Amandas Mom

Author: Frank Cantone

After watching her skilled daughter defeat and humiliate her first male opponent, Donatella, Amanda’s mother, sat down with her on her bed and hugged her tightly.
“Hmmm, that was so exciting! Was your first time as exciting, mother?”

They had stopped hugging, and Donatella settled back a bit to tell the tale.

“Yes dear, I found it quite thrilling. But the circumstances were a bit different. I was always a big girl you know,” she stated, stretching a bit and flexing her massive biceps. “The evening of my birthday my mother told me to put on a fancy dress costume, because she had something special planned for that night. So there I was, in my bedroom. I had undressed, and before I changed I stood before my mirror flexing my big strong biceps and my solid thighs.” She raised her legs slightly and tensed them, making them hard and showing off a bit of definition, to which both she and Amanda smiled. “Well, as I was admiring my form in the mirror, I noticed, down at the bottom of the glass, a shadowy movement. Quickly I spun around to find a male warrior, as nude as myself, suddenly rise up, arms outstretched toward me. He was very muscular, but a little shorter than myself, and his manhood was stiff and raised. It was clear what his intentions were, but I was determined not to let that be.

“Instinctively I raised my arms up and grabbed his wrists, holding him off. It worked, but he was very strong, and I feared he would break free soon. I then realized this was the special something my mother had planned for me. She must have enticed this fool from Zolofft into thinking I would be an easy conquest. Perhaps she wanted me to prove myself in a surprise situation. Well, I decided then that I would not fail her. I pushed down on his wrists, just enough for his legs to sink and spread apart a little, then I quickly brought up my right thigh and jabbed it into his ball sack. As he screamed, the sharp pain stunned him enough for him to loosen his arms. With lightning speed I released his wrists and wrapped my right arm tightly around his neck, then brought up the other arm to grip my hands together. It was my intention to defeat him through the use of the holds I was taught, you see.”

“I like that way of thinking.”

Donatella smiled and continued. “Yes, I knew my own mother would like that too. So I held onto the headlock, slowly increasing the pressure and tightening my grip as my arms grew more solid. He struggled and grunted, squirming desperately to break free, but I just continued to tighten my grip.”
Amanda laughed.

“The more he struggled the tighter I squeezed. It was as though my biceps were actually getting bigger and more solid! In this hold, he was bent downward, it was a most awkward position for him. I guess he was feeling embarrassed and decided to fight back, so he wrapped one arm around my waist, and he started punching my belly with the fist of the other arm. But against my rock hard abdomen muscles the blows just tapped me. In fact they tickled! Giggling at his feeble attempts to strike back, I merely tightened the grip even further.

His weak punches became even weaker, and his struggling lessened until he stopped moving completely. He attempted one final punch, but this was directed at my womanhood. Fortunately he was so weakened he merely tapped me, but I was so furious I loosened my grip slightly so that I could reapply more pressure. Finally his arms just drooped down before him limply. I could not help but laugh out loud at his utter defeat.

“But I was not finished. I looked down at him, and to my surprise I saw his manhood still standing at attention. Could it be he was aroused from this beating? I should make the best of the situation, I thought, and still keeping my right arm wrapped tightly around his neck, crushing him into helplessness, I let go my left arm, reached down and took hold of his penis by the head between my thumb and forefinger. It was rather soft and spongy, so I took delight in pinching it tightly. He winced at the pain, which only made me smile and pinch even more tightly. In this way I led him around the room. He stumbled about for a few moments, but eventually I was able to walk him around in several circles. Finally I released the headlock, and simply led him around in several more circles just by holding his manhood, completely controlling him.

“By now I was ready to test the power of my muscular legs, so I led him beside my bed and stopped. I stood before him, legs apart, one hand on my hip, making ‘tsk tsk’ sounds and shaking my head at him, rubbing it in that he was so easily and completely defeated by a young woman. Then I yanked hard on his manhood, sending him flying facedown onto the bed. He was too weak to do anything but lie there, so I casually strolled to the head of the bed and lay down, my legs over him. As he raised his head up slightly to turn and look at me, like lightning I quickly slid my right leg under and the left leg over his neck, locked my ankles and squeezed. His face turned red, and tears ran down his face! He managed to bring one arm up and made a few tugs at my left leg, but my legs are so solid he could not move them at all.

I barely noticed as I raised myself up on my hands, arched my back and, gritting my teeth, continued to tighten the grip. His hand slid off my leg as I noticed two things. First, he was near to passing out, and second, my womanhood was becoming very wet! I was being very aroused by all this, and, seeing another opportunity, I grabbed his head, opened my legs slightly and brought his face tightly into my crotch. By gyrating my hips I was able to massage my moist vagina with my victim’s face. It felt so good against my sensitive lips that I began tingling all over. I continued massaging myself until the sensations grew more intense, and finally I shook in a wonderful climax! It seemed to last forever, but was over in moments. I rested for a few moments more, then raised my leg to release my captive.

“Alas, he had passed out from the hold. With a kick I rolled him onto his back, and giggled when I saw that his manhood had shriveled small and soft under my power. I played with it for a while with my foot, crushing and pinching it between my toes until I grew tired and took a nap. When I woke up I tied him up and presented him to my mother, who was extremely pleased that I had come of age!”

Amanda smiled at the story and hugged her mother. “That was wonderful! I hope I can have an experience like that!”
Amanda’s mother returned the hug and replied softly, “You will dear. I have a feeling you will have many such experiences:.”

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