Punition Story

Author: Lenny

Double Soumission et Punition©

Michael stepped closer to the edge of the sidewalk as the bus pulled into the bus stop. He gentlemanly let the two pretty young girls with their micro-mini’s step up before him and then climbed up onto the platform. He as usual, moved to the lower deck, but happened to glimpse up as the two girls climbed the stairs to the upper deck. Confronting him was the full view of G-string clad pale naked derrières, the sheer-material enclosed poesie-bulbs peeking through the gap at the top of their thighs. It made his heart skip a beat, causing him to catch his breath as he stopped in mid stride staring. The second girl looked back and caught his stare. Looking up to the first girl, she realized what he was staring at; she quickly ran her hand over her own bottom to cover-up with the skirt. Alas! To no avail, the skirt was far too short on this steep stairway.
Finally gathering his senses together, he stepped into the lower deck with the realisation that an erection was in the process of developing within the bikini jockey’s he had on, and these were far too slim to be able to contain this growing monster. Worse still, he was about to sit down next to the girl who shared his apartment and who happened to be a very staunch yet beautiful lesbian. She couldn’t help smiling when she saw the buldge in his pants, curious about what had brought this about, yet graciously acting as if it had gone unnoticed.
Desiree and Michael had previously met on the bus, when they realized that they worked for the same company, and were both looking for an affordable place to stay. Respecting and honouring her gender and gender preference, they opted to share an apartment to save on expenses. They became very good friends, and when Desiree brought a ‘lady friend’ home, she would act as if she did not know that he was spying on them, masturbating. While Michael on the other hand would introduce his girlfriends to her, in the hope that she would get it off with them, (while he watched of course). This made the fuck that occurred after, so much more thrilling. Little did he realize that Desiree wasn’t happy with this arrangement of his.
One day Desiree invited Michael to accompany her to a friend, who had invited her to join them, and other friends, for an evening of cocktails, frolicking and skinny-dipping. Mingling around with all the unknown people, some dressed, some semi-naked and some naked, Desiree introduced Michael to the couple that had invited her to the party. Robert and Annie-Mae, (both naked and amazingly beautiful), welcomed Michael into the fold, inviting him to drop the ‘knickers’ and have a dip. Desiree saw that Annie-Mae mesmerized Michael. She was beautiful, petite, with flaming red hair. Robert was just the opposite, sturdy, well built and boasting more than enough cock.
Annie-Mae looked Michael straight in the eye, giving him the irresistible come-hither look, then with a giggle, turned around and dived into the pool. Not needing a second invite, he shrugged off his clothes diving in after her. Desiree smiled, knowing what was happening and what lay in store for Michael. Robert acted all nonchalant, inviting Desiree to join him for a cocktail at the bar; he too knew what was about to transpire. Approaching Annie-Mae in the water, Michael had to keep his distance in fear that she would discover and be offended by the erection he could not prevent from developing. To his utter surprise, her warm soft hand reached out, found and gripped the pulsing muscle. Michael went weak at the knees. Gone were all marriage respects, cautions and inhibitions. Nothing in the world existed other than this heaven sent beauty, holding with his cock.
No words exchanged as Michael’s hand explored her firm petite body, careful not to caress too hard and avoiding any desired penetrations. Whispering sweet nothings to each other, Annie-Mae told him she knew of a very private place to where they could slip away. He willingly followed her out of the pool, through the shrubs to the dark side of the house (like a lamb to the Slaughter). Here they encountered a concealed doorway obviously leading to a cellar. Taking his hand, Annie-Mae guided Michael down the steps into a moon lit room. Oblivious to all around him, his lust craved senses were only concentrating on the wondrous pleasures he was about to partake in with this beauty. He tried to push her against the wall, but she wiggled out from under him, and with her body, pressed him against the wall, her hands all over him exploring. She took his cock firmly in her one hand, while the other hand gently caressed his balls, heightening the sensations. She raised his arm, and slipped a leather cuff (attached to a chain that in turn was secured to an over-hanging pole that was bolted to the wall), onto his wrist enslaving him. As he tried to comprehend what had just conspired, she raised the other arm ensnaring him before he could resist. Helpless and naked, he was at her mercy. His only fear being that he was not into any pain thing, although this did not seem to be her intention.
Annie-Mae stepped back, letting her eyes roam up and down his bound exposed body. No girl had ever honoured him like this before; he wondered what her intentions would be next, when all of a sudden the door swung open, a light came on, and in stepped Robert and Desiree. For the first time he remembered that Annie-Mae was married, and now he realized that there was no way he could talk his way out of this situation, hell he couldn’t even get OUT of the situation. Trying to think of what Robert was going to do to him, he saw both Robert and Desiree move directly to Annie-Mae and without a word spoken, they guided her by the arms to a table close by and started binding her in ropes and belts.
Desiree stood in front of Annie-Mae, pressing her full naked body tight against her own, while pinning her arms behind her back. Robert fastened a split narrow fur-lined belt around her chest, her breasts between the slit as if ensnaring them. A steel ring was attached to the belt at the back. He bound ropes around Annie-Mae’s arms just above the elbows, securing each to the chest belt. He lifted her hands and secured each wrist to the other arm’s elbow joint. Michael noticed that Annie-Mae was not putting up any resistance, in fact, she actually enjoyed being bound. While Robert was doing the binding, Desiree was preventing Annie-Mae from falling over and at the same time she fondled and manipulated Annie-Mae’s every body part available without any concern as to whether Annie-Mae was permitting or even enjoying it.
Now both Robert and Desiree lifted Annie-Mae and placed her on her back on this weird table that was certainly not meant for serving dinner on. They fastened fur-lined belts to the tops of her thighs; each had a small steel clip-hooks attached at the back and rings on the side. A wider fur-lined belt was fastened around her hips; a big steel ring also attached to the back. They pulled her knees up tight against her sides, causing her smooth shaven pussy to be absolutely exposed, and wrapped ropes around under her knees. Instead of the ropes going from one knee to the other over her belly, they were passed around her back, preventing her from lowering her knees again. Her ankles were bound separately, and the ropes fed through the rings of the thigh belts. The back ropes were joined to the arms by more ropes, to prevent them from slipping down. Robert stood back to look at the vulnerable helplessness of his wife in her rope harness.
With Annie-Mae securely bound, the two turned their attentions to Michael. He wanted to protest, but found he was so mesmerized that he couldn’t speak, and in his helplessness, he couldn’t prevent whatever was about to happen to him.
With his arms already secured, Robert checked the wrist cuffs, and then with Desiree aiding him, they spread his legs and secured his ankles with another set of cuffs and chains to rings mounted in the floor. Next thing, Desiree was on her knees in front of him, she was threading his cock (having gone limp) and balls one at a time through a brass ring, being careful not to hurt him. Once through, the ring was seating snugly against his belly at the base of cock. A thin belt attached to the ring was pulled up tight between his balls, spreading them, and then wound around his shaft and again secured to the top of the brass ring. This was uncomfortable, but not painful. By now he was again developing an erection, and the more it swelled, the tighter the ring became. Again before he could resist, Robert standing behind him, slipped a plastic ball used as a tongue depressor and gag with a thin belt going through it, into his mouth, fastening the belt behind his head, so that he couldn’t talk.
Desiree secured another thin belt to his cock-ring, and tied it to a ring mounted on the floor directly below his cock. She stood up and looked him straight in the eye, a look he had never seen of her before, and warned him that any wrong movements would ensure him a very high pitched voice and the privilege to sit and pee. With his balls secured, he was ready for use. The cock-ring ensured a good solid erection, leaving his cock free. His eagle-spread body was fully exposed and vulnerable.
With Michael now secure, Robert and Desiree turned their attention back to the helplessly bound Annie-Mae. They took hold of two hooks on chains that were connected to shackles at the ends of a horizontal bar that in turn was connected from a centre shackle to a chain that extended to what seemed to be an overhead moveable crane. These were hooked through the steel rings on Annie-Mae’s bodystraps. They raised her up into the air so that she was facing the ground, her arse and poesie absolutely exposed. Her breasts pertly enhanced by the taught straps, stood out magnificently. Manoeuvring the crane, they guided her over to Michael, where she could comfortably take his cock into her mouth. Desiree in the meantime donned a double sided dildo that was loaded with vibrators. To Michael’s surprise, she positioned herself behind him, while Robert readied himself behind Annie-Mae. From behind, Desiree guided Michael’s cock into Annie-Mae’s mouth, which she eagerly accepted and started sucking hard on it. As if in unison, Desiree pushed the dildo deep into Michael’s arse as Robert, gripping Annie-Mae’s hips, sent his shaft all the way up into her yearning poesie. He rammed her so hard, that her forward motion pushed her harder onto Michael’s cock, ramming it down into her throat. She did not gag, instead she swallowed hard literally wanking his cock with her mouth and throat, at the same time as he was being viciously fucked by Desiree. He could feel the vibrators manipulating her clit and poesie, at the same time as a curved rod inside the dildo in his arse spun around giving his arse a serious workout.
With actions coming from all sides, both Annie-Mae and Michael were approaching peek point. Robert noticed this and jerked his cock out of Annie-Mae’s enflamed poesie, giving her an unexpected shock and leaving her high and dry. Desiree seeing this gripped Michael by the hips and yanked him hard onto the dildo, causing him to catch his breath. His cock pulled out of Annie-Mae’s mouth, and then she jerked the dildo out of his arse, which again shocked him. Never before were two peeking bodies cooled down so fast, and if this wasn’t punishment, what was? Annie-Mae, still overcoming her shock, was pulled away from the bound Michael. She was guided back to the table, where the hooks were released, and the hip belt removed. The hooks were lowered and secured to the rings on the thigh belts. Robert and Desiree lifted Annie-Mae by the shoulders to an upright position. Another belt was wrapped around her shoulders, and secured by chains to the down chains. Now she was suspended in a vertical position, her legs still wide-spread, and her poesie openly accessible. Again she was manoeuvred over to Michael, and lowered onto his unmoving cock then just hung there.
Desiree donned a different dildo, leaving the other one in the basin to be sterilized. This one had a much longer ‘penis’ and was very flexible, it too had a vibrator situated in the area of Desiree’s clit. Robert slipped on a condom that had rubber studs all over it, all of which was very confusing for Michael who could see all. Even more confusing was now Desiree positioned herself behind Annie-Mae, while Robert moved in behind Michael. With a shock, he realized ‘that’ rubber studded cock was meant for him, and the longer dildo was too able an attack on Annie-Mae’s arse, which was now deeper in, due to her upright position.
Desiree guided the dildo onto Annie-Mae’s arse hole, as Robert position his cock onto Michael’s arse hole. Again in unison, the ‘shafts’ were pushed up into the vulnerable holes, both recipients skipping a heartbeat and catching their breaths. To prevent the dildo from slipping out, Desiree reached under Annie-Mae’s arse, and placed her hand over the dildo, at the same time with one finger she flicked Michael’s secured and inflamed balls about. He was helpless as he endured the agony, at the same time he was being fucked like hell, with no sensations coming from the more needed section. Both Michael and Annie-Mae were frustrated, her poesie filled with a motionless cock, and his cock sheathed in a motionless poesie. This had to be another punishment. Yet Desiree and Robert were satisfying themselves aggressively, fucking to their hearts content.
Desiree started to moan softly, as she pulled her hand out from below Annie-Mae, and gripped her breasts, kneading them viciously. Her ramming of the dildo became uncontrollable, it was bending more than penetrating, her breathing was short quick breathes, she was about to climax. The dildo slipped out of Annie-Mae’s arse and whacked Michael painfully on the balls. Fortunately his reaction caused him to jerk down, relaxing the restraint but forcing Robert’s cock deeper up his brownie. This was the motion needed to bring Robert to his climax. With Desiree softly screaming, and Robert grunting and viciously pounding, the two of them came as one. As they finished disengaging from the coupled/bound pair, and their bodies relaxed back to normal, the two of them without any further explanations casually left the dungeon, leaving Annie-Mae and Michael to their still coupled predicament. Both realized that the intention was to leave them in this state ‘til morning and there was nothing they could do nothing about it.
After what seemed ages of dozing off and jerking awake, (it was in fact a little more than an hour), they heard a sound from the door indicated someone entering, the hope of being unbound heightened. A stranger unknown to both of them, approached them, his motions and petty comments indicated that he was gay. Without a word, he manoeuvred Annie-Mae over to and onto the table, then removed all her bindings. When he finished, Annie-Mae relaxed and stretched her muscles, then left the dungeon without a word or goodbye. Instead of releasing Michael, this guy came over and stood before him ‘examining’ him. He went down onto his one knee, released the strap that imprisoned Michael’s balls to the floor, and then gripped Michaels still erect cock and viciously wanked it. Michael’s mind tried to distinguish between the humiliation of his vulnerability in the presence of this gay man, or the joyous feeling of the new found freedom for his balls and the pleasure of the masturbation. The fact that he was still eagle-spread bound and gagged and the numbing pain in his legs and the tiredness in general of his body was also a concern. The gay’s expert hand quickly brought Michael to a climax, he felt the pain in his swollen balls build up as the climax came closer, next thing a pain shot up right into his brain as his balls exploded a massive burst of cum clear a few metres away. The guy finally released him from his bonds and left. All Michael had the energy to do was to sag down with his back against the wall and sit on the cool floor in order to recover.
It was much later that Desiree explained to Michael exactly what had transpired that night. Due to his insistent ‘spying’ on her at home with her ‘affairs’, she arranged with Robert to teach him a lesson. This was a dream come true for Annie-Mae. She had this kink for ‘sex-bondage’. None of them were into the pain thing, so everyone’s fetish and revenge in a certain case, would be fulfilled. Robert a dominant, did his thing, Desiree enjoyed doing Annie-Mae and the pleasure of taking revenge on Michael. Annie-Mae fulfilled her wildest dreams of bondage and being used, even the unknown (to Michael) gay had enjoyed himself, while Michael, who had to admit he had enjoyed all the actions, was the only one who never received what he originally wanted.

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