know.”

“I can’t. Please, just fuck me now. Let me enjoy it!”

Tom realized it was all he was going to get and he fucked my wife harder, working her ass like it was a punching bag, absorbing each thrust. My wife moved with him, her moans getting louder as she bit down on the sheets, trying to muffle her cries. My own cock throbbed as I watched my wife being fucked quietly less than ten feet away from where we shared a bed. The need for quiet seemed to make her more excited, as if bottling up her reactions made the release all the more sensational.

Her orgasm, like the ordeal, was soft but I saw every twitch of her body as if she was screaming in my head. She shivered, her skin turning red, her mouth buried in pillow. Meanwhile, Tom stiffened behind her, his crotch thrusting deep inside of Michelle’s pussy and in that darkened room I watched them complete together.

I stayed only a little while longer as Tom turned my wife’s face to his and covered her mouth with a passionate kiss. They cooed softly to each other like lovers as their bodies basked in the afterglow of their encounter.

I stumbled back to my room, not wanting to be seen watching my wife with another man. I went under the covers, my cock still hard, but I would be damned if I was going to jack off. I was angry and horny and I needed to fuck. Now.

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