Discovering my shoe fetish II

Author: stilettofreak

Note : This story is completely fictional!

That Wednesday, I took a seat closest to the desk, on the edge of the sea of desks about 3 rows back from the aisle. Here I would get a perfect look at Miss M.’s pumps as she sat at the desk.

I could hear the sound of her heels as she entered from the double doors. I couldn’t see her but she would be the only one wearing heels in this room…Study Hall, 7th grade. She walked to the desk. The D’Orsay pumps were gone, but in their place was another sexy pair of pumps.

They were red, not bright red, but a dark red, subdued, but definitely red. They were closed toe and heel, not cut down in the D’Orsay style but had devlishly nasty sexy low cut vamps, again revealing a lot of toe cleavage. Her skirt was similar to the one she wore on Monday, semi-straight, making those fucking sexy horizontal wrinkles and that erotic cunt dip. I got a good look at her ass, and it was nicely framed by very strong hips. It had a nice tuck to it, and again, I could see she was wearing seams.

She dropped some folders on the desk, pulled out the chair and sat down. She crossed her legs and I got a good look at the tops of her nylons, just the dark part…not the tops. I put my head down on the desk and settled in for a good loooong look and the warming and aching started in my groin as I felt my dick pumping up. I stared at those pumps for so long I memorized every stitch, every turn of her arch, her instep, the incredibly sexy toe cleavage.

With her legs crossed, I got a good look at the bottoms of her shoes, the angle being just right to see the arch of the sole of the shoe as it went up curved sharply down and joined the heel. It was the most sexy kind, with the sole leather going all the way to the tiny tip of the black stiletto tip. The heels were very slim and straight, and I would guess about 3 1/2 inches.

(Today, I go for the 4 to 5 inch heels. The ones where the heel is just about parallel to the sole as it rises under the arch of the foot. When a woman stands in these pumps, the accentuation of the calf is so incredible, and the instep as it dives into the vamp has evidence of a lot of pressure, as muscles and veins stand out, making my view wild! Heels this high really accent the arch and typically the arch is so pronounced that it a frontal view, you can see down into that special secret place between the arch and the side of the shoe to the dark inner sole. I have had occasion to put my tongue into this place, smelling and licking the saltiness of the arch and the musky odor of the leather.)

Meantime, I really had a massive hardon. I had a brilliant idea! I wanted her to “catch” me looking at her shoes! She was busy working and from time to time would look out at the study hall, but never in my direction. … So I RAISED MY HAND! I kept my eyes right on her pumps drilling them with a look of desire and passion…I hoped. I hear her say, “Yes?”, and ignored her. Again,


I looked up and met her eyes, looked down again and asked,

“May I be excused?”


I went rapidly to the boys room, hard and all, right out the double doors to the restroom, the first door on the left. I went to the stall, pulled my pants down and jacked off into the toilet. It was a massive shoot, all long and ropy, there was a lot of pre cum all over my very hard and swollen glans…it was hard, red to blue and very shiny with pre cum. I kept working my cock until the last of the cum was gone, spasaming each time I rubbed the glans. It was a good jack off.

I went back to the study hall, my seat. She was still there, changed legs and was moving her foot up and down, up and down, slowly and not too far…

I longed to get another hardon but I was wasted for at least 30 minutes and by then, the period would be over.

Next time.

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