Aurora, Sexy Assassin

Author: joaquin d’ bootboy

Aurora Sexy Assassin

-by Joaquin (a.k.a. “bootboy”)
Dedicated to the lovely Aurora

EPISODE 1: “Death comes in black thong panties”

The long straight lonely highway stretch for several miles for as far as the eye could see. On both sides of it, a vast desert landscape, warm and only beginning to show signs of life as the sun steadily rose on the far horizon. Other than a frightened gecko that scurried pass across the wide deserted avenue and a flight of vultures overhead, and one patient rider well hidden behind a boulder, the infinite scenery was definitely lifeless.

Brushing her long dark hair playfully messed up by a gentle desert breeze, the lone rider smiled as everything she had planned had fallen neatly into place. She was early. She had time. The target was not due for another two hours. It was only 7:00 a.m. and yet the sun was already blazing hot. “Might as well take advantage and get myself a tan and while I check on the traps”, she said to herself.

She took off her black leather-riding overalls and neatly folded it inside her duffel bag beside her camouflage tent. She didn’t took off her stylish knee high black leather Valentino boots, with four-inch stiletto heels on to protect her feet from the desert floor that was gradually heating up.

She giggled as she inspected herself. She stood there in the middle of nowhere wearing nothing more than a skimpy ensemble of sexy black silk brassiere that strained to cover up her shapely firm breast. Her sensuous strikingly gorgeous creamy white thighs and long, long shapely silky smooth legs were generously revealed and barely covered by her sexy black high cut thong panties.

The same gecko that earlier hurried off across the highway was back and stared as if in awe at the lovely Aurora. She just winks down at him pretending him to be a captive audience and smiled. “My gosh, look at me. I could very well be a model for a female domination magazine”, she said softly to the attentive gecko. “Better get down to business my friend” she bid the little creature good-bye as she walk away towards her blue 2000 Yamaha R6 parked 150 meters away among a copse of wild bushes.

The little gecko followed her closely, staring at the exquisite way Aurora’s well-rounded hips sway with every step she takes, as she walks gracefully like a top beauty in a prestigious pageant would. Her well-rounded tight firm butt barely covered by her striking black thong bikini panties moves in such hypnotic vivacious manner that it had effectively held the poor gecko’s eyes like glue. Aurora glances back and notices this and merely smiled, “either the poor little monster is a reincarnation of an ass gazing maniac or he probably thinks I look too good to eat”, she laughed, “well, probably both. His definitely got some taste”, she said to herself.

Once there, Aurora check the tools of her trade from a metal cache strapped to her sports bike and laid them on a mat, which she carefully arranged on the sandy floor. Her deadly gear consisted of an H&K MP5 submachine gun and .357 magnum Desert Eagle and a couple of radio operated Claymore anti-personnel mines. It also included a remotely controlled .50 caliber SAW (squad automatic weapon) complete with tripods that she herself designed and built for this particular purpose.

Needless to say, Aurora is an expert in weaponry and demolitions, an essential skill in her arcane trade of assassination. In fact in the mysterious world of assassins, Aurora is among the top five in the world. Her schooling and training in these esoteric lethal arts is quite a mystery as no one really knew her background save for a few who are either closely working for her or dead. And she has never ever been caught.

Her youthful teenage looks with a radiant carefree smile and overall “girl-next-door” appeal had made her beyond suspicion and is considered to be a very formidable weapon in enabling her to get close to her targets. In her career as an assassin, Aurora has never failed an assignment. It never mattered how powerful and well guarded they were they were always good as dead. To date she counts over five hundred people she personally dispatched to their graves.

Aurora stood up and scans again the horizon and the freeway, which stretches from the northeast to the southwest. She quickly decided on the exact spots where she will place the 8 Claymore charges and calculated the distance from each other from her ambush position.

Biting her sensuous lips for the work ahead, she took off the pair of leather gloves she wore and carefully applied sun block lotion against her silky smooth skin thoroughly with supple motions. After which she put the leather gloves back on and strap on a shoulder holster for her .357 cal. Desert Eagle and slung the H&K MP5 SMG (submachine gun) over the shoulders. She made the final configurations check on her remotely controlled tripod mounted recoilless machine gun and made sure it pointed northeast facing the road. She then covered it with camouflaged netting to blend with the thicket of bushes which grew wildly at the side of the road before preceding further down to individually place the claymore charges.

As she busied herself setting up her ambush, she recalled her mission profile. The target, Jingoy, is a notorious leader of a syndicate ring involved in white slavery and drug trafficking. It will not be easy as about a dozen goons armed to the teeth and an equal number of beer-guzzling Harley Davidson riding thugs always accompany him.

“Perfect, I hate Harleys and all the equally detestable creatures that mount them” Aurora said to herself.

Aurora, ever a true blue professional who never let her emotions influence her job, was particularly incensed at the subject of her present assignment. She was particularly disturbed about how a poor barrio chief had managed to rescue her 15 year old daughter earlier abducted by Jingoy’s men but only to die later in his arms due to a severe case of venereal disease that spread all over her body and ate up her brain. She died a slow and painful death.

Nothing could be more appalling. Aurora swore when she was told the story. Thus, Aurora accepted the job with only a fourth of her minimum acceptance fees of a $100,000.

Her ever-faithful sidekick, Joaquin tried to protest with her uncharacteristic un-professionalism then but thought better of it as she promptly stared him down before he could mouth his protestation.

Joaquin, Aurora’s ever faithful and devoted assistant cum man-Friday, cum domestic slave, and cum occasional lover. Joaquin is a brilliant computer whiz kid and electronics expert and also serves as Aurora’s surveillance and intelligence man. Ever since the first time he saw her on the internet he was beguiled by her Goddess like beauty especially when she finally agreed to chat with him using her web cam.

But Joaquin could also be a bumbling idiot and a jerk at times. But overall he is very dependable.

But what really endeared Joaquin to Aurora is his slave like devotion to her. He serves her unquestioningly with an obsession to please her. And he never asked for money, though Aurora would insist in paying him something. Joaquin would only reluctantly accept in the end what amounted to simple gas money, more symbolic than practical.

The money has no significance whatsoever to Joaquin. He simply was too much in love with Aurora that he practically binds himself to her for free.

The expectation only that Aurora would reward him on the rare occasion when she allows him to give her head or when she playfully sits on his face, is more than enough compensation. Joaquin never went beyond giving Aurora a tongue job, as she never let him. Joaquin had no complaints with their erotic arrangement, considering with his deep obsession for her, actually was more to his favor anyway.

Her heels clicking audibly on the asphalt with a clear feminine tone to it, Aurora cross the wide desert avenue to secure another of her directional claymore charges. She carefully and methodically places all eight charges, four each on its side of the highway, forming a zigzag pattern all facing the road.

Finished with the last of her lethal bombs she returned to her ambush position on top of a large boulder 20 meters from the road on the east side. She just stood there and closed her eyes commencing her deep breathing exercises preparing herself for the expected battle ahead.

Aurora block off the world and all thoughts of combat and instead, concentrated on the single rivulet of sweat forming on her forehead. She lifts her head into the sky, her eyes close, shielded by a dark Ray Ban she wears.

She focuses on the tiny droplet as it slowly and tenderly descends down on her neck snaking its way unhurriedly down on her supple and well-formed breast like a lover’s tongue. She lets out a sigh as the droplet lingers a little bit around her flat stomach before descending further down and disappearing beneath the wide waistband of her high cut black thong panties. The droplet, long absorbed by the fabric of her panties, yet her thoughts of it continued further down remembering the way Joaquin, her slave and ass-kissing sidekick, would passionately tongue her.

Joaquin was the best among all her numerous lovers. He is positively the man who could give a girl the best head ever! His tongue alone would unquestionably bring her to heights of ecstasy and orgasm every time without fail.

Suddenly, Aurora’s reverie was cut short by the crackle of her small radio transceiver. She quickly dons the speaker and microphone headset on her head and immediately heard Joaquin’ voice, “speaking of the devil”, she thought.

“What is it, Joaquin?” Aurora spoke on the small speaker mike.
“Hmmmmm, I, … I’m sorry… I… well you see… I would have called you earlier…but…hmmm the battery went out…and I have to look for a spare…. you see… I…” Joaquin stammers.
Aurora just bit her lips, exasperated.
“Just tell me what happen!”, she said.

“The target left early. Five black Ford Suburbans and a couple of Harleys…they should be there any minute now…I’m sorry…I…” said Joaquin in a small boy’s voice.
“Fuck!” Aurora exclaimed. “You sorry piece of shit! You’re getting it this time, slave!”

Aurora quickly pulled out her Zenith binoculars and scans the northeast approach. And sure enough she could see the target quickly closing in. Aurora estimates that she has less than a minute to spare before the target were well within the kill zone.

“Damn it!” she said loudly. She realized that, aside from her boots and gloves, she was almost bare-naked with only bras and panties on. She could no longer reach her leather cover-alls, which are place in her duffel bag next to her tent, a good 300 meters away. She could no longer ran towards it, don her clothes and be back again at her ambush site. There is simply no time.

She will have to do battle while donning only in her bras and panties. A sexy thought if only the situation were any different.

Possess with a brilliant tactician’s mind, Aurora quickly turn the situation into an advantage.


Rico, one of Jingoy’s trusted henchmen, was leading the convoy on his Harley when his jaws drop at the astonishing sight before him. He could barely believe his eyes as he saw the loveliest woman he ever laid eyes on with drop dead gorgeous body to match and clad only in a sexy black bikinis and bras standing poise like a model on top of a boulder 100 meters ahead on the left side of the road. He had to slow down to about 40 mph.

The others in the convoy, including Jingoy himself also witness the same amazing scene, which also prompted all of them to slow down. Aurora was a young woman too irresistible for men to resist especially in her present almost naked condition.


“That’s it! Just a little closer boy. Don’t be shy. A little more now.” Aurora said softly to herself. She smiled as they inch closer and closer to her kill zone until the fateful moment arrived for her to press the remote.

All hell broke lose as the first claymore charge exploded killing Rico and two other lead Harley riding goons instantly. The first bomb also manages to flip the lead Ford Suburban front fender first up to the sky and landing on its top with a loud bang. A split second later, the second Ford Suburban crashes onto the first before it too exploded completely and obliterating all six occupants instantly.

Then just a second into the death play, no. 8 claymore bomb exploded thrashing the fifth Ford Suburban which was bringing up the rear of the convoy, effectively blocking off any logical retreat for the men.

The fourth Suburban also exploded in a hail of metallic debris as two bombs exploded almost simultaneously. The fourth Suburban, or what was left of it, careened uncontrollably and smash itself into the third vehicle which contain Jingoy himself and four of his most trusted lieutenants, pinning it effectively with the flaming wreckage of the second Ford.

Fourteen men died instantaneously with the explosive onslaught of the claymore mines. Most of the first wave fatalities were from the goons riding on their Harley-Davidsons.

The others who manage to escape the explosions were quickly cut down to pieces from the .50 caliber machine gun fire that Aurora activated by remote.

In quick successive rounds the hails of bullets rip through flesh like metallic hailstorm. A few of them even had their heads blasted to smithereens.

While the carnage continued and the attention of the men, or what’s left of them, were focus on the .50 caliber machine gun shooting them up the road, Aurora quickly jump down and grab her H&K MP-5 Submachine gun and position herself to fire.

Aurora flicks the remote control and the deadly hail of bullets from her .50 caliber machinegun cease firing. At this instant, only a handful of men, mostly stun from the bomb blast and the barrage of rapidly fired .50 caliber bullets survive. They counter-fired, focusing their attention towards the source of the machine gun fire.

Without wasting a moment, Aurora move towards the road coming from the side and rear of the rubble of vehicles, her deadly submachine gun firmly grip in her glove hands, her heels clicking audibly with sexy distinctly feminine notes on the heating asphalt.

She drop to one knee and let out a three round burst of fire to each of the three men who had the misfortune to turn their backs to her. Each of them was rip apart by powerful blast of 9-millimeter exploding bullets.

They were all dead even before they hit the ground.

A split second later, Aurora rolled to her right twice and rise on one knee and again slaughtered another set of goons as they were just trying to clamber out of their burning vehicle. She executed the move with utmost grace and agility reminiscent of a ballerina’s dance or flawless sway of a refined and graceful dancer.

She got up and confidently walk bit by bit as she easily pick off each of the frightened men, shooting them by their backs, while they were still distracted, foolishly thinking that the enemy was still in front of them.

The last two standing manage to turn but it took them several seconds of hesitation which eventually cause them their lives, because, instead of shooting Aurora, they just stared at her in awe.

They were so stun by the sight of an extremely lovely young woman with an equally ravishing shapely body drape only in black high cut thong panties and matching bra approaching them. The spellbound goons just watch her approach them while she carefully step over the bodies of their fallen comrades.

They were so transfixed by her charms that they failed to see her raise her submachine gun as she aimed it at them. The flashes from the deadly weapon were the last things they ever saw before they hit the pavement, spattering it with their own blood.

With the tip of her sexy boots, she nudged each man’s faces, as they lie sprawled on the ground, making sure their dead. But most especially, wanting to know if one of them is the dreaded Jingoy.

“Shit!!” Aurora screams as she realized that Jingoy was not there. She flicked a switch and spoke into her speaker microphone attached like a headband astride her head.

“Shit Joaquin! Are you damn sure the target was with this fucking convoy!” she spat angrily at him. In her mind, she could imagine strangling her poor slave with her bare hands.

“His in there! I’m sure of it! He must have slip out. Try checking around. Please.” Joaquin pleaded.

Aurora brushes her long jet-black hair back and immediately surveyed the horizon.

Joaquin was right. Jingoy, along with two other goons, by some unimaginable luck manage to slip out on foot from her carefully laden ambush and were now a good 500 meters away heading west towards the desert. They were now to far away for her Aurora to chase on them on foot, and ruining her expensive fashionable chic boots was the last thing she will do. “They’re not getting anywhere” she said, “this girl, might as well have some fun”.

She calmly walks towards her parked Yamaha R6.

She took her time mounting the beast like her trusted stead, starts it and began to rev it up. She relish with delight every time she does this, listening to the soft but powerful purr of its engines, feeling around her exposed thighs and legs the unmistakable vibrations emanating from the depths of the animal that she is taming beneath her. Finally reunited with this beautiful beast, she aimed towards the three men limping further away into the middle of the desert.

Aurora smiled, resolved to have fun with these pukes before she puts a bullet or two ending their miserable lives. With engines roaring she race her powerful R6 aiming for one of the limping goon.

The three hapless men were alarmed by the unmistakable roaring sound of the R6 and were horrified as they glimpsed the powerful sports bike driven by a lovely half naked beauty bearing down on them. They panic and scamper in different directions trying in vain to elude her.

One of the unfortunate goon was hit squarely by the powerful Yamaha R6 with a gut wrenching sound of his bones cracking as Aurora manages to send him soaring on air.

As the goon landed smack on his back, Aurora expertly screeched to a momentary halt while she at the same time veered her R6 beautifully, executing a half circle with sands flying all over.

Before the ill-fated goon could get up Aurora drove her R6 over his frail body, rubber marking its path across his chest.

She turns and made another run but instead of just running him down, she stops her R6 just as it was on top of him. With the wide rear wheels neatly on top of his chest, Aurora revs up the engine before letting go of the clutch and at the same time pressing on the front wheels brakes.

The net effect had flesh and rubber burning, as wildly turning wheels dug onto the hapless goon’s fragile body, killing him instantly!

Jingoy and his surviving sidekick witness the horrifying scene inflicted on their colleague by this beautiful vixen on wheels.

They started to run again for their lives.

Aurora saw this and just smiled. She then maneuvered her sports bike towards them chasing them. It only took less than a few seconds when she overtook them and then manages to block their path.

The men just stood, escape is hopeless. They could never outrun this lovely girl on deadly wheels. They just wait for the inevitable as they watch her gracefully dismount from her powerful Yamaha R6.

Aurora got off her R6, having decided to give these two a sporting chance. She slung her deadly sub-machinegun on her R6. She then stood poise like a model before them and taunted them, beckoning them to get a piece of her with her gloved finger.

Immediately, Jingoy’s lieutenant lunged forward only to be deftly thrust down to the ground by one of Aurora’s expert aikido moves. He was still eating dirt and trying to spew it out, when Aurora, still grabbing him by his hand made a turn and firmly planted her booted leg on his shoulder blades and then twists his arm with one powerful motion, breaking his bones. He let out an agonizing scream.

This was not getting anywhere, Aurora thought. So, she firmly grabs a handful of the suffering goon’s hair with both her gloved hands making him stand on his feet. She then locks her right arm and elbow around his scrawny neck and with one powerful and quick upward move she lifted him off his feet by his neck. The expert lethal move effectively snaps his neck in two, killing him instantaneously.

She let go, allowing the goon’s limp body slithers down to the ground beneath her feet.

All this time Jingoy just stared at Aurora and the way she easily dispatches his man to his early grave. He stared at this young woman with awe and trepidation.

“Oh darn it!” Aurora started, “How is a girl like me supposed to have fun if you guys die so quickly on me, hmmmmm?” she said these words, apparently trying to mock the fallen man at her feet. With a typical girlish teasing behavior, Aurora laughs at the kneeling Jingoy.

“Ohhh please, please, spare me!” Jingoy pleaded on his hands and knees as Aurora slowly approach him.

“Ohh, you have been a very bad boy. You know it and so do I” Aurora said. “Tell me why I should spare your life?” She taunts him.

“Whoever made you an offer, for whatever amount… I’ll double it, just don’t kill me, pleaseeeeee!” Jingoy begs.

Aurora just laugh, “Sorry old boy. You just can’t buy me off. I’m a professional. I have my principles you see. Wouldn’t look good for me if I double cross my clients”

Jingoy finally realizes the desperateness of his situation. “You mean…I, I will die? You, a girl, will kill Jingoy? Ohhh no!” he began to cry unabashedly like a baby.

“Yes, my dear old man. This lovely girl before you will do just that.” Aurora began to giggle with glee, delighted at the spectacle of a grown man crying and begging at her feet. The sight of a man completely under a girl’s mercy exhilarates Aurora’s sense of power, the power of life and death.

Yet, Aurora is thrilled in a sensual erotic way, standing there exposed to the world. Standing before this groveling man almost naked, except for a pair of sexy feminine boots and matching racing gloves, her gorgeous black silk bra beautifully molds the delicate contours of her shapely blossoming breast and the stunning high cut black silk thong bikini panties that perfectly enhances the shapely, well rounded and curvaceous hips and thighs and accentuating her flawless silky-smooth skin on long shapely legs. She can’t help herself feel so sexy. Any girl would especially when coupled with the awesome power that she holds over a man.

Looking at Jingoy’s awed appearance, Aurora was further convinced how lovely and irresistible she must now appear before him. This was obvious from the way Jingoy stares at her, his eyes roving all over her body, devouring her hungrily.

Aurora was quite amazed at this herself. For here was a man about to lose his life at the hands of this strikingly lovely girl, yet he still manages to overcome his primal fear of dying. Aurora is astonished how her feminine charms could incite a man’s passion for her. It would seem to Aurora that a man’s lust for a woman is more powerful to overcome than the prospect of his own death. Aurora just laughs out loud, elated.

Aurora adjusts her sexy thong panties, with a motion deliberately designed to further enthrall the poor shriveling creature groveling before her with her beguiling charm. She could be quite a tease when she wants to.

“Tell you what, old toad,” she began, “I will let you live provided that is, if you can beat me mano-e-mano. Whaddaya say? Hmmmmm”.

“I … I don’t think I can…. I’m … I’m too weak… and you’re too strong” Jingoy laments.

Aurora taunts him again with her girlish laughter and said, “You mean you’re just going to give up? You got beaten by a girl”.

“Yeah… I guess… I …” Jingoy began but Aurora cut him off.

“Then in that case, I will just have to kill you now old man. Good bye”, Aurora pretended to go for her holstered .357 cal. Desert Eagle.

Her words and her ruse to go for her gun, prompted Jingoy instinctively to rise up and launch at her desperately, flailing his arms uselessly in a vain attempt to get a grab at Aurora.

Aurora was of course ready for him, who just simply sidesteps grabbing hold of his right arm and with one singular fluid motion flung him down on the ground in a circular motion. And just as Jingoy ate dust, Aurora over his body, turn and plants her right foot firmly on the opposite side of his frail body. With her sexy boots firmly in place she pulled and twists his arms, effectively dislocating his right arm. Jingoy scream out aloud, the pain unbearable.

Aurora momentarily turn her back at Jingoy, leaving him writhing in horrible pain, as she walks slowly towards her park Yamaha R6. She took a four-foot long chain leash with a dog’s leather collar attached to it. She could easily tell without looking that Jingoy was desperately trying to get up. As she felt him moving closer from behind, Aurora simply step back and let out a powerful back kick which caught Jingoy squarely on his stomach, which bawled him over. This was quickly succeeded by another equally vicious run house kick to his face that flung him back to the ground face down.

Aurora quickly climb up and stood squarely on Jingoy’s back, her 4-inch spike heels digging painfully on his skin. She quickly fastened the leather collar around his neck and locks it tight. With the chain leash attached to Jingoy’s neck, Aurora had effective control of him, so much like a girl would with her little puppy.

Aurora felt that all too familiar warmth creeping like a lover from the deepest recesses of her body, heating her up. The warm wet pleasant feeling permeates and lingers throughout her body and focused mostly on the insides of her thighs. Oh no, not now girl we have a job to do, she thought to herself.

Getting off his back, Aurora forces Jingoy to his feet, dragging him vigorously by his leash. As he Jingoy straggles up on his feet, his face quickly got acquainted with Aurora’s fist, tasting the leather gloves she wore.

Jingoy was momentarily blinded, the pain excruciating. But before he could fall again to the ground, Aurora pulled him again by the leash and another more devastating punch landed bluntly on his left eye, effectively shutting it out.

The relentless assault continued unabated, with Aurora hurling and inflicting a series of punches, elbows, knees, kicks and a combination of them to the hapless Jingoy. She did these with relative calm and ease honed from years of mastery in the deadly martial arts that included karate (which she is a black belt), aikido, ninjitsu and some arcane lethal skills previously unheard of by the uninitiated.

Jingoy’s face was now puff up by lumps, bruises, and serious contusions that made him hardly recognizable. His once ugly mug has been made even more hideous, by Aurora’s relentless onslaught. Jingoy was helpless, he could neither defend himself nor successfully evade as Aurora still had a firm grasp of his leash.

The relentless offensive continued for what seem to Jingoy like hours of harsh and unrelenting torment at the Aurora’s hands. His cries of anguish and pain fell on deaf ears.

Aurora finally stops her assault not because she felt merciful than trying to catch her breath. She looks down at Jingoy badly battered and beat up, writhing and squirming on the desert floor with horrible and agonizing pain. Aurora was now drenched in ecstasy as she stood towering over Jingoy, her sense of power over him complete.

“Oh, that was fun wasn’t old boy”, Aurora mock. “Would you like some more? This girl is having so much fun”, she said.

“No, no more, please I beg you. Please just kill me quick, I can’t bear the pain anymore…ohhhh”, Jingoy whimpers.

“Your gonna die alright, you old goat. That’s for sure. But killing you quickly wouldn’t be as fun as I’m having now” Aurora laugh. “Tell me what can you do for me in return for a swift painless death, hmmmmm?” Aurora giggled.

“I’ll give you the coded number of my offshore account in the Cayman’s. I have $8 million grand in it. Please just stop the torture”, Jingoy pleaded. “Alright, tell me now toad face before I change my mine” Aurora said nonchalantly, as if she was not interested in this new development.

After Jingoy told her the codes of the numbered account, Aurora quickly relayed this to Joaquin over her radio headset microphone. Joaquin lost no time in logging this via the Internet. The funds were completely withdrawn after several confirmations and successfully transferred to Aurora’s own secret accounts in Switzerland. She was now $8 million richer.

While Aurora was very pleased with the unexpected windfall, she did not show this to Jingoy. The latter could not discern the enigmatic smile that Aurora showed him. It seems to him that she was still not satisfied.

“Ahh, … are you… are you not happy, Miss?” Jingoy ask this full of anxiety. There was no way now for him to recover his lost millions. The die has been cast.

“There is still something missing. You can just give a girl so much, but I want to actually see you beg me for mercy, you pathetic oaf.” Aurora sneered down at him.

“How…how do you wish… me to demonstrate it…Miss”, Jingoy begs Aurora.

Aurora knew then what she would like Jingoy do for her, as she looks down at her knee high black leather boots, dusty and mess up losing its shine and luster.

Aurora put her right booted foot forward slightly and stood in a sexy model’s poise as if posing for the cameras. She does this flirting maneuver so successfully that Jingoy’s unabashed desire for her was renewed in spite of his pain.

Aurora then began in an enticing way, “Oh my, my boots are such a mess”. She said this in a bogus act of a girl in distress design to entice Jingoy’s obvious desires some more. “Oh, would you be such a dear old goat, and help this girl clean up her boots, hmmmmm” she chuckles.

“Yes, yes for you Miss, I will gladly do anything” Jingoy pledge.

Aurora smiling now, tease him some more, “Is that so? You are willing to do anything for me? Absolutely anything?” she laughs.

“Yes, anything at all Miss…. my Goddess” Jingoy vows.

“Ok then”, Aurora replied after a moments dramatic hesitation. “Why don’t you crawl over here and lick the dust off of my boots, slave!” she hisses.

Jingoy obediently complied as he crawled his way on his belly, wriggling like a worm, inching his approach slowly as he reaches the exact spot where Aurora stood towering over him. Aurora, inch her right booted leg slightly forward, in a bid to welcome Jingoy’s arrival.

As tears stream down his eyes, Jingoy could not imagine the utter and sheer humiliation he is now experiencing at the hands of Aurora. He had never before envisioned that a gorgeous teenage girl would successfully subjugate him. He cried, his body shaking, disbelief overwhelm him like a boy who got dump and heartbroken by the very girl who now stands before him, laughing and taunting him.

Jingoy stops as he reaches the spot where Aurora towers over him, his face just a mere inch away from the tip of Aurora’s boot. He looks up with teary eyes and gaze up on Aurora’s flawless beauty, as she looks down at him with a triumphant grin. Her beautiful eyes flickers with mischief and unfathomable designs, which only made him gasp in spite of his pains.

“What are you waiting for you old goat? Go ahead and lick my boots! Don’t be shy now.” Aurora said punctuated with her naughty schoolgirl laughter.

Jingoy, bows his head down, and tentatively plants his puff up lips on Aurora’s boot, feeling the cool leather surface. As tears fell down his checks, he let out his tongue and takes a long slow swipe with it tasting the salty smooth leather of Aurora’s boot. Jingoy closes his eyes, momentarily savoring the dust particles that cling to his tongue.

“Good boy” Aurora tease, “Now show me what a good slave you are and give my boots the best shine ever, ok slave?”

“Whatever you wish, … my Goddess” Jingoy meekly replied.

For the next several moments, which seem to Jingoy like hours, he proceeded to slave away at Aurora’s boots, cleaning and shining it thoroughly with his amazingly long tongue. As he continued to lick Aurora’s boots, Jingoy was amazed with himself as he unconsciously seem to enjoy what he was doing, forgetting whatever shred of dignity he has left. A macho man completely debased by a girl.

Jingoy’s tongue seem to spring with a life of its own, as it licks it’s way carefully every inch of Aurora’s boot. His tongue would make long hard swipes with his tongue, sweeping it clean from the accumulated dirt and dust. His tongue alternates its ministrations with caring and loving circular movements. On the whole, his wonderful tongue work like the skillful brushes of an artist as it passionately licks Aurora’s boots to a gleaming polish.

Aurora was impressed and amaze at Jingoy’s efficient job he does with her boots. She merely smiles at herself, relishing at her immense triumph over him. As Jingoy licks away, Aurora could unmistakably feel his tongue through the thin leather fabric of her classy and sexy feminine boot. The thin layer of leather is the only thing that separates his amazing tongue from her sensitive skin. She tries to stifle a giggle as she began to feel ticklish, imagining how it would feel like if it were her bare skin, instead of her boot, that he was licking.

“Splendid job, slave. Now do my other boot and lick it the way you did the other!” Aurora orders Jingoy.

“As you wish, You’re Majesty.” Jingoy replied.

Aurora removed her right booted foot away from Jingoy’s lips. She then raised her long gorgeous leg and plants her shiny boot squarely on Jingoy’s left shoulder. Aurora expertly balance herself and shift her weight on Jingoy’s shoulder pressing him down, urging him on towards her other boot.

With Aurora’s boot and its spike heel digging painfully down on his shoulder, Jingoy, needed no urging as he willingly slave away at her other boot, giving it the best tongue job he could offer. He slavishly shine her boot with his passionate tongue and before long it too shine so remarkably well that he could even see his own face reflected on them.

Jingoy looks up eagerly at Aurora’s face like a schoolboy waiting for his teacher’s approval. “I have shined your boots for you, Miss… I … I hope I have done it well… have I??” Jingoy asks with an edge to his voice.

“Very well, I suppose” Aurora understated although he was quite impressed with his workmanship. “But something’s lacking. Hmmmmm” she pretended to ponder. Then she said, “Ohh, I know now. Come with me slave”. Aurora then led Jingoy by the leash towards her parked Yamaha R6. She yanks playfully at his leash as she slowly glides like a ramp model with him following crawling closely behind.

As she walks, Aurora could feel Jingoy’s eyes on her ass, hungrily devouring her. She just smiled.

She then sat on the seat of her powerful Yamaha R6, cross one dazzlingly gorgeous leg over the other and pointed the sole of her boot to Jingoy’s face. “See my heel slave? Be a good boy and suck it clean!” Aurora orders.

While Jingoy was faithfully complying with her wishes, Aurora fastens the other end of his leash to the rear of her powerful bike and locking it securely in its place. A sinister idea having just formed in her mind. It would be a fitting end to a notorious leader of the white slavery syndicate.
“Are you enjoying yourself slave?” Aurora asks, watching Jingoy’s eyes close as he passionately sucks the heels of her boots.

“Hmmm, yesss… hmmmmm… I enjoy being your slave, Miss”, Jingoy replied with half open eyes looking up at her as he continues to suck and lick her heels with lustful abandon.

“Good”, Aurora said, “Consider it as my parting gift for you, slave”. With that, Aurora push Jingoy’s face away with the sole of her boot, sending him down flat on his back.

Aurora shifted, and then with panache and graceful move, she swings her long shapely leg over and mounted her powerful blue Yamaha R6 Super bike. She turns the ignition and revs up the powerful engine welcoming the all too familiar roar of its powerful engine, the intimate steady vibrations she feels around her thighs and legs.

“Wha…what… are you doing?” Jingoy ask fearfully, as it suddenly dawns on him what is about to happen. He tried hard to remove the leather collar around his neck but he just couldn’t simply unlock it. He looks desperate as the chain leash attached to his collar was likewise firmly locked into place at the rear end of Aurora’s powerful motorcycle.

As smoke billows forth from the powerful bikes exhaust, Jingoy was coughing hard, as he strain to free himself from his chains and from the powerful motorcycle. He could just barely make out Aurora’s behind, her shapely torso and the curvaceous and well rounded stunning ass seated firmly on the seat of the bike and barely covered by her thong panties.

As the engines were brought back to idle, Aurora finally was able to hear Jingoy’s pleas. She turn her head back at look at him desperately kneeling behind her powerful Yamaha R6, holding his chains in his hands.

“I … I… thought you were going to spare me?” Jingoy pleaded tears running down his cheeks. “Please… please … don’t kill me… not this way… please…” he begs.

With peals of girlish laughter, Aurora merely said, “Ohhh, come now my dear old slave. A girl is always entitled to change her mind.” She continued laughing.

“Nooooooooooooooooooo pleaseeeeeeeee!” Jingoy wailed in utter desperation but in vain, as Aurora simply close her eyes, shutting him off completely. She was now thinking ahead to meeting Joaquin and sit on his eager face for hours relieving her of the day’s tension and excitement.

With a loud roar of the powerful R6 engine, Aurora let out the clutch and her super bike instantaneously responded with a forceful lurch like a wild stallion finally set free from his cage. The move drags Jingoy along by the neck, snapping it but not enough to kill him just yet as he scream in horror.

The still and serene desert landscape was broken by a continuous deafening and earsplitting shriek of a man subjected to a state of sustain agonizing and excruciating pain. Desert creatures such as the attentive gecko and his gang scampered away in fear. Only a flock of vultures overhead followed closely the events, watching a half naked girl driving a powerful motorcycle while dragging behind her what seem to be a disfigured body of a man wailing away, as she race her super bike in the hard porous hot asphalt highway. It was a fitting end of a notorious white slavery ringmaster and child molester. It was poetic justice that it took a girl to send such a man to his early grave.

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