Shower Play

Author: Cecilia

As I walked in the door, after a hard day at work, I heard the familiar sounds of water splashing in the bathroom. Mmmm I thought to myself, she’s taking a shower: wonder if I can sneak in without her noticing. I quickly and quietly removed all my clothes and of course had to fiddle a little extra with my bra. Always does that when I’m in a hurry. After I had shed my clothes I pushed open the cracked bathroom door. The room was thick with steam. She always did love a hot shower.

I felt my nipples grow hard as I silently slid the maroon shower curtain back. The suspense was killing me. I just knew any second she’d turn around and see me, ruining the surprise. I held my breath as I felt my heart try to leap through my chest. I slipped into the bathtub without her noticing. Her body was gorgeous, curvaceous. I watched for a few moments as she ran her fingers through her long dark hair, working the shampoo into a lather. When she stepped back into the stream of water I took my chance.

I pressed my breasts lightly against her wet skin as I slid my hands around her slender hips. As I kissed the back of her neck she gasped filling the tiny room with her shock. Almost immediately she relaxed knowing it was me. She tried to turn around but I held her firmly and kept her facing forwards. She moaned lightly, she loved the anonymity.

I let my hand follow the water to her rounded ass, as it flowed over her soft skin. She pushed back lightly against my hand as I cupped her firm cheek. I slipped my hand in between her thighs as I nibbled at the nape of her neck, my breasts rubbed against her back. She reached her hand back to lace her fingers into my semi-wet hair. As her fingers laced into my hair, my fingertip found her clit and she released a soft moan.

The water flowed down my arm to my fingers and onto her swollen clit. I could tell she was completely turned on so I ventured further. I slipped my middle finger into her tight opening as my index finger stroked her clit. I felt her press against my hand and squeeze tightly around my finger. Her strong muscles holding my finger in place, surrounding it with her warmth.

The water splashed my face as I nibbled my way down her back, my fingers still lightly stroking her clit. I placed kisses as I slid down her body, her skin so soft against my lips. As I reached her ass I couldn’t resist and bit her lightly. She gasped and jerked slightly and let out a giggle. She loved that. I got to my knees and pressed my face against her cheeks.

As I let my tongue slip from between my lips, she spread her long legs and arched her hips back for me, letting me have easier access to her sweet jewel. The water danced across my tongue as I started to tease her. Even though the water was still flowing down her body, I could still smell her sweetness. My tongue grazed her clit from end to end, slow and soft. This drove her crazy. I slowly began to press harder against her clit with my hardened tongue, my nose lightly running against it as I licked down.

Her body quivered and she reached down, placing her hand lightly on my head. Her moans were growing steadily louder as my feast continued. I loved the way she tasted and her faint smell was heaven to me. She began to rock her hips against my face and her moans were filling the room.

I reached up and ran my fingers over her clit as I forced my tongue into her sweetness as deep as I could get it. Her hips rocked faster, and my fingers danced across her throbbing clit as I used my tongue like a little dick. In and out I pumped my tongue. As my tongue slid out of her hole I’d flick her clit with it and plunge back into her. Her moans were sounding almost desperate as I continued this, the water filling my mouth.

I felt her body tense and she held her breath as her climax peaked. I kept up my rhythm not wanting to ruin it for her by changing. Her body quivered and I tasted her sweetness as her juices flowed into my mouth. I began to slow down my pace, and let my fingers relax. My tongue stroked her clit lightly, causing her to quiver again. She regained her breathing as her climax subsided.

I stood up after placing gentle kisses upon her shaven lips. She turned to me and smiled, then kissed me firmly, her tongue exploring my mouth, entwining around my tongue. Our bodies meshed together as one. “I love you Rebecca.” She said. ” Mmmm I love you too, Katie.”

“Now,” she said in a mock stern voice, “if you don’t mind?” and with that she rotated our bodies under the water. I was under the stream and she had that gleam in her eye. I felt her hands run along my body. She reached for the soap and began to lather it over my skin, gently caressing my body. She let her hands wander where they would, making sure not to miss key parts. As she rubbed her hands over my ample breasts, she leaned forward and kissed me firmly, her soft lips puckering against mine. I felt her hands glide with ease down my body. I felt my heart leap as I realized she was about to reciprocate my actions.

Her hands felt so good against my skin. I closed my eyes and lost myself in her touch. She let her fingers lightly drag over my mound, teasing my clit. I spread my legs before I even had time to think about it.

That’s when she said, ” Oh no you don’t. I’m gonna rub you down, get you all nice and clean and we’re heading somewhere else.” I just whimpered.

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