My New Friend

Author: Steph

I was standing at my car, trying to open the door but I couldn’t find my keys. I thought I had lost them, but then I remembered setting them down on the sink when I went to the bathroom. Turning back towards the bar, I realized that I have had too much to drink.

As I reached the door the smell of cigarette smoke and alcohol hit me, it took me awhile to focus my eyes. I made my way straight to the bathroom and there were my keys just where I had left them. I grabbed them looking at myself in the mirror, thinking how silly I was for drinking so much as I had a fight with my boyfriend. I was house-sitting for a friend and he got mad as I didn’t ask him to come with me. I wanted and needed time alone with him. I stood there thinking about it and tears began to roll down my cheeks, I heard someone behind me. It was a beautiful dark haired woman with a great body. She was built wonderful and was only slightly taller than I was.

She walked up behind me and asked “Are you ok sweetie?’ I answered, “Yes, I am fine thanks.” “Well, I hope you are not planning on driving in that state.” All I could do was stand there and stare at her body. “I’m Joanne, listen I will take you home.”

I don’t know why but I handed her my car keys, we headed off for my car. On the way we chatted about my problems and l learned she was older than I was. I was 23 and she was 28. When we arrived I asked her to come in for a swim instead of leaving straight away. She agreed and we went into the kitchen to make some drinks.

She started making us some drinks as I went upstairs to put on my bathing suit and I brought one down for her to put on. As she got changed I carried our drinks out beside the pool and I hoped in the pool. I watched as she walked towards, she looked so good in my bikini her breasts slightly bigger than mine. We both hopped into a float and we drifted around for about an hour just drinking and talking. By this time we were both really drunk.

Joanne then slid out of her float and swam over to mine. She pulled herself up to my float sitting with her back towards me. She leaned back against me; I could feel my breasts pressing against her. She leaned closer towards me and kissed me gently on the lips waiting for my reaction. I was amazed but I really wanted more. I leaned in kissed her so passionately, our tongues touched and my whole body started to tingle. Then she guided my hand up to her breasts, I started playing with them over her top and I was thinking these were the first breasts that I had ever touched besides my own. I was already soaking wet as I undid her bikini top and began playing with her nipples as I kissed her neck, then slid her bottoms off.

My hand went slid straight down over her stomach to her pussy. She was so wet; I slid my fingers over her slit then started rubbing her clit. It was so hard and I ran my fingers around and over it. She leaned back harder against me moaning. I then slid two fingers inside her and she started rocking back and forth against me. Her ass was pressing down against my pussy as I slid my fingers in and out of her. I could feel myself begin to orgasm as she started to buck wildly from her own climax. As her climax stopped I pulled my fingers out of her and lifted them to her lips. She sucked all of her juices off them and then turned back to kiss me. She tasted so good, I could taste her juices from her lips and I began to suck on her lip.

We slid back into the water and she grabbed my hand and took me up to my room. She undid my top and began kissing my breasts. She licked around my erect nipples then bit one slowly sending a loud moan from my lips. She ran her hands all over my body, taking off my bikini bottom. She pushed me back and lay on top of me. She started kissing my lips and our tongues swirled around in each other’s mouth. Our naked bodies pressed together, then she kissed all the way down my body.

Licking my inner thigh to tease me, I couldn’t stand it. I wanted her tongue inside of me. She ran her tongue over my very wet slit, and then she found my clit as soon as she ran her tongue over it I started moaning so loudly. I was ready to explode, and then she slid her tongue inside of me moving it around wildly. Instantly I started to cum, I lifted myself up pressing my pussy against her. She kept licking wildly and drank up all my juices. It was just so intense, she moved back up my body kissing me and I could taste myself on her.

We laid there in each other arms, letting our breathing return to normal. We slept the rest of the night in each other arms.

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