Job Interview

Author: FK

Slightly anxious, Tim sat in his car, awaiting the scheduled time for his interview. Seeing an add in one of the technical journals last week, the man decided to send the company a resume. After doing so, he got a call, asking him to bring some of his credentials and talk.

Rotating his wrist, Tim realized he had only ten minutes left. After adjusting his hair in the rear view mirror, he got out of the vehicle and walked up to the front entrance. With no effort, he pulled open the door and walked in, being greeted by a pretty receptionist.

“ Hello, I’m Timothy Young, here for the three O’clock appointment about the job opening.”

“ Oh, yes, no problem, please take a seat over there.”

Turning his head, Tim saw a row of seats against the wall. Strolling over, he sat himself down. Impressed with the room’s decor, he settled himself in with a magazine lying on a table next to the far right chair. Despite the periodical’s contents, Tim couldn’t shake off the nervous feeling, trying his best to remain calm.

As he sat there, he looked up and saw another door open. To his left emerged the sophisticated figure of a dark-haired woman approximately thirty four years old. Upon closer inspection, he noted her attire, a black skirt together with exquisite black leather knee high stiletto boots.

Standing up quickly, the man extended his hand, saying, “ Hello, I’m Tim Young.”

Returning the jester, she eyed him with an ice cold look responding, “ Pleased to meet you, my name’s Erica Huffman.” Speaking further, the dark eyed female said, “ Follow me.”

Impressed with her radiance of authority, the guy followed her like a puppy on a leash.

Walking down a narrow corridor, he eventually saw the woman turn into an office. While he followed, he took note of her walk, absorbing its effect as it numbed his will, and reduced his courage to nothing. In fact, the longer he eyed her, the smaller he felt.

Finally, she went behind her desk and said, “ Here take a seat.”

Watching her hand, he was affected by her black nail polish, making her fingers glow with a seductive mystique. Awed by her demur, he sat himself down and looked straight ahead. Reaching into her suit jacket, the lady produced a gold plated cigarette lighter, using it to ignite a Marlboro extracted from a pack originally lying on the desk. Inhaling and sitting herself down, the woman leaned slightly back in her chair, asking, “ So you think you’re up to this job?”

Swallowing, Tim answered, “ Yes ma’am, I’ve got the credentials and some experience.”

“ You know this isn’t an easy company to work for.”

“ Yes, I’ve heard it’s one of the best, a very competitive place .”

Moving her probing dark eyes downward, she said, “ It says here on your resume that you’ve got an engineering degree from Case Western Reserve University.”

“ Yes, that’s right.”

Looking back at him, she ask, “ Tell me something about your work experience.”

Breathing in first, Tim responded, “ Well, I’ve worked for two other companies after graduating from college.” While her eyes dug deeper and deeper into him, he went on, “ I worked first for the Harbrace Company and then for the Northern Petroleum Corporation.”

Exhaling a cloud of smoke up into the room, the assertive looking feline inquired, “ Did you quite these places on your own or were you ask to leave.”

Worried that she may have called one of the places, he nevertheless simply answered, “ I quit on my own, just wanted to see how things are elsewhere.”

Taking the cigarette from her mouth, leaning herself further back in the chair, and crossing her legs in an elegant feminine style, she slowly, yet coldly said, “ That’s not what they told me, I called the Harbrace establishment and the manager there said she ask you to leave because of the quality of your work.”

“Ah, well, there were some problems with the way I got along with some of the people, but I still know what I’m doing in relation to my field, I’ve got no problem designing the devices I’m assigned to.”

“ So you think you can solve any problem we throw at you?”

“Yes ma’am, I’m sure I can perform up to your standards.”

Nodding her head slowly while taking a drag from the Marlboro, she depressed a button on her desk, saying, “ Mary, please send in Dr. Whitten.”

“Yes Ma‘am.” , answered the secretary.

Two moments later, the door opened and in stepped a light brown haired woman also dressed in a skirt suit, this time blue. Looking her over, Tim watched as she took a seat next to him, also facing the boss lady. As her sexy legs crossed, Tim got a clearer view of her attractive dark blue pumps.

“ Ok, Nancy, this is Mr. Young, he’s interested in the opening.”

Turning her head, the educated female smiled and simply said, “ Hello.”

While nodding his head, Tim replied, “ Pleased to meet you.”

After inhaling and exhaling, Erica said, “ All right now, you think you can work for us and perform as we want, well, Nancy here is gonna ask you some questions about the technical aspects of the work we do.” Looking in Dr. Whitten’s direction, the lady in black said, “ Ok Nancy, he’s all yours.”

With a subtle smile, Nancy ask, “ Tell me about the induction parameter of an injection coil.”

“ Ok, that’s used for the regulation of current in any one of the many generators.”

“Yes, but how is its casting oriented for maximum efficiency?”

Fumbling with words, Tim spoke, “ The…, well, it works if you place everything to one side, creating the most even flow.”

Giving him a sarcastic smile, Nancy simply said, “ No, I don’t think so, it’s made most efficient by making the two coils perpendicular to one another.”

Asking another question, the brown haired female said, “ What do you do if the current in a nor-gate reaches the critical cut off value?”

“Well…, you’ll have to turn off the current.”

“ No, that’s not it.” Speaking further, the sexy lady explained all the details with professional accuracy.

Seated there, Tim looked embarrassed as Erica eyed him, giving the man a look indicating his failure. While she stared away, he felt total defeat go through his veins. The two women made him feel inferior. Killing her Marlboro in an ashtray atop her desk, Ms. Huffman reached for another and lit up. As she held the lighter to her face, the sophisticated woman had her eye on Tim, digging deeper and deeper in to him. Staring away, Erica made him feel an intense sensation of smallness. In fact, three seconds later, Nancy exclaimed, “ What the hell is happening to him!”

“ Seems as if we’ve belittled him.”, answered Erica.

Sitting in his chair, Tim felt his clothes get looser and looser as his frame became smaller and smaller. His embarrassment took over completely, reducing him to a fraction of his original height. Shrinking away before the two superior and attractive looking women, Tim finally stopped at four inches in height, just sitting there atop his clothes which were now completely collapsed and hanging from the chair.

Quickly, Nancy got up and took two steps toward Tim, bending herself slightly, and placing her face directly above him. Standing up also, Erica slowly circumnavigated her desk, eventually standing before Tim’s chair, peering down at him as she smoked away, retaining her relaxed, yet controlling demur.

“This is utterly amazing, Ms. Huffman, I’ve never seen anything like it before!”, exclaimed Nancy.

Throwing her black hair back with a slight twist and tilt of the neck, Erica took another drag and said, “ Yea, but it’s not all that unexpected, we really made him feel quite small, I guess there’s a definite connection between mind and matter after all.”

Standing himself up, little naked Tim looked up at the two women looming over him and ask, “ Please help, what are you gonna do to me?”

Taking another step forward, Erica squatted before the seat as Nancy stepped out of her way. Eyeing the little creature, the dark-haired chain smoking feline said, “ Guess you’re not big enough to meet our standards, now are you?”

Shaking at the sight of her sexy, yet overpowering face, Tim again pleaded, “ Please don’t hurt me!”

Exhaling a cloud of smoke right at him, she took hold of the man between her fingertips, holding him before her eyes, saying, “ You know, perhaps you can work for us after all.”

Still perplexed, Nancy interceded, asking, “ What do you have in mind, don’t you think we should report this?”

Straightening herself, Erica replied, “ Hey Nancy, look, who’s to know, we can keep him as our little slave, he’ll be good for a few things.”

“ How can a four inch high man be good for anything?”

“C’mon Nancy, think, doesn’t the sight of his tiny frame turn you on, it’s all about power, sex is power!”

With a confused expression on her face, Nancy said, “ Well, yea, I guess, but…”

“ No, it’s all about power, look at him, doesn’t he make you wet between the legs?”

“ Ah, umm…, you know, come to think of it, I did feel something.”

“ That’s it lady, now you’re on the right track, you know exactly what I’m talking about.”

Smiling now, Nancy said with some enthusiasm, “ Yea, there’s no one else who saw this, so he’d be all ours, all we have to do is dump his car somewhere and no one would be any the wiser.”

“Yep, that’s why I hired you, Nancy, you always come around.”, said Ms. Huffman with humor in her voice.

Turning her head toward Erica, Nancy said, “ I’ll go and get rid of his car, there’s a cliff a mile away from here, it’ll be no problem.” Going over to his clothes, she produced his keys, taking them up, and leaving the room.

After Nancy left, Erica again went back to her seat with Tim in hand. Setting down her beautiful ass, she looked straight into Tim’s eyes, saying, “ Ok, little shit, you’re all mine now!”

“Don’t hurt me, don’t!”

“You aren’t telling me what to do, you little male, I’m the boss here!”

Exhaling, she removed the cigarette from her mouth, moving ever the more closer to Tim. Eventually, the gothic looking feline had the lighted tip almost against his chest. Holing it steady, she let him scream away as the heat penetrated his being.

“Please Ms. Huffman, don’t, please…!”

Finally, the woman pulled the Marlboro away, laughing at him as he hung limb between her fingers.

Moving herself forward in her seat, Erica placed Tim upon the desk, bringing her fist down afterward. Thrilled by his fear, she watched as he jumped to the side, trying to avoid being squashed. Again, she brought her hand down, and again the little man moved quickly out of her way. Doing this repeatedly, the woman simply amused herself, awaiting Nancy’s return.

After Erica scared him over and over for forty minutes, Nancy finally came back, slowly closing the office door behind her. “ It’s all done, his car’s completely demolished; with no corpse, they’ll never connect anything with us.”

“Good, great Nancy, now you and I can begin having some fun with this little shit!”

Excited, Nancy began undressing herself, slipping out of everything and finally going back into her sexy pumps. Also stimulated by the sight of the helpless male, Erica removed her attire, leaving only the boots in place as she slipped her skirt over the glorious black leather.

Naked, yet in control, Erica took up Tim from the desk and placed him in the center of the office floor. Looking upward, little Tim gazed at the two beautiful and dominant women as they hovered above him with their weight resting to one leg.

Reaching over to the ashtray, Erica took up the half finished Marlboro and placed it between her lips. Exhaling, she turned back around, glancing down at Tim, saying, “ He’s really gotta look up to a woman boss now, don’t he?”

Laughing, Nancy moved the tip of her shoe toward him, commanding, “ Kiss my shoes, worship me!”

“Ma’am, please don’t humiliate me, please help me, what did I ever do to you…?”

“You’re a man, that’s all I need to know, now get busy little slave or I’ll step on you!”

Frightened, Tim complied and began his humble task.

“Ha, he’s really found himself a job now!”, exclaimed Erica as she puffed away.

“Yep, he’s gonna work for us for nothing, that’s what slavery is all about.”, responded Nancy.

Going to her desk, Erica hit the button and said, “ Mary, you can deliver that package now, you know, the one I set beside your desk this morning.”

“Yes Ms. Huffman.”, replied the receptionist as she looked to the side and saw the thing. A few moments later, Mary left the building.

Upon hearing the front door slam off into the distance, Erica said, “ Good, she’s gone, it’ll be about fifty minutes before she comes back.”

Squatting, Ms. Huffman grabbed Tim, taking him out into the corridor. As Nancy followed, Erica ventured over to the lady’s rest room. Inside the small chamber, Erica went over to one of the toilet bowls and dangled Tim over it, saying, “ Hey, little guy, wanna take a swim!”

“ No, please, ma’am, please, I’ll do anything you say…!”

Glancing in Nancy’s direction with a sadistic grin, she let him fall into the clear water. Afterward, the woman turned around and sat herself down upon the fixture. While still puffing away at the cigarette, Erica pissed down atop Tim, causing him to move about as her yellow fluid streamed down into the water. Finished, she got up and ask Nancy, “ Gotta piss?”

“Yea, why not?”

Doing the same, Dr. Whitman pissed down on the tiny creature.

When she got up, Erica went back to the fixture, peering down into it, saying, “ So Nancy, what should we do, flush him down or keep him as our little pet?”

Terrified, Tim yelled up out of the toilet, “ Please, don’t kill me…!”

Staring down at him for a few seconds, Erica finally said, “ Let’s keep him.” Reaching down into the piss water, she took him up and went over to the sink, rinsing him off afterward.

Exiting the lavatory, both Nancy and Erica returned to the office, placing Tim in Erica’s seat. As Ms. Huffman sat her ass down, Tim ran toward the back edge of the chair, completely overwhelmed by the beauty of Erica’s rear. Turning her head back, the boss said, “ kiss my ass little man, kiss it!” Obeying, he moved his little face to her rear and adored her behind, going on for over twenty minutes. Finally, Erica looked at Nancy and said, “ Mary’ll be back pretty soon, I think we should get dressed now.”

“ No problem.”, replied Dr. Whitman.

As Erica raised her gorgeous ass from the seat, Nancy grabbed her clothes, putting the attire on. Following suit, Ms. Huffman did the same, finally placing her black jacket about her frame.

Content with her victory over little Tim, Nancy left the office, returning to her work area. Seeing Dr. Whitman leave, Erica returned to Tim and looked down at him, saying, “ Well, I guess I’d better begin searching for another individual to fill the vacant spot.” Grinning, she went on, “And this time, you can be sure it’ll be a woman I’ll hire.” Insulted, defeated, and resigned, little Timothy just sat down and held his head in his hands. Slightly moved, Erica squatted before him and said, “ Oh, don’t worry, your new life won’t be that bad, just think, you’ll never have to worry about making ends meet again, I’ll take care of all your needs.”

Reaching for him, Ms. Huffman took him in the palm of her hand and sat her ass down in her chair. Intrigued by his tiny stature, she said, “ You know, you’re kind of cute, don’t worry, I’ll never kill you.”

Taken in by a slight kindness in her tone, Tim ask, “ Can you please try to get me back to normal, contact somebody or someone?”

Staring away at him, Erica took out another cigarette and fired up. After inhaling, she exhaled into his tiny face and stated, “ Nope, you’re mine, I’m keeping you, I’ll be nice only as long as you mind your place and obey, otherwise I’ll show you a thing or two.”

“ But please, please, can’t you see this isn’t right!”

“ As far as I’m concerned it’s ok, and besides, I’m superior, it’s only right that I rule over you.”

Getting out of her seat again, she went to the center of the room and placed him upon the floor, saying, “ Ok, little one, I’ve got a job for you.”

Turning around, the giantess went to her desk and opened the bottom right drawer, removing a can of shoe polish together with a rag. Going back to the little male, she dropped the stuff before him, commanding, “ Here, take this and begin shining my boots.” Moving over to the wall, she leaned herself against it and removed each stiletto masterpiece. With he footwear off, she went back to Tim, saying, “ Here they are, get busy, I want them perfect, is that clear!”

As the superior and dominating leather objects came down before him, he looked up to her ladyship and said with all humility, “ Yes Ma’am.”

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