A good friend

Author: Michael Shuler

Tiffany awoke, hearing a muffled sound from downstairs. Her eyes widened in horror. Her breath came faster. She looked around for a weapon, but there was nothing. She turned on the light and looked at the clock.

“Three o’clock,” she whispered, wondering if she should call the police. Looking around for Carol, her new roommate, she gasped in relief when she discovered what the sound was. Carol was gone.

Carol was a little batty, and maybe a bit sleazy. They were both pre-med at Hollins, and shared a house in Roanoke. Tiffany was second year, and Carol, of course, was first. What drove Tiffany absolutely crazy was the fact that she was undeniably far better looking than Carol, but Carol got all the guys. She fucked while Tiffany sat around the house. She hated that, and yet she admired Carol for her ability to preserver over obstacles, as the saying went.

Tiffany stood on tiptoes and peeked at the couch. It was actually a futon she had purchased in case a guy wanted to move in. What the hell, they rented the house alone. But no guys had offered in the past 31 months. She didn’t buy it so Carol could fuck on it.

Carefully Tiffany crept down the stairs, fully aware that one of the top steps squeaked. Unfortunately she didn’t remember which. She took one more step and stopped, able to see the futon from between the wooden bars.

So she sat on the stair step and watched. It was better than nothing. They were kissing while the guy fingered Carol. This sent a rush of fire up Tiffany’s pussy. How she wished she could join them, or replace Carol. How dare that little tramp fuck this handsome guy, while she went without.

“I want to suck your dick,” Carol whispered. She broke the kiss and slid down the guy’s body. He rolled over on his back and she took his hard penis into her mouth. Tiffany suppressed a moan of passion. She too could feel that cock in her mouth. She could feel his hard body beneath her hands, as she watched Carol’s hands roam freely.

She licked the side of his penis noisily, playfully. He moaned and rolled around beneath her. Tiffany suddenly identified the strange sound she had heard. It was his moans of pleasure.

Carol licked the sides of his penis for several minutes, then took the end in her mouth and began sliding up and down on it. He cried out in lust. His hands went to her head and held it, as she bobbed up and down. Her mouth made a wet, slick sound that Tiffany could hear clear up on the stairs. They guy was going crazy now. Didn’t Carol care? Wasn’t she afraid of being heard?

Carol broke contact with his penis noisily, smacking her lisp as she repositioned herself and climbed on top of him. She lowered her chubby ass down and hissed as his cock disappeared. She rested for a moment, then began rising and falling on his stiff cock.

Tiffany suddenly found her hand in her lap. She wasn’t sure how it got there, but it felt wonderful. She like to sleep naked, and had not bothered dressing as she came down the stairs. Now, with her legs widespread and her ass resting on the carpet of the stairs, she rotated her finger madly in her pussy, while watching Carol and her friend fuck. Pants and moans were the only sounds in the room. Tiffany managed to restrain her’s, Carol and her friend didn’t bother.

Carol rode noisily on the man’s penis. Tiffany tried to see his penis sliding up into Carol, but Carol was facing her. She knew it must feel wonderful. How long had it been since Tiffany had felt a stiff penis in her womanhood? To long, perhaps a year or more. She didn’t want to think about it, she just wanted to maintain the warm glow between her legs.

Carol cried out, startling Tiffany. Tiffany craned her neck and found Carol riding madly on the guy’s cock. She had her hands on his chest. He had his hands on her’s. Carol was about to come, and once again Tiffany would go wanting. She was far from her own orgasm. She circulated her finger on her clit with a violent disregard for the lethal finger nails swirling inside her pussy. She wanted to come.

“Oh fuck,” Carol said, sliding off the guy’s pelvis and standing by the futon. “That was good, Stan, real fucking good. Are you sure you have to go?”

Tiffany heard the rumble of the man’s voice, nothing more. He sat up and began pulling on his clothes. How could a guy do that, Tiffany wondered? How could a man sit up and pull his pants on over all that slime? Tiffany gave up on her orgasm. She sat with her head against the wooden bars, panting and glaring. She was disappointed and still horny. And she directed her blame towards Carol. She could have shared or something. A threesome was always fun, she had heard.

Tiffany hurried back to her bed. She heard Carol’s footsteps, then the infamous squeaky tread. Carol appeared, happy but embarrassed to find Tiffany awake.

“You heard?” she asked, sitting on Tiffany’s bed.

“Yeah,” Tiffany said sarcastically.

“Sorry. Are you mad?”

“Yeah, I guess I am. I… it’s been so long since I’ve…”

“What?” Carol said, looking directly at Tiffany for the first time.

“I’m fucking dying,” Tiffany moaned. “I need a good fuck.”

“So go out and get laid,” Carol said offhandedly.

“I wish it were that easy. With all the women crawling all over the prospective doctors…” Tiffany left the sentence hanging.

“Yeah, I’ve noticed the abundance of bleached blondes with large boobs,” Carol giggled.

“I’m so fucking horny,” Tiffany wailed.

“Is that all that’s bothering you?” Carol said. “Hell, get up on your hands and knees sister, and I’ll take care of that immediately.”

“Don’t joke,” Tiffany said in a surly mood.

“Who’s fucking joking, Tif, I swing both ways. I thought I told you… no, I guess not. Bend over and give that sweet ass to me. I’ll take care of it,” Carol said in a soothing tone. “Go ahead, you’ll like it,” she assured Tiffany, helping her get into position.

“I feel fucking stupid,” Tiffany said with her ass in the air and her cheek resting on the bed.

“So?” Carol laughed, getting on her hands and knees behind her. “Wow, I never noticed what a sweet ass you have,” Carol gasped. “fucking perfect,” she said before pressing her lips to the left cheek of Tiffany’s ass. Tiffany hissed in surprise. She felt an explosion of fire emanate from that gentle kiss. Suddenly there was a second kiss on her right cheek, closer to her asshole. She moaned and shuddered. Carol’s hands ran up and down the soft skin of her leg.

“Wow, you’re wet,” Carol said from behind her. Tiffany stammered in embarassment, ready to rush into the bathroom and clean up, but Carol’s soft lips on the moisture of her pussy stopped her. Carol sucked gently, ingesting the sweet nectar of her peach. A fluttering tongue probed Tiffany’s quivering pussy. She gave a little scream and pressed her face tightly into the sheets of the bed. She kept her eyes closed and grabbed the sheets in clenched fists.

“Roll over,” Carol whispered. Tiffany was so shaky that she fell to the bed, lifted one leg and swung it over Carol’s body. Carol immediately dived on Tiffany’s moist pussy and licked industriously. Tiffany moaned in a continuous series of small cries. She found herself humping her pussy up against Carol’s face, thrusting it up to meet that hot mouth and torturous tongue. She could never remember being eaten better. Of course a girl would know how to eat another girl. And Carol did it just right. Her hands ran over Tiffany’s body in all the right places. Her tongue touched here and there in just the right way, and for the exact amount of time she should spend on one area. She drank when the juices were overflowing from Tiffany’s pussy, and savored her sweet nectar before sending her tongue up inside Tiffany to probe for more.

Carol pushed Tiffany’s tiny legs up in the air and attacked her upturned pussy with wild abandon. Tiffany gasped, grabbing her legs to hold her feet up. She wanted to enjoy every little lick and tickle which Carol offered. Her pussy was hot, very hot. The fires of an orgasm were churning in her loins. She could feel the molten heat pausing, on the brink of an explosion. Then it happened. She stiffened, stifled a yell, and screamed as her pussy began to spasm. She humped her pussy against Carol’s face for a moment, then dropped her ankles and threw her legs wide open. She gave constant whimpers and brutal thrusts against Carol’s face, completely out of control. She shuddered violently and endured a second orgasm which came before the first even died. Her cries were loud and heart-rending. The wet smack of her pussy against Carol’s juice coated face was almost as loud. The bed springs squeaked and the bed pounded against the wall.

Finally, Tiffany crawled backwards away from Carol’s brutal mouth and lay panting and looking up at her unexpected lover.

“Damned, that was good,” Carol said enthusiastically. “I wanted to do you since the day I set foot in this house. I even stiffed your panties a few times and masturbated in the bathroom. Did you know that?”

“No,” Tiffany said, embarrassed. “Carol?”

“Huh?” Carol said as she wiped her face on Tiffany’s sheets.

“Can I… you know. Can I do you?” Tiffany asked breathlessly.

“Oh God yes,” Carol said, throwing herself down on the bed. She opened her legs and watched Tiffany crawl between them. Carol was about to instruct her on how to eat a woman properly, but seeing her hesitation she decided to remain silent and let Tiffany figure it out for herself.

Tiffany sniffed, first, smelling a combination of Carol’s pussy juice and her friend’s cum. She felt her body tingle at the olfactory stimulation. She fell to the bed behind Carol, held her ass in her hands, and immediately pressed her lips to Carol’s pussy. Carol hissed, not expecting such stimulation so quickly. She thought Tiffany might taste, sniff, and touch for a moment, not dive right in. The tongue felt heavenly. It fluttered around in her wet pussy lips, tasting and probing here and there. She systematically found the erogenous zone at the top of Carol’s pussy, then worked downward to her clit, which she stimulated with a combination of sucking it into her mouth, and flailing her tongue over the end. Next Tiffany moved down to Carol’s urethra and touched and tasted for a moment, then she plunged her tongue up inside her vagina and sucked juices while she diligently tongue-fucked Carol with practiced expertise.

Carol heaved up off the sheets and screamed. She twisted and turned, pushing her pussy into Tiffany’s sweet mouth. Tiffany’s tongue was in all the right places. She licked the outer folds of Carol’s pussy first, kissing and licking the light coating of hair, then she plunged back inside, separating the appealing mound with her tongue and tasting Carol’s riches as they flowed from her excited pussy.

Carol grunted three times, mashing her pussy into Tiffany’s face, then she stiffened and screamed when her orgasm ripped through her body. She grunted and moaned for several minutes, while Tiffany’s busy tongue continued it’s stimulation.

Carol suddenly grabbed Tiffany’s sweet ass and pulled it over her face. With a little coaching she soon had Tiffany in the 69 position. She eagerly supped on Tiffany’s sweetmeat’s.

Tiffany took it easy on Carol at first, knowing that her sensitive pussy had to rest for a few minutes. She enjoyed the warm touch of skin on skin, and the slight amount of moisture which gathered between their bodies. She enjoyed the scent of Carol’s skin, the aroma of her pussy, and the delicate scent of perfume. Women were so delicious, Tiffany decided.

When Carol was ready, she touched and licked here and there, fascinated by Carol’s reactions. But when the fire grew in her own pussy to an intolerable level, she mashed her face between Carol’s open legs and began to feast. For 15 minutes there was virtually no sound but the liquid sounds of tongues in pussies, and the increasing traffic Cedar Crest road. Birds began singing as the new day dawned. Light filtered in on the strange, erotic scene, outlining two pretty women licking the pussy of the other.

Carol began whimpering first. Tiffany, excited by Carol’s impending orgasm, began feeling a growing fire in her own pussy. She felt her ass jerking slightly in response to Carol’s tongue, and suddenly each lick doubled the fire in her loins. She began whimpering as well, thrusting her excited pussy into Carol’s mouth. Slowly they built up to an earth shattering orgasm which tore through the loins of each, sending fire cascading throughout their young bodies.

Carol was the first to relax. She lay jerking at the slight licks of Tiffany’s determined tongue. She finally pushed the beautiful young woman off her body, then hugged her ass close. Tiffany reached out with her tongue and delighted Carol’s ass momentarily, then they both dropped off to sleep.

Both women are doctors now, both married and both have families. But not one day goes by when one or the other doesn’t think back to the hectic, brutal days of long hours, short tempers, and endless erotic nights of voracious lesbian love.

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