The sisters in law

Author: LOVELY

My wife Dana and I were visiting her sister and brother-n-law, Gary, this past summer. Her sister Lisa is a real hard body, 31 and no children. He husband Gary is a personal trainer. My wife tells me her sister can’t get pregnant because Gary has a very low sperm count. They tried all kinds of procedures, but just can’t get pregnant. We visit them a couple of times a year. Usually it is a few days of to the beach and relaxation for my wife and I away from the kids. I would love to fuck her sister, but I don’t think my wife would like that. Lisa has always come across as being as straight as her sister.

Every time we visit, Gary and I go out one night to the local bar, watch whatever game is on and talk. Gary is curious about the sex life of a married couple with children. I tell him that we don’t fuck as often as I like, but my wife still loves to suck cock and swallows my hot load every time. I tell him all kinds of things that we do. He gets really worked up when I tell him all the stories. I just think to myself, how hot his wife is and that all the stories I am telling him are stories I fantasize about his wife. I know that swapping is just not going to happen.

He got so worked up this time that he suggested we go to a local full nude strip place. I thought it was a great idea. Dana and Lisa were out shopping at the mall and didn’t expect us home until 10 or 11. So things were looking good until my cell rang. The ladies were driving by the strip place and saw Gary’s jeep. She was said she was really pissed. I told we would leave and be home in a little while. She said don’t bother. Lisa and her were staying out. What were we to do? We stayed. I knew that I was in trouble either way so I might as well get some tight ass dancing in my lap.

We got back to Gary and Lisa’s place around 10:30. We found Dana and Lisa in the hot tub very drunk. They must have drunk a lot because all they said was jump in. We pulled our pants off and jump in with our boxers on. As soon as we got in the ladies jumped out and went inside. A few minutes later music came on and ladies started to dance. They stepped on the edge of the hot tub and continued dance as they slipped into the water. Now I have never seen my wife do anything like this. At the same time I see Lisa moving her hot body.

My wife moves to me as Lisa moves to Gary. They both started taking of their tops. They are moving to the music rubbing their breast in front of us. They move together and rub each other. I about to drop dead. Then both move in front of me. My wife’s familiar, but beautiful nipples pressing on one cheek. And Lisa’s small and firm breasts pressing against the other side of my face. A few seconds later they are all over Gary. I see my wife rubbing his legs under the water.

I don’t think my cock has been this hard since I was in college. They separate. My wife starts giving me a lap dance and Lisa is on Gary’s lap. I keep looking over to see Lisa’s milk white breasts as she moves around.

As if they practiced, both stand up and start slowly pulling their bathing suit bottoms off. I got my wife in front of me dancing naked and my sister-n-law Lisa dancing naked a few feet away. My wife leans over and asked “ do you want to have Lisa come over to your lap?” I said yes as long as it was ok with her. She said “if she comes to you then I must go to Gary.”

My dream has come true. I have my naked sister-n-law on my lap in a hot tub. She turns around so that we are face to face. I take a look over to my wife and she is kissing Gary. All I can think about is fucking Lisa. My cock is by now out of my shorts and I can feel it rubbing her pussy. I want to enter, but think that might a line I should not cross.

Lisa whispers in my hear, “Your cock is hard, it would be a shame to waste it.”
She glides my cock inside her pussy. It felt so tight. My cock filled every inch of her. And then it is about to happen. I am going to explode. I reach down to pull my cock out. I whisper to her that I about to cum. She pulls my hand away and pushes hard onto my cock. In a second my hard load shot into her. I look again to my wife. She is almost passed out. Gary is touching her nipples.

Lisa looks at me and said “ thanks” and pulled off my cock. It seemed as Gary was didn’t we had just did a quick fuck. And yes it was quick. I lasted about 20 seconds in that tight pussy. She moved over to Gary and Dana and as fast as the hot tub session started it was over. Both ladies stepped out of the hot tub. They turned and said, “you can’t get that at any night club.” My said, “now the both of you can jerk those hard cocks off yourselves.” Lisa laughed and looked into my eyes. They went inside.

I sat there and looked at Gary and said what the fuck was that all about. He said he didn’t know what got into them. I told him how I always wanted to see Lisa naked, but never thought she would be on my lap naked. He said that Dana made him so horny that he wanted to fuck her and hope I didn’t mind him kissing her and touching her nipples. I said no problem. We sat silent for a moment and both got up and went to bed.

The next morning the girls looked at us and said last night didn’t happen. And don’t expect any of that action again. They sounded like they meant it. When I got a chance to speak to Lisa alone, I told her I was sorry that things got a little crazy last night. I said I was especially sorry for that quick orgasm that I had in her. She said that it was her fault too. Dana and left that July afternoon.

On the flight home we talked about everything, but the hot tub. I was a little concerned because I shot a really large load into Lisa. So I worked into the conversation birth control. Dana is on the pill. I told her about a recent article I read that those on the pill should get off it for a few months to give their bodies a normal cycle. I told her that she should tell her sister to get off the pill for a while too. Dana told me that her sister doesn’t use birth control. As a matter of fact she wants to get pregnant. She said her sister tests to see when she is ovulating and this was the weekend to do it, only problem was that Gary fell walked the dog after the hot tub. She said she fell asleep and has to wait until next month.

Two months later, my wife gets a call from Lisa. She is 8 weeks pregnant. I turned ghost white. I knew instantly that my hot load was planted in her. Later that night my wife asked me “did you fuck my sister in the hot tub?” I denied it. She said, “ don’t lie, I know you did.” I looked at her and finally said yes. She then said, “good now I don’t feel as guilty knowing that Gary’s cock is not only wider than yours, but is also longer.”

I asked her if she fucked Gary in the hot tub too. She said “no, you came into the room after the hot tub and fell asleep, I was so fucking horny that I took a walk to the living room and found Gary jerky off to some video. We fucked all night until daylight.” She said, we also fucked upstairs when you and Lisa were talking after breakfast. And that there is nothing wrong with Gary’s sperm count. Because I am 8 weeks pregnant too.”

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