Stuck In The Closet With Sarah

Author: Wave

I flew from California to Chicago to go to a graduation party for my best friend Al who had just graduated from Law School. He had no idea I was coming, it was a total surprise. While he was out getting the liquor and other supplies for the party, I went to his apartment to help his wife get ready, and to plan my surprise entrance.

When I got there, another friend of mine, Sarah, was there helping Al’s wife decorate the house. Sarah and I had flirted on several occasions and even had a heavy makeout session once after a college party last year. She looked better than ever, as if she had been really working out alot.

My friend’s wife thought she would order pizzas as soon as the party started. I would play the “pizza delivery guy,” and my friend would be so surprised when he opened the door and saw me. Well, just as we were working the whole thing out, my friend Al came home because he had forgotten his wallet.

Sarah and I slipped into the pantry just off the kitchen when we heard him coming in the door. We figured he be gone in a second and we could come right out. Wrong. He decided he needed to make some phone calls, because he felt he could get a better price on a keg of beer than what he had been quoted earlier.

So there we were, cramped up in this closet, and we were trying to keep from laughing. I put my arms around her and whispered “how have you been?” and she whispered “I’m better now!” I gave her a kiss, which she was very responsive to, so I took the opportunity to continue kissing her, until we both were hungrily sucking each others tongues. I lifted her shirt up to find she was not wearing a bra. She had small tits, but very nice ones and her nipples were really hard. I twisted each nipple slowly between my fingers as she sucked my lower lip into her mouth, and ran her fingers through my hair.

In the meantime, Al was calling liquor store after liquor store, just taking his time. I hoped he would continue taking his own sweet time, because my cock was swollen beyond belief and I wanted to fuck Sarah in the worst way. I had the feeling she wanted the same thing too, because she was rubbing my cock through my jeans and breathing quite heavily too. I unzipped her shorts and she wiggled around until they fell to the floor, panties and all. I grabbed her ass cheeks and they were so nice and round, I couldn’t wait to doggystyle her with my fat prick between those sweet ass cheeks.

She unzipped my pants, took my throbbing cock out, and started stroking it up and down with her hand. She teased the head for awhile and then got down on her knees and started to suck it. She was incredible, holding my nuts with one hand, squeezing the base of my cock with the other, and working her hot wet mouth and tongue over the top of my rod. Keeping quiet during this was quite a challenge. Soon I pulled her up to me and said “I’ve gotta be inside you, now.” She said “do you think I’m wet enough?” I slid my finger into her hot pussy to find that not only was it wet, but I could feel her muscles contract as if she we were dying to be fucked.

Sarah is a tall girl, almost taller than me, and this made entering her perfect for doggy style fucking. All she had to do was put her one foot up on a foot stool in the pantry and I was good to go. I slowly slid my now giant cock into her and I could feel her pussy just sucking me in. I knew this was going to be a slow fuck, otherwise Al would hear us. That was ok with me, because I enjoyed feeling every inch of the inside of her pussy. A few times, I pulled out and rubbed my cock over her clit. That made her squirm and push her ass back against me, so that I could put my cock back in.

I could feel that she was fingering her clit, which made me even more ready to shoot my load inside her. She said “I’m on the pill, so you can come inside me,” which was a good thing, because I didn’t want to make a mess of the pantry. I reached around her to fondle her nipples, which were so hard I could tell she was going to cum. I made sure to grind my cock into her as deep as I could with each thrust. Soon, she was grinding her ass into me, her pussy spasming on my cock. That did it, I finally lost it, shooting a big stream of hot cum deep into her pussy.

I whispered to her “I thought Al was the one getting the surprise party.” She giggled and we got dressed. After about 5 more minutes in the closet, Al was finally out the door. His wife opened the pantry and said “I’m so sorry you guys, I thought Al would never leave!” In unison, Sarah and I said “thats ok!” Actually, it was better than OK!

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