Friday At The Movies

Author: Jocinda Holland

   Roger and Eric were two young successful lawyers at a top law firm; they were also the best of friends. Roger had a large bachelor pad in the city and invited Eric to stay with him as long as he needed to find his own place. Two buddies hanging out, drinking beer, watching the game… weekends were great.

   Everything was hunky dory until Eric found a videotape of Roger whacking his wood. The video showed several Roger-on-Roger occasions. Eric was appalled. The videotape was the way to go, but Roger was missing one important element, a hot broad. Roger wasn’t the best looking guy, so Eric took it upon himself to call his old girlfriend Brandy, who he new would be willing to do almost anyone and anything.

   Friday, Eric left the firm early in order to set the scene for the movie. Roger arrived home only to find some strange chick laying on his bed, surrounded by lights and candles, with his precious camera on it’s tripod ready to go. Roger’s first instinct was to put a stop to this insanity; luckily Eric made his way into the picture all greased up and ready to go. Brandy lay there with only a pair of stilettos and her birthday suit. She was a petit brunet with blond streaks throughout her hair. The hair on her head, that is, which was the only place hair seemed to exist on her body. Eric didn’t waste any time he had his face engrossed in Brandies cunt, spreading her lips and engorging on her twat as if he hadn’t eaten in weeks. Roger wanted in but didn’t know what to do. He stood there stroking his cock getting himself off, remaining the good little voyeur that he was. He would have done that until he came if Brandy hadn’t reached out and touched his stiffness directing it inside her soft and loving mouth. Roger started to loosen up by fucking Brandy’s mouth, still with his pants around his ankles.

   Eric labeled himself the director and it was time to direct, after all Roger and Brandy were all juiced up and ready to go. Without being too obvious for the camera, Eric motioned for Roger to lie down. Brandy didn’t seem to need much direction. She straddled Roger then slid her pussy hole down his hard shaft until his dick could no longer be seen. Eric played with the camera as he zoomed in on brandy’s bouncing body as it rode up and down on Roger’s rod. Her normally hard ass cheeks and firm tits were like four bubbling beach balls flopping around. Eric wasn’t the designated videographer, so he adjusted the lens and found the perfect angle just before getting in on the fun. Brandie’s ass was moving so quickly, Eric had to push her down on Rogers cock to calm the bitch down. Wanting to try something new he grabbed the glide and drenched his cock, covering it thoroughly with lube. Brandy and Roger were surprised to find a second dick trying to slide in her already full hole. Neither one stopped him as he maneuvered his hose inside. Both men didn’t seem to mind the other’s member sliding against theirs, especially when they were being hugged together by such a lovely snatch. Each took a turn ramming their rods deep into Brandy’s cunt. Harder and more aggressive with each thrust, yet Brandy seemed to want more meat marinating amongst her feminine juices.

   Moments into all the fucking action, and while sharing one hot tight orifice, Eric came. Unfortunately, he had ruined the movie. They were supposed to pull out and cum on her face; however, with all the cock friction and pussy juices, Eric blew his load prematurely inside Brandy. Roger was now feeling a lot of pressure to perform; after all, he was now the star. While Eric sat at the end of the bed glowing in the after math of blowing his load, Roger continued to screw Brandy. Her pussy had been recently pleasured by multiple cocks, leaving her unimpressed by the single sausage that was trying so hard to please her needy twat. Roger found himself a little embarrassed with his lack of experience so he decided to pull out and finish the job from behind. Roger flipped Brandy over and brought attention to her ass end. Lifting her backside slightly off the bed, Roger pulled her right cheek open with his left hand; this allowed the camera to get a good shot. Brandy’s anus and cunt were both very visible when Roger unexpectedly filled her pussy hole with the four masculine fingers on his right hand. Brandy’s ass rose with pleasure as he finger fucked her, rolling his fingers around, feeling the insides of her pussy.

   Roger had never really explored a woman’s body so deeply before, but now was not the time. The camera was rolling and he had to fulfill their dream of cumming on her face. Roger had his cock join his fingers, sliding it ever so gently in beside his right hand. Brandy trembled with excitement the second her hole was full with pleasure. Roger started to fuck her from behind giving her ass a little smack now and then. It wasn’t long before Roger felt his rod was ready to unload. After all, not only was he screwing this hot chick, but he had also been giving himself a good old hand job. Pulling out he quickly flipped Brandy over and released his cum all over her face and torso. Brandy, being the good sport that she was, opened wide giving Roger a hole to aim for.

   Thanks to Roger, their video was a success. Roger was the hero and his reward was Brandy kindly cleaning the remaining cum from his cock. Eric wasn’t as lucky, he had to take care of his own mess; yet with no regrets. Eric was a happy camper. After all, cumming is cumming and he came a shit load up inside Brady’s sweet pussy inn. That was the best time and fuck the guys had ever spent or had together. After that movie, the guys made a pact to make several more movies with different willing contenders and eventually create a lovely collection of x rated flicks, which they would produce, direct and star in.

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