The Matchmaker Bandits – The Great Auto Show Robbery

Author: Maximillian Excaliber

The Great Auto Show Robbery
By Maximillian Excaliber


After I had finished my fifth story in the Matchmaker Bandit Series I realized that I had always made the woman captive the one who antagonizes Ms. White. As a result it was the woman captive that always caused the couple to be placed in the somewhat embarrassing situations that are the trademark of the series. With this story, I decided to try a few things differently. I hope you enjoy it.


Hollywood, California – 1926

“Oh God! Yes! You really are The World’s Greatest Lover!” cried the voice of Vivian Schultz as she began cumming once again. She was in the back of her lover, the notorious silent film star Randolf Valiant’s, 1925 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost with her legs over his shoulders and had just pulled his head tightly between her legs while he continued licking her soaking wet pussy to its third orgasm.

Later that night, after he had dropped her off, the silent film star opened the lid to the toolbox on the driver’s side running board of his prized automobile. Then, taking a metal scribe from a small tool pouch, he carefully scratched another one half inch long mark onto the inside of the lid. There were now five-hundred and forty-two little marks including the one he had just made, each one representing a different woman brought to ecstasy in his love-mobile.

Chapter One – “Relentless”

Atlanta, Georgia – Current Day

“Going once for one million two-hundred fifty thousand, going twice for one million two-hundred fifty thousand, last call for this piece of American history…sold to Mr. Backus representing the unknown bitter by telephone for one million two-hundred fifty thousand dollars, the 1925 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost previously owned by the legendary silent film star Randolf Valiant.” came the voice of the auctioneer.

‘The Great American Auto Show and Auction’ was over. It had been a very long and successful week for the show’s promoters with over a million visitors attending but it was time for the real work to begin.

The various automobiles that had been on display had covered almost 16 square acres of land. The Convention Center itself had hosted over one-hundred and seventy-five separate displays from a wide variety of automobile parts and accessory manufacturers.

The main attraction of the show was the antique car auction. That particular event had been the last event and it had alone brought in over fifty-six million dollars in sales of which the show’s promoter took ten percent.

By twelve o’clock the next night, all but one of the display booths were gone and there were no more workmen left in the building.

Except for Nichole and Troy, the building was empty. They were carefully inspecting the Convention Center to make sure that no uncapped electrical wires were left which might be present themselves to be fire-hazards.

“You know, they wont be back to get the Winnebago until tomorrow morning, why don’t we go see if we can wear out the shocks on it?” Nichole Hall said to Troy as she started to grab his right hand.

‘God!’ He thought, ‘She’s relentless! She’s been at this for six months now!’ Every day they worked she would somehow manage to start a conversation that led to discussions of sex. It wouldn’t have been so bad but she was right; that’s exactly what he wanted to do. He just couldn’t seem to get used to her very forward and direct to the point manner.

He knew the definition of sexual harassment, he did not consider it that. He had no desire to pursue it as such so he let her play her little game with him.

Pulling his hand away, Troy said to her, “No!”

“What’s the matter?” she said to him teasingly, “Don’t you like the Winnebago?”

“Yes!” he replied.

She grabbed his hand again and said as she started pulling him in the direction of the camper, “Well then, let’s go.”

“I don’t think of you in that way Nichole.” he lied. He had fallen head over heals for her months ago and was hopelessly in love with her. But somehow, it just didn’t seem right for the woman to be pursuing the man. Besides that, he just couldn’t seem to get past her openness about what she wanted. And then there was the tiny little fact that she happen to be the boss’s daughter!

She looked at him, still tugging on his hand and said, “I know you must be wondering what I have been hiding under these clothes! Here’s you chance to find out. Just admit it, you want to do it just as bad as I do!”

Troy Young remembered when it all began six months ago. He was on his lunch break and had been in a hurry to get back to work having had to pay his his electric bill before it was cut off. Being short of time, he stopped at a convenience store on the way back to get a soda and sandwich. While he was there, he noticed something special about the new issue of Penthouse Magazine was in decided to buy it.

The clerk had placed the magazine in the bag with his lunch and he had forgotten to take it out when he went to the break room to eat his lunch. Nichole was already there eating.

As he set down the bag onto the table, the Penthouse magazine slid out onto the table for her to see. To make matters worse, the girl on the cover could easily have passed for Nichole’s twin sister, had she had one. In fact, the very reason he had bought the magazine in the first place was because the cover girl looked so much like Nichole.

After that, she turned up the flames every time she could. And today she was on fire and had him burning hot as well, but in a very nice way. Although he couldn’t bring himself to admit it to her, he enjoyed her little taunts as much as she did.

Pulling his hand back again, he said to her, “I’m hungry. Let’s take a break and eat something.”

“Oh goody! I like that idea!” she said to him and started to unbutton her blouse.

He quickly grabbed her hand gently to stop her and said, “That’s not what I meant and you know it!”

“Party pooper!” she said, the sound of disappointment in her voice. Then added, “Oh well, we’ve got all night. There’s always later!”

Seeming to give up, she headed towards the break room.

Chapter Two – “Mind If We Go For A Test Drive?”

They had just gotten there when they heard the service entrance buzzer ring.

Troy looked over at Nichole and said, “One of the technicians must have left something. I’ll go see what’s up.”

When he got to the door and opened it, standing there with their backs to the doorway were a man and woman. From what he could see, they were both dressed in matching gray overalls and the man was caring a canvas bag similar to that workman might use to carry their tools. As the couple turned around, he was surprised to see that both were wearing cheap plastic Lone Ranger masks; both were also pointing .38 revolvers directly at him. He also noticed that behind them was a panel truck large enough to contain perhaps one large automobile backed up to the service entrance.

It was then that the woman, a very sexy buxom full figured brunet with long wavy hair said to him in a naturally sultry voice, “Step inside please, this thing has a hair trigger and I wouldn’t want any accidents to happen.” And with that, she began stepping through the door leaving him no choice but to back up and allow her entrance.

Just at that moment Nichole walked up behind Troy, having not seen the weapons the newcomers were holding, asked, “What’s up?”

“Hi, we’d like to test drive one of your cars! If you don’t mind, that is?” Came once again the sultry voice of the armed female.

As Nichole looked towards the doorway, she realized that both thieves were standing there pointing weapons at Troy. She said to them, “What’s going on?

“I think they want to steal one of the cars!” replied Troy.

The vivacious villain said to Troy as her companion closed the door behind, “You got it Lover boy. We want the 1925 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost that used to be owned by Randolf Valiant.”

Puzzled, Nichole asked the female felon, “Why do you want that one? It’s not the most expensive car here!”

“Nope, your right! It isn’t! But we collect erotic oddities and it has seen more pussy than a porn star’s gynecologist.” Said the buxom bandit in response.

Nichole smiled and said, “Oh yeah! I forgot about that! It does kind of make it unique doesn’t it?”

“Yes! It does indeed! By the way, I am Ms. White and this is Mr. Black. Nice to meet you.” Ms. White replied almost cordially.

Troy looked at the pistol she was holding and said, “Can’t say the same lady!”

The female criminal said to him, “Now, before I forget, there were supposed to be four of you; where are the other two?”

“They didn’t show up for work! I think they were out partying too much last night.” replied Troy.

Upon hearing that, Ms. White smiled and said, “Good! That makes our job just that much easier! Now, while I’d love to chat with you, we are on a time schedule so, why don’t you both be polite host and show us over to the exhibit area?” Then added, “That’s not a request!”

They passed row upon row of automobiles varying from concept cars to antiques. The 1925 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost was the last one. To get it out, would require moving every car ahead of it. Troy realized it would take a hours to move the other cars out just to get enough room to move the antique Rolls Royce.

The only booth left belonged to a company specializing in custom tire inner tubes. It consisted of a backdrop with the company’s logo on it, some shelves containing examples of the company’s products, a metal table, and a small couch for the employees to sit on when on breaks.

The table was sturdy and about 30 inches wide and 84 inches long.

“Stop right here!” Said the female felon.

She paused a minute as she stood looking down the rows of vehicles they had all just passed and then turned to them to address them directly, “Since I can’t trust either of you to help us move the cars, I’ve decided to leave you both here while we do it. I just want to be sure that you wont try to escape and so now it’s show time lovers! Loose the clothes!” Then added, “All of them! ”

Troy looked the female robber straight in the eyes and said, “FUCK YOU LADY!”

“That was the wrong thing to say BUDDY!” Came the voice of the till then silent male robber.

Chapter Three – “Teaching Him A Lesson”

“FUCK ME? That’s no way to talk to a woman! Or are you that horny?” She said to him angrily. Then she turned to Nichole and said curtly, “Aren’t you giving him any honey?”
Not caring about watching her tongue, Nichole replied, “Don’t blame me! It’s not my fault he’s not interested! I don’t meet his high standards!”

“Is that a fact?” Ms. White said to her. Then added, “Well, I guess we will just have to teach how to appreciate a lady!”
While inwardly delighted at the prospect of seeing Troy’s stuffed shirt deflated a bit, Nichole was not quite sure she liked the way Ms. White had used the were “we” just then.

As Troy and Nichole were considering the possibilities of Ms. Whites last sentence, the female bandit was looking around the garage seemingly deep in thought.

After about a minute, she turned back to them and said, “OK, let’s start over. Loose the clothes!” Then she pointed her pistol directly at Troy’s crotch and added the word, “Please!”
That was followed by the voice of the male robber saying to Nichole, “You too Honey!”

While it was plainly obvious to both Troy and Nichole that they had no choice in the matter, Troy stood immobile until Nichole, who seemed to have no problem exposing herself in front of Troy and these two strangers, started undressing by taking off her blouse.

When she did, all could she her magnificent breasts and perky nipples for beneath her blouse she had not been wearing a bra.

His eyes fixed upon the floor, Troy one by one slowly slipped off his shoes and socks. While he was doing so, Nichole removed her sneakers and having no socks on, unbuttoned her shorts, pulled down the zipper, and began sliding them down to the floor and stepped out of them.

Mr. Black, who had been busy guarding Troy, glanced over Nichole and saw that Nichole was now almost nude except for a pair of very sheer, almost see-through, white panties.
In fact, the panties were so sheer that they provided the most beautiful view of Nichole’s neatly trimmed pussy. He looked back at Troy and said to him, “Are you gay or what?”

“Hell NO!” Troy said looking up at him.

Pointing at Nichole with his thumb, the male felon said, “Then tell me what’s with that!”

Troy, who was unbuttoning his shirt, casually looked over at Nichole who had just finished removing her panties. She was just standing there totally nude, smiling at him, with one hand on her waste as she twirled her panties around the index finger of her other hand.

He had looked at her for longer than he intended and the sight of her had the unexpected effect of awaking his penis from its slumber.

“Hurry up lover boy! Pretend you are in bed and finish up quickly!” Ms. White said to him impatiently.

Despite the dire circumstances they seemed to be in, Nichole giggled at the buxom felon’s last comment causing Troy to turn bright red in the face.

A minute later Troy stood there fully nude, his eyes fixed upon the floor, while he tried to cover his semi-erect penis with his hands.

“Why don’t you be a good girl and lay down on the table for me?” the full figured felon asked Nichole.

Nichole looked at her and asked, “Do I have a choice?”

“No!” replied the robber.

She had quickly realized that the woman was not likely to hurt her or Troy unless they gave her a problem. The robber simply wanted to embarrass Troy and that Nichole herself just happened to be the tool she was using to do it. Since they were not being harmed, she decided to play along with and not give her any resistance. Besides, she was taking great pleasure herself, in seeing Troy expose himself. And so, tossing her panties to the floor, Nichole shrugged and did as she was told.

“OK, your turn now lover boy, climb right between those sexy legs of hers.” Ms. White instructed Troy causing his prick to become fully erect.

Shocked, Troy said to the beautiful villain as he tried more desperately to cover his erection, “Wait a minute! You’re not going to make me have sex with her are you?”

“What the two of you do once you’re there is up to you. I really don’t care. But you are going to climb on top of her.” Ms. White replied and motioned to Nichole.

Noticing that Troy’s hands were trying unsuccessfully to cover his erection, the female criminal said to Nichole, “I don’t know what made you think he’s not interested in you, but I would say that is irrefutable evidence to the contrary, wouldn’t you?”

“Na, I think he likes you!” Nichole said, giggling once more.

Troy gave Nichole a vexed look and simply stood there unmoving until he heard her say tauntingly, “Chicken! What’s the matter, afraid I might bite you?”

Upon hearing that, Troy got climbed up onto the table between her legs and stared down at her defiantly with his hard prick laying on her pelvis and the weight of his upper body supported on his forearms.

“Very nice, lover boy!” commented the vivacious villain as she removed a pair of handcuffs from one of her pockets and locked one end around his left wrist and then the other end around a support bar running under that side of the table. Then, she walked around the other side of the table and used another set of handcuffs to similarly secure his right wrist to that side of the table.

After she had retrieved one of the cylindrical shaped cushions from the arm of the couch, Ms. White said to Nichole, “Since you’ve been so cooperative, would you mind bending your knees back until your feet are flat on the table for me please?”

“Since you asked so nicely, sure.” Nichole said as she complied.

Next Ms. White said to Troy, “Lift your weight off of her and hold it there until I tell you to stop!”

Troy decided to just lay there unmoving until Ms. White smacked him hard on the ass and said, “Now damn it!” Upon which, he lifted his body off of Nichole as much as he could.

The female bandit looked at Nichole once more and said, “Raise your cute butt up off the table for me, will you?”

As Nichole did so, Ms. White pushed the cushion right under the lower part of Nichole’s ass. Then she said to Nichole, “OK, you can lower your ass now.”

When Nichole lowered her ass to the cushion, she found was now elevated several inches off the table and her pussy was almost parallel with the table top.

Ms. White next said to Troy, “Go ahead and drop your weight now lover boy.”

When he did, the full length of Troy’s cock lay right in the furrow of Nichole’s pussy. The head of his cock extended just about an inch and a half above her clit and the intimate contact of they’re genitals surprised both Troy and Nichole.
Ms. White then took another pair of handcuffs and locked one end of it around Nichole’s left ankle. Next she took the other end and locked it to the crossbar under the center table that ran from one support bar to the other. Removing another pair of handcuffs from one of her other pockets, she walked around the table and did the same thing to Nichole’s right ankle. The handcuffs now prevented Nichole from moving her ankles more than a few inches in any direction.

Having finished securing Nichole’s ankles, Ms. White then retrieved a knife the canvas bag the robbers had brought and used it to cut two of the bicycle inner tubes so that they each became long tubular pieces of rubber.

She took one of the tubes of rubber, tied it to the support bar under the table, and took the other end and pulled it under Nichole’s left knee and then over Troy’s right ass-cheek. She then ran it under his left leg and Nichole’s right knee before she tied it to the support bar under the other side of the table. After that, she similarly secured his other ass cheek with the other tube of rubber. It left him very little room to move.

“Well now, isn’t that much better?” She said to them as she stood there admiring her handiwork.

Troy looked over at her and said flippantly, “NO!”

“What’s the matter? Don’t you like being between your girlfriend’s legs? I don’t hear her complaining about it!” Ms. White said before adding to Nichole, “If he doesn’t get interested now, he never will!”

Then, as the two robbers turned and walking away, she called over her shoulder, “Well be back when we have finished to let you free. Don’t wear him out too much Sweety, I don’t think he can take it!”

Chapter Four – “The Big tease

Once the two felons had left, Nichole said to Troy teasingly, “Been thinking about me lately, have you?”

The fact that she was right made him more embarrassed than ever but he tried to cover the fact by saying to her, “Don’t flatter yourself!”

“Yeah! Right!” she said to him, a sarcastic tone of disbelief in her voice.

Her openly mocking him didn’t help any. The last thing he wanted right now was to let her think she was right so he said to her, “I wouldn’t fuck you if you were the last woman on earth!”

That pissed Nichole off and realized that the situation they were in provided her the perfect opportunity to make him pay for his words. She knew just the way to do it too! She deciding to give him a little taste of the frustration she had been going through all these months while she waited for him to show her some attention. And so, Nichole started moving her pelvis back and forth causing the full underside of his cock to ride through her moist pussy lips as she did.

When he realized what she was doing, Troy looked down at her and said, “What the hell do you think you are doing?”

“Well Casanova, while I’ve been waiting all this time for you to get interested, I’ve become very horny. So, since you apparently aren’t willing to do anything else, this is the best way I can get some release until I can find a real man!” She said to him tauntingly.

She had continuing to move as she spoke and Nichole began to notice a very enjoyable tingle each time his cock slid lengthwise along her clit.

As he started to feel a similar tingle running through the underside of his cock, he said to her, “You’ve got to be kidding me!”

“Nope! At least this night wont be a total waste!” Nichole responded as the tingling became stronger. Then added, “What’s the matter? Doesn’t it feel good?”

Without thinking he blurted out, “Yes!” then tried quickly to recover and said, “I mean no!”

“You mean you don’t know?” Nichole said while still moving her pelvis tantalizingly.

Finding it more difficult to think clearly, Troy said to her, “Of course I do!”

“Well which is it? Does it feel good or doesn’t it?” She asked without ceasing her erotic rubbing onto his cock.

He wasn’t about to tell her the truth. Instead he said to her pleadingly, “This is a joke, right?”

“Answer me!” She insisted and began taunting him more by moving her pelvis a bit faster causing the tingling feeling to become stronger for both of them.

Beginning to enjoy the feeling more than he wanted to giving the situation, he said to her, “No!”

“No what?” She asked. Her pussy was now soaking wet and she was finding it difficult to control the position of his cock now that the bottom of it had become very wet with her juices.

He had to tell her something fast because the feeling was becoming too much for him to endure so he said, “YES DAMN IT!”

“YES WHAT?” she said back to him in mock ignorance. She knew full well what he meant but she wanted to hear him say it. Besides, she really didn’t want to stop just yet because she was enjoying the feeling of his dick on her pussy way too much now.

He knew he was loosing what little self-control he had when his hips began to move slightly causing the head of his cock to start bumping up against her clit. In desperation he said to her, “YES IT FEELS GOOD, OK?”

She had heard him, but when the head of his prick had started hitting her clit, the jolts it was causing became too intense for her to stop. So, instead of stopping, she began rubbing the mouth of her pussy frantically around the head of his cock.

When he realized what she was doing he said to her, “You heard want you wanted, aren’t you going to stop now?”

“Not yet, I’m not quite there yet!” she replied. She was beginning to pant heavily now. Then added, “God, this feels so good! Too bad you don’t want to share it with me!”

And it did, for both of them! For his cock had slipped from the mouth of her pussy causing the bottom to ride once again full length through her pussy lips and across her clit. “This is torture” he said, “and you know it!”

“Don’t worry.” she said between pants, “I’m almost finished” Then added, “Besides, just because you like to suffer doesn’t mean I do!”

He knew if she didn’t stop soon he was going to cum. Hoping that if he could break contact with her for even a few seconds that it might prevent his fast approaching orgasm, he used all his strength and pulled back hard against the rubber tubes on his ass and tried to lift his prick off of her pussy. The result was something neither of them expected.

At the exact moment he raised his pelvis, Nichole chose to once more begin rubbing the head of his cock around the mouth of her pussy. His pulling back caused the head of his cock to fall downwards. The tip of his dick was now resting just at the mouth of her pussy.

She didn’t know that his cock-head was not pointed safely upwards when she began pushing her pussy against it in a grinding motion. Just at that moment, the force exerted by the rubber tubes became too great and he found himself suddenly being pushed forward.

Chapter Five – “Unexpected Complications”

“FUCK!” they both cried in unison as, without warning, his cock buried deeply into her hot wet pussy causing them both to gasp for air.

Surprised, they both lay there motionless for a several seconds as her pussy squeezed uncontrollably his throbbing cock.

It was no longer a game now. If he really wanted her, he would have to admit it to her now, for if he did not, she would make every effort to extricate him from her and would never speak of the event with him again. While she might taunt, tease and tantalize him, she would never force him to fuck her.

“I thought you said you wouldn’t fuck me if I were the last woman on earth!” She said to him teasingly even though she knew he had not done it intentionally and then giggled causing her pussy to massage his cock sending a jolt of pleasure through both of them.

Trying unsuccessfully to ignore the wonderful effect her warm wet pussy was having on his dick, Troy retorted, “You know damn well I didn’t do that on purpose!”

“Let me guess, you slipped in by accident?” She said in a taunting tone. Then added, “Well, if that’s true, pull it out!”, while inwardly she hoped he would not.

‘God, her pussy feels so good!’ He thought to himself, ‘If I don’t pull out of her fast I won’t be able to stop myself.’

His mind and body in conflict, he said to her, “Don’t worry! I will!” and he moved his hips backward in an attempt to pull out of her. He had all but the last inch of his cock out, but despite the fact that he was pushing as hard as he could against the rubber tubes, he could not get it out of her. His strength fading, he found himself being suddenly pushed forward until he was again buried deeply into her pussy!

“Oh Shit!” he said, as he his felt cock being once again enveloped by the warm inviting softness of her pussy.
She moaned in ecstasy when her pussy began once again to quiver around his cock. She couldn’t help herself when she said to him, “Oh Baby, that was a good one! Changed your mind, huh? Why not just admit you’ve been wanting to do this for a long time?”

“No!” he said, his mind struggling with the urge to fuck her, he once more began to pull his prick from her pussy pushing back on the bands with all his might.

A wave of pleasure went though both of their bodies as he pulled his cock from her pussy, this time to have it leave her completely. When he angeled his cock upward and shoved to push it back onto her torso, the head of his cocked struck her clit forcefully. The unexpected contact on her clit caused her to rotate her pelvis upward suddenly in surprise.

The head of his cock fell right into the mouth of her pussy as he began thrusting upward again.

Feeling no contact on his cock, he believed it would simply slide up onto her torso as he began to shove it upward. But the angle was wrong. Instead of the head of his cock riding up and over the mouth of her pussy, it impacted the bottom of her clit. Her body responding automatically, she pushed down hard onto the invading penis.

Gasping suddenly for breath, she clinched her fists as his cock, now entering in an upward angle, rubbed her g-spot as it penetrated her to the hilt causing her body to writhe in orgasm.

Her spasming pussy messaged his cock as wave after wave of pleasure rocked her body sending him to the very brink of his own orgasm.

When the waves began to subside, she looked up at him, and said, “That was fucking great! Still say you don’t want to fuck me?”

“No!” He cried out with the last ounce of self-control he had.

Wanting to hear him say it, she said to him, “NO WHAT?”

He relented, casting aside his pride he said to her, “No! I want to fuck you! I’ve wanted you since the first day I saw you. Your the sexiest woman I have ever seen and I love you more than I ever dreamed possible!”

Hearing the words she had been waiting for, she wrapped her arms around him, and as she began to pull him to her, said, “Kiss me Baby!” and then kissed him passionately.

Chapter Six – “Resignation”

With their tongues intertwining, he began thrusting rapidly into her pussy. Each time he entered her, the base of his cock struck her clit sending a powerful jolt through her pussy. Also with each stroke into her, the head of his penis rubbed right onto her g-spot and after but a few strokes into her she began again writhing in orgasm.

The feeling of her body undulating beneath him as she thrust her tongue even more passionately into his mouth sent him over the edge. He buried his cock to the hilt one final time and began filling her devouring pussy with his seed.

“Ummph!” she said into his mouth for just as her orgasm had began to diminish. He suddenly exploded into her and his cock suddenly started throbbing against her g-spot sending her unexpectedly into another even more powerful orgasm surprising both of them.

When their orgasms had subsided, they lay there kissing each other passionately for several minutes. Finally, they heard the sounds of footsteps approaching.

Ms. White, seeing them erotically coupled, said to Nichole, “Well, I guess you taught him how to treat a lady after all. If I had more time I’d…”

The female felon did not get a chance to finish her sentence as she was cut short by Nichole saying, “Go get your own man! This one’s right where he’s supposed to be! He’s mine now!”

“Your loss lover boy! Too bad, it might have been fun!” replied Ms. White as she began un-cuffing Troy’s left hand. After it was free, she handed him the keys to the other hand cuffs and said, “I think you can take if from here. Ta Ta Lovers.” Then, the two robbers left the lovers and made their exit.

Chapter Seven – “The Big Question”

While they lay there, Nichole looked up at Troy and said, “I don’t think I will wait for you to get around to asking, you take too long, so I’ll make the first move again… Will you marry me?”

“What did you say?” Troy said shocked.

She looked him straight in the eyes and said, “I said, will you marry me?”

He gave up. He realized that it was not the 19th century and she was a modern woman. It was time he started living in the 21st century. Since she knew what she wanted and was not afraid to ask for it, it was time that he accepted her for the way she was and so he began answered her.

“Under one condition, I want an old fashion wedding in which I’m the one who gets to wear the pants.” he replied.

Nichole suddenly got a funny look on her face and said, “So do I but I’m sorry, I can’t promise that.”

“Huh? I don’t get it; you said you want an old fashion wedding too?” he said to her with a puzzled look on his face.

She began to explain, “I forgot to tell you, I’m a nudist. So you see, nobody will be wearing pants at our wedding!” Then she added, “Or anything else for that matter! OK?”

He simply shook his head in disbelief and then nodded affirmatively before kissing her again.

When they broke the kiss, he said to her, “By the way, what’s your father going to say about all this? Isn’t it kind of sudden?”

“Don’t worry about that; he likes you. He thinks you’re kind of old fashioned, but he likes you. Besides, I told him last night I was going to ask you to marry me.”

With a look of concern on his face, Troy said to her, “You know, with what I make we won’t be able to live in a lifestyle you are accustomed to.”

“Don’t worry about that either.” She said joyfully, “Daddy’s not just the boss; he’s also the owner. He told me he had been looking for a good excuse to retire anyway. My getting married was it. This morning he signed the business over to me as a wedding present! Want to call your parents and tell them the good news?”

“Nah, let it wait until the morning.” he replied. And then, taking one of her nipples in his mouth, he began gently sucking as he rolled his tongue about it causing her to begin moaning softly, said, “Besides, I’m quite happy where I am right now.”

Just when he thought she couldn’t surprise him any more she looked up at him, giggled and said, “By the way, what did you think of my sister?”

“What?” having no clue what she was talking about, he asked while moving his mouth to her other nipple.

He had just begun to nibble it gently, when she said, “My sister, in the magazine you bought, that was my sister. We’re twins. You’ve been looking at her for months now!”


Being impatient, Nichole and Troy were married three days later. Representatives from both the bride’s and the groom’s families were in attendance. In every room of the resort the wedding took place were two bottles, one was champagne and the other suntan lotion. A good time was had by all.

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