First Encounter

Author: Cecilia

He came to the door with a broad smile, a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of wine. He was wearing his favorite button up shirt and somewhat faded jeans. He was a stunning man, not built like Sylvester Stalone, but his body was toned. His hair was soft, dark brown, and curly. His deep blue eyes sparkled in the light, like stars in the night sky.

She answered the door. Her long brown hair was freshly styled and her scent filled his nose. The dress she wore was a simple blue Jean mini, cut just above the knee. She had the deepest blue eyes he had ever seen and a smile that was to die for. She had beautiful long slender legs.

As he entered the room his cologne of spice wafted through the air as she inhaled. There he was standing before her; she couldn’t believe her eyes. She had seen a few pictures and talked to him on the telephone but it didn’t compare to the person standing just inches away from her. He was so masculine, sensuous and yet so sensitive and caring.

He gazed at her with a wanton stare. It took all his will power to keep from rushing over and taking her at that moment. Everything about her reeked of sex, from the way she pushed a lock of hair from her face to the way she walked across the room.

She walked him to the sofa. He handed her the bouquet of carnations. She took the flowers inhaled their fragrance and headed into the kitchen to put them in water. She offered him a white russian and he accepted. She prepared the drinks and returned to the living room, stopping at the stereo to turn on some soft music.

As they grew more comfortable with each other, the silences became smaller and smaller, she moved to sit next to him on the couch. Nothing was set in stone tonight, just a small get together to feel each other out. As the night wore on, and the liquor eased their tongues, they both entertained their own fantasies in their minds.

He was thinking of how badly he wanted to slide his hand up her dress and feel the wetness of her womanhood. To feel how excited she had gotten at the thought of them having sex. He would love to taste the liquid and smell her feminine fragrance. He was thinking of how he could slip his fingers into her sweetness then let his tongue taste and finally his hard cock fill her. He wanted to caress her breasts and run his tongue around her nipples and in the valley that lay between the two mounds of soft firm flesh. He wanted to taste the sweetness of her skin and pleasure her in ways she could only imagine.

Her mind raced as thoughts of undressing him ran through her mind. She wanted to kneel in front of him, take his cock into her mouth and suck it until it was completely stiff. She wanted him to taste her milky fountain as she sucked him giving his cock a tonsil massage as he glided deep into her throat. She wanted to be taken by him, wrapped in intense passion!

He reached out to touch her hand and startled her. She noticed his glass was empty and offered him another drink. As she poured the vodka into the glasses, she felt his hands caressing her back as they moved around to caress her breasts. He could feel her erect nipples through the thin material of her clothing. As he caressed her body, she laid her head back to rest upon his chest. He began kissing her neck moving down to reveal an area of skin on her shoulder. She moaned at the pleasure of his touch. She turned around to face him. They joined in a kiss that would melt all the snow in Alaska. Their kisses grew more intense with each one.

He waved his arm and cleared a space on the counter top. He wrapped his arms around her waist and lifted her up onto the kitchen counter top. His hands traveled up her body, covering every inch as he placed intense passionate kisses along her soft skin. As he slid his hands up her inner thighs, he realized she wasn’t wearing any panties, making it much easier to slyly slip his fingers in and tease her. His fingers moved in and out of her wetness stopping only to tease her clit. As he kissed her passionately he removed her little dress. Her firm breasts inches from his face seemed to tease him to taste them. First the right breast, holding them together licking her cleavage as he moved to the left breast.

She found the will power to undo his jeans revealing a hard stiff cock. His pants dropped to floor as he stepped out of them and removed his shirt. While caressing the shaft, she noticed the skin felt tight and soft at the same time. As she stroked his hard cock slowly she could feel the veins along the sides bulging and throbbing as though they would burst. She lightly ran her fingertip along the tip of his hard penis, forcing him to let out a moan. His fingers had gone from light flicks, to more intense and deeper movements, sending waves of excitement through her slender body.

His kisses became more passionate almost desperate, pulling her closer. He couldn’t contain himself any longer; he pulled her off the counter top and let her wetness surround his cock. As he slid inside her, she wrapped her legs around his waist. He supported her as he moved her up and down on his hard bulging cock. He moved faster and faster up and down the feeling was so intense she leaned back so she could get the full impact of his manhood deep inside her.

He moved to support her against the fridge as he continued to assist her up and down on his throbbing dick. The coolness of the metal intensified her senses.

Oh how wonderful this felt she didn’t want it to end. He was deep inside her pushing and pulling her up and down on his member giving them both a ride of their lives.

Her moans had been slowly growing louder, until she peaked. Her body tensed around his cock and covered him with her juices as she climaxed. He could feel her juices trickle down his shaft and onto his balls. He continued to grind against her as she arched backwards, letting his cock pound deeper inside her.

He could feel his self about to erupt with each thrust. His hard cock throbbed and tingled as his sticky warm fluid spilled into her depths of femininity.

Breathing heavily, heart racing and satisfied, he set her back up onto the counter. They embraced for a small eternity. He helped her off the counter once he felt she had regained strength in her legs, and led her to the couch. They sat down, her body leaning against his, her head on his chest. The stereo was still playing the soft romantic music.

Both of them couldn’t be happier with the evening they had shared.

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