Discovering my Stiletto Fetish part III

Author: stilettofreak

I frankly cannot remember what class Mrs. B. taught, because the only thing I remember was her shoes.

The head of the classroom was to my left, the door directly in front of me. Since my name started with “A”, I sat at the second seat, Adams sitting to my right. There were about 6 desks across the width of the room. I had a very good position to see everything going on at the front of the room.

Since I had now developed a considerable fetish over Miss M.’s pumps, I was on the look for more opportunities to check out the teachers. In this class, Mrs. B. was the girls gym teacher and this class that I don’t remember anything from. She usually was in gym garb and tennies, so my interest in her as a leering object was zero. She was a very statuesque woman, athletic, muscular, with good legs…checked her out in girls gym class. Nice feet, but in tennies it was impossible to gauge what kind of shoe model she would make.

So in class it was typically the tennies and some long athletic garb. So bad! She had a habit of talking while sitting at her desk…ON TOP OF IT, not at the front but on the side, facing towards me. She would also do a lot of writing at the board, and as the writing got lower on the board, she had a habit of putting one of her feet out in front of her… I could only imagine what she might look like if she were wearing high heel pumps!

One day (as I figured out, it was once a month when she went to a meeting right after our class) she arrived in class dressed up, real classy, nice skirt, blouse, hose and HEELS! They were medium blue in color, closed heel and toe (thank the gods) with, again, nice low cut vamps. She walked in to the room, with that high heel walk that turns a lot of us guys crazy. She dropped her stuff on the desk and started talking. I don’t remember anything she said.

She sat on the edge of the desk, with both her feet together flat on the floor, stretching out her instep and arches. In this position, the shoes buckled a little and I could see down into the secret spot. I just stared at her shoes. I looked, examined and memorized every curve, stitch nuance of her shoes, arches, instep, cleavage, calves…all of it over and over. She stood up, went the board and began to write. Standing, her feet and pumps carried her to the extreme, graceful and sexy. As she move back and forth across the board writing, I could see her feet working in the shoes, and I had a massive, massive hardon. As she progressed down the board (at times she would fill the entire board with writing) I began to pump myself pulling up and down on my prostate, in an attempt to get off without touching myself.

( I have since learned how to do this very well, but it does take a long time, and a very, very sexy situation, but I have cum while watching a female magician do an act in a little tuxedo coat, A garter belt, stockings and black stiletto pumps. Music helps, especially if it has a beat, like a blues. In fact that music is pure sex music designed to increase the sexiness of a dancer or singer of the blues. In this case, it was a blues with a sax, which is really the quinissential sex blues. She was doing her “magic”, and I was in a front row seat, with a good hardon and I pumped myself to an orgasm. Cumming without touching is a wholly different kind of feeling, a lot like fucking. It doesn’t feel like masturbation, where you can get carried away and get too violent on your cock, losing some of the high spasm and electric feeling of a fuck or a hands off cum. Well, this one was the first time I did it by pumping myself and the orgasm was very very long and electric. I could feel my face flushing and it was all I could do to keep from gasping… I was with some other people when I did it.)

So, back at the blackboard with Mrs. B. I figured that if I did it right, I could cum just as she was putting her foot out in front of her, the position that to this day, excites me more than any other position of a high heel pump clad foot.

I was pumping my prostate and it was working. I could feel the precum and she was writing away. One more line, Mrs. B., please. She went back to the other side of the board and the foot went out in front of her. It was her left foot so I got a nice, big look at her arch. I pumped and pumped and the hot cum filled my shorts. I was jerking and spasming. I hoped no one noticed, but a this point, all I wanted was to have that jizz flow and flow. I must have pumped at least 4 times, big loads of cum, and I sat there glued to those sexy pumps and nasty, nasty feet twisted into those pumps, arches, instep, cleavage, big heels…maybe 3 inches or more….What a cum, what a pump job! I went to bed many times and jacked off thinking of that vision of Mrs. B. and her pumps and my cumming in my pants.

I developed the technique of start and stop, and also the technique of steady, light stroking to the most out of jacking off. Start and stop is the hardest to maintain. You stroke your cock just to the point were it might shoot, and then stop, take your hand off your cock. A rush of blood goes through your body, you flush and blush and wait for the feeling to subside, then you do it again. I’ve done it for a long, long, time, and have had enough discipline to decide when I want to cum, stroking slowly and lightly right to the orgasm. It is best if I can yell out and finish off rapidly, talking to the model I’m looking at on the screen…or the best to shoot all over a picture in a magazine, plastering the cum all over the model, and talking to her, what a slut she is , how nasty and dirty and sexy she is and blowing all of my cum all over her picture.

The “paced” masturbation is just that. I need a good subject to look at and best with a slow saxophone blues. I stroke to the beat of the music. Up and down very quick strokes, right on the beat. Up, down, up down, right in beat to the music. I look at the model, at her eyes and imagine she is watching me jack off. I do it right up to when I ejaculate, jackinf off my cock to the beat of the music.

I went to an “encounter room” in San Francisco once. I chose a partner wearing brown very high heel pumps. I walked into 3 of these rooms before I found a model wearing the right shoes. We went back to the room. She asked what I would like to talk about. I told her I wanted to talk to her about my fetish for stilettos. She looked a little funny and then just blurted out,

“I want to watch you jack off”.

Those words, spoken by a woman close to you in that husky voice is over powering…I want to watch you jack off.

Shit. I told her about my fetish for stilettos, and how sexy hers were and how I loved to look at them and jack off. I had pulled my pants off so I could spread my legs and she put her shoe right in front of me, moving her ankle up and down. I moved my hand on my cock up and down in time with her shoe….she got the idea, and said, “dont stop, dont stop”. She was rubbing her clit at the same time. She said, “So rare, so rare, so rare…” I knew what she was talking about. Most guys just go in for a hand job, lay back and ignore the girl. We were doing the intimate mutual masturbation that I find most erotic and exciting. I told her I wanted to take a small break while I kissed her ass.

She enthusiatically said, “OK, then we can get back and finish off??”

“of course”.

She stood up and bent over at the hips. Spread her legs. I was on my knees, my hands on her cheeks, spreading them wide open. I had my nose right at her asshole, smelling her ass…she pumped her anus…O shit. I lightly licked it, around around and she was pumping her sphincter, I could feel her doing it I really got into her ass and I could hear her, “So rare, so rare…”

I said, “I wanna jack off”

“I wanna watch you jack off”

We went back to the other position, the shoe right at my nose. I was jacking to its movement, she was working her clit at the same time. I put out my tongue and licked the toe of her shoe. I held her foot and licked all over the shoe, the toe, her cleavage, instep, arch, I licked and sucked the heel. then I released the shoe and we began again, up and down up and down.

When I could feel it cumming, I asked her..are you cumming? I can hold off. She said I’m ready too…”cum, shoot all over me!”

I did a slow steady beat to get the biggest cum shot. I shot the first load right on her shoe and foot. The next went to her thigh. The third got her right in the face, as she had her mouth in a big “O”, waiting for it.

Luv jacking off, cant get enough of it!


Some sites and some mags I go back to again and again, never tiring of the model. She must be looking right at me…with those pumps teasing me…Shit, I gotta go jack off right now!

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