Watching April: April In The Park

Author: Master_Vyle

My name is Barry Snow, and as you probably already know my wife April is a total nymphomaniac. She just can’t get enough different cocks, and she is always on the look out for a new one. I have no problem with her little hobby, and in fact I have been her number one source of encouragement for 33 years.
Well, in case you don’t know my wife is 52, a little on the plump side with a big round ass and a pair of fat DD tits, the red nipples of which ride nice and high and they’re like a couple of Ticonderoga My First Pencil erasers. She has cool gray eyes and corn-silk blonde hair that’s soft and luscious and still is showing no signs of going gray. Her legs are nice, chunky at the thighs, with strong calves that are good for…
Well, you know.
Her skin is the softest, and during the winter months she’s milky white, but during the summer she’s golden dusty all over because she lays out on the upper deck outside of our bedroom in the nude to get a tan all over. Her body is perfect, and she doesn’t have a single mark on her. She keeps her tight, yet well used, pussy clean shaved a majority of the time, but will sometimes let it grow out for weeks or a month or two.
In short, April is perfect. At least she is by my standards. Sometimes it’s like I found a goddess instead of a person to marry. I feel like I am the luckiest man on earth, and her feeling to me is mutual because she tells me she must be the luckiest woman in the world too.
Early on we decided that we didn’t want any kids. My childhood was a little screwed up, so I never thought I would be any good as a parent. April told me not long after we met that having kids was something she never thought of. I guess that’s another reason we’re so good together, our feelings and interest are never too far off from each other. Besides I can’t imagine that our sex lives would be as adventurous or interesting if we had kids. We know a lot of swappers and swingers our age, people we met in the early years we were together and others we have chatted to online, and they have kids and stay cool for a while, then cut loose after the kids are out of the house. I suppose it’s good if it works for them, but I can not imagine April slowing down for anything.
Over the past few years I have really gotten into voyeurism, watching her in secret when she is with a guy. April knows I am there, and sets up situations where I can watch, but the men she is with never even know I am around. At least as far as I know none of them have figured it out yet, which kind of adds to the thrill. I suppose the watching while hidden is just a progression in a way, because I’ve always liked to sit back and watch her take it and then join in on the fun later. Now when I watch an unsuspecting guy fucking my wife it makes me feel a lot hotter than it ever did when the guy knew I was there in the same room.
Just the other day one of those opportunities for me to watch in secret presented itself. Sometimes I know that April is actively seeking someone, and sometimes it comes as a surprise because something has suddenly fallen into her lap.

The other day was one of those, coming a little unexpected, because it was Friday afternoon, and we were going to visit Randy for the weekend. (In case you don’t know yet Randy is the guy just across the state line that we hooked up with over the internet. Not the greatest looking guy, but he has a nice cock and is a versatile bi as well as being a fun person to be around. First thing on Saturday mornings usually me and him wake up and start of with a little 69ing.)
Okay, anyway…
It was Friday afternoon and Chip, my business partner, had come in to take over at the store. I figured that since he was early and things were slow, since there was still a few weeks of school, that I would go ahead and call it a day. I thought I could head home and get a little action with April before we left to meet Randy for a little something to eat before our weekend action began.
I was just out the door, when as luck would have it, my phone buzzed. I pulled it out of my pocket as I gave Chip a shrug and a wave. I looked at the screen and saw it was a text from April.

u leave erly 2day??!!

I smiled to myself and quickly texted back that I had just walked out the door, before heading around back to our van. Yes, it seemed we both were in luck, but I didn’t know how lucky yet.
The phone buzzed again in my hand as I fished out my keys. I looked down at the screen.

cum 2 park

I of course wrote back.


I couldn’t help but smile, feeling my cock stir at her response.

u no y!!!! 😉

Well of course that could mean only one thing. April had found someone she felt was more than willing and able.

usual spot?


I grinned, jerking the door open and quickly jumping into the driver’s seat of the van. The usual spot as we called it was a place in the woods that bordered on the far end of the park where a series of trails began that had plenty of places to hide out and be unnoticed.
Yes, of course, we’ve used that spot before.

u there now?

going 2 go long way

I put the key in the ignition. If she was going the long way she meant I would probably have enough time to stop at the house and grab a camera.

where u now?

just leaving house
him p p
told him u coming home
so haf 2 leve

As I looked at the message, turning over the engine, my cock fully hardened and throbbed. If they were at the house it meant that she had already been doing stuff with him.

what u do??!!

he play titties
rub tru undies 😉

God damn, I couldn’t wait to get there. I sent her one last text before putting the van in reverse to back out of my parking space.

give me nuff time

😉 ok
hot thing

I pulled out of the back lot of the store and made the two mile drive to our house on the lake in record time, although careful to stop at the single red light in between the store and the house. I pulled to a stop in front of the front door and got out, leaving the engine running and slipping my house key off the key ring. My cock, though not a huge monster, was making a painful tent in my pants that I’m sure would have been obvious to anyone else had there been anyone else around to see. I opened the door and went straight upstairs to get our newest digital camera, which I feel is about the best Christmas present I’ve ever gotten.
As I got to the top of the stairs I saw that April had left me a message. There was a pair of silky gray panties hanging on the doorknob of our bedroom that had not been there when I had went to work that morning. It just fueled my excitement to see them. They were a sign that she had left them behind and was wearing none. I paused and took them off the doorknob, the crotch was nice and damp. Putting them to my nose I took a deep breath, they reeked of her heady musk and juice with a slight hint of urine smell.
I made sure not to savor the moment too long. If I got too wrapped up then I would miss my opportunity to watch April, and her as yet unseen cock giver. I tossed her panties on the bed and then went to the dresser and grabbed the camera she had gotten us for Christmas this time around. This camera is the best one ever. It has a big screen on it and all you have to do is tap it to take a picture, as well as the best telescopic zoom I‘ve ever seen. The pictures themselves are perfect without a flash, even if the light is fairly bad, and when it snaps a picture the screen freezes a second but it doesn’t make a sound like a lot of digital cameras do. So it’s perfect for getting those action shots when you don’t want to be noticed, which is just perfect for what I use it for.
I took the camera and went back down to get in the van. The park is on the far side of the lake from our house, and when you drive a little past it there is a road that goes to a small parking lot in the middle of nowhere, which is a parking lot for the hiking trails. Since summer had not quite gotten started I knew, just as April did, that there would probably be no one on any of the trails.
I got out after parking and quickly took off down the trail that would lead to the little clearing that my wife and I had discovered years before. Over the past 20 or so years we have lived at the lake house we have made sure that particular clearing has seen plenty of action. It started off as a place we decided to be naughty one day. Then as time passed we brought some like minded friends to share our find. And after that it became a place where April would occasionally lure a stranger for some new cock test driving.
I was just in luck, because when I got to the little clearing it was still empty. I quickly found a spot near the end, which was actually supposed to be a border with the park. There is a hedge wall there that has been forgotten and become a little neglected, and over the years other bushes and shrubs have taken up root nearby so the view is actually obscured on both sides from anyone looking toward it from the park. I found what I thought would be a good enough place and squatted down, looking through a space in the hedge’s braches that gave a good view of the little clearing.
It wasn’t too long before I heard the sound of leaves being crunched and footsteps coming down the trail, accompanied by voices. I couldn’t make out what was being said, but I could tell from the tone of the female voice that April was coming. I shifted as I crouched to get a better view.
Sure enough, my wife stepped into the clearing, her new “friend” in tow. Later on she told me that his name was Doug and that he had been in the park doing sketches. He had asked her to model for him if she didn’t mind, and of course you know she wouldn’t refuse. The park was fairy empty and they had gotten a little flirty, so she had invited him to the house and they had ended up splitting a six pack of Smithwick’s. And of course the beers had helped him loosen up enough for some heavy petting. And that would of course lead them to the clearing off from the park to pet some more since “I was coming home”.
(Wink, wink!)
Anyway, I watched from my spot, not really able to hear what they were saying. My wife kind of walked around the small space as the guy that was with her talked and motioned with a hand holding a sketchbook. He didn’t look all that bad. He was a little taller than her five foot six, with curly brown hair and a goatee that was trimmed around the mouth and dipped at least to his Adam’s apple. I guess he did kind of look like an artist. He had on black jeans and a pale blue turtle neck that were definitely out of season since it was already getting sticky outside. He looked like he was probably around 34 or 35, which later on I found out was April’s opinion as well.
I turned my attention more to her as she batted her eyes and gave him the please fuck me young stud smile. She was wearing a sleeveless orange shirt that was cut low enough to reveal the frilly cups of her gray bra, the companion piece to the panties she had left on the doorknob. She was also wearing a tight denim skirt, that her ample ass was threatening to eventually burst, that stopped a couple of inches above her knees. Across her right arm she had a checked picnic blanket, and I noticed that she was not wearing her glasses. (A couple of signs that she was just planning to fuck.)
He said something and looked around a little unsure. April just shook her hand and gave a casual looking hearty laugh. She later told me he was a little nervous about getting caught, her being married, and he didn’t want me to suddenly just happen to show up.
(Wink, wink.)
Oh, if he only knew.
My wife just showed him that she wasn’t bothered or nervous about being caught. She walked around, looking for what she though was a good spot, which actually ended up being a perfect spot as it gave me a direct view of the action that was going to take place. Once she had decided she began unfolding the picnic blanket and spreading it out.
April bent slightly and she was facing away from both me and the guy she was with. With that bend the round cheeks of her ass were plainly visible. I could tell she had the blanket spread out neatly enough, but she bent further to give a good view of her ass and pussy for no other reason than just to show if off.
I glanced to her new guy friend and saw that his gaze was pretty much fixed on her. I shifted my weight a little, because my knees were getting a little sore. Then I looked through the hole in the hedge to continue watching them, waiting for the action to begin. My cock beat with a hard throb to let me know that it was ready for a little action too.
April made a show of pulling down her skirt and straightening the hem. Then she sat down on the blanket. They talked back and forth. Then she laid herself out slightly to one side, keeping herself pushed up a bit on her palms. Her friend squatted down where he was standing, pretty much in the same position as I was, and then flipped open his book.
The guy was a pretty fast drawer. I guess guys that sketch scenes and people usually are. It took maybe 10 or 15 minutes, and I didn’t even complaint under my breath to myself, because I knew that whatever was coming would be worth the wait. Whenever he was done he slipped his pencil into the top of his sketchbook and stood up. He walked over to April and turned the book to her, leaning down slightly. My wife smiled and nodded, apparently pleased with what she saw.
I shifted in my spot behind the hedge. Then I turned on the camera because I was sure it was not going to be much longer. Quickly checking I made sure all the settings were right. Then I shifted my weight again, trying to get more comfortable.
April was giving him a big smile. She laughed loud enough for me to hear. Then she shifted on the blanket, leaning back and moving her legs to raise her knees up. Once she had them up far enough she parted her thighs to give him, and me, a good look at her pussy. It has been one of those times that she hasn’t shaved in about a month. April at the moment still has the nice bush of short golden curls she was showing off on that Friday.
Her sketch artist friend took a nervous look around as he talked to her. I am sure he told her that he was feeling like they were being watched, and I know that she was telling him that he was just being paranoid. I know she probably told him that it was not quite summer, that school was still in and there was really no one around the lake or the park.
As I watched he stepped closer. April then repositioned herself again, getting up on her knees. She grabbed the front of his pants and unzipped them. Then she undid the button as he took another look around the area. Feeling everything was clear and they weren’t going to be bothered he dropped his sketchbook beside her on the blanket, and then helped her fish out his cock. My wife’s new artist friend was pretty well gifted. Even from the distance I was he looked at least to be eight inches and nice and thick, cock and big balls clean shaved in opposition to my wife’s current hairiness.
I took the camera and balanced it on my leg as I worked to undo my pants in the squatting position I was in. It took a second to get my belt undone and to open my fly all the way just as his was. Taking camera back in hand I worked them down to mid thigh. Then I reached into the flap at the front of my briefs and teased the shaft of my cock out up to the balls.
I love to stroke my cock while I watch my wife messing with another guy. The first few times I could not help myself. Watching in secret was so exciting that I would always blow my wad before the other guy was finished with her. But since it’s been a couple of years now I am better about holding back and giving April a second helping of sperm after she and her erstwhile lover part ways.
April rose up on her knees and kissed the fat head of her artist friend’s cock. She would bat the top of it with her tongue and then run her lips over the head. She would give a few more kisses and then run her tongue around the underside of the head. I think I have mentioned that cock sucking is a secondary sport to April. If she wants to and whoever is with her is so inclined she can and will do it all day long.
It seemed to be doing the job for her friend, because he was leaning back a little and making a goofy face. As I watched I took my free hand and gave my own neglected cock a few strokes, quietly moaning to myself. Then I let go and raised the camera with both hands to snap off a few good pictures of her sucking his cock.
April always seems to know how to make the right kind of tension with someone when I am the secret audience. Usually she comes up with an excuse to make it a quickie. With the first guy she told him I had run down to the grocery store to pick up things and was coming right back. With another guy she said that I was just out on the lake fishing and would be back at any time. And with yet another guy she told him they had less than an hour because she was expecting her cousin to come over.
I think it works out the best that way. With it having to be a quickie it puts the sense of urgency on the other guy. He knows he has to hurry or risk getting caught, just as much as I have to keep quiet as I watch or I risk getting caught.
April had already told him that she was expecting me home soon, and that was why they had to leave the house. I already knew that she had probably given him a further deadline as well. I knew that it was not a very short one, but I was also fairly sure that she had probably told him the had just a couple of hours before she was not missed at home since we had weekend plans.
I shifted slightly as my wife let his cock slide out of her mouth. I took another picture as it came out, its smooth surfaced slickened with April’s spit, and a string of it, probably thickened by his precum linking from the head to the corner of her mouth for a moment. She had a delighted smile on her face as she looked up at him, so I was fairly certain that she had tasted a bit of his cream.
I have to say I was a little envious. I am usually content to suck long and thin cocks, but occasionally, when April gets a nice big one, I love to suck on them too if the guy is open to it. At that moment I wished I could taste his cum too. I lowered my camera and grabbed my cock again, stroking it slowly as I watched.
April’s artist friend got out of his shoes and then dropped his pants the rest of the way down and stepped out of them. The whole time my wife was looking hungrily and lovingly at him, and that just made my own blood rush as I stroked my hard cock a little faster. His cock was nice and hard as well, standing straight out and pointing toward my wife’s nose.
Letting go of my cock I repositioned myself and got the camera into a ready position. The artist stepped around behind April and lowered himself down to kneel behind her. He kissed her cheek and her neck. Then she leaned back and they kissed open mouthed, swapping spit and tongues. My cock was pulsing, throbbing painfully as I watched.
When they finished mouth kissing he went back to kissing and sucking on her neck. April closed her eyes and leaned into him, leaning back. After a moment they both slowly sank back, laying down and spooning with April resting on top of him, slightly rubbing her ass against his crotch and cock.
I took a hand off the camera again and gave myself a few more good strokes, taking hard breaths. Looking out through the space in the hedge I could see him raising his knees up on either side of her. April maneuvered her own legs and reached down as he reached around her and cupped her tits. He kneaded April’s titties, pulling the neck of her shirt open as he did so to expose more of her bra covered tits. While he was doing this my wife worked herself up a little, grabbing the hem of her denim skirt. Working her hips she worked it up to her waist, showing off her legs and exposing her golden curls and the slit that parted them.
I sighed to myself, taking a tighter hold on my cock. He moved one hand down as he pushed the cups of her bra up and over until he was finally able to make most of her left tit pop out from under. The nipple jutted straight up at the sky, looking painfully hard. With his other hand he reached down and pulled the bottom of her shirt up slightly. Once he had it up over her belly he put his hand against it and rubbed, slightly pressing down.
April reached down as she raised herself up a little. She grabbed his cock and guided it to her slit. She rubbed it against her hungry pussy hole as she raised herself up and down slightly. Then she worked the head inside, and after a moment squatted down to slowly take every inch inside.
Letting go of my own cock I steadied the camera and took a picture as soon as she had him buried to the balls inside her. It wasn’t too long before they were both working and grinding against each other. They had a good pace and I took several shots of his cock slipping back from her pussy only to be driven home as he thrust up and she squatted back down.
Finally I heard a clear, “Oh, that’s it, sweetheart.”
It was followed closely by an, “Um, yeah.”
It was hard for me to keep my hand off my cock at this point, but I wanted to be at the ready so that I would not miss any good shots. I squatted with my pants nearly to my knees with my shaft exposed through my briefs shaded by the trees and hidden by the bushes.
April and her younger lover were working faster, and his cock just seemed to pound and pound into her as it split her pussy open, widening the part in her curls. Even without the zoom on the camera I could see that the shaft was extremely wet with her pussy juice. It made me wish that we were all together and aware of each other so that I could lick her off of him each time his cock pulled back out of her.
I saw April’s face twist as she let out a sharp breath. There was no mistaking the look of pleasure she had at that moment, and I knew it wasn’t going to be too much longer before she went off. It was a look I had seen plenty of times, both face to face and as an observer in close quarters as well as from hidden places. My wife closed her eyes, her face looking like she was panting as she drove herself down on her lover’s cock even harder.
“Nayh, yeah,” she suddenly cried out, very loudly in the silence. “I’m gonna cum, sweetheart. I’m gonna cum right now!”
I raised the camera and took a picture of her ecstasy twisted face as she rode his cock, driving herself down harder as he returned the favor by pounding into her harder. Now I could hear the steady beat of their bodies as they slapped together. My eyes focused on his balls as they bounced up and beat against the bottom of her pussy each time he thrust up.
“Mmmmmm, yeah!,” my wife suddenly cried. “Oh, yeah, oh, yeah. OH, yeah! OH, YEAH!”
Her getting vocal was enough to drive her artist lover over the edge too. He squirmed under her and let out a large groan as he continued to pound her pussy from beneath her.
Taking a ragged breath myself I steadied the camera and took several more pictures. Concentrating on other stuff had kept me from getting off before April and the guy she is with comes.
After a few minutes their cries died down as they slowed their pace. As it got quiet I nearly pissed myself as a bunch of crows suddenly cried out in protest at the noise they had been making. The sudden caws of the birds had scared the two of them as well, because April slid off his cock, his white sticky cum coating the sides and he rolled out from under her and jumped to his feet. As they realized that it was birds they looked to one another and laughed loudly.
I shifted my position again as April sat up and then rose up on her knees once more. I took more pictures as she leaned her head to him and started licking his smeared cum off his cock. My own little neglected boner was throbbing again, and I was slightly envious wishing I could be the one doing some of the clean up duties.
Once she was done she straightened herself up and began to gather up the blanket as he got his pants and shoes back on. They talked for a moment, then stepped to each other and kissed, April’s hand going down and massaging his cock through his jeans. When they separated he picked his sketchbook where she had placed it on the ground as she folded the blanket. Opening it he tore out a page and handed it to her.
After that I watched as they made their way across the clearing and back to the trail. They paused as April pointed off in the direction they had came and said something. He nodded. Then they embraced and kissed again, long and deep. My exposed cock was throbbing, and glancing down I would see a single drop of precum was glistening in the slit. I looked back up as they broke their embrace and noticed that her artist lover was going back the way they had come from as April turned to go further up the path.
I gave them a few minutes to move along before I got myself together. I turned off the camera and put it in my shirt pocket. Then I ran a fingertip into my piss slit to get that lonely little drop of precum. I sucked it off my finger, wishing there was more. Then I stood up, aching from being crouched and squatting down for so long, and pulled my pants up. I stretched for a minute. Then I walked out to cross the clearing and headed back up the trail to return to the trailhead parking lot.
Once I got to the parking lot I went straight to the side door of the van and opened it. My wife had let the seats down and was laying on her belly on the floorboard and smiling. She had quickly undressed, and as I looked in on her she arched her back to raise up slightly and reveal her tits and hard red nipples. Between her hands she had the piece of sketch paper that her younger lover had given her in parting. She pushed it to me with a smile on her face. “I think it’s a pretty good likeness.”
I took the paper and looked at it. On it April was sketched perfectly, in the same pose as she had been on the picnic blanket in the clearing. Although the artist had taken poetic license and sketched my wife nude. I noted he must have a great feel for his subjects because he had gotten her nipples perfect without seeing them for too long beforehand.
“Yes, very good,” I agreed.
My wife took the sketch back from me and sat it aside. Then she smiled broadly and mischievously at me before rolling over onto her back and opening her knees. Once her thighs were apart the fat lips of her pussy were revealed, her young lover’s sperm still oozing a little from between engorged labial lips. April giggled. “You don’t want to wait until tonight do you?”
I climbed into the back of the van, quickly shutting the door behind me. As soon as it was closed my wife’s hands were working the buttons of my shirt as I undid my belt and then opened my pants to get them down. Once I was as naked as she was we shared a kiss. Then I got between her legs and buried my cock straight home, having no problem getting into her open and sperm lubricated hole.
I put my hands on her waist and started thrusting into her as she raised her ankles up and trailed them down my sides to reach my waist. I love to feel of her pussy after someone else has used it and filled it with a load. It’s not like the feel of just a super wet pussy. It’s stickier and has a slightly slimy feel that’s deliciously hot and raunchy.
It didn’t take but a few minutes of pumping before we were both ready to go. As I’ve said before she has the uncanny ability to be orgasmic according to the situation, and I know she didn’t mind a second quickie since we still had our weekend at Randy’s ahead of us. I was hot and sweating, and the inside of our van felt like it was steaming.
“God, yes, darling,” April sighed. “I’m going to cum again.”
I didn’t hold back once I felt her shiver and shudder under me. I picked up my pace, pounding her harder just before I blasted a hot and gooey load inside on top of the one her young lover had already put there. When my climax reached it’s end I let myself relax slightly on top of her, our mutually sweaty bodies sticking together.
“Hot thing,” she whispered after she stopped panting and was breathing normally.
April made a purring giggle in her throat. Then she looked to me with a wide and mischievous smile. “You want to lick that double cream pie all gone?”
It was a question she knew I would not even bother to answer verbally.
My wife opened her legs widely as I moved down and buried my face into her steamy and musky pussy. Her not being shaved made the smell that much more intense. She reeked of sex and sexual juices, and I was more than happy to start licking it all up. She shifted under me, moaning and gasping as I licked her clean, savoring every little bit of my own cum as well as that of her young lover. Once I was done I gave her an added finale to the afternoon activities, sucking and torturing her clit with my tongue until she came again.
I think this experience is one of the best ones we’ve had at the park, especially since I have started watching her in secret. At the moment we have the sketch Doug made of her, as well as the picture of her with the string of spit/precum from his cock to her mouth stuck in the edge of her dresser mirror. Neither of us is sure if he will ever come back to the park to do any sketching, but we both agree we would like him to sketch her again if he does.
After we got home from the park we showered and played a little bit more. Then we got our stuff ready and went to meet Randy for dinner at a little local restaurant in the town he lives in. Once we got to his place we had a really good time.
The first thing that April wanted to do as soon as we got to the bedroom…
Oh, anyway. I think I’ll save that story for another time.


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