Passion Under Pressure

Author: Jim Goodwin

The afternoon was humid and hot. The sizzling sidewalks were a perfect match for Stephanie’s rage. Last night her boyfriend Paul had broken their Friday night date, claiming he had to work late. At 3AM a friend called to say she’d spotted Paul at a club with Krys, a redhead that Stephanie had gone to school with. After receiving the news Stephanie cried on and off for hours but slowly a transformation took place. Her betrayal built from self-pity to anger and from anger to rage.

Finally she looked up Krys’ phone number and address in the phone book. When she picked up the phone she was planning to give that cheap bitch a piece of her mind but she never dialed the number. Screaming wouldn’t give her the satisfaction she needed. She needed to face this man stealing cunt woman to woman. She showered and changed into a padded bra, heavy shirt, jeans and boots in preparation for a tough fight.

She arrived at her rival’s condo and mashed down the doorbell. When the door flew open she was eye to eye with her hated rival. They were just about the same height, five four or so, though Stephanie looked a bit taller in her boots. Glaring at Krys’ slender frame wrapped in the terrycloth bathrobe, Stephanie figured she didn’t weigh much more than her own 110 pounds. Krys’ long red hair hung down below her shoulders. The brunette couldn’t wait to rip it out by the roots but Krys stopped her with a few sharp words.

“Poor baby,” Krys said snidely, “looks like she lost her man.”

“Looks like I’m gonna bust you up so bad, he’ll never want to look at you again,” Stephanie growled.

“Well, you certainly looked like you’re dressed for it,” Krys said with sneer, “Bet you wouldn’t be so brave without all that padding.”

“What are you talking about?”

Krys opened her robe to reveal that she was just wearing a pair of green bikini panties.

“If you want to come in, I’ll fight you for him,” Krys explained, “But we’re going to settle this fair and square, no padding, no boots, flesh to flesh to the finish.”

“Whatever turns you on,” Stephanie snarled, “I’ll kick your ass with clothes or without.”

Krys stood aside to let Stephanie in. While Stephanie undressed, she pushed the coffee table into the corner, leaving a large space of living room rug for their battle. Turning around she saw the brunette standing there in just a pair of white cotton panties. Her tits were small but firm, with dark brown aureole around the button like nipples. Her slender body was tanned and toned. Krys let her robe drop to the floor. Stephanie stared at her rival’s strong, slender body. Krys’ breasts had a slight uplift, which accentuated the puffy pink circles around her pencil eraser nipples.

They stood staring at each other a few moments and then, as if they’d both heard a silent bell, smashed together in violent bear hug. Staggering around the room, they dug their hands deep into each other’s hair, ripping and tearing, as their legs fought frantically as each struggled to maintain her balance against the other girl’s violent pressure. Krys finally managed to trip her brunette opponent but Stephanie’s tight grip caused them both to smash onto the carpet with arms and legs flailing. On the rug they began kicking, punching, slapping and pinching as they rolled back and forth, each trying frantically to pin the other. Their cries of pain mingled with their harsh breathing as the intense exertion began taking its toll.

After about ten minutes of viscous back and forth action, their young slender bodies were covered with sweat and scratches but neither showed any sign of weakening. Stephanie managed to gain the upper hand for a moment, her sweat soaked panties pressing down on Krys’ flat tummy as she reached down and dug her claws into her rival’s scratched tits. Twisting and turning the tiny boobs she bathed in the sweet sounds of Krys’ screams but pleasure quickly turned to pain as the redhead’s hands got a double grip on her own pretty titties. They swayed back and forth a few moments, torturing each other’s breasts, both now crying from the pain they were inflicting, until Stephanie couldn’t take it any more.

She tried sliding off of Krys but the redhead reached out and grabbed her panties, pulling them down to her knees and exposing her smooth round ass and brown fringed cunt. Krys leaped on the tied up Stephanie and wrapped an arm around her neck, hoping to choke the fight out of her squirming opponent. Stephanie felt Krys’ grip tighten around her windpipe and knew she was in trouble. Kicking and bucking only managed to work her panties down to her ankles. Krys was holding on for dear life, knowing that she was moments away from defeating this bitch and winning Paul all for herself. Then she felt the hand in her panties, followed immediately by a wave of intense pain.

Somehow Stephanie had worked her hand back into Krys’ panties and found the crimson bush. Grabbing a patch of pubic hair, she ripped it out by the roots. Krys quickly rolled away, grabbing at her wounded crotch. Quickly kicking off her panties, the nude brunette jumped on the sitting redhead, wrapping her strong legs around her throat and smashing Krys’ head to the floor. Lying on her side, Stephanie ramped up the pressure, squeezing with every ounce of strength she had left in her body as Krys thrashed, kicked and punched her back, desperate to escape. After a few moments of futile struggle, Krys lay still.

Stephanie reached down and grabbed a fistful of damp red hair.

“Say it!” she growled.

Getting no response, she gave a firm yank. Krys moaned in pain. Stephanie pulled harder causing Krys to cry out in agony.

“I give up. He’s yours. Let me go.”

Stephanie released her grip and stood up. Looking down at her beaten and bloody rival she smiled a small smile and then put a foot on Krys prone body. The better woman had won.

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