A Journey of a Real Woman Ch11

Author: Kacey1999

By Kacey1999
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Please email me your comments and suggestion, as I appreciate readers who take the time to give feedback. I am telling Betsy’s story, as she gets set to turn 40, and she thinks back to what has happened in her life.

Betsy is probably the most appealing woman I know, and strangely, I am not sure if she is not the wittiest, smartest woman… or the craziest.

Chapter Eleven

Betsy was more than ready for the best chapter of her life story. Her journey seemed like an eternity until she met Mr. Right. Danny was 6’3″, very good looking and he had a very athletic physique. He played various sports during his college days and excelled in football. He was even drafted, as a safety, but chose Med School to become a shrink instead.

It was Danny’s eyes that Betsy first noticed about him. He had dark, mystic eyes that were a combination of blue and green, which she found absolutely paralyzing. They were so gentle and she felt love every time she gazed into them.

Not long after their relationship became serious, Danny took her to meet his family in CA. Betsy considered his mother and father a dream come true, especially since she never had a mother around for most of her adolescent years. Danny only had one sibling, a sister who he protected like the big brother he was. She was married with two adorable children and a woman considered a knockout by any standard. Both Danny and his sister had their father’s tall, slender physique, but luckily she had her mother’s radiant beauty.

It was during the trip that Danny jokingly told Betsy that they would have to keep Doris away from his sister. That became a standing joke between the two and one that Doris herself laughed off as completely unfounded. Danny was very close to his family and he got along extremely well with his sister, even though he was only a year older than her.

Betsy remembered one particular evening when everyone was sitting around chatting after diner. Danny told his parents that Betsy was his life long study, which she found very comical at the time. Now years later, she realized the statement was true and she was very grateful for that. Then she remembered Danny’s most unique characteristic. He never forgot anything. Her common response to his numerous recalls was a short, sarcastic, ‘whatever!’

Danny treated her with respect and as an equal in every way. In fact, she reasoned, Danny was more concerned with how she felt or what she needed than in his own welfare. Most guys Betsy met would do anything or walk across a desert of broken glass to get a sniff of her panties, but Danny was different.

Shortly after their return from CA, Betsy moved most of her belongings into Danny’s house on the north shore. They were probably considered a loving couple by most people and Betsy didn’t mind the assumption at all. Life was good and Betsy welcomed the normality of it all, as she hit her mid-thirties. Getting married was a lifelong dream and she was grateful to have finally found the man of her dreams.


Betsy’s dreamland hit a snag. She got to the point in her story where she was forced to face the truth. She was not proud of it, but there was one lie to be recalled. The realization that she didn’t count omissions made her grin, as she believed in the analogy that what a person didn’t now wouldn’t hurt them. No, Betsy mused, she wasn’t proud of being dishonest and unfaithful to Danny, but the episode had to be told.

The wedding was still two months off and one day she ran into Thomas. She was walking down the street and there he was, just as she remembered him. He was still as handsome as ever and his appeal was just as strong. Looking back on it now, Betsy realized that the meeting was probably purposely setup. Thomas had an ego that was limitless and he likely wanted to prove he still had it, by overcoming the one woman who jilted him.

Betsy was at a loss to figure out why she did it. No matter how good life seemed to be and how satisfied a person was, there were always doubts. So when Thomas invited her for a little bite to eat at a nearby eatery to talk about the good old times, she willingly joined him. Betsy reflected back on it, now years later, and she considered the times he was talking about as not the best of times.

She remembered sitting in a quiet café and Thomas doing all of the talking, like the good salesman he was. He seemed overly happy for her to be getting married and his congratulations appeared very sincere at the time. Then out of the blue, he asked Betsy if she was busy on the long weekend. So many things flashed through her head and all she remembered was being overly confused. She desperately wanted to fabricate a story of being busy, but somehow her quality of telling the truth won out.

Apparently Thomas had a business convention in Baton Rouge. He asked Betsy if they could meet at his hotel on Friday evening, as he wanted to buy her drinks and a nice dinner. Thomas was a smooth talker and she never dreamed of him having anything devious or wicked planned. Looking back on it now, she was mystified as to how she could have been so stupid. She fully realized that any sane, logically thinking person should have known Thomas was up to no good.

His timing was just too coincidental, but Betsy was too naïve to know he was scheming. Thomas had been to the clinic where Danny had an office and he had found out Danny was going to be away for the long weekend. “I’d love to see you… if you’re not busy. I’m booked in at the Radisson and the conference is there too,” he said.

All Betsy could think of at the time was to not tell Thomas the truth. She sat still without saying a word, but Thomas wasn’t done. “Come to the hotel and we’ll have dinner. I’m free all day Friday and they serve the best seafood in the world there,” he whispered. “Do you remember the great times at the beach house? God, if we could go back in time.”

All of a sudden she let the fact that she was once in love with the man rule her decision. Danny was going to CA to visit his family and he was making some final preparations with them for the wedding. “Ah, no. I guess I don’t have plans,” she said knowing she was a fool. “Danny is away… visiting his parents.”

As soon as she said it, she knew trouble was on the horizon. Initially when she got to this portion of her life story, she intended on rushing through it. The guilt was great and she thought if she only spent a few moments on the infidelity, she would feel better. Suddenly severe punishment was the answer for her guilt. She had to see it again, as that was the only way to eliminate demons.

Betsy wanted to slap herself for not being able to lie, yet she did lie to the one person who dearly loved her. Later she told Danny that he should enjoy the weekend in CA and that she had a conference to attend. She even went to the trouble of making up a fake agenda, which she made sure Danny would see.

As was her custom, she thought it would all work out and that she could control what happened. Was it a demon, or what was it that made her agree to meet Thomas? It was like she was in a James Bond movie and on a top-secret rendezvous. She knew it was wrong, but she still went to the hotel. When she arrived at the Radisson, there was a key at the front desk for her. She went up to Thomas’ room and found a cold bottle of wine and a note. “Meeting with a client. Enjoy the wine and I’ll be back around five.”

She had one glass of wine and then another before Thomas showed up. He came into the room and gave her a hug and a kiss, which was not aggressive at all. Then he changed clothes right in front of her and strangely Betsy remembered not being able to look away. She blushed, but didn’t divert her eyes from his masculine body, which still sent a shiver through her entire body. He still looked good and Betsy imagined running her fingers up and down his muscular chest.

Looking back on it now, she realized the man was very shrewd and knew how to make her comfortable. They immediately went down to the restaurant where they had a lovely meal. The man knew all the right buttons to push and he ensured her resistance was devoured by numerous glasses of wine. It seemed only natural to go back up to his room after eating, as she couldn’t think of one excuse not too.

Once they entered the dimly lit room, Thomas was in-charge. He closed the door and then he sternly shoved her up against the hard door. His jacket and shirt were off before she could react and all she remembered seeing was a blurred vision of his masculine chest. This time he kissed her hard and left no doubt what was on his aroused mind.

His strong hands quickly shot under the back of her dress and grabbed the cheeks of her ass in determined fashion. He squeezed hard and dug his fingers into the soft, velvety flesh and then he pulled her hips forward into his hard body. Betsy felt the obvious protrusion in the front of his pants and the images of his hard cock flashed in her head. She felt her dress being loosened and suddenly she was standing against the door wearing only bra and panties.

There was one thing on his lust-filled mind and she was within reach. “Suck my cock… just like you used to. God woman… no woman sucks cock like you can.”

At the time Betsy merely thought of doing it and then Thomas might leave her alone. Caught up in a web of deceit, she never realized how wrong she could be. “Betsy! You’re the greatest. Holy fuck… I’m ready,” he moaned. Suddenly his pants were bunched around his ankles and his bobbing penis was in her face.

There was nothing else to do but comply with his demands. She wrapped her right hand around his thick cock and held the head straight out from his hips. When she sucked the head into her burning mouth, Thomas’ knees almost buckled. Somehow he remained standing and then he put both of his hands on the back of her head. She had no choice now, as he held her captive with his cock buried inside her mouth.

The blowjob continued for a long time and she thought he was going to blast his load down her throat. All of a sudden he jerked her head backwards, freeing his throbbing cock. “Get on your hands and knees. I’ve gotta fuck that gorgeous pussy. I hope it’s still bald,” Thomas said. “I have to drive my cock into your belly… just like the good ole days.”

Betsy remembered pleading. “Thomas. Oh gawd, not like this! I can’t… I just can’t.”

Before she could do anything to stop him, she was in the perfect doggie position. It made her shiver in disgust, as she dreamed of it happening. Thomas ripped off her bra and panties and they would never be part of her wardrobe again. She felt his powerful fingers around her waist and then he pulled her torso backwards with all his might. All the wind came out of her chest and she couldn’t breathe for the longest time.

All of a sudden the fingers of his right hand sneaked around her hips and latched onto her throbbing control button. Thomas knew exactly how to control Betsy. He squeezed her clitoris hard and pulled it out far enough so he could roll it around vigorously. Betsy swore the lump in her throat was the end of his prick, as Thomas fucked her like a sex-starved maniac. The most troubling thing for her now, as she remembered her past, was how she pushed back at him.

Thomas was in control and he wanted to hear her speak. Thomas let go of her swollen clitty and wrapped his wet fingers in her hair. He yanked her head backwards, which arched her back so severely that she teetered to the side. His hips jerked back and forth, as he rammed his cock to the hilt with every thrust. “fuck me baby. Fuck me,” he hissed. “Say it. Tell me what you want me to do to you!”

She was beyond caring. “Fuck me. Fuck me, you bastard.”

He pulled harder on her hair. “More baby. I want to hear you.”

Her back arched even more and her mouth gapped wide open. “Oh gawd. Your cock is so deep… fucking me,” she moaned. “Gawd… it’s in my belly.”

It was never enough for Thomas. “I want more. More… or I’ll fuck your ass.”

The bastard knew she hated anal, but once she was filled with lust, anything was possible. “Fuck me, you rotten bastard.” She never dreamed of experiencing anything, as drastic as an orgasm, when she agreed to meet Thomas. Suddenly a short, swift spasm shot through her loins like a streak of lightning, and then she was consumed my lust. “Oh gawd, no… no… no…”

“That’s it baby… I feel you cummin’,” Thomas whispered.

Her body was soaked in sweat and Thomas was in his glory. “No. No! Dear gawd, I can’t stop.” He felt her tremble and then her body went into violent convulsions. She did the unthinkable and climaxed during sex with a man other than Danny. How they got from the floor to the bed was a mystery to Betsy. All she remembered was being totally exhausted and falling asleep in Thomas’ arms.

If she was confused before the weekend, suddenly she was really confused. After the raunchy sex, it almost felt like they had never been apart. Twice during the night, she was wakened by a horny Thomas and there was no way of stopping him. They had sex and, as baffling as it seemed to her now, she experienced mind-blowing orgasms each time he fucked her.

She couldn’t remember the exact time, but it was definitely past noon when she got out of bed. Thomas had already left and a nice, hot shower that lasted thirty minutes was the perfect solution for her tired body. She no sooner got out of the bathroom and then the phone rang. It was Thomas and he informed her that he made reservations at one of the most popular bars in Baton Rouge for dinner.

Thomas said he was at the convention, but he would be back within minutes. Betsy’s first inclination was to excuse herself and leave immediately before she did anything else really stupid, but some strange power seemed to prevent any excuse. She hung up the phone and stood motionless for many minutes, wondering what had come over her. When Thomas rushed in and changed, she merely got dressed for the evening knowing she was not doing the right thing.

They arrived at the bar a bit early. Thomas asked the maitre d’ to seat them in the bar area until their table became available, which sounded reasonable to Betsy. Since the bar was very busy at the time, they were forced to share a table with someone else. Betsy felt slightly uncomfortable when they were seated with two young coeds who appeared far too anxious for company.

The first thing Betsy did when meeting the two girls was nickname each with their most obvious characteristic. One was Giggles and the other Lip-biter, but it was solely for her own benefit that they were given nicknames. They talked for a few minutes waiting for a table and found out the girls were from Mississippi. The girls were in the city celebrating the completion of their successful midterms and they desperately wanted to experience new and exciting things.

Betsy had no way of knowing that money had already changed hands before they arrived on the scene. The meeting in the bar appeared spontaneous and there was no way to tell that Thomas knew the girls already. Betsy was actually a little surprised, but happy Thomas invited the coeds to join them for dinner. She thought it might give her the perfect opportunity to escape and leave Thomas for good, as he would still have two sex-toys.

During the short wait for a table, the conversation somehow got on the subject of women on women. It should have immediately put up a red flag, but Betsy didn’t notice it at the time. The talk merely made Giggles laugh more and Lip-biter bite her lip even harder. At the time Betsy didn’t realize she gulped down two drinks without any trouble and that sort of put her more at ease.

When the table came available, Thomas escorted his harem into the restaurant section. He offered to buy everything, so the drinks plus the food kept coming. It didn’t take too long before the talk returned to the earlier discussion about women on women. This time the flags started waving like mad and Betsy suddenly didn’t know how to get out of the mess. Lip-biter volunteered the information that she was extremely experienced and although she had a steady boyfriend, she preferred the taboo sex.

Then Thomas asked Giggles if she had ever tried it and the coed told him that she had not. Betsy almost fell out of her chair when Thomas told the coeds that she was the best cunnilingus teacher in Louisiana. She immediately turned the brightest shade of red and couldn’t say a word for the longest time. After a most anxious period with everyone staring at her, Betsy felt trapped with the others expecting her to willingly perform for her students.

Feeling like a prisoner, Betsy needed some air and she went to the washroom to get away from the three. She took her time and struggled hard for a solution to her growing dilemma. ‘Yes,’ she decided. ‘I’ll just tell Thomas that I can’t stay… that I have to go.’ She knew it wouldn’t sound logical to suddenly come up with an excuse of having prior commitments, but something had to be done.

She slowly walked back to the table with a determined look on her face. When she reached the three, Thomas immediately stood up and grabbed her by the elbow. “I paid the bill. The girls want to party… celebrate with the sexiest professor in Louisiana,” he said. “I’ve invited them up to our room.”

They were on the way to the room before Betsy had a chance to reply. She looked straight ahead and Thomas held her arm the whole way. She could hear the two coeds behind and knew all of their giggling overly excited the girls. At the time her emotions had gone from the greatest anxiety to the highest degree of apprehension. She was almost hyperventilating and could hardly breathe, as Thomas led them into the hotel room.

The only thing she needed at the time was a real stiff drink. Thomas poured everyone drinks and then they paired off. The coeds sat on the bed and Betsy sat beside Thomas on a leather settee. Betsy remembered staring across the room at the two girls, as Lip-biter slowly stripped all the clothes from her girlfriend. Then the girl quickly stripped naked herself and all Betsy could do was stare in disbelief.

She was so stunned that she didn’t even react when Thomas went to work. He brazenly loosened the top of her dress and felt her boobs. Every time she raised her arms to protest, he merely slapped them down to her sides and kept groping her freely. Then he boldly raised the hem of her dress until the material was bunched up around the top of her thighs. When he tried to shove his hand between her legs, she used all of her strength to keep her legs tightly closed.

All of a sudden everything happened so fast that she didn’t have time to get away. Thomas was out of the sofa and the two girls were on either side of her. Lip-biter was in her glory and she took command right away. The girl kissed her hard on the lips and left no doubt who was in-charge. When she pulled back slightly and stared into Betsy’s bewildered eyes, her voice was soft, but stern. “You won’t believe me… but Sammi is a virgin. She’s never fucked a man… or been fucked by a woman,” she whispered. “You’re going to show her how a real woman makes love!”

Betsy sat motionless between the two girls. All she could do was slowly run the tip of her tongue around her open mouth, trying to keep her lips moist, but she couldn’t speak. She felt a million fingers on her chest, on her stomach and on her legs. She was unable to prevent them taking off her clothes and suddenly she felt a cool breeze on her heated flesh. Betsy knew she was almost naked, as they left her wearing only bra and panties. “It’s time,” Lip-biter whispered. “Make a woman out of her!”

Suddenly she was free. No hands were touching her and nothing prevented her from running away. Slowly she rolled her head sideways and came face to face with destiny. Giggles wasn’t smiling anymore and her face was deadly serious. Her eyes fluttered and her mouth gaped wide open, as if she expected fulfillment.

Betsy let her eyes roam downward to the heaving chest. She noticed the girl’s slender chest moving rapidly in and out and that her tits were firm and perky. Her eyes lingered on the swollen nipples and Betsy wondered if they were painted on the ends of the girl’s tits. Then her gaze shifted down again. The girl’s stomach heaved in and out in tune with her chest and there was a dark, triangle patch of hair. It was neatly trimmed, but sparse enough so that Betsy could make out the pussy lips.

The girl’s legs were spread, as if she wanted someone to put their hand on her girlish treasures. Suddenly someone pushed Betsy forward and closer to the young coed. She merely acted on impulse, knowing the next hour was going to be a monumental occurrence for the girl. Betsy immediately placed her hands on the upraised boobies, which easily filled the palms of her hands. Then Betsy put her face between her hands and flicked her tongue at one of the hard nipples.

The coed started crying and it was not from pain, but from intense desire. The girl’s hands were so desperate that her fingers intertwined in Betsy’s hair, pulling her head closer. Betsy was forced to open her mouth wider and she gobbled the girl’s titty into her mouth, which seemed to make her happy. She pushed on the hard nipple with her tongue and heard loud moans of ecstasy from Giggles.

The next step was to put her hand between Giggles’ widespread legs. Betsy let her fingers draw a trail all the way to the soaked treasure and Betsy remembered feeling the immense wetness. The girl’s hips thrashed up and down out of control and she was unable to stop the rush of cum. Giggles climaxed before Betsy touched her virgin pussy. The girl thought it was like all the times she masturbated in the college dorm, but she was wrong.

Betsy’s fingers pulled the swollen labia apart and latched onto the girl’s precious control button. When she rolled the clitoris around in the vast moisture, the girl screamed and her body went stiff as a board. Giggles never breathed; she didn’t move a muscle and her juices ran out all over Betsy’s skilled fingers. Then all of a sudden she went out of control and her body thrashed frantically all over the lavish, leather sofa.

Betsy couldn’t remember anyone having such an extended orgasm. The girl’s climax went on and on and Betsy was afraid to take her fingers off her pulsating clitty. Suddenly they were kissing and Betsy never really knew how that happened. Somehow her body was positioned so that she was lying on top of the young coed and her ass-end was up in the air. There was no doubt that she was completely vulnerable and before she could react, there was a face between her legs.

The noise was deafening. She heard loud slurping sounds, as Lip-biter deftly pulled the narrow band of her panties to the side, and lapped her slit in a ravenous manner. The girl was no novice and she instantly devoured Betsy’s entire clitoris. Her hands were on each of Betsy’s ass-cheeks holding them apart and high in the air. Lip-biter’s mouth was on fire and the heat scorched Betsy’s womanhood, making her temperature rise sky-high.

Abruptly Lip-biter deemed her girlfriend was finished. She easily flipped Betsy onto her back, as her girlfriend slithered off to the side. Betsy remembered how helpless she felt at the time. Suddenly she was completely naked as Lip-biter ripped off her panties and bra in a heartbeat. Then Betsy remembered hearing the ooohs and the aaahs, as the two coeds stared at her shaved pelvis. It sent shivers up her spine when they explicitly stated how sexy her hairless pussy looked. Betsy remembered getting even more anxious when the coeds brazenly declared what they planned doing to the sexy professor.

Betsy remembered having the sense to struggle, but suddenly her arms were pinned above her head. The young coed had control and Betsy was powerless when Lip-biter dove in for the kill. She lapped her slit like a dog in heat and Betsy swiftly lost the will to fight. Instead of struggling or trying to keep her legs closed, Betsy allowed Lip-biter to push them farther apart.

The scene from years ago was vividly etched in her head and Betsy tried to see it all happening again. She imagined the girl bending over the arm of the sofa. Lip-biter had her knees on the floor and her upper body was tightly pressed between Betsy’s widespread legs. The girl pushed one leg up and on top of the sofa back. The other she pushed to the side and let Betsy’s foot drop to the floor.

Betsy wondered what it must have looked like to Thomas and Giggles. An older, mature woman was in the deep throes of an overly dramatic orgasm. She was in the midst of creaming all over the girl’s tongue and then she remembered glancing downward. Her vision was blurry, but she was able to see the length of Lip-biter’s back. Directly behind the kneeling girl was a naked Thomas and he had his rock-hard cock in his fist.

Lip-biter was bent over the sofa’s arm and her backside was defenseless against a determined Thomas. Betsy noticed him motion towards the other coed and she knew immediately that he was showing off. Giggles was timid and appeared to be afraid, but Thomas convinced her to put her hands on his pecker. Soon Giggles was slapping Lip-biter on her upturned ass with the menacing cock, which made her friend flinch at every slap.

It was a moment in time when a million things happened at once. Betsy had to admit that watching Thomas ravage the young coed from behind while the girl ate her pussy was extremely arousing. Lip-biter had Betsy’s clitty inside her mouth, twirling it around vigorously with her tongue, when her whole body went stiff. Suddenly Lip-biter’s teeth clamped down hard on the tiny clit, but Betsy was long past the point of feeling pain. Her orgasm flourished, as she rode the out of control roller coaster and she desperately tried to watch what Thomas was doing.

Betsy knew exactly when Thomas rammed his tool into the skinny coed. The devious man had the one coed hold his cock at the delicate opening to her friend’s pussy and then he thrust forward. Betsy watched Lip-biter buck wildly every time Thomas pounded his cock into her, but the girl’s mouth never left Betsy’s opening. To this day she never wanted to admit that it was a fantastic orgasm, even though she left no doubt when her body went into severe convulsions. The girl finger-fucked her and the only lip between Lip-biter’s teeth this time was one of Betsy’s.

Thomas loved ravaging sexy women and he was in his glory. “Holy, sweet fuck! This is gonna be good,” he moaned. “Hold on honey. You’re about to get fucked by a real man… with a big cock!”

Lip-biter remained stiff for a long time. Betsy was thankful for the sudden reprieve, but she wasn’t going anywhere. Suddenly Lip-biter’s sharp teeth clamped down hard on the tiny morsel inside her mouth and Betsy realized there was still something left inside her belly. She watched Thomas ram his cock to the hilt and then he pumped in and out of the coed like a furious madman. He held her slender hips perfectly positioned and he pounded her midsection into the sofa arm. Thomas hit bottom with every powerful thrust and Betsy knew he had the stamina of a stallion.

When the coed released the fiery clitoris, Betsy thought she would spend the rest of her days without one. Then the girl’s tongue slapped it back and forth at a tremendous rate and suddenly she felt better. The convulsions in her belly subsided, but the cum kept running down her love canal until the coed sucked it all up. Thomas didn’t want to cum, but there was no possible way to prolong it. His eyes flared wide open watching his once precious girlfriend go through the throes of erotic bliss and then he released his demons.

When the sounds of animal lust stopped, Betsy found out just how devious Thomas really was. Being in the pharmaceutical business, it was obvious he had taken something to keep an erection, as he turned his attention to Giggles. She was giggling like crazy again in obvious nervousness, as she anticipated what was on Thomas’ mind. Then he easily picked Giggles up and carried her to the king-sized bed.

Betsy remembered the next installment of her life story as being extremely entertaining. Giggles kept whimpering and pleading for Thomas to be careful. Apparently her experience with men was very limited and she adamantly stated she had never been with anyone of Thomas’ stature. Betsy remembered how interesting it was watching a predator conquer the timid prey. Thomas must have fucked the poor Giggles for the longest time before he could get his big cock all the way to the hilt, but he was determined.

Lip-biter who had been crudely goosed by Thomas was content in Betsy’s loving arms. Somehow the coed snuggled up to Betsy and they both watched Thomas and Giggles. Both women were utterly shocked when Giggles suddenly relaxed and wrapped her legs around Thomas’ waist. Her back was severely arched and it was obvious she was climaxing. It was one that Giggles would most likely remember the rest of her life and Betsy would as well.

When Thomas finally orgasmed, the scene put goosebumps all over Betsy’s heated flesh. He pounded Giggles’ ass into the bed like a madman and it was obvious that he was using her for his sexual enjoyment. Giggles had experienced an untimely orgasm earlier, but suddenly her entire body started to shake violently.

Thomas was nearing the end of his orgasm, but then he saw another opportunity. He grabbed Giggles’ ass with his strong hands and held her pelvis aimed straight at his groin. His thrusts were slow and extremely powerful, as he drove his cock through her cervix and into her belly. It was a most illustrious sight watching Giggles’ legs thrash wildly in the air, as she babbled constantly without saying any real words. The swift orgasm appeared to rob her sanity and made her look completely out of control.

Betsy vividly remembered being mesmerized by the untamed lust before she was interrupted. She had remained on the settee with Lip-biter and they were half-sitting and half-laying, while facing the bed. The girl was on the outside and she sort of pinned Betsy deep into the crevice between the sofa’s back and seat. Betsy’s first impulse was to resist, so she wouldn’t miss anything, but that was quickly forgotten when Lip-biter kissed her.

Lip-biter sort of rolled on top of Betsy and pinned her deeper into the back of the sofa. Betsy held her legs together, but the girl still found plenty of space to squeeze her hand between Betsy’s velvety thighs. The kiss became heated and suddenly the girl’s fingers slipped into the wetness. Lip-biter pushed hard with her middle finger until it crushed the delicate clitoris. The clitty was raw and still throbbing from the earlier assault, yet Betsy felt an instant response to the molestation.

Lip-biter curled her finger so that the tip entered Betsy’s opening. Then she yanked hard, keeping the end of her finger inside Betsy’s honey hole. A violent tremor shot through Betsy, as the young coed used her finger to press harder on her clitty. Then Lip-biter jiggled her finger and hand back and forth, as fast as she could, while keeping the bud compressed against Betsy’s bony pelvis.

Giggles and Thomas were finished and they noticed the heated action across the room. They rushed over to the two women and the only thing they did was encourage the young coed. Betsy remembered looking into the eyes of her ex-boyfriend and seeing nothing, but a crazed lust for power. She turned her head slightly and saw that the other coed stared intently at her breasts. The girl’s face had a mesmerized look and she was slowly licking her lips with the tip of her tongue.

Betsy remembered her emotions rising until she succumbed to Lip-biter’s physical assault. As she soared through the sea of ecstasy, the vision of Thomas’ smiling face was plastered on the bulletin board in her mind. Betsy desperately tried to convey her unwillingness for any further sexual episodes, but there was no one on her side. Suddenly it hit her. ‘If this was the way to finally put Thomas behind her, then so be it,’ she thought.


Betsy recalled how the action was nonstop until about three in the morning. It was clear by then that Lip-biter had a toy named Giggles and Betsy would wager money that the coed would finish off her college days in fine fashion. Thomas had fucked both girls to within an inch of their lives and Betsy knew he was still hoping for more. The memory of hearing what Thomas said and did at one point during the night made her disgusted for being so gullible.

His pills were still working and he was intent of screwing a young coed. When Lip-biter struggled to stay out of his clutches, he merely set the record straight. “Too late now sweetheart. You agreed… took the money. You’re cunt is mine,” Thomas hissed. “Here, Betsy! Shave this sweet, young thing. Make her dirty cunt look pretty… just like yours.”

Thomas had secretly taken a razor out of his bag and held the instrument in Betsy’s direction. All of a sudden the intrigue alone stopped Lip-biter from fighting. Her eyes got bigger and bigger, as Thomas pinned her down on the bed, and Betsy slowly took the razor out of his hand. The coed watched in total amazement, as her sparse curly-Q’s disappeared.

Betsy found the experience very electrifying. She felt the girl’s entire body shiver with expectation and Betsy had never seen anyone’s eyes light up so brightly. Slowly she shaved Lip-biter until the girl was fully aroused and her breathing was extremely rapid and broken. Near the end, Betsy let one of her fingers dip into the vast wetness and she purposely grazed the tip of the girl’s clitty. She thought the girl would climax right then, but somehow Lip-biter prolonged the rising lust.

When the last curly hair was delicately shaved from the girl’s pelvis, there was the obvious evidence of heated passion between her legs. Lip-biter was moaning out loud and she was consumed by intense desire. She brazenly held her legs spread and welcomed a finger, which started at the crest of her gleaming slit and slowly ran down to her exposed asshole. Lip-biter flinched and found it impossible to lie still, as Thomas took the next step.

Betsy remembered moving back from the untamed animals and she found herself with Giggles. They stayed in each other’s arms and watched Thomas savagely fuck Lip-biter who was so worked up that she didn’t care he was a monster. The scene still made Betsy cringe, as it was powerful, and actually very stimulating when Thomas ripped an orgasm out of the girlish coed.

After Thomas screwed Lip-biter, he needed a short break, most likely in an attempt to rejuvenate his declining sexual power. His cock had been hard for so long that it throbbed constantly and he needed a rest. That left the three women together and Betsy quickly reconfirmed her belief of who was truly in-charge. It was obvious Lip-biter enjoyed having a slave more than having sex. Although she was eaten more than once and fucked by Thomas, she was far more enthusiastic when it came to seducing her friend or Betsy.

Betsy recalled how the next hour played out. It was 60 minutes of lesbian lust, which she reasoned aided in Thomas’ rejuvenation. Lip-biter was in a foul mood after being mauled by Thomas and she wanted nothing more than to demonstrate her feminine domination. At the time, Betsy sensed the coed’s hostility, but she vowed to do whatever it took to get the night over with, so she allowed Lip-biter to gain control.

Betsy never suspected Lip-biter to be so shrewd or devious. The girl suddenly had two willing slaves and she immediately showed them who was in-charge. She ordered her friend onto her back and then demanded Betsy get to work. The razor was shoved into Betsy’s hand and then Lip-biter pushed her towards Giggles. It was obvious the girl was not going to struggle, as she lay on her back, spreading her legs to give Betsy enough room to shave her hairy snatch.

Giggles reacted just like her friend did when she was shaved. Her body flinched and shuddered with each stroke of the razor and in no time she was fully aroused. Betsy purposely let her fingers wander on occasion and made sure she fondled the girl’s wetness. She actually thought Lip-biter would eat her out, but that didn’t happen.

Betsy had seen porno movies with three women going at it hot and heavy, but she never thought she would be doing it with two coeds. She had to admit that the two looked very attractive and sexy. There wasn’t much doubt to the meaning of Lip-biter’s demands, as she was very explicit. “Lick Sammi! Do it to her… then eat me,” she whispered to Betsy. “I want to watch you lick her cunt… and make her cum!”

It took many minutes for the three to find the best position. Betsy could only imagine what Thomas was thinking, as he watched the young coed take charge. She found herself prone between Giggles’ legs and all she could do was comply with the girl’s instructions. Betsy remembered staring at the girl’s freshly shaven pussy and the next thing she was licking it. Her tongue lashed through the overly wet pussy and each time the girl couldn’t stop her nervous giggles.

Giggles was a nymph when it came to someone licking her sweet pussy. She climaxed so fast that Betsy wondered if the girl could ever prolong an orgasm. The entire time, Lip-biter had her hands on both women. As soon as Giggles’ body stopped thrashing all over the mattress, Lip-biter was anxious for her turn. She motioned for Betsy to get between her legs, as she got on her back beside her girlfriend.

Betsy was still prone and it was easy for the two girls, plus Thomas to shift her into the proper position. Thomas’s hands were everywhere and Betsy remembered having to swat them away from her backside. He still managed to goose her a few times, as he intended on taking advantage of her precarious situation. When Betsy put her face between the girl’s legs, she knew there was no other option, but to seduce the girl.

Betsy was good at cunnilingus. She cleverly evaded the girl’s most sensitive clitty and simply caressed every other spot with the tip of her tongue. It didn’t take long before Lip-biter was mewing like a kitten and Betsy noticed her arms were strewn off to the sides. The girl’s back was severely arched and it was obvious she was trying to prolong the most wonderful feeling.

Suddenly Betsy fucked Lip-biter with her tongue, using it like a small penis. Then she reached under her nose and pinched the throbbing clitoris with the fingers of her right hand. The girl simply let go when Betsy pulled the bud outward and started rolling it with her fingers. The juices tasted bittersweet and Betsy rammed her stiff tongue all the way into Lip-biter. The girl’s orgasm was both powerful and very lengthy and Betsy had to wrap her arms around the thrashing thighs, so her face wouldn’t be slammed by the girl’s bony pelvis.

Betsy recalled how the two coeds turned their attention on her, once Lip-biter’s orgasm was over. At the time Betsy was lying on her tummy and Lip-biter slithered down until she was able to kiss her. It must have been the irresistible urge to taste her own juices, but the girl appeared overly aroused even after her orgasm. Then the girl flipped Betsy onto her back and the game was on.

Lip-biter had her hands on Betsy’s luscious boobs and she acted like an excited teenager with a new toy. “Sammi! Spread her legs. Get between them,” she whispered.

“Sweet Jesus. Look at her cunt,” Giggles moaned in obvious pleasure.

“Do it! Eat her, honey. Make the professor your sweet-ass bitch,” Lip-biter ordered.

“Oh, God, I will,” Giggles whispered.

Betsy fully understood how the girls loved the fact that she was an older woman. She tried to hold her legs together, but any struggle on her part seemed fruitless against two strong girls. Suddenly Thomas was beside Giggles and he easily spread her legs, as wide as they would go. All of a sudden she was being kissed hard on the lips and Lip-biter’s tongue was inside her mouth. The girl’s fingers caressed her boobs, rolling the hardened nipples in big circles.

She wasn’t positive when she resigned herself to defeat, but it was shortly after Giggles stuck her tongue in her opening. The girl may have been a rookie without much experience, but how much practice did a girl need to become expert at cunnilingus? Her dainty fingers held Betsy’s labia apart and completely exposed the pink jewel. All Betsy could do was roll her shoulders back and forth because the rest of her body belonged to the two coeds.

Giggles started licking her opening and slapping the clitty around with her tongue. Betsy couldn’t keep her hips on the bed and they jerked around in time with the girl’s expert tonguing. Suddenly her clit was between the girl’s teeth and it was nibbled with the care and love of an angel. Betsy felt her belly heaving in and out and she realized time was critical.

Lip-biter was the mistress. “You’re a goddess. Sammi has your lovely clitty in her mouth,” she whispered. “That must feel good?”

Betsy merely shut her eyes and tried hard to block out the world. The girl kept her lips next to her ear and Betsy tried desperately not to listen. “I love your pussy… how bald it is.” Lip-biter watched Betsy’s pretty face twist in desperation. “I love the way Sammi’s playing with your little clit.”

Betsy reasoned, if only the girl would shut up, but she wouldn’t. “You have the nicest tits. I’ve never felt such lovely ones… and I love the way your nipples get so hard.” The girl licked the side of Betsy’s face and even jabbed her tongue in her ear. “You have the nicest nipples in the world.”

Suddenly Giggles used her finger. The girl inserted her slender middle finger and curled it so she could rake the sensitive G-spot. Lip-biter licked her ear and kept talking. “I’ve never seen anyone cum like you. Sweet, fucking Jesus… you’re fucking like a bitch in heat.”

Betsy didn’t want to hear the dire news, but there was no escape. “Holy fuck! Sammi’s finger is fucking you so hard. She’s ramming it all the way in… making you her bitch.”

It was the saddest news, as it made Betsy realize how she was acting. All of a sudden Lip-biter crouched directly over her head. The girl practically sat on her face and leaned over so she could reach her chest. Betsy refused to touch the girl’s cunt with her tongue knowing it would make the girl mad. Suddenly Lip-biter grabbed both nipples at once and pinched so hard that Betsy cried out. “No… gawd, no. Please, don’t hurt me,” she groaned.

This time the girl never said a word. She simple spread her legs farther apart so that her crotch sank down on top of Betsy’s face. Abruptly the girls were a team. Giggles sucked hard on the tiny gem inside her mouth and used her tongue to press the clit against the roof of her mouth. Then Lip-biter squeezed both nipples and rolled them around and around very vigorously, but she didn’t pinch too hard.

Betsy recalled opening her mouth to sound some sort of protest, or maybe plead with the girls to be gentle. Her eyes opened and a mere inch away was the girl’s asshole. Her mouth opened and something wet hit her lips. She stuck out her tongue to lick them off and then Lip-biter shivered wildly. Betsy felt helpless and her only concern at that point was ending the assault, as quickly as possible. She rammed her tongue straight up and it went into the girl’s hole, which was wet and hot.

Now as she looked back on that fateful night, Betsy realized she was a sex-toy for Thomas and the coeds. Her belly was on fire and she knew nothing would stop the burning desire except an orgasm. A trickle of cum started leaking down her womanly canal and suddenly there was a flood. Giggles fingers dug into the sides of her hips and the girl held the flaming hips firmly, so that her mouth could remain over the running honey-hole.

Betsy remembered giving up. Her tits belonged to one girl and the other coed ate her out. Giggles was possessed and her hunger was profound, as she drank everything Betsy had inside. One thing kept Betsy going. She was determined to reclaim her soul and if that meant drastic humiliation, so be it, she deemed.

***One last time with Thomas.

The three women merely collapsed after the tiring threesome. It was the middle of the night, but Thomas was ready to go again. After watching Betsy’s superb performance when she performed cunnilingus on Lip-biter, he got extra motivation when she turned on the domineering coed. Seeing his sexy ex-girlfriend seduce the young students was stimulating and he could hardly wait for his chance. When the two coeds united and royally fucked Betsy, his manly ego surfaced one more time.

Betsy had no idea whether his rejuvenation was natural or caused by pills, but it was immaterial at the time. During their relationship, Thomas loved having sex with her when he was on his back and she rode him bareback. Before Betsy had a chance to protest or try to plead her case, he grabbed her. She quickly found out that his ultimate scheme was a demonstration to the two coeds that he was king-stud. In a split second, Thomas was in the middle of the bed and his cock was pointed straight in the air.

“C’mon baby. Remember the good times. Let’s show the girls what a real woman can do.”

Betsy found his statements repulsive at the time, but there didn’t seem any way out. “This is it… the last time,” she whispered.

Thomas didn’t give a shit and all he wanted was more cunt. “C’mon baby. Ride me like you used to. You’re the best… ever!”

As soon as she crouched over his torso and squatted over his upstanding pecker, Betsy knew it was a mistake. Thomas grabbed her around the waist and jerked her body downward in a ruthless manner. The next few seconds were both awesome and dreadful for Betsy. She felt the head of his pecker push into the narrow space between her thighs and the long, hard shaft bent in half, as his cock pushed into her crotch. All of a sudden, she felt the head slide forward an inch or two and suddenly it found her opening. The cock sprang into a solid rod of steel and buried itself in her womanly honey-hole, so fast it took her breath away.

Betsy merely let her torso drop until she was fully embedded on Thomas’ stellar cock. Abruptly the audience entered the picture. Both girls imagined being impaled on the long, menacing penis and they were glad it was happening to Betsy and not them. Giggles was still awestruck by Betsy’s luscious tits and they were within reach, far too enticing to resist. Betsy put her hands on Thomas’ chest to retain her balance, giving Giggles the freedom to molest her boobs.

Betsy visualized the ghastly scene of erotic torture. She was sitting on top of Thomas’ groin and his cock was fully buried. The first minutes were devastating, as she was forced to ride the bull. Thomas sort of jerked his hips up and down at a fairly fast tempo. At the same time he had his hands around her waist, rocking her hips back and forth in perfect time with his thrusts. Her memory was foggy, as to how long he kept up the rocking rhythm, but each time he thrust upward, the head of his cock damaged her resolve to fight the man.

All of a sudden Lip-biter joined the fray. She planted her feet on either side of Thomas’ chest and stood directly in front of a bewildered Betsy. Lip-biter grabbed Betsy’s arms and placed them around her slim waist in anticipation of forcing the woman to lick her pussy. Betsy’s face was at the girl’s midsection and her cheek was pressed tightly against Lip-biter’s tummy.

Thomas was in his glory. He stared up the inside of the girl’s legs, as Lip-biter stood over his chest. The newly shaved cunt was visible just before the girl shoved one of her own fingers inside the hairless, pink slit. Lip-biter finger-fucked herself and held Betsy’s flushed face against her burning flesh, much to his enjoyment. The scene was overly stimulating, as he imagined the controlling coed forcing his ex-girlfriend to lick her pussy, as soon as he was finished fucking her.

Then Thomas glanced at Giggles who was like an excited schoolgirl. She crouched down beside the other two women and fondled Betsy’s golden globes with both hands. She cupped one titty at a time and desperately tried to get the nipple into her mouth. There wasn’t much room with Lip-biter in the way and all Giggles managed to do was flick a nipple around with her tongue, which had the desired affect on Betsy.

Thomas was in heaven. He remembered the good times when he fucked Betsy whenever he felt like it. Suddenly his cock was so hot and he felt the inferno of Betsy’s belly robbing his willpower. Betsy was truly paradise, just as he remembered her.

That was when Lip-biter stepped forward a small step and forced Betsy to bend backwards. Betsy’s womanly canal tilted back, as well, and Thomas began thrusting upwards like a madman. Betsy remembered the onslaught. Earlier she vowed not to feel any compassion for Thomas, but that suddenly changed, as his erection raked across her sensitive G-spot. She couldn’t remember anything pressing so hard on the spot and the constant pounding was too much for her. It took mere moments in this position before her hips started vibrating.

All of a sudden the devious girls started helping Thomas. Betsy sensed he was losing control and at any moment he would blow his load. She unwillingly recalled the intimidating session and how it must have looked. Her body was bent backwards; Lip-biter was holding her face buried deep in her crotch; Giggles was supporting her back so she wouldn’t fall and Thomas was filling her beloved honey-hole with molten lava.

Betsy thought she might have a chance, but that vanished in a heartbeat. She could almost taste the young coeds pussy, which was so close to her mouth and nose. Her cheeks were covered with the girl’s juices and the strong smell of sex was hard to take. Her heart rate quickened and Betsy still believed in a miracle. Then out of the blue, Giggles’ hand slithered down the front of her sweaty torso and the girl’s fingers instantly found the throbbing jewel.

Suddenly Betsy remembered how her body developed a rhythm of its own, which matched Thomas’ to perfection. She felt the coed’s fingers spread the puffy labia and then the girl’s fingers latched onto her swollen gem. When giggles pulled the clitty out of the wetness and into the cool air, Betsy teetered on the precipice. Suddenly she watched one of her nipples disappear in the girl’s flaming mouth and then Giggles’ teeth nibbled on the tender bud.

Her struggle ended. It would forever be her secret and she would never tell anyone about being fucked by the three. Betsy remembered the demoralizing orgasm like it was yesterday. The guilt and shame of allowing such infidelity would haunt her forever. Her body, her mind and now her soul belonged to the devil, but she vowed to keep it all a secret.

Betsy flashed over the remaining moments of being fucked by Thomas and his two young partners. Her belly was going through severe convulsions with Thomas’ cock filling her reservoir with his demon, male seed.

She recalled the last few minutes of the ominous session. Her orgasm eventually subsided and the next thing she felt was Lip-biter’s insistent prodding. The girl’s hips were jerking crazily back and forth and her fingers were between her legs. Betsy suddenly realized Lip-biter was masturbating and she immediately sought revenge. She pushed Lip-biter’s hand aside and thrust her long, middle finger into the girl’s soaked hole.

Lip-biter stood on wobbly legs. Betsy hugged the girl’s torso. She wrapped her left arm around the girl’s hips, squeezing her ass with her arm and pulling the girl tightly against the front of her own body. Betsy felt short, swift spasms rocket through Lip-biter’s midsection and she realized the girl had lost control. The immense moisture trickled down her hand and onto her wrist, as the girl climaxed without holding anything back.

Thomas had the best view and he wasn’t moving away. His ex-girlfriend remained seated on his midsection, but now she had other things on her mind. He had his hands round Lip-biter’s ankles, which aided Betsy to hold the girl upright. Betsy finger-fucked the girl and she managed to furiously lick the girl’s newly shaved pelvis at the same time. Her hand moved back and forth at lightning speed and she obediently thrust her tongue downward, threatening to invade Lip-biter’s precious womanhood.

Thomas’ eyes grew larger when the girl’s hips thrust forward madly. He managed to spread Lip-biter’s legs more and the end came with a rush. Betsy tasted something a little tangy, but she wasn’t sure if her tongue touched the girl’s clitoris. The last thing Thomas witnessed was Betsy’s darting tongue grazing the girl’s pink pearl and then his ex-girlfriend sucked the willpower out of the coed.

***The End of Thomas.

Betsy was not only completely exhausted, but she felt totally used by Thomas and the two girls. She practically fell off Thomas, falling forward until she rolled off his torso onto the bed. Everyone fell asleep after that and no one stirred until about midmorning. Betsy remembered hearing the two coeds and they were both giggling this time. The girls jumped in the shower together and Betsy was glad for the reprieve. She would never forget that morning, as long as she lived. Lying flat on her back with Thomas beside her, a decision that she once considered the hardest to make was suddenly the easiest decision of her life.

It hit her with the abruptness of a lightning bolt. She was leaving Thomas forever. There would be no more Thomas in her life and she felt the most wonderful, soothing feeling wash over her entire body. She vowed never to be intimate with him again. Her face beamed when she rolled her head to the side and told him. “I’m glad I came,” she said. “Now I can leave, knowing I’m over you… never have to see you again.”

Then she rolled out of bed and got dressed. There was no time for a shower, as she wanted to make a clean getaway before the two coeds got out of the bathroom. Betsy felt his eyes on her the whole time, but she was steadfast in her decision. He tried, “Oh well, let’s have lunch,” but she dressed and left right away. His eyes burned a hole in her back, as she walked away, but it was a totally invigorating feeling knowing she was in control of her life.

The drive home was the most rewarding one-hour ever. Her heart must have beat at 150 the whole way and she was totally exhausted by the time she got home. The demon was gone! Betsy was grateful that she didn’t have to worry about Thomas, ever again. “What a fool,” she whispered. “What a damn fool I’ve been all these years.”

***At long last, the wedding.

The date for the wedding was set, but a huge storm hit New Orleans. Tropical Storm Bill hit a few days before the wedding and screwed up their plans. New Orleans got hit pretty bad by serious winds and some flooding, so their formal wedding plans were canceled. Betsy likened it to one of those steamrollers that got going and picked up speed, but then broke down. She was disappointed, but more than willing to wait for the best day of her life.

When Danny suggested they get married in a small ceremony a few weeks later, Betsy was actually happier to have a smaller wedding. She had waited years and a little more time was easily acceptable to her. They decided to only invite immediate family and their closest friends and to have the ceremony in Baton Rouge.

Most people already thought they were married, so a small service was sufficient to make everything official. Doris was the only woman in the wedding party and Betsy wanted it that way. Things turned out much better with a small wedding, as the arrangements were much simpler, and also a lot cheaper.

Betsy recalled the time leading up to the wedding. She made most of the plans with Danny and Doris’ help. Since her only immediate family was her dad, most of the wedding guests were Danny’s family who mostly lived in California. Betsy even traveled with Danny to California to make the final arrangements with his parents right after the storm ruined their formal wedding plans. She remembered meeting a couple of Danny’s old girlfriends during the visit. They were blondes from a bottle and both had fake boobs. Well, maybe not fake, but it made her feel better thinking they were.

Even before the marriage, Betsy had most of her belongings moved into Danny’s house on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain. Only the heavy furniture had to be moved after the wedding and then they planned renting out her house. As the date got closer, Betsy and Danny got together with Doris to go over any last minute arrangements.

Thinking back to one of their quiet meetings, Betsy smirked. They were sitting around the kitchen table discussing where all the guests would stay during the three or four days. Betsy only had one aunt and uncle coming from out of town and the rest of her friends lived in the immediate area, so there was nothing needed for her side. When Danny counted his family, they easily found a place for his parents, as they would stay in his house.

It was also easy to accommodate his other relatives, as they would stay in Betsy’s house since she was basically moved out. That only left his sister and Doris quickly volunteered to have his sister stay with her. Danny jokingly ordered Doris to leave his sister alone, which caused a lot of laughter at the time. Since it was already a standing joke between them all, Danny never imagined that something would ever come of the jesting.

Although Danny trusted Doris and he knew his sister would never be unfaithful to her husband, it still left a nagging doubt about the arrangements. He was well aware that Doris seemed to get anything she wanted and the reality sent a shiver up his spine. Danny never doubted it for a second that if Doris wanted to have sex with his sister, it would happen with or without Angela’s cooperation. Then he felt more assured knowing Angela’s husband and two children would also be staying there.

Betsy reassured him that Doris would be on her best behavior for the wedding, but she certainly wasn’t all that sure herself. Everything seemed to go as planned when the day came, as the weather was perfectly clear and sunny. Baton Rouge was the greatest location for a wedding and the day was one that Betsy would fondly remember. Not only did everything go smoothly, but she also got married to the man of her dreams.

Even now she looked back on that day as the best day of her life. Danny couldn’t leave his work for very long so they merely took a short honeymoon at a beach in Florida. It brought a smile to her face when she remembered how they acted like teenagers for the entire time. The only thing she wore was a skimpy, red bikini or her birthday suit. When she looked back at the pictures taken at the time, she felt overjoyed because those few days were so joyous with her new husband.

Life quickly got back to normal after they returned from Florida. She had to get lesson plans prepared for the upcoming semester at college and Danny had to get back to his patients. The calm and normality of married life was something Betsy never dreamed would be so rewarding. She looked forward to coming home every day from class and being with Danny. Now in her mid-thirties, she felt more like a woman in her early twenties, experiencing life’s pleasures for the first time.

Betsy recalled one particular time when they were out partying and had drank too much to drive. They stayed the night at Doris’, which was very convenient, as it saved the long drive home over the causeway. It was during that sleepover that Betsy remembered giving her husband permission to fuck Doris. She deemed it was the alcohol that gave her the loose tongue, but she remembered telling Danny it was okay if he had sex with Doris.

Her only request at the time was that she be there to watch, which she deduced were old habits coming back to haunt her. In an odd way, she actually dreamed of watching her husband with Doris. The fantasy of sharing with her best friend in the world was so exciting that she got thoroughly aroused every time she dreamed of it happening. Now that she was much older and hopefully wiser, she looked back on that night as a premonition of what was in their future.

Danny never hesitated in declining the offer and he simply told her that she was nuts. Although he found Doris extremely attractive and very sexy, he only had eyes for one woman. As he told Betsy numerous times, he didn’t want to come between the two, so it was easy for him to turn down her offer at the time.


Betsy traveled down life’s highway and she entered a stretch that was going to be hard to get through. Doris called one day and she mentioned that Bingo was going to the vet. Apparently he was walking funny, as if one of his hind legs was injured, and he was due for shots. Two days later, she phoned and talked to Danny for a long time. When Betsy asked what it was all about, his face was somber and his voice was serious. “Pack your bags… clothes for several days. Bingo’s sick!”

It took thirty minutes to get to Doris’ and Betsy couldn’t remember feeling so much anxiety. When she rushed into the kitchen, Bingo was in his normal spot, relaxing beside the patio door. Doris was standing at the sink staring out the window into the backyard. Betsy went over to Bingo, giving him a big hug and she started petting him in loving fashion. “What’s this? You’re not feeling well? Let Betsy give you some TLC.”

Danny walked up behind Doris and he gave her a big hug. They had a brief conversation and the whispering was too soft for Betsy to hear. Then Danny walked over to where she was huddled with Bingo and he gently picked up the big dog. “Get the front door,” he whispered. “You girls stay here… I’ll take care of everything!”

Betsy acted without thinking. Doris had turned around and watched the three leaving the house. It was the strangest thing when Betsy noticed her dearest friend and all she thought at the time was that Doris looked like shit. She opened the front door and then rushed out to open the back door of the car for Danny. He gently placed Bingo in the backseat and then everything went deadly quiet.

Betsy would never forget that moment. Bingo stared out the window at her and his eyes were teary and sad. His eyes never left her, as Danny backed out of the driveway, and headed away. All of a sudden it was like driving straight into a brick wall. She merely fell to her knees on the ground and cried like a baby. Time ceased to exist and Betsy really couldn’t remember how long she stayed in the driveway crying.

Suddenly she came back to her senses and thought, ‘Oh, my gawd, Doris!’ Betsy ran back into the house and found her friend curled up on her bed sobbing. She simply went to Doris and hugged the best friend she had in the world. After awhile, they fell asleep and stayed that way for the longest time.

When she woke, it was getting dark and she heard someone downstairs. Betsy went down and found Danny in the kitchen packing up Bingo’s things. The reality of what happened hit her and she knew Bingo was gone forever. Then Danny went around the house getting everything else that belonged to Bingo while his wife went back upstairs to keep Doris company.

Betsy remembered getting Doris undressed a

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