Author: Dave0731

“Shit!” I said as the lighting made the lights flicker twice then go out. I stumbled through the living area of my apartment to the kitchen. The only light was from the occasional flash of lightning through the window. I got to the cabinet where I thought my flashlight was, but it was not there. I found a small tea light candle and a book of matches. When I lit the candle there was barely enough light to see to walk, but it was better than the total darkness.

My eyes were becoming accustomed to the lack of light when I heard a knock on the front door. I stumbled over to the door and unlocked the latch and opened the door. I was surprised to see a beautiful woman standing there wearing just a towel. Her hair was wet and the light was just enough to see that she still had soap in the very front of her hair.

I said hello, “ May I help you?”

She introduced herself as Sandi and asked if could help her. She was in the middle of a shower when the power went out. She does not have a flashlight or any candles. She asked if she could borrow a light so she could see to get dressed and get on some makeup.

I invited her in and invited her to have a seat on the couch. I had not been able to find my flashlight but knew where some candles were. She sat down and I stumbled to the bedroom where I had 5 big candles that had never been lit. I lit one for me to see where I was going and brought the rest into the living room and placed them on the table in front of the couch. I told her she was welcome to as many as she wanted.

She thanked me, and as she reached for the candles, the towel she was wearing opened up and fell into her lap exposing her ample breast. Through the candlelight I could tell she had a magnificent body, wonderful breast and drop dead legs.

Embarrassed she pulled the towel up over her breast and apologized. I told her not to worry, she had a very nice body and I enjoyed the view. I asked her if she had any matches to light the candles at her apartment. She shook her head no but asked for another favor. She said she was a bit afraid to go back into a dark apartment and was wondering if she stay on my couch until the electricity came back on.

I could not believe what I was hearing. A beautiful woman, wearing only a towel, wanting to stay on my couch until the darkness was gone, that is every man’s dream! I was hoping for along blackout!

I told her she could stay as long as she wanted. I told her to make herself at home and if she wanted a shirt from my closet to help herself. I could feel the blood rushing to my penis in anticipation of a lustful night.

I lit the other 4 candles, which lit the room nicely. She grabbed one of the candles and wandered off to the bedroom. When she returned she was wearing one of my button up dress shirts. It hung off her body and just barley covered her pussy and ass. Her breasts were very firm and her nipples were already erect and jutting out from below the thin material of the shirt.

I was sitting in a chair across the room as she came and sits down in the same spot on the end of the couch where she had been sitting. The shirt opened slightly at the bottom, briefly revealing her clean shave cunt. My dick jumped with anticipation. I stammered, and ask her if she wanted a drink, and if she were hungry. She said she had to work late tonight and had just gotten home from work. She was very hungry and would love a drink. She asked if I had rum and diet coke. I said I did and would be right back.

I went to the kitchen and got two glasses, dropped in some ice that was not yet melted, stopped by the bar and grabbed a couple of diet cokes and a bottle of Captain Morgan’s rum. When I returned I place them on the table and noticed she had unbuttoned the top three buttons on the shirt, revealing her very nice cleavage and much of her breast. My cock was now straining against the material of my pants and I turned slightly to hide my erection. I poured in an extra amount of rum in each glass, opened one can of diet coke and poured it over the ice and rum into the glasses. Then I scrambled to sit down on the chair across the room, halfway trying to conceal my growing erection.

I told her I did not have much in the fridge, but there were some sandwich makings and fresh fruit. She said that sounded wonderful, hopped up, grabbed a candle and ventured off to the kitchen. I shifted my erection and then followed her into the kitchen to see if I could help, but also her nice body in the dim light of the candles.

She went to the fridge, setting the candle on the top shelf. She pulled opened the crisper, removed some strawberries and a couple of pairs and put them on the cabinet net to the fridge. She found some Cool Whip and set it on the cabinet also. Each time she bent over, it revealed her very smooth, beautiful butt. I moved close to her to get the fruit and she stepped back, bumping into my crotch and fully erect cock. She did not move immediately and wiggled her ass slightly into my erection.

I could hear her say ummmm as she stood up and closed the refrigerator door. She said is appeared I was hiding more than fruit for her to taste tonight. I was totally speechless as she grabbed the candle and told me to get the fruit and Cool Whip, and come back to the couch.

As I came back to the couch, she was sitting with one leg on the couch and the other spread wide with her foot resting on the table. Her pussy was glistening in the candlelight from her own moistness. She had unbuttoned the rest of the buttons on the shirt and it opened slightly all the way down.

As I walked to where she was, she leaned forward and unbuckled my belt and pants, slowly unzipped my fly and let my pants fall to the ground around my feet. I was quickly my shirt over my head and stepping out of my pants and shoes. She teasingly rubbed my cock through the material of my underwear. She pulled my hips down till I was sitting between her legs. She told me to hand her the strawberry and Cool Whip.

She told me to feed her a strawberry. I slowly lifted the plump red strawberry to her lips and she sensuously bit into the juicy fruit, letting some of the juice run down her chin and drip between her breasts. She took off the shirt and put her finger into the Cool Whip, placing a dollop on each nipple. She told me it was my turn to eat as she grabbed my head and pushed it to her breast.

I slowly licked the whipping from each breasts, letting my teeth drag across each one of the hard nipples. She would hold my head to her breasts, pushing them into my mouth each time I sucked one of her nipples. She was writhing with ecstasy and one of her hands had moved down to massage her swollen clitoris.

I slowly kissed down her stomach as she slid down the couch where she was now laying flat with her head on one arm of the couch. I continued to move down her body, gently kissing the outside of her pussy, and continuing kissing and licking down her inner thighs. She was breathing hard and moaning with each kiss and I would let my tongue slowly flick her skin.

I moved my mouth slowly up her left thigh to her very wet, warm, and waiting pussy. As I licked her pussy and flicked my tongue over her clitoris, she began to orgasm almost immediately. Her thighs closed around my ears as I continued to suck and lick her clitoris. She continued to cum and she was moaning, pausing to tell me to eat her pussy, suck her clit. She must have cum a dozen times before she began to loosen the hold on head with her thighs.

She lay exhausted for a few moments, then pushed me back onto the couch and kissed me passionately, making sure she tasted her own cum and force her tongue down my throat. Like a wild woman, she jumped to her feet and grabbed each side of my underwear, pulling them off my hips and over my steel hard cock. She looked at me wildly and said she was still hungry. She reached for her drink and completely drank down the whole glass full. She then got a handful of the Cool Whip and threw down a handful on my chest and then she grabbed another and threw it onto my cock.

She got up and grabbed the shirt she had been wearing and walked around and pulled my hands above my head, tying them together with one sleeve and tying the other end to the end table. She then returned and got on her knees beside the couch on the floor. She then slowly began licking off all of the Cool Whip from my chest and nipples. One hand reached down and grabbed my Cool Whip covered dick and began to pump it slowly. The cool of the whipping and the warmth of her hand made my dick jump in her palm.

As she finished the last of the cool whip on my chest, she slowly licked down my chest and stomach till her mouth was directly over my cock. She blew gently on the head and then moved further down and sucked one of my balls into her mouth. She gently rolled the orb around in her warm wet mouth. Then she moved to the other and washed it with her mouth also.

Slowly she began to lick up the shaft of my erect swollen penis and back soon until all of the Cool Whip was gone. Then she let her tongue flick over the head of my cock, licking off the precum and remaining Cool Whip. Her mouth moved down over the entire length of my hot cock. As she bobbed her head up and down on the shaft I could fill my balls filling with cum and my breathing was becoming short and labored.

She took her mouth off of me just long enough to tell me she wanted me to cum in her mouth, she wanted to taste my warm cream filling in her throat. She had one hand on the base of my cock as her head returned to its sucking and bobbing. As I exploded in her mouth, she hungrily sucked and swallowed all of my cum. This woman could suck cock better than any other woman I had ever known.

Sandi continued to suck my cock, making sure it remained hard. She then untied my hands and straddled my waist. She held my hard penis against the wet opening of her pussy and slowly let herself down onto the shaft. She began to rock back and forth and up and down on my erect member. Her hands were on my chest and I reached up to gently play with her nipples as her speed picked up.

She shut her eyes, as her fucking pace was now almost frantic on cock. I could feel her pussy contract around my cock as she came once again. This time she let out a soft scream. I continued to raise my hips, pumping my dick into her each wave of her orgasm.

I could feel myself nearing another orgasm and pushed her off of me, turned her around, leaned her over with her hands on the back of the couch and plunged my cock deep into her pussy from behind. I continued for a couple of minutes till my cock exploded, sending cum deep into her womb. I continued to pump her from behind till we both collapsed in exhaustion.

We sat holding each other in our nakedness for a while till the electricity came back on. She was more beautiful than I had even seen through the candlelight. She smiled at me, put my shirt back on and said she thought she could go back home now. I was too exhausted to argue and she grabbed her key on the table and left through the door without saying another word.

I am hoping for more power outages!

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