Red Smores

Author: Cecilia

My friend Storm came over last night. She’s so much fun. I swear that girl is into everything and up for anything. When we were talking on the phone, I told her that I had just read this book where these two girls were having s’mores on a camping trip, and decided to smear the food all over each other and eat it that way. She surprised me by telling me that it was fun, and that she was going to go to the store and would be over soon.

Storm and I have never really had sex. We’ve talked about it, and even got into some heavy petting one night when I went over to her place to watch movies, but it never really went anywhere. I think that we’ve been friends so long that we were both afraid of what would happen if we slept together.

So, my doorbell rang about an hour after I got off the phone, and when I opened the door, there was Storm, with a couple of bags from the grocery store, and a huge smile on her face. Flustered, I stepped back as she walked in, her thick red hair bouncing behind her. As she passed me by, I could smell her strawberry shampoo. I love the smell of her hair.

I put in one of her favorite movies, and got the fire going in the fireplace. Storm bought in the goodies into the living room, and set everything up next to the fireplace to make our treats with. She then announced that we had to undress. I’d never seen her naked before, although she did catch me once coming out of the shower, when she let herself into my apartment to wait for me. The idea of seeing her without her clothes on fired me up very quickly. I didn’t want to undress now that I had a raging hard on, but she just laughed at me when I told her that and demanded. She pulled her shoes and socks off, then unzipped her pants, and pulled them off. She was standing in my living room in a tight white t-shirt, and cotton white panties. She just stood there looking at me, waiting for me. So, reluctantly, I disrobed to my underwear.

She couldn’t take her eyes off my bulging underwear at first. Then, blushing, she whipped her shirt off, and her tits bounced out of her shirt, and I nearly came in my shorts right then and there. She then knelt down on her knee and slowly removed my underwear. My cock bounced out of my underwear and smacked her in her chin. Giggling, she grabbed it and kissed the tip before turning away to tend to the fire.

We both sat down on the throw rug I had placed in front of the fire, and Storm pulled out a long metal tool to use to heat up our dessert. Although, at that moment, all I could think of was having HER for dessert.

She placed a graham cracker on the flat of the tool, then grabbed a square of chocolate, and then a marshmallow and put them on top of the cracker. Then she sandwiched it all with another cracker, and stuck the whole thing into the fire. As she paid close attention to what she was doing, I paid close attention to her. Her long red hair was even more colorful in the glow of the fire, and the shadows dances across her chest like invisible hands caressing her as she sat in front of me. Her legs where folded in front of her, and I could smell the musky scent coming from between her legs. I reached down and started stroking myself softly.

Suddenly, she pulled the concoction out of the fire, and picked up the treat. She pulled the graham crackers apart, and turned towards me. Smiling, she reached out with one hand and pushed on my chest until I lay down on the floor. Then, with one cracker in each hand, she made my stiff dick part of the s’more. The warm chocolate and marshmallow felt very soft and gooey on my cock, almost like what I imagined Storm’s pussy would feel. She then began to smear the food all over my manhood. The crackers crumbled and fell to the floor, but she kept rubbing the chocolate and marshmallows up and down my shaft.

Smiling, she grabbed more chocolate and marshmallows, and heated them up, without the crackers. Once they were all sticky, she blew on them to cool them off a bit, then picked them up with her bare hands, and smeared them all over her chest. Suddenly I was quite hungry. I started to lean towards her, but she held me away. She crawled over between my legs, and placed my stiff cock between her beautiful tits.

All the chocolate and sticky marshmallows made it easy for my cock to slide in and out between her tits. I could smell the sweetness of the food, and wanted so bad to taste it. Storm reached behind her and I realized she had more of the candy already melted. She stuck her hand into it, and pulled out a glob and slapped it onto her pussy. Looking down, I realized I was looking at her crotch for the first time. Her red patch flared against her white skin, but the rest of her was shaved. Only now it was covered in mushy sweetness.

Storm asked me if I was hungry, and I cried to her that I was. She grabbed ahold of my cock and swung her leg up over my chest and head, like she was mounting a horse. I got a great bird’s eye view of her slit as she lowered it onto my face. I reached up and grabbed her hips and guided her to my tongue.

Tasting the chocolate and marshmallows, mixed with her pussy juices, was like how a kid must feel when he walks into a candy store with twenty dollars in his pocket. I was in heaven! And when her mouth wrapped around my candied cock, and her chest lowered down and slid around on my belly, I was lost.

I buried my face into her pussy, getting chocolate everywhere. The marshmallows where drying, and getting more sticky, tugging at my hair, but I didn’t care. I knew it was going to be a bitch to get out, but that just meant that we would have a fun shower together later. Feeling her lick the sugar off of my cock, and take me deep into her mouth and suck the sweetness off it was mind blowing. I shoved my tongue deep into her pussy, trying to taste more of her juices, but unable to get far past the smells and tastes of the chocolate.

Frustrated, I lifted her up and over, and flipped her onto her back. I hovered over her, my cock pointing at her like a spear ready to down its prey, and gazed at her. She had brown smears of chocolate all over her face, chest, belly, arms, pussy, and thighs. I’m sure that I must have looked just as yummy to her. Without waiting another second, I impaled her with my rod, and fucked her hard, listening to the goop squish around between us. I leaned over and buried my face in between her bouncing tits and sucked the sticky goo off of her chest, listening to her grunts and moans.

Unable to control myself, I banged her so hard that she was crying out in pleasurefull pain each time I slammed into her. I wondered if I was hurting her, but she didn’t seem to mind if I was, for she grabbed my slippery ass and shoved me in each time I came close to pulling out. Suddenly, I felt my balls tingling, and my cock swell inside her, and with one last thrust, I shot my heavy load deep inside her, crying out as I came. I opened my eyes, and looked down at her, only to see her grinning back up at me in complete satisfaction.

After a couple of minutes, we separated and talked a bit about how messy we were. I suggested that we take a shower, and she agreed and jumped up, heading for the bathroom. I couldn’t wait to get her cleaned. My cock was starting to grow again already at the thought of bending her over in the shower and watching her fine ass bounce as I fuck her again.

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