First lesbian kiss

Author: Michael Shuler

Penny could hear the party long before she arrived at the Bennet house. She recognized the Bennet house by the decoration. When she approached the front door, the walls were thumping from the loud music inside. Girls were screaming from the backyard pool. A guy yelled, followed by a loud splash. Penny smiled, as she pressed the doorbell.

It was a roaring party. Penny was nearly deaf by the end of the first hour. The combination of alcohol and the noise had her drunk and aching by the end of the second She sat on the couch, nodding, on the brink of sleep despite the pounding thumb of the large speakers. The pound seemed to match the pain in her head. She wanted to go home, she wanted sleep, but she was too drunk to find her way to the bus stop and stay awake long enough to get home. She knew she was in trouble. She needed a safe place to curl up and sleep.

“What do you think,” Brenda asked Linda as they stood several feet from Penny and checked her out thoroughly.

“She’s hot, but I don’t think she’s bi.”

“As drunk as she is, it won’t matter. I guarantee she will be bi when we are through with her. We will make it so fantastic she can’t do without,” Brenda laughed.

“It might work,” Linda nodded thoughtfully. “Let’s get her into the bedroom before she falls asleep.”

They helped Penny into the bedroom, mumbled something about loosening her clothing, and had her sitting in her underwear in no time at all. Penny mumbled incoherent objections, half-heartedly slapped their hands away, but it didn’t matter.

“Penny? How do you feel?” a voice came from far away. She opened her eyes and saw Brenda and Linda sitting on either side of her. She should be worried, there were rumors that they were raging lesbians, but she really didn’t care. All she wanted was sleep.

“Fine,” she said, rubbing her nose.

“We brought you in where it was quieter,” Linda said. Penny looked around. She was in a bedroom, sitting on a couch against the wall, opposite of the bed. It was nice and quite, cool too. It was a good place to sleep. Maybe they would rape her while she was asleep. That would be pleasant, she decided. Did that make her a lesbian?

“Are you girls really lesbians?” Penny demanded.

“Yes, we are,” Linda said, moving closer. Penny suddenly realized that they were all dressed in nothing but bras and panties.

“Am I a lesbian?” Penny asked in a slurred voice.

“I don’t know. Let’s find out,” Brenda said, pressing her lips against Penny’s. Penny sat immobile, startled at first. In a moment she responded. Brenda’s mouth was very soft, softer than any boy she had kissed. They fenced with their tongues for a moment, then Brenda clamped down on her tongue with her teeth and pulled it out. Penny giggled, looking into Brenda’s sexy face, just an inch away. Brenda finally let her tongue go. Penny licked her lips and pulled Brenda close for another kiss. Brenda’s hand reached out and played with her small, rounded breast. Her fingers tweaked Penny’s nipples through the material of her lacey bra, causing them to stand at attention. When she had manipulated them to aching stiffness, she lowered her hand to Penny’s inner thigh, pulled the bra low and sealed her lips over Penny’s nipple.

“Oh God, that feels so fucking good,” Penny mumbled in a little girl voice.

She felt a movement on her right thigh and looked down to see Linda kissing the inside of her knee. She shivered in delight. As the roving mouth grew closer and closer to her panties, she breathed faster. Her eyes were open in wonder. Her hand went to Brenda’s leg and massaged it hesitantly.

“You like that, don’t you?” Brenda asked with a smile.

“Oh yes,” Penny sighed. “Does that make me a lesbian?”

“Absolutely,” Brenda nodded.

“Oh well… ok,” Penny said, enjoying the manipulation of two mouths and four hand on her body.

“It’s too hot for these,” Brenda said, taking off her bra, and kicking off her black thong. “Here, let me help you,” she said, reaching behind Penny and releasing her bra. Penny gasped in relief when her bra sprang off, leaving her bare and unencumbered. It was nice to feel the cool air on her titties. Linda had Penny’s panties off in seconds. In little time all three girls were naked.

Penny liked the feeling of soft, warm skin against her own. She also liked the feeling of Linda’s hot lips touching her inner thigh, then moving directly to her pussy. She gasped and stiffened, not expecting to be eaten, and not expecting the intensity of feeling that shot through her pussy and loins.

“Oh… oh God,” Penny gasped in surprised wonder. How could Linda just go down on another girl like that? How could anything feel so good? Her entire body was on fire. Her pussy and thighs quivered in time with the flickering tongue in her wet mound. Linda was giving her a world class eating, the first eating Penny had ever received.

“Would you like to try it?” Brenda asked, before kissing her ear.

“Try what?”

eating pussy?”

“Oh God, I don’t know if I can.”

“Try,” Brenda said with a sympathetic smile.

“Well… how?” Penny asked, suddenly nervous.

“Just lay down and I’ll take care of it,” Brenda said, rubbing her own breasts.

With passion clouded eyes, Penny focused on Linda feasting on her own pussy, while Brenda got into position. She simply knelt over Penny’s face and lowered her pussy until it touched her lips.

Penny kissed it, then licked her lips. The skin was exquisitely soft, and oh so hot against her lips. The aroma was fascinating. She extended her tongue and pressed it into the folds of moist pussy flesh. Drawing it back, she tasted it again. She could find nothing bad about the taste of Brenda’s pussy. She sealed her mouth over Brenda’s cute little shaved pussy and began sucking. Her tongue snaked up into the tunnel of Brenda’s vagina. She tasted the womanly saltiness inside and decided she like it.

Penny eagerly began eating the first pussy of her life. Of course the mouth on her own pussy was making her unbelievably horny. After a few minutes of Linda going down on her, she would have eaten her own mother.

Penny licked up into Brenda’s pussy repeatedly. Brenda gasped and mashed her tits with her hands. It was obvious that she liked it, even though Penny was unsure about how to eat another woman properly. But still, it was very erotic seeing Brenda’s smooth pubes and naked body above her. Brenda had very nice titties, similar to Penny’s and much smaller than Linda’s.

It’s strange, Penny thought, she had barely noticed another girl’s breasts before. It was funny how making love to another woman… women, could change her in such a short amount of time. From now on she would notice a woman more closely and evaluate them for their potential to please her, or turn her on.

“I am a lesbian,” Penny gasped up into Brenda’s pussy.

“Relax and enjoy it,” Brenda smiled down at her. “Being a lesbian is a wonderful thing. Besides, none of us are really lesbians, we are simply bi.”

“Bi what?”

“By choice. We can make love to anyone on the face of this earth and truly enjoy it. We are lucky. Now please get back to eating my pussy.”

“Oh,” Penny said, lashing Brenda’s pussy with her tongue. Being below Brenda’s pussy had an advantage. All the pussy juices drained directly from her pussy, down into Penny’s mouth. She found herself swallowing convulsively as her mouth filled with savory juice. She lapped it up, sucked it from her pussy, and played with her clit, all in a choreographed symphony of movements. She loved being a lesbian. Brenda had such a sweet pussy.

Linda was eating voraciously. She had never eaten a virgin before. Penny was clean and delicious. Although they were all the same age, Penny seemed years younger. She was so damned innocent and naive. Her pussy was hot and wet, full of juice and oh so delicious. Linda just wanted to crawl up inside of Penny and eat her from the inside. She was so damned sexy, especially while her mouth was glued to Brenda’s pussy. The lucky slut. She should have been receiving Penny’s loving tongue, not Brenda. But she might have her chance yet, Brenda was about to cum. Linda could tell from years of experience. Brenda was very close. Then, suddenly, Brenda was panting like a bitch in heat. She dropped her hands to Penny’s breasts and mashed them viciously. Penny didn’t mind. She was probably too drunk to care.

Panting explosively, Brenda let out one long cry and stiffened, jerking spasmodically on Penny’s mouth. Penny continued eating Brenda’s pussy, until she pulled off and fell to the couch beside Penny.

Linda took a fold of Penny’s flesh in her teeth and pulled it. Penny cried out and looked down.

“Oh, poor Linda,” Brenda said in complete sincerity. “She’s been left out.” Brenda changed positions, laying next to Linda. “I will help you finish her,” she whispered, kissing Linda’s juice coated face, “then we will let her do you and see how much of a lesbian she really is,” Brenda smiled. Linda smiled and nodded.

“Dam,” Brenda said in surprise. “She back in my pussy again.”

Linda looked down and found that Brenda was right. Penny had moved over to where she could lick Brenda’s pussy again. She was moaning and licking like there was no tomorrow. Brenda shrugged and leaned down, helping Linda finish Penny. It didn’t take long. Penny’s loins were on fire. She felt the heat building in her pussy and licked Brenda hurriedly, knowing it would all end in a moment. She loved the taste of Brenda’s pussy and hated to leave it. She craved the taste of another woman’s pussy, and Brenda had the only pussy within easy reach. She sucked and tongued Brenda frantically, while feeling two tongues and one finger in her own pussy. It was just too much.

“Oh fuck,” Penny gasped. She grabbed Brenda’s ass and pulled it down to her mouth, holding it in a death grip as her own pussy bucked, clenched and exploded.

“Oh God,” Penny gasped again. Her body was shaking out of control. As her pussy spasmed, their tongues continued stimulating her pussy, bringing on yet another orgasm on the tail of the first. When the third orgasm started, she waited for a moment then kicked them away.

“No more,” she panted, moving away from their greedy mouths. “Please, no more,” she cried, trying to relax on the far side of the couch.

“You must finish Linda,” Brenda said seriously. “Linda went without so she could eat your pussy. Now you must go down on her. It’s an unwritten rule,” Brenda said.

“Wonderful,” Penny said eagerly. Brenda looked surprised, but pleased. She took a small, compact dildo from her purse and handed it to Penny. Penny licked it and immeditely inserted it into Linda. Linda cried out, throwing her legs open wide. Penny dove right in to her pussy without hesitation.

“Damned, she really is a lesbian,” Brenda mumbled in pleased wonder. They had a third partner. Fan – fucking – tastic, she thought to herself. Penny was a naive little virgin just ripe for the picking. With a little training, she could be used to help recruit others. Nobody could look at that sweet little face without feeling their heart melt. Even as she thought this, Penny turned and gave her a brilliant smile.

“My pussy itches,” she whispered in embarassment.

“I’ll take care of it,” Brenda volunteered. Now it was her turn to taste Penny. What a beautiful little ass, she thought as she slid under Penny’s upraised body. She slid between Penny’s knees and pulled her pussy down to her waiting mouth.

“Oh shit!” Penny gasped into Brenda’s cunt. “That feels so fucking good, Brenda.”

Linda was in absolute heaven. She sat resting on her knees, with her elbows on the arm of the couch. The sweet little rookie was down there between her widespread legs just eating her pussy like she’d been born too it. Her mouth felt so wonderful down there. She could feel her pussy dripping into Penny’s mouth. Penny’s tongue explored the wet regions of her pussy, occasionally pausing to flutter against her clit, for just the right amount of time before it went on, teasing the rest of her pussy. She could tell that Penny really liked it. Penny was a natural born lesbian. So why hadn’t they seen it before?

“Ah-huh,” Linda grunted. Penny’s mouth was sealed over her pussy now, sucking on the tip of the little envelope. It hurt, but it also felt wonderful.

“Oh… oh no,” Penny said suddenly. She had just felt the first tingling of another orgasm. Linda observed this and began sliding her pussy on Penny’s face to start her own orgasm. It didn’t take long. Penny giggled beneath her. Linda smiled in response. She felt something weird as she slid her pussy forward and back. Suddenly she realized that she was sliding her pussy over Penny’s extended tongue. She paused with the tongue under her vagina and sank down, fucking herself with Penny’s tongue. Penny pulled her tongue out and sucked Linda’s clit viscously. She moaned, but maintained her fluttering strokes, stimulating Linda enough to have an orgasm.

She clutched the arm of the couch and grunted, as her pussy spasmed against Penny’s mouth. She felt that Penny’s face was pressed up into her pussy, as if her pussy would close over it and swallow it up. She cried with her head thrown back, enjoying the quivering spasms in her pussy, and the continued stimulation by Penny’s tongue. All too quickly it was over.

Linda rolled off Penny’s mouth. She laid at the edge of the couch and kissed Penny’s disappointed lips. She tasted her own juices on Penny’s face and licked it liberally, cleaning her beautiful face of all her juices.

“I love the taste of pussy,” Penny said enthusiastically.

“You can taste my pussy any time you want,” Brenda said tiredly.

“Oh thank you,” Penny said happily. She bent down and kissed Brenda’s pussy soundly. Brenda gasped an objection and pulled Penny back on the couch.

“Not now,” she said apologetically.

“Oh God, that was beautiful,” Penny gasped, sliding down to sit on the couch. “Do you think we can do it again.”

“Oh yes, lots,” Linda smiled, then kissed Penny. “A very lot.”

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