Boston Creamed

Author: Cecilia

I hate baking in the summertime. Maybe that’s why I overslept. Even though I knew it was going to be like ninety plus degrees, I’d promised to help Ashley do her bake sale stuff. I’d wanted to do a Cheerleader car Wash but got outvoted. A bake sale in freaking August, talk about your cruel and unusual punishment!

So, yeah, I said I’d be at her house at nine and, yeah, when I woke up enough to look at the alarm clock it was eleven. But, give me a break, I had to go to the concert and I got home late. It’s not my fault she couldn’t get tickets. I mean, like, joke her if she can’t take a fuck, right? It’s not like I didn’t feel bad. I rushed out of bed and put on my new concert tee-shirt and a pair of tight, white shorts and got my ass over to Ashley’s as quick as I could. It’s not like I even took time to put on a bra, you know? I was still in total fuzz ball mode when I knocked on her door.

It may have been hot and muggy outside but when Ash opened the door I got a blast of severe ice. With her wavy, bottle blonde hair and pale blue eyes, Ashley’s got a bit of an ice queen thing going anyway but, that day, she was frosty to the extreme. When the girl said she was glad I could make it, her voice was just dripping with sarcasm and I wasn’t up to dealing with that kind of shit. She might scare some of the squad with that act but it don’t play with me. I’m just as tall as she is and, if you ask anybody, my legs beat hers six ways to sideways. Her tits might be a bit bigger but BFD. Sure, my long straight brown hair may not have that blonde wavy glamour thing going on but at least it’s natural, if you know what I mean.

I don’t know who she thought she was trying to impress dressed up in that little pink terry halter top and shorts outfit, I mean the shorts were so tight they were halfway up the crack of her ass as she strutted into the kitchen. With her arms crossed over her tits she went on about having baked a dozen golden cakes and made all the custard and chocolate icing all by herself. She was just about getting on my last nerve with her superior tone. It had been her idea to make Boston Creme Pies, don’t beat me over the head with how much work it was. I always thought they were kind of stupid, anyway. I mean, like, they’re not really pies, right? They’re layer cakes of some sort or other. Whatever!

Some of Ashley’s cakes were kind of warped, one side higher than the other. If I’d had my brain about me, I might have thought to keep my big mouth shut but her stick up the ass attitude had got to me. I could tell she wasn’t too appreciative of my observation. Her face got all red and stuff, she started going on again about how she’d worked all morning all alone, blah, blah, blah. I guess that’s what set her off, me doing the blah, blah, blah thing. The next thing I know she’s mooshed one her lopsided cakes on top of my head, crumbs running down into my shirt and everything. Her mistake, definitely. I was leaning on the counter with this big bowl of custard right next to me. I just grabbed a fistful of that yellow goo and flung it at her, bingo, right in the middle of that cute little pink halter-top. She just looked down at the big blob of custard running down to her tummy and reached behind her. That’s when I figured out where the bowl of chocolate icing was.

I grabbed another fistful of custard just as she was coming at me with a handful of icing. She nailed me in the chest, chocolate all over my brand new shirt! As I pulled my hand out of the big bowl of custard, it fell to the floor making a mountain of goo. Ashley tried to catch it and as she went by I smeared the vanilla smelling stickiness into that phony blonde hair. She pulled my legs out from under me and I fell on my ass, right on top of Custard Mountain. Since I still had my hand in her hair, Ash came right along with me. We wrestled a bit on the floor, grabbing handfuls of custard and rubbing the goo into hair, clothing and skin. I got her halter-top up and smeared her tits with yellow slime as we rolled around the floor. Guess we must have been some kind of serious because when we hit the table legs the whole damn table tipped over, spilling lopsided golden cakes everywhere. As you can imagine, this got Ashley even more upset. She jerked my custard soaked tee shirt over my head and pushed my chest down in a big mess of custard and cake. Then she plunked her goo soaked butt down on my sticky back. I reached round and grabbed a chunk of cake. Mushing it up in my hand, I stuffed the crumbs into the back of her shorts, pushing it into her ass. This managed to distract her just long enough for me to knock her off me.

We both sat on the floor, breathing heavy and staring at each other. Our hair was smeared with custard and standing out in all directions, our tits were hanging out and sticky. Cake crumbs, large and small, were stuck to the yellow goo on our skin and remaining clothes. I think we must have got the exact same idea at the exact same time because we struggled to our feet and stumbled across the slippery floor. Ashley was just one step closer to the bowl. She dumped the chocolate icing over my head. Blinded with chocolate I tried to grab her waist and throw her to the floor. Somehow I ended up pulling her shorts down to her knees. I pushed her down in the puddle of icing. Sitting on her Panty clad ass, rubbing chocolate all over her squirming back I realized that all this slipping and sliding had been making me horny. To Ashley’s surprise, I slid off her ass and undid my shorts. We faced each other on our knees, covered in cake, custard and chocolate icing. I bent down and began licking her Boston Creme Pie flavored tit. She slid a sticky chocolate covered hand into my panties and began rubbing my wet pussy.

We had each other for dessert. Ashley was delicious.

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