Living room love

Author: Martino

This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and
incidents are either a product of the imagination, or are used fictitiously. Any
resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead, is entirely
coincidental. Copyright 2002 Martino Productions.


Her Mother and her Sister were sitting in the kitchen talking and drinking hot
Her nephew was in her Mother’s bedroom playing the computer game, Age of
Empires: they both liked this game very much, but tonight, she would be spending
her time together with him: she didn’t want to play the computer game this night
! Oh No ! This was only his third night in Russia, and they had been pretty busy
since he got here:. although they had spent some meaning full time together, she
had hoped that they would spend this night together, just the two of them:.

Of course, her Mother, Sister, and Nephew had all heard so much about him over
the past few months, that they all wanted to meet him, so they had an old
fashion dinner together with all of them together at the table:.Although he had
been studying the Russian language, and could speak a few word here and there,
he couldn’t really keep a whole conversation going in Russian, but they were all
happy that at least he was trying:.she still had to translate most of what was
said, but they were all having a wonderful time getting to know each other:.

He was a little older man from the United States, 57 to be exact, and she was
only 36. She had been teaching english in a Russian University for the past
several years, but she really wanted to be an actress. He was now her Personal
Manager and was directing her new career, they had spoken through email for
months, and she had fallen in love with him. She had heard that this was common,
for the talent to fall in love with their manager, and she was happy that she
could have the chance to show him in person now, just how much she cared for

Now she had moved him into the living room where the TV was: she put the TV on,
but it was all in Russian and she knew he wouldn’t be able to understand much of
it:.but it gave her the background noise that she wanted: she was hoping that
her nephew would stay on the computer for hours like he usually did and not come
out into the living room, and she hoped that her Sister and her Mother would
stay in the kitchen drinking the tea and talking and that they wouldn’t come out
into the living room either:.Then she could spend some time alone with him:.
Of course, she could take him into her bedroom and close the door:. but staying
in the living room with everyone else still awake and only one room away in
either direction was much more exciting !!!!! And they both like exciting
things :..

They sat on the sofa and he put his arm around her shoulder:.she snuggled up
close to him and rested her head on his shoulder:.. and with his hand he began
to stroke her hair:.. she liked it very much when he touched her hair:. but she
looked up at him and said, “Are you trying to make me fall a sleep ?” He knew
that stroking her hair helped her to fall a sleep, and he said, “Why, are you
She moved her lips up to his and kissed him passionately using her tongue to
send sparks into his mouth:.. she reached around him and pulled him in tight and
they began to move their face around each others face as their lips were locked
in a passionate embrace:.. his heart began to race and beat faster and he could
feel the wonderful feelings going through his tongue straight down to his
shaft:.her kisses could turn him on in an instant !:.. After a few seconds,
which seemed like many minutes: she took her lips from his and said, “Does that
seem like I am tired? “

He smiled, and drew her closer to him and placed his lips on her neck:..he began
to kiss and nibble her neck with much passion and she was moving her neck around
enjoying he kissed her neck passionately, he began to unbutton her
and then he reached in and touched her beautiful round firm breast:.. as he
touched them, he also move his hand around the back and unhooked her bra:..
moving her bra to the side, he moved his lips down to her breast and began to
kiss them tenderly:. she could feel the sensation going through her body now and
she was enjoying it:. The fact that at any minute her Mother, her Sister, or her
Nephew could walk into the room was exciting her even more: She loved the
feeling he was giving her, but what would she say if someone walked into the
room ?
What would they do then ?

She decided not to think about that and to only think about the good feelings he
was giving her:. he moved his tongue across her nipples and gently sucked at
them and squeezed them with his hand:. She loved the way he touched her breast,
and she could feel them start to pulsate a little:.she knew that this was a sign
that she was really turned on now:.she lost all thoughts of anyone else being in
the house, and could only think of what he was doing to her right this second:..

As he sucked on her nipple a little harder, and moved his tongue around in a
circle he reached down to the spot between her legs with his hand and started to
rub it outside of her clothes:..Electrical impulses were now shooting through
her body and filling it with shocks of pleasure :.she didn’t know whether to
move her hips or her breast:both were being rubbed so wonderfully and the
feeling from both areas were going through her body so quickly, she didn’t know
which one to react to first:. but she was enjoying it:.This felt just like she
had hoped it would after all these long months: and she was so happy that he was
here now:.and touching her for real:.

She was wearing slacks, and after rubbing the outside of her clothes for a
while, he moved the elastic waist band aside and slipped his hand down her
pants:.. he began to rub the front of her spot on the outside of her panties:.
up and down he rubbed and she began to breath faster and deeper:. he moved his
lips back to her lips and thrust his tongue into her mouth:.there tongues
touched and each time it was like a spark of electricity going through their
Even though he was still on the outside of her panties, he was touching the
right spots and rubbing with just the right amount of pressure : she could feel
the inside of her start to twitch a little, and she was getting very moist:..

As he moved his hand over her spot, he moved it up and into her panties in one
quick was so smooth, she hardly even knew that he did it:. but she
could feel his finger inside her now, and it was giving her a better feeling
then when he was outside:.her body shook a little each time he thrust his finger
deeper inside her: and then he would move it, up and down, in and out, and
around:.he knew just where to touch her to give her the best feelings, and she
was moving her hips now around and up and down, and she couldn’t sit still:

Their tongues were still playing with each other in their mouths and giving them
both pleasure: and his finger was touching all the right spots inside her: she
could feel the pulsation inside her now growing:.and then she felt her body
tense for a second and relax, and she could feel that wonderful feeling of a
climax inside of her and she knew her juices were flowing:.. she reached down
and unzipped his trousers and reached in and touched his hard pulsating shaft:.
and this excited her to hold this in her hand:. to feel it pulsate like that and
to know that she was the person it was pulsating for made her feel wonderful:..
This was HER man, and she was HIS woman, and they were finally together:..

He moved his finger very fast in a special spot, he knew that if he could reach
this spot she would climax again, and he wanted this very much: he moved it slow
and soft and then fast and hard and then he could feel her body tense and he
knew she was going to have another climax:. she moaned as her body shook and
they could both feel her juices begin to flow again. This made him so happy, and
she began to move her hand on his shaft up and down. She pulled his underpants
out of the way and reached in and pulled the shaft out where she could touch it
His body shook as she gently stroked it up and down:. as he moved his finger
faster inside her: she moved her hand up and down his shaft quicker and

Their tongues were still touching inside their mouths, and they hadn’t even
stopped to breath !!!! They had both waited so long for this, that they
figured they had breathed enough before: they were not going to stop now !!!!

She could feel his shaft pulsating and throbbing and this excited her very much
because she knew he was enjoying it so much:..and she moved her hips in motion
with his finger that was deep inside her:.they were both breathing as one person
how and they were breathing very deep and hard:.their hearts were beating very
fast now: he could feel her pulsating inside and he was so happy, and she could
feel him throbbing and this made her very happy:.. as her body tensed for a
second and she began to climax again, his body also tensed and he climaxed:.they
had both finally climaxed together and it made them both feel so wonderful:..
As they stopped to rest for a minute:.they looked to their side:.
There was her cat and her parrot watching them !

They looked at each other and laughed and decided that they should continue this
in her bed room.

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