Discovering my fetish

Author: stilettofreak

Note : This story is completely fictional!

I was in the 7th grade. Study hall. very boring, a big room with a wide aisle across its center. Double doors on the right of the aisle, a small, 4 legged desk and straight chair to the left. All desk seats facing the front.

I sat on the right side, about 3 rows back from the aisle, on the far right side closest to the double doors.

The period was about over. I was just sitting, waiting for the bell, due in about 15 minutes or so. The teacher, Miss M. usually sat at the desk, but as closing approached she walked from the desk and waited by the double doors, a folder in her hands, back to the wall. She was a very beautiful woman, once a beauty queen, now a teacher of english and study hall. As she stood, her back to the wall and the folder hugged to her breast, I studied her body.

I couldn’t assess her tits as they were covered, and her ass was against the door jamb. I looked down her legs. She was wearing a rather straight skirt, hem just below the knee, with little cuts in the skirt up each side. The skirt was tight enough to create those sexy horizontal creases from hip to hip, and that indentation of the material as her pubis gave way to her cunt. In those days, it was garters, either rolled or belted. Sometimes a girdle, but for this one, it was certainly a garter belt, as I could see the bumps of the snaps. I really looked at them a long time, and I had the beginnings of a nice sexy feeling in my gut, like the one I would get before an erection and then the masturbation. I kept looking at the garter bumps and got pretty hard. Then I started looking down at her legs.

She had really great legs, I could imagine her thighs from the look of her shapely calves and then the ankles! I was amazed as I looked at her feet. She was wearing some very nice looking shoes with what I thought very high heels. They were dark brown, and were cut away at the sides. (I learned later that these were D’Orsay pumps. The heel cup was closed and the toe was closed as well. One of her legs was kicked back so the shoe was flat against the wall, with her knee bent, so I could see the back part of her knee. The slits helped a lot. The other foot was planted flat to the floor, about 1 foot from the wall. It was her right foot, on the floor so the pressure was right on the ball of her foot, in those pumps, accentuating the considerably high arch of her foot, and with the D’Orsay cut, I got a good look at her arch.

The instep was very curved and wide, with a very sexy turn to it. Her instep dove down into the vamp that was cut very low, so I could see her toe cleavage. (All of this language I have learned through the years, but at that time, it was the first I had experienced) Her nylons were a bit wrinkled, especially around the arch and at the vamp. The shape of the toe was so fucking sexy, for those days very pointed, for today, just a classic pump, a CFM pump. Any woman wearing these pumps today is transmitting a clear message that she knows what pumps do to guys like me and she is trolling for a leering looker. (I have always been on the lookout for one of these trollers, and when I find one, I lock on until I can get real close, and in some special occasions, jack off while looking at them…very dangerous!)

But here she was, a Jr High teacher in those CFM pumps giving me a show and my first encounter with super sexy stiletto pumps. I was so young, but I had such a hard on. I could not take my eyes off her feet except to look a little at her garter bumps.

The bell rang, and she turned and walked down the main hallway.

I had that study hall 3 times a week, and she was the teacher there. I thought about that until the next time I would be there.

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