Five Candles, One Flame

Author: writter

I’d had enough! This year was supposed to be great. I’d finally made head cheerleader, the team was ranked in the top ten in every pre-season poll. Every one knew we had a good chance to make The Final Four, maybe even win the championship! Last year Bodie led us to the sweet Sixteen and we might have gone further if he hadn’t got hurt. Bodie got picked late in the first round of the NBA draft. He didn’t figure to get much playing time this first year, but figured he’d earn more as the season went on. At least that’s what he said on the phone. It’s hard to keep a relationship going when you’re living on different coasts but were giving it our best shot.

If Bodie were here, we wouldn’t have dropped the past two games to unranked teams. He knew how to pull the team together. They needed something, or someone to get them on the same page, or at least reading the same book. Coach was a great instructor but not so hot on motivational skills. Something had to be done to pull the guys together. The more I thought about it, the more I realized I just might be the girl to do it. It was a crazy plan, but it felt right. Bodie had been following the team on the Internet and knew something was wrong. We tossed it around a bit and, finally, I got up the nerve to tell him my plan. If I didn’t know how Bodie’s kinky mind worked, I wouldn’t have dared. Bodie was a sexual wildman, that’s one of things I loved about the boy. He hesitated a moment and then asked me if I could send him the videotape. I giggled and told him I didn’t think it would be such a good idea to tape it. Some of these kids had pro prospects, if the tape somehow fell into the wrong hands, the media would eat them alive. He was a bit disappointed but a round of great phone sex helped him out a bit. I promised him another round with a running description after the gathering.

One of the perks of being head cheerleader is having a key to the cheerleader workout room. Ever since the football team started getting into major bowl games, the sports facilities had become pretty fancy. A few years before I’d joined the squad, the girls had to practice in the gym before or after the guys practiced. That must have sucked big time. Our workout room wasn’t as big as the gym but was plenty spacious for my plan. I wasn’t going to need a lot of room.

I asked each of the starters to meet me in the workout room at 9PM. I told them Bodie had asked me to call them together. These guys would do anything for Bodie. After a few quizzical looks, they each agreed.

Each one was a bit baffled to be walking into a dimly lit room. There were several large pillows on the floor. There was a table with five lit candles set up behind the pillows. I watched them from a darkened office. I was nervous and excited, waiting for them all to arrive. Ngome, our center, was the last to arrive. I let him take in the scenario a moment and then stepped out the office as naked as the day I was born. Five mouths dropped at once.

I walked over and stood behind the table. I had their full and undivided attention.

“Bodie says he’s been watching you guys,” I started, “and he needs you to do one thing for him. He needs you to pull together, as a group, as a team. With my help, that’s just what we’re going to do.”

I moved around the table, all eyes on my cute butt and bouncing boobs. I moved over to the cushions and sat down, my legs slightly spread so that they could see my pussy.

“Think of this as a ceremony, a bonding ceremony.” I pointed back to the candles. “Right now, you are five candles. When you leave this room, you will be one flame. We’re going to join our sexual energies for a common cause. I’m going to masturbate watching five great guys jerk off. Follow my lead, my rhythm. We’re gonna pull together and cum together.”

They nervously glanced at each other and then back at my naked body now leaning back on the pillows. I arched my back and waved my shaved cunt in their faces.

“Gentleman,” I grinned, “I’m gonna need to see some naked bodies.”

They quickly removed their clothing and stood around me in a semi-circle. Five tall muscular men, three with total erections, two with partials. My hand slid down to lightly stroke my pussy. Each of them reached down and began lightly stroking his cock. Well, at least Coach had taught them how to take orders well.

I looked over at each of them as I began rubbing my pussy a little harder, a little faster. They picked up the pace perfectly, all five cocks now erect, all five hands sliding up and down their fine shafts. My pussy was wet and warm, I could feel the lust rising inside me. My hips began to rock up against my sliding fingers. Two of them picked up my rocking motion, the others soon joined in. Everyone, including me, was beginning to breathe heavy.

“OK,” I panted “You guys are looking great. Now I want you to imagine these two fingers are your hard cock.”

I slid two fingers into my hungry pussy. Ngome groaned with pleasure.

“Don’t worry about the details,” I said, “ just try to keep up with the motion.”

I began sliding my fingers in and out of my cunt. They were jerking their cocks as if I was fucking each of them. I brought my other hand down to stroke around my clit. Our point guard, Vinnie, brought his other hand down to rub his balls. I couldn’t say anything. Words were beyond my control as the orgasm wound itself tight inside me. The room echoed to the sound of their ragged breathing and my soft moans.

Vinnie came first, groaning while his hot cum spurted onto my undulating belly. My back arched in orgasm, I felt the next sticky load slash between my breasts. I heard a grunt and then was bathed with a flood of thick fluid from Ngome’s gigantic black dick. Two other full loads followed right behind, covering my torso and tits. Their cum ran together in puddles on my naked blonde body. I rubbed the puddles together, smearing my body with their mixed semen.

“Five candles,” I whispered, “One flame.”

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