A Knock on the Door

Author: Monroe

A Knock on the Door


There was only silence…..
   I was in my room on my bed, reading a book on a Friday afternoon. The room was clean, for I just finished cleaning it, and the air was still and warm as a large candle burned on the nightstand. There was small light that shone through the window’s blinds and a small cold breeze of the winter day invited itself in. I was laying on my bed, with two blankets wrapped around me, reading peacefully; 2 pillows laid behind me sinking myself in a deep comfortable cocoon. And with a nice warm shirt, shorts, and socks on…warmth circulated all around my body. However my peaceful ambiance was interrupted with a knock…..
No one was home; my parents left the house for a day for their Anniversary, my little brother went camping with a friend, my grandpa was in Italy for a vacation, and my little sister was spending the night at our cousin’s house.
Another knock on the door echoed throughout the house….
   I stopped reading and listened for another knock….and then suddenly another frantic loud knock echoed. I quickly moved the sheets off from me, set my book down, blew out the candle, and quickly ran down the hall. Down the stairs, I went, rushing to the front door and once reaching the door I looked into the peephole. I saw a tall figure who was recognizable but it was too unbelievable. I quickly opened the door…and there he stood sweaty, breathing hard, and tears running down his eyes. It was Devin.
   Devin Bleu was one of my best friends and I was deeply in love with him. We knew each other for 3 years now and slowly but surely my “little high school crush” evolved into unrequited love for I was bisexual and Devin was straight. However, what confused me the most was that Devin gave subtle yet sure hints he was bisexual or at least curious. (But I wont get into detail with that). Now even though Devin was my friend we weren’t really close but he was still considered a friend because we still hung out together, text, called each other, and especially for he the first person I came out to and he helped me through all the confusion. And…yes…he does know that I love him but we moved on from that, more like, forgetting it ever happened because we knew that nothing would be gained. But from that point, on I still remember all those days and nights alone, depressed and crying, wishing I could be his boyfriend.
   Have you ever loved someone and you know FOR CERTAIN, that you were meant for each other? Yeah….That was how I felt with Devin. But just know Devin is my friend and he left for college while I stayed to go to community college, and even though it was winter break, it was unbelievable for Devin to be in front of my house because he didn’t know where I lived, since we never been to each other‘s houses before.
   So there he stood, sweaty, breathing hard, eyes puffy and red, and tears running down his face. I stood there confused and worried for Devin never cried and the only time I’ve seen him cry was when we didn’t win the semi-finals to the champions during football season, since we played football together. I stared at his tall figure, “Dev? Why are you crying? Wassup? What’s wrong?”
He began to talk rapidly, “I….I…couldn’t…they hate me!”
He began to talk, rather a low crying mumble, rushing all his words into a jumble.
I moved aside, “Dev come inside,” I motioned for the couch in the living room, “Sit down.”
   Devin walked inside and headed for the couch in the living room. I noticed his tall 6 foot 2 stature walking; his tight, firm, and big ass swaying with a small switch. He wore a simple outfit; jeans, a white shirt, and boots. He sat down and he cried even harder and louder, as he placed his large powerful hands into his face. I sat across from him, confused and my mind was bombarded with questions. This is weird! Devin doesn’t know where I live. Why is Devin at my house? Why is he crying?.…. I said in my head. “Devin, calm down.” I said a quiet voice.
He moved his hands, “I cant calm down! My family hates me!”. He yelled with a raspy voice.
“Devin just tell me what happened.”
“Like I don’t know and I told my parents I might be bisexual….”
“Wait when did you think you might be bi?” I said shocked.
“I’ve always kinda been curious but like I don’t know I just couldn’t take it so I just forgot about it. But its always been like in the back of my head.”
“You didn’t wanna’ face the fact that you might like dudes.”
“Yea,” He wiped his tears but more kept flowing, “and like that’s when everything fell from there. My mom broke down, crying, and my dad was pissed and we started fighting and then he kicked me out and I didn’t know where to go. So then I texted a few people but everybody was gone and I drove around and I texted Alexadria and she gave directions to your house.”
“Oh my god….Dev…I’m sorry. But don’t worry Dev, everything will be alright. I know some people that can give a place to stay. But like, I don’t know…..just relax.”
“Man I’m sorry I came up to you like this…”
“Its cool bro…..look we’ll get through this,” I smiled, “you helped me when I was going through that confusion and now I’ll help you. Aight?”
He began crying again.
   I stood up, he looked up at me, and motioned myself to show I was offering a hug to him. He stood up and embraced me. He hugged me hard, his large strong arms wrapping me tight as if he never wanted to let go. He cried and lowered his head onto my shoulders and I could smell his strong Calvin Klein cologne. He stopped crying and raised his head and he stared into my eyes.
   I could now make up his features and gorgeous face. Devin was 6’2 and strongly built. His light tanned yellow-gold skin was pure and smooth, his hair was faded, his dark brown eyebrows were thick and distinct, his facial structure was tight and defined, his face was smooth yet rugged for his shaved beard and mustache; his face slightly resembled a fierce lion. But what caught me was those intense eyes that shone a dark bronze color and stared deeply into my dark brown eyes.
There was a long awkward silence….
   He then suddenly slowly lowered those luscious pink lips onto mine and kissed me. Our lips were engaged into one of most intense kisses, I ever felt. He quickly placed his large hands onto my lower back and ass, pulling closer to his body, he then motioned his large hands onto my ass and squeezed my ass cheek firmly. I moved my right arm onto his back and left hand to his head, feeling the soft touch of his faded hair. Our kiss was long and passionate as our lips slowly began to massage each other.
   Then suddenly I pulled back. He looked at me with those intense eyes. I looked down, stupefied on what was happening. “Devin….I……”
“Do you still love me?” He said with a big smile.
“Yea but things changed. I moved on when you told me you were straight…and now its just confusing.”
“Why are confused? I like you…” He said.
“No nigga!“, I pulled back from his body, “Don’t you remember when I texted you asking you what your sexuality was and you came with some bullshit of an excuse saying ‘Sorry I’m straight’. And then you said ‘Why you ask?’ and I poured my fuckin’ heart soul into that text saying how much I loved you and wish I could be your boyfriend! You know how much bullshit I had to go through! All those fuckin nights I texted you and those fuckin nights I went to bed crying because I was mad at myself for falling in love with you!” I screamed
“I was confused….you just came onto me like that and I didn’t know how to react.”
“Nigga you could’ve told the truth!” I screamed.
“Man but it doesn’t matter now….I’m here now. Telling you how much I love you.”
“Dev…why did you want to come to my house? Like you have hella other friends who you are close to…why come to me?”
“Because I thought you could help me. None of my friends could help me, like you could, and I thought since I was here in Elk Grove I can tell you that I love you.”
“Devin….you irritate me so fuckin’ much….” I said shaking my head.
“So you don’t love me back?”
“You didn’t let me finish…..You irritate me so fuckin’ much….But I cant stand how much I love you.” I said with a crooked smile.
I went back to him and allowed him to comfort me with those large arms. I don’t know why but I just love the feeling of being held and smothered by a dude, just being small. I said in my mind.
We then kissed again and as time went on with us still kissing. I stopped, grabbed his arm, and dragged him upstairs.


We were undressing ourselves in the bathroom, staring at each other, taking off his shoes and myself taking off my socks. Their was low rumble from the flowing water, as it collected itself in the bathtub, steam began to thicken within the bathroom, and a strong scented smell of soap and cologne mixed itself with the steam. Still undressing ourselves we stared at each other, watching closely and smiling, as we began to reveal each other our nakedness. Finally, for how many times I’ve seen him with just underwear in the locker room during football season, I was going to see that underwear fall off. I stared at him as he took off his shirt, revealing that light skinned Adonis body. His body cut, clean, and toned tightly; his large broad chest, long muscular arms, a chiseled six pack, and defined “v-line” that lead itself to the groin area. “Your turn.” He smiled.
“Don’t laugh!” I laughed.
He laughed hard and smiled. (I swear his smile melts me. His smiles too perfect to describe), “I promise I wont laugh at you bitch. Now just take it off.” Devin always liked to cuss and me and him were always calling each other bitch, slut, hoe, fucker, and more.
“Shut up! Ok fine.” I quickly took off my shirt.
I felt intimidated, shy, and embarrassed because my body wasn’t as toned or muscular than Devin’s. I was muscular, my body was slightly toned but not as defined.
“See was it that hard?”
“Its just my body isn’t as good as yours.”
I stood there naked, feeling awkward.
“Nigga I could care less.” He said and smiled. He came up to me and kissed me once more; I could feel those soft, luscious lips on mine once more. He moved his body closer to mine and began taking off my shorts and underwear, still engaged in our passionate kiss. My shorts and underwear fell flat on the ground. I then moved my hands to his jeans, unbuckled his belt, and slowly grabbed both his underwear and jeans and slide them off. I stopped kissing him and I looked at him, he licked his lower lip and bit it. God he is so fuckin sexy. I thought to myself. I stood back so I could finally see Devin fully naked.
   As he continued to removed his jeans and underwear, I was in a state of awe and arousal as I saw Devin naked. The light shone off his yellow bronze skin, made it gleam, his body was so tight and lean with muscle. Devin’s broad chest was shaped perfectly; stamped with dark brown nipples, his six-pack chiseled to perfection, and that “v-line” (ugh that sexy ass “v-line”) was defined so well. My eyes examined his body, starting from his head, staring every detail of him, lower and lower my eyes began to travel, until reaching his “v-line” that trailed itself to his dick and balls. Damn this boy is fuckin hung. He’s huge! I screamed in my head.
    His dick was cut and was a slightly darker color shade of his skin, almost a medium brown. His pubic hair was trimmed and shaped, his balls were heavy and hung low, and his soft dick hung beautifully (around 6 inches in length). All supported by big slightly hairy, well-built legs.
   Once he was finished taking off his jeans and underwear, we both stood there naked. I walked up to him, grabbed his arm, and both Devin and I stepped into the bath tub; the warm water ankle high. I lifted up the dial and the shower turned on. Both Devin and I kissed each other, holding each other as if we never wanted to left go, as the water from the shower head fell onto us. We stopped and looked at each other, I turned around grabbed the soap and rag from the shower shelf, and began washing Devin’s body. He smiled as I began to wash his abs and chest, feeling every muscle move and flex, slowly did I move upwards and began washing his arms.
   Devin then took the soap and rag from me and began to wash me. I could feel the smooth velvet sensation of the rag and soap gliding across my brown skin. He motioned me to turn around, and so I did, then he began to wash my back gently. I closed my eyes, enjoying the moment, slowly did he wash my back and slowly did he lower the rag and soap. He then reached my plump ass and began to wash it, with slow rhythmic motions, he washed. He wiped some soap around his left hand and slid it down my ass crack; his large hands went up and down my ass, He stopped and curled his middle finger to my asshole and massaged it. I lifted my head back as the sudden rush of pleasure filled me, Devin then came closer to me and lightly kissed my shoulder, still massaging my hole, now firmly. Devin then wiped more soap around his hand and repeated the process of sliding down his hand to my ass crack and them curling his middle finger to my asshole and massaging it. However, he pressed his finger firmly into my asshole. The soap, acting like a lube, gently allowed his finger to slide itself into my asshole. But naturally my ass clenched from the invader, Devin noticing this, stuck his finger out and slapped my ass cheek hard. I moaned and whimpered from the firm smack. He whispered hoarsely, “Let me in nigga. Relax.” I sighed, took a deep breath, and relaxed as I exhaled. Devin smothered his hand with more soap and repeated the process until his middle finger curled and inserted itself into my asshole. He whispered again in my ear, “Relax baby. Let me in.”
I took a deep breath and relaxed as I exhaled. I could feel the rush of water, from the shower head, fall onto my face. I could feel my asshole relax and in that quick moment, Devin’s middle finger slid deeper into my ass. I gasped from the sudden intrusion, “Shit nigga! Aw fuck!” It didn’t hurt since I’ve fingered myself before, it was just surprising since Devin’s fingers were slightly thicker than mine. He moved his middle finger around, slowly moving his finger back and forth, finger fucking me. He wrapped his right arm around me as he fingered fucked me. He picked up the pace, and I moaned faster. He curled his finger once more, touching my inner walls. The sudden jolt of pain and pleasure came. He picked up the pace, and his finger was now moving in and out of my ass. “Ugh fuck Dev!” I moaned. My breathing became harder and faster, matching with his finger’s strokes. Deeper and deeper his finger went into my ass. I tilted my head back and rested my head on Devin’s shoulders. Words couldn’t escape my mouth as my mind was now in a trance of pleasure. He picked up the pace once more, his finger now jamming into my ass. My asshole was now loose, allowing more of Devin’s middle finger to sink deeper. The walls of my ass squeezed onto Devin’s finger. Faster and faster he went. My moans became louder and my breathes were deeper. My right arm lifted itself back to grab Devin’s head, grabbing it, while my left arm slammed itself on the shower wall. “Oh shit!”
“Damn yo ass is tight!”
“Fuck me nigga! Get that shit! Deeper nigga!” I screamed.
He finger fucked me even faster.
“I said deeper!”
He finger fucked me still in the same pace.
I lowered my voice in a deep tone, almost animalistic, “DEEPER!”
He finger fucked me hard and deep. I moaned and moaned.
Devin’s right arm, that was wrapped around me drew my body closer to his. My dick was now hard as fuck. The rush of water from the shower head beat itself onto my head.
Then all of sudden he stopped, slowly slowing down the movement of his finger. He stopped and gently stuck his finger out of my ass. He grabbed the soap and rag and washed my asshole.
“Damn you keep your ass clean! I was expecting shit to come out.” He said jokingly.
“Naw…… I keep my shit clean.” I tried to breath but my breaths were too hard to control.    
   My body was now easing itself from the intense finger fuck. Damn my asshole feels like its on fire! Still washing my ass, he kissed me on the cheek. I turned around and smiled at him. I took the soap and rag from him placed it onto the water to wash it off and rubbed the soap onto the rag. I soon began washing Devin’s body again. I moved closer to him, until we were chest to chest, and began scrubbing his right arm reaching down to his forearms, Devin then lowered his lips onto my neck. I quickly dropped the soap and flinched. Devin stopped and looked at me, “What’s wrong?”
“Nothing it just my neck is….well its just that my neck is like my spot. You know?”
“Oh shit really? Well can I kiss you there?”
I smiled, “If you do….shit we might be fucking in this shower!”
He smiled and bit his lip, “Shit I don’t give fuck.” He then lowered his lips onto my neck and kissed it. I moaned, from the sudden jolt of pleasure. Devin heard me moan, and soon started kissing my neck harder, nibbling at it, and licking it; once doing that. A sudden jolt turned into pure ecstasy, as I quickly grabbed Devin’s head and back, pushing him closer to me as my moans soon became whimpers and small grunts.
“Oh fuck nigga!”, I screamed, “Devin you have to stop.” My dick was beginning to get hard again from all the pleasure Devin was giving me.
But Devin ignored me as he continued kissing my spot. My breaths became deep and hard, my eyes rolled back, and my dick was now solid. Devin raised his hand and slapped my ass hard, the smack noise echoed mixing itself with my moaning. Pain and pleasure soon transformed into pure bliss. Then he stopped.
He kissed me and looked back, while holding. My breaths were still deep and heavy, my dick was now solid and pulsing. He looked at me and my dick and said, “Damn.”
“I told you….ugh….just wash me so we can get outta’ here.”
“Naw this fun….”
“You ever done anything like this with a guy?”
“Naw not really,…but I’ve seen some gay porn to get the idea,” He touched my hard dick and began to lightly stroke it, “you hella hard, bruh.”
I gave him a crooked smile and fell to my knees. I grabbed his waist and motion his semi-hard dick to my face. I wrapped my hand around his dick and began to suck it.
I could feel his dick begin to enlarge in my mouth. Devin rolled his eyes and titled his head, moaning loudly and him breathing hard. My hot warm mouth swallowed his dick, squeezing his dick, back and forth my head went. Devin’s left hand went on the back of my hand following the rhythmic motion as I sucked his dick.
   I quickly stopped, to gaze at his dick in fully glory. Oh my god! He’s so fuckin huge! I thought. His dick was stood erect around 9 inches, 2 thick veins wrapped around his dick, pulsing from the recent pleasure it received. Devin looked down at me, frowning, “Why’d you stop?”
I began lightly stroke his dick and smiled, “You’re hella big. But calm down mah dude. Here sit down….”
Devin carefully sat down in the bath tub, his dick hard and erect, pulsing from the recent blowjob I just gave him. Warm water still continued to flow and ran down my back, neck and head. Droplets of water fell from my face, as I lowered it to Devin’s dick. I grabbed his warm dick with my hand, at the base, and lowered my warm wet mouth onto it. Slowly, in a rhythmic motion, I sucked his dick; licking it, spitting on it, and swirling my moist tongue all around his dick. Devin moaned and titled his head back, enjoying the sensation of my mouth massaging his dick. I stopped sucking his dick and began to lick his balls, then lifting them up and began licking the area between his balls and asshole. “Damn nigga, that shit feels hella good.”
I just smiled and again placed his large dick in my mouth. I soon lowered my mouth, down on his dick, deeper and deeper did his large dick begin to be swallowed by my mouth. I feel his head in the back of my throat as I deep- throated his dick; swallowing his 9 inch dick all the way to the base
“OH SHIT!” He said as he tilted his head forward, eyes close, giving off an expression of pure ecstasy. I closed my soft lips and slowly raised my head, sucking his dick as I lifted my head. I finished sucking as small pop noise echoed as I let go of his dick in my mouth. I looked at him, my eyes passionate and savage, for I wanted more. I wanted Devin more than anything! I wanted…no….I needed him inside me! I wanted to be close to him, ever than before, I wanted him and I to be together.
   I helped Devin get to his feet. Those intense eyes focused onto mine and he just stared at me. He smiled and kissed me, I engaged him the kiss, closing my eyes. We stopped kissing. “Lets move to the bed, aight?”
I just smiled, “Ok.” Oh my gosh I cant believe this is happening! I turned off the shower. We both got out and grabbed ourselves a towel. We dried ourselves, placed some lotion on ourselves, and headed to my bedroom.


My bedroom was exactly how I left it, there was still a warmth to it. Devin and I entered my room, naked, he looked around and examined my room. “I like your room. Looks,” he still continued look around and touched some of my pictures, “clean.”
“Because I just cleaned it.” I laughed while throwing myself on the bed, with my back on the bed, and my head resting on the pillow, naked and oiled from the cocoa butter lotion.
Devin stopped looking around and focused his eyes on me. Those intense bronze light brown lion eyes gazing at me. Eyeing everything about me, he gave me a seductive crooked smile, and walked his way to the bed. He leaned over my body on all fours and kissed me. His naked lotioned body slowly sank closer to mine until he was on top of me, both of us kissing passionately and deep. My hands motioned to his head, forcing him to sink closer to my face. He lifted himself with his knee’s and lifted my legs in the air until we were in a missionary position, still engaged in our kiss, then my legs wrapped themselves around his back. Devin then stopped kissing me and lowered his head, reaching my neck and again kissing my neck. I lowered my head back, enjoying the sensation of his soft lips kissing my neck and those teeth, lightly nipping on my spot. “FUCK!” I groaned.
   He lifted his head and looked at me, “Turn around.” He said while forcing my body to flip over until I was on my stomach. Devin smacked my ass and grabbed my ass cheeks, those large powerful hands grabbed my large ass cheeks with such force spreading them until he could see my asshole.
Devin just smiled and giggled lightly.
“What’s wrong?” I turned my head over to look at him.
“Nothing its just….I don’t know its just sexy that you shave your ass.”
“I hate hair….plus I know if I wanted to eat some ass, I would just want to eat ass, not ass and hair.”
“Well I like it.” He said in a deep voice. Devin eagerly lowered his head and began to eat my ass out. The feeling was quick and I placed my face in the pillow, groaning loudly.
I could feel his hot wet tongue lick all around my asshole. In between licks, he would stop to smack my ass and grab my ass cheeks and squeeze them hard. “Damn you taste hella good.” He said as he spat on my ass and then moved it with his tongue all around my hole.
“Eat that ass nigga!” I moaned deeply. I grabbed his head and forced it deeper in my ass.
His tongue slid into my asshole and swirled itself inside it. “UGGGHHH!” I groaned from the sudden pleasure. That tongue slid deeper in my ass, squirming and twirling in my ass. It felt so good and my legs jerked a little.
He moved his head away from my ass, “You have a condom?”
“Check my nightstand, bottom shelf, inside the Pride and Prejudice book.”
“Why there?” He said as he began to look in the nightstand next to my bed.
“Cause I never read Pride and Prejudice and no one likes that book so why check there?” I laughed. He found the condom, took it out of its package, and rolled it on his dick. “I don’t have any lube, all I have is Vaseline.” I gave a small embarrassed laugh while reaching for the Vaseline in the same drawer.
He just laughed, “Wow! You hella ghetto bro! But aight.” He took the Vaseline from my hand and slathered it around his hard dick. He rubbed a small amount on my asshole and as he did this l lifted my ass with my knees. Devin began to slip his dick in my ass. The sudden intrusion forced my ass to clamp, but Devin lowered his head to my ear and whispered, “Relax nigga,” he kissed me, “relax.”
   I took a deep breath and slowly did Devin’s thick dick begin to slide easily inside my ass. I dug my face in the pillow, “UGH FUCK NIGGA!”
“Take this shit nigga,” he groaned, “damn yo’ shit tight bro.” More and more he slid into his 9 inch thick dick into my hot ass. The more it slid the more I began to shiver from the sudden jolt of pain and pleasure that surged through my body.
   Devin knew I was a virgin, so he comprehended to take it slow and stop once in awhile. But I knew Devin was impatient, so the periods of adjustment were short. Soon, Devin’s whole dick was inside my ass and once I was adjusted to his dick being inside. Devin began to stroke his dick slowly but I was horny as fuck and his dick felt way to good. I quickly turned my head to look at Devin and I yelled, “Yo fuck this shit like its pussy bro!” Devin gave a crooked smile and straddled me and began to fuck my ass hard.    The jabs of Devin’s dick were quick and long, my hot wet ass began to stretch and yet his dick still filled me up, massaging the sensitive walls of my ass. I grabbed the sheets with such force and I groaned so loudly into the pillow. I felt so good, yet hurt at the same time, and as Devin bucked deep and hard into my pussy, the pain blended with pleasure and my whole body began to shiver with pure ecstasy. Back and forth he went, his hard dick slamming into my hole, the sound of my ass getting fucked became louder. My legs trembled and shook, my eyes rolled back, and my ass rocked with the Devin’s long hard deep strokes. The only noise inside the room was the bed creaking loudly matching Devin’s strokes, me screaming, and Devin’s deep animalistic grunting and groaning. “Aw fuck nigga, yo shit’s hella tight!” Devin yelled as he thrusted even hard and his large hands grabbed my ass and squeezed it tight to hold on.
“Damn Dev, yo fuck this shit! This is yo pussy nigga! Get this shit!”
Devin’s thrust soon sped up.
“Fuck this mah dude.”
Devin let go of my ass and grabbed again, grabbing a piece of ass to hold on as he fucked me hard. He sped up once more and the pace of his dick, slamming itself in my hot ass was quick and deep, feeling him at the base. Over and over, he smashed his 9 inch dick into my ass, Devin was hitting this shit as if he was an animal; starving to fuck this pussy. His balls swayed back and forth, matching his strokes, and hit themselves on my ass cheeks. This nigga knew what he was doing, because he was grinding this ass so good and with such rhythm. He lifted his legs as he continued to fuck me. He was there on top of me, squatting as he fucked me, with my ass in the air and my face down on the pillow. The bed continued to rock.
“Oh fuck nigga.” He yelled. Devin gave a quick glance at me and began talking to dirty to me. “You like this shit nigga?”
I couldn’t answer, I was too much in a daze of Devin fucking my ass good.
He fucked me even hard, slamming deep into my ass. He raised his hand and forced it on my ass cheek. The sudden echo of the slap filled the room as I yelped from the surprising shock. “ANSWER ME WHEN I ASK YOU A QUESTION!” He yelled, “I asked you if you like this dick, nigga.”
“Mmmm…yesh.” I mumbled. I was in too much pleasure. My eyes were rolled back, I couldn’t breathe, and my train of thought was lost. I felt as if I was going to pass out.
Devin then fucked me even hard, “What?! I cant hear you.” He then snatched my hair and lifting my head forcing my upper body to lift. I shifted until I was on all fours. My head leaned back as Devin held my hair tightly, “Yes. This shit feel mad good nigga!” I screamed from the pain he inflicted as he held my hair.
“Good.” He said with an authoritarian tone. He loosened his grip on my hair but still held it as he fucked me on all fours. Devin acting like that turned me on even more. It was as if he was taking control, making me feel submissive; the deep of his voice, the way he fucked me hard, and the authoritive tone of his voice. It just turned me on even more.
   Time went on and Devin and I were still fucking. I arched my back to allow Devin to get inside me even more and Devin continued to fuck this ass hard and with full of lust and passion. Our bodies were now drenched with sweat, the room was musty and thick of the aroma of pure sex, and the bed was now moved slightly from the constant creaking and jerking.
   Devin shifted and went down to his knees again, while I was I still on all fours. He fucked in the doggy style position but this time Devin changed his strokes now; he slid his dick in and out of my ass with long slow thrusts. He would slip his dick all the way out, with just his head inside and then slowly thrust it back in my ass. “Ooooohhhh fuuuuuuuuuckkk.“ I moaned.
“You like that bro?“
“Fuck daddy, keep hittin’ that pussy just like that!” I said as I bit my lip. I raised my upper body towards Devin’s body. With those large muscular arms, he wrapped them around my body, bringing me closer to him as he continued to stroke. He lowered his head to my shoulder and began kissing my spot. I titled my head back, giving him a better access to it. It felt good to have him close to me, that large body, holding me tight, never wanting to let go. I moved my pelvis to match his strokes, our warm quivering bodies were close to each other, I feel his chest on my back, moving with his intense breathing and moaning. He held me closer, pushing my back close his body, as he continued to lick, bite, kiss my neck.
His legs began to shake as his dick was swallowed by ass muscles and I began to control them to move and massage his dick as he fucked me back and forth. He jerked and his strokes began to slow down as he collapsed on my back. I could feel his warm sweaty body clash into mine, with that, I changed my position and slowly lowered my body, returning myself into the position I was in before; my ass in the air and my face down on the pillow. I turned my head to look at Devin , he moved his face closer to my ear. “Damn nigga, don’t do that.” He said, breathing hard.
“Do what?” I said with my breaths hard and deep as well.
“What you just did. Moving yo’ muscles like that.”
“Why not?”
He lifted himself up and his torso upright, and his dick still inside me, pulsing, and ass juices slid down my thigh mixing with my sweat. “Because if you do that, shit I might just bust bro. And I don’t wanna bust just yet. This ass is too good…..”
He inspected me, just looked at me, his eyes moving enjoying the scenery. I was on my stomach, face down, and my well fucked ass up in the air. He just smiled and said, “I want to try something different.”
He flipped me over until I was on my back and lifted my legs in the air. He then pushed them down until they were close to my chest. Devin came up to me and straddled himself. He grabbed his dick and slid it into my ass once again. My ass was now relaxed and stretched so the insertion was less painful. I moaned loudly as his dick slid itself into me. I could feel every inch slither its way in, filling me up, and hitting walls he didn’t touch before. My eyes widened as I screamed, “Damn nigga.”
“Yo I didn’t hurt you?”
I shook my head, “Naw you didn’t,” I looked into those intense eyes, “ Make love to me, bro. I want you close.”
“I gotchu’.” He smiled.
He began to move, and stroke his long dick in me. I lifted my head back, enjoying the motions of his dick in my ass. His strokes juxtaposed his previous strokes; they weren’t fast, hard, or strong. They were slow and steady; and each stroke I could feel him go deeper and deeper. I looked back at Devin and noticed him staring at me. Our eyes kept focus on each other, never straying away. His dick kept stroking, getting deeper. My body shuddered and began to shake as his dick hit something, “Ugh fuck!”
“What was that?” Devin said.
“Ooooo fuck! I think you hit my prostate. Oh fuck!” I said as my legs continued to shake.
“Should I stop?”
“No, keep going. But I want you closer.”
He then continued to fuck me but he dropped his body to mine. I wrapped my arms round his back, pushing his hot and sweaty body to mine. I could feel the warmth his body gave off, the erotic aroma of his Calvin Klein cologne mixing with his sweat, and the motions his hips took to rock as he fucked me. Yet, Devin never lost eye contact with me. His head was lifted so he can still stare into me; I looked into those powerful eyes and I suddenly felt something. Nothing physical, but something deeper than that. I could feel a connection, a bond almost, beginning to form as Devin and I looked deep into each other’s eyes. Not one word was spoken, no moans, nothing. It was all told on our faces, as we continued to make love.
   We kissed, and yet this time, it was different for everything seemed right. I knew from that moment on, we were meant for each other. I loved Devin, more than anything. And him making love to me, each stroke filling me up and sending jolts of pleasure throughout my body, made me love him even more. I began to move my ass muscles again, massaging his long thick dick each time he rocked back and forth in my ass, almost milking his dick. He stopped kissing me, and moaned, no words at all. He continued to look at me as his hips began to rock faster. Faster and Faster he went. Feeling that dickhead slide in and out my ass, he began to buck hard for the sweet warm pleasure of my ass began to override his body into a pure ecstasy. I could feel his dick begin to throb from such pleasure with my ass still milking his dick. Harder and Harder the bed began to shake, closer and closer our bodies to begin move, and faster and faster his dick slammed into my wet hole; juices flowing down onto the bed. With one hand I wrapped it around his back and scratched it and the other one I grabbed his luscious ass and squeezed it hard, pulling him closer. Our moans grew louder and soon mellowed into one moan. And yet with all this, we still never broke eye contact.
   Devin looked me at with those eyes and I knew exactly what they said. “I’m about to nut, nigga.”
Without a word, I stared back, giving him a facial expression saying, “Me too. Bust that shit.”
Devin bucked harder. His dick smacking against my ass. His dick then hit my prostate once more, the rush of pleasure stormed through my entire body, sending it into a shock of pleasure. I screamed loud as my legs began to shudder and my ass clenched hard onto Devin’s dick, forcing him to bust. He lifted his head back and howled a large grunt. Both of us came at the same time, I could feel myself nut with Devin and I’s body smashed together, the warm nut squished in between. I could feel Devin’s dick skeet all in my ass, filling the condom up. Devin and I were still rocking as if having sex, enjoying the last bits of our violent yet blissful orgasm.
   Our breathes were deep and sweat rained down our bodies, with Devin still straddled on me. Once catching our breath, we looked right into each others eyes. We both smiled and laughed, cocking our heads back. It was silent for minute until a soft whimper interrupted it. I looked at Devin to only find him crying. I touched his face, rubbing his cheek. “Dev, why you crying?” I whispered.
“I love bruh. Like, I never felt like this towards anyone. I feel as if like I was meant to be with you. I love you so damn much. And I wanna’ spend my entire life with you.” Tears began to roll down his cheek.
I began to cry as well. Watching Devin become vulnerable made me as well. Seeing him opening himself up to me, expressing all of his emotions, it made me love him even more. The connection I felt between Devin and I did not cease, I could still feel it, and I knew know that Devin felt the same way. I just watched him cry, until Devin said, “I hope you feel the same way. Please tell me you do.”
I just smiled, “Devin I love you too, I wanna’ be with you. I cant believe all this is happening, bro. Come here.” I motioned his head next to mine, engaging in a passionate hug. He lifted his head up and began to kiss me.
Devin stopped, “So does this make us boyfriends?”
“I guess so. And I cant wait to spend my life with you, you bitch.” I laughed.
He laughed hard, “Fuck you.”
   Devin and I cleaned ourselves up and just laid on the bed together. My body next to his and my head laying on his chest. We stayed there for a good hour, not speaking a word, just enjoying each other’s company. I was resting my head on his chest, listening to his heart beat while rubbing my warm hands on his abs. Devin laid on the bed, his chin resting on my head while rubbing my hair, his large hands caressing my curly hair.
The silence was interrupted as I whispered, “I cant believe it.”
Devin kissed my head, “Wassup?”
“Bro you don’t know how much I love you and how long I did. I swear ever since the day I saw you when I transferred to Pleasant Valley High School, I knew instantly that you were the one. And after all that hell, I finally have you. After all those times, I wanted to give up, all those times I wanted to hate you. You’re finally here with me.”
“I’m sorry……I’m sorry… I had to put you through all that. I was just confused. But I know now, that I wanna’ be with you. I love you, you’re like the only person who gets me.”
“Now we just have to figure what we’re gunna do now.”
“What do you mean?” Devin questioned.
“I mean, you go to school in San Francisco and I’m here in LA, plus we have to ease the tension between you and your parents. And I have to tell mine about you. And everyone might find out about us….”
“Listen, why don’t we worry about that tomorrow. Lets just enjoy today and what we did.” He smiled.
I smiled and kissed Devin on the chest, “You’re right babe,” I closed my eyes and began to relax, “lets enjoy this.”
With those massive athletic arms, he wrapped them around me and help me close, squeezing me close to his body, as if he never wanted to let go. My life was complete. I knew from this point on…my life would be easier. I had the man I always wanted, for 3 years, after all what life had thrown at me I had finally had Devin as my boyfriend. Even more than that…my soul mate.
   Devin and I talked the rest of the night, sharing each other’s stories; meshing our lives together. Talking about funny moments, serious moments, our views on life, food, celebrity crushes, and more. We talked until he fell asleep, with me in his arms. And with that in mind, I soon to began to drift into slumber.


I woke up. I was in my room; the book I was reading next to me, the candle I lit almost burned out, and me on my bed. Everything was a dream. I couldn’t believe how real it was. I tore the covers off of me and looked at my underwear. From my expectations, I came in my underwear. Great! I just washed these too! I thought. I looked around, in disbelief that everything that just happened was a dream. All my hopes crushed, destroyed, deferred into nothing. Tears rolled down my cheek, softly. I guess me and Devin will never be…Emotions ran high. It felt as if life had once again, had slapped me in the face. As the tears rained down my face, my eyes puffy and red, I wallowed into a soft depression. My thoughts soon twisted into a pessimistic nightmare, criticizing my stupidity for falling in love with a straight man. Devin and I were never meant to be. Why did I become a fool?! I was stupid to believe that maybe one day…one day…Devin would come by door just to tell me he how much loved me.
My thoughts were interrupted with a knock coming from the door……

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