First Time Lesbian

Author: Jim Goodwin

Jane enjoyed her job working at the restaurant. It was a great way to make some extra cash while she was in college and there was a fun crowd of fellow students who liked to go out and party together after hours and on their nights off. Sure, being a waitress could be a grind, but most of the shifts weren’t that long so she had plenty of time to party.

They were only open until ten o’clock, even on the weekends, and just kept dinner hours on Sundays, so a group of them would usually go out to hit the clubs after work on Friday and Saturday nights. If her feet hurt too much from waiting on tables, she could have just as much fun watching people and drinking with her co-workers while listening to the music as she could dancing, too.

One night, when it had been a particularly good one for tips, they all went to the Night Owl, a local gay club. Tommy, one of the prep cooks, was gay and it was his birthday so arrangements had been made to have one of the go-go boys give him a dance at the table and everyone had been making jokes about which of the straight guys would be hit on by another guy that night. She didn’t realize how many women came to those clubs. Tommy explained to her that most of them weren’t lesbians, just straight girls who liked the music and the cute guys just as much as he did. Little did she know what she was in for that night.

It was an interesting mix of people from the restaurant and Tommy’s gay friends, including a couple of lesbians. There was one named Lila who hit it off with her right away and they sat laughing and drinking for an hour or so, otherwise Jane might not have gone when Lila took her hand and dragged her out onto the dance floor. She had danced with other girls at parties and other nights when the music had drawn her out and there was a shortage of available men, so she thought nothing of it. They started out just moving to the beat, standing apart on the floor and not too close.

Lila had this beautiful auburn hair that seemed to shimmer as the lights played across it while her body swayed and hopped to the beat. She didn’t notice as Lila moved closer to her. Jane was having too much fun just getting into the music. Lila worked her way up close and behind her until she had her hands on Janes hips. She could feel Lila’s breath on her neck as she held her up close and her breasts were tight against her back, warm and soft. She felt a charge go through her body that she’d never experienced before as she felt Lila grind her crotch into her ass and this startled her. This was wrong. She shouldn’t be enjoying this. She pulled away and walked back to the tables with the others, followed by Lila who had a look of disappointment on her face.

When she sat down, Lila took a position right next to her in the booth and moved up so close that their butts touched. There was no reason for it because there was plenty of room. She was intrigued and nervous at the same time. There had been times in the lockerroom in high school when she had snuck looks at the other girls in the showers, just checking them out, but she was no lesbian. When she turned, there was Lila, a smile on her face, locking eyes with her. She felt could feel a wet spot in her panties as she kept thinking about this red-haired, green-eyed beauty sitting next to her. What would happen if she just let matters flow? She could always do that cliche about how she was drunk and didn’t know what she was doing. Her question was answered when Lila slipped one of her hands under the table and placed it on her thigh and began rubbing it there. Jane’s jaw dropped a little and she gave Lila a little look, trying not to be too obvious. All that she got back was a grin and a squeeze on the thigh before Lila went back to her strategy of rubbing her there as she slowly moved her hand up toward the prize. Jane squirmed a little, uncomfortable as the wet spot in her panties worked it’s way up to where they were seated tight into her crack.

That was the way it went for the next hour or so until closing. She’d made a decision to see where things led and had fortified herself with a couple more doses of liquid courage in the form of some cosmopolitans from the bar right before last call. When the lights came up, announcing the fact that it was closing time and people should be on their way out the door, she was pretty well buzzed. Most of the group had already left and Lila turned to her. “Can you give me a ride home,” she asked. “My friend seems to have left without me. I think she hooked up tonight. It’s not too far.” Jane knew what was going on. She’d used the tactic before with guys. Her heart skipped a beat as she said, “Sure. No problem. I’m just down the block.”

As they exited the club and headed for the car, she dropped back a step so that she could check Lila out. Her coppery locks flowed halfway down her back, leading Jane’s eyes down to her ass, looking firm in her tight slacks. “Shouldn’t you be up a little closer,” Lila asked. “I have no idea which car is yours.” Busted! Oh, well. They both knew what was going on and they were grownups. They reached the car and she got in on the driver’s side and unlocked the passenger door for Lila from the inside. When she got in and closed the door, her sweet perfume filled the air. She seemed to be having some trouble with the seatbelt, so Jane leaned over and took hold of it. As she did, Lila grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her up close. Their lips met.

Jane had never kissed another girl like this before. Just those pecks in greeting on the lips or the cheek that everyone did. Lila’s lips were soft, warm, pressed tight against hers. And when her lips parted a bit as she tried to pull away for a breath of air, Lila’s tongue slipped into her mouth. She was kind of shocked and sat back in her seat, breathing hard, and she fumbled with her keys as she started the engine. Lila just laughed and sat back in the passenger seat with a smile on her face.

When they arrived at Lila’s apartment building, she asked if Jane would like to come in for a nightcap. She eagerly agreed, her curiosity piqued by the events that had already occurred that evening. She followed Lila into the building and they spent the elevator ride quietly, neither one looking at the other, and when they got into the apartment, she motioned Jane to the sofa while she went into the kitchen. When she came back, she had a couple of beers in her hands and she sat herself back down close to Jane, almost close enough to touch, and while they drank the beers, they talked about what they were studying. Lila was a psychology major and Jane was pre-law. When they finally exhausted that topic, the conversation turned to other matters.

“So, have you always been a lesbian,” asked Jane. “All my life, as far back as I can remember, ” answered Lila. “I used to wonder what all the fuss was about boys when I was in junior high and high school. I was kind of a tomboy, too, always wanting to play baseball and stuff. Kind of a cliche, I know.” Jane downed the last of her beer and noticed that Lila had slid over a little closer to her so that their butts almost touched. She went on, nervously, “I never knew anyone like you when I was in school. Well, at least I don’t think so. What’s it like?” There. She’d asked the question and given Lila an opening. She could feel her heart beat faster in her chest as she grew more excited about the possibilities.

Lila slid over so that their bodies touched and slipped an arm around Jane’s waist, leaned in, and gave her a soft, wet kiss on the lips. Then she nibbled her ear and kissed and nibbled her way down Janes neck before moving again to her lips. Their lips parted and their tongues did a dance. Jane felt Lila’s hand run lightly over her breast through her t-shirt and could feel it tingle as her nipples grew hard under the touch. She could feel her juices flowing again and the little pricks of electricity as she got gooseflesh all over her arms. She ran her hands all over Lila’s back and slid them down to her ass, letting them rest there, rubbing and caressing it as she moved her lips to the red-haired goddess’s neck.

Lila pulled her t-shirt up and off over her head and removed her bra, turning her attention to Jane’s ample tits. She ran her tongue round the nipples and licked and nibbled them. Jane’s hands entwined themselves in her hair as she ran her tongue slowly down her stomach to her bellybutton and tickled it before kissing her way back up for another mouthful of her 36Ds. Lila pushed her down onto her back on the sofa and began working her way down her stomach again, but this time she didn’t stop at her waist. She undid Jane’s jeans and kissed down to just where her pubes showed above the waistband on her panties. She looked up and grinned at Jane. “You like what you’ve seen so far?” Jane nodded her head in agreement and shut her eyes as Lila continued, “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.” She laughed and pulled the new initiate’s jeans down roughly, all the way off, and then tossed them across the room before doing the same with her own.

Jane could see that Lila’s bush was as fiery as the hair on her head. She didn’t get long to look at it, as Lila slipped back down between her legs and began munching on her pussy. She’d had her pussy eaten by guys before, but she could never understand what all the fuss was about. She’d let them go on because it seemed to make them happy thinking they were doing something which gave her pleasure, even if they didn’t really know what they were doing down there. Her partner this night did. She started out by running her tongue along the lips of her vagina, causing them to tingle and become engorged. Jane gave out a little whimper and arched her back as Lila wiggled her tongue and tickled her all over with it’s tip. It was like someone had given her a static shock, except it was in a place she never imagined. None of the men she’d been with had ever given her this feeling. Most of them had just lapped away at her like she was a lollipop. She closed her eyes and began drawing quick deep breaths as Lila began to probe more deeply, running the tip of her tongue along her slick sugar walls.

Just when she didn’t think it could get much better, Lila slipped her arms up under her thighs and flipped up her legs so that they rested against her shoulders as she probed with her tongue. Then, she hit the spot. She slowly ran the tip of her tongue round Jane’s clit the way she did with her nipples. Flicking and licking, sucking and nibbling until Jane could stand it no more and let out a loud moan as her back arched high off the sofa and her fingers dug deep into the fabric. She could feel her thighs all slippery and wet as her quim pulsated with the excitement. There was so much puss jiz that she could hear slurping as Lila continued to work her magic. If Jane had known what an orgasm felt like before, she would have known that she was close.

She could feel herself slipping away, her tongue running back and forth along her lips, breathing hard, with a little cry escaping with each breath. Lila kept at it, running the rough flat of her tongue over the tip of her erect clit. Every muscle in Jane’s body tightened up and it felt like she was being squeezed in a vise. Then, a tingling started deep within her, pushing up from the base of her spine, up her back, as she arched and pushed her pussy more firmly up against Lila’s mouth and her fingers dug deep into her hair, pulling her in closer. She wrapped her thighs around Lila’s head, wanting her deep inside her as the jolt of electricity continued on up to the base of her skull, causing the hairs on her neck to prick up and tickle. And then, it happened. It was as if the building were caught in an earthquake. Her body spasmed and shook and her cunt tightened up, causing her to gush and squirt all over the sofa and Lila’s face. She’d never felt anything like it. She throbbed and pulsed and couldn’t help but scream as her fingers, tangled in that auburn hair, yanked on it, pulling Lila’s face up so she could see the result of her labors written in the look of ecstasy on Jane’s face.

No man had ever made her feel like this. She felt spent and was unable to sit up. “It’s okay, baby,” Lila cooed. “Sometimes it feels this way.” She slipped in behind Jane, wrapping her arms around her and holding her burning skin tight to her boobs. She nuzzled and kissed her neck, whispering, “I’m here, Jane. I’ll take care of you.” When Jane woke up the next morning, they were still wrapped around each other like two vines. The rest of the day consisted mostly of further initiation into the sisterhood, each of them taking turns pleasuring the other, until they couldn’t keep their eyes open and once again fell asleep in their lover’s arms.

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