The train ride

Author: Martino

This Story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and
incidents are either products of the imagination, or used fictitiously. Any
resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead, is entirely
coincidental. Copyright 2002 Martino Productions.


This was a much larger airport then I expected, here in Saint Petersburg, Russia
. I had just finished with customs, and now all that was left was to pick up my
bags and meet her in the lobby. It had been a long wait, but I was finally
here, and we would finally meet:I couldn’t wait to hold her and actually feel
her lips on mine:
Hell, I’ll get the bags later, I want to see her now ! I walked into the lobby
and there were many people there:but my eyes scanned the lobby from one point to
the other:finally our eyes met, she was only about 10 meters from me: she was
wearing her white dress:the one in the picture of her that I put in the forest
scene:and she looked just beautiful:.. I was dressed all in black because I
knew, this was the color she liked to see me in:.

She was a 36 year old model/actress, 5′ 3″ 110 lbs, with very large breast for a
short girl:. 38 C, she had long black hair, and a smile to die for. We had met
on the internet about a year ago now, and through our emails had fallen in love.

We tried to walk towards each other:but it was more of a run:and she was smiling
her wonderful big smile that just turned me right on:in fact, as soon as our
eyes met, I felt turned on ! We embraced each other and kissed on the
lips:such a soft and tender kiss, her lips were even better then I had imagined
all these months:and she stuck her tongue in my mouth and touched mine and I
thought my heart was going to stop right there !!!!! WOW:such a kiss:it was
well worth waiting for:I squeezed her tight, and I could feel her beautiful
round breast pressing against my chest, and I let one of my hands drop down to
her butt:.I couldn’t help but rub it:.and it was so fine !!!! After a few
seconds, we stopped kissing and said hello, and then she said hurry, I have a
taxi waiting, my Mother and my Sister are waiting for us at the restaurant:So we
grabbed my bags and hurried to the taxi:.

We threw my bags in the back trunk, and she spoke to the driver in Russian, and
then we got into the back seat:.we had waited so long for this day that we
didn’t even talk:.we just embraced each other and kissed:.and she rubbed her
breast against my chest, and I reach around her and rubbed her buttocks:. before
we knew what was happening, we were stopping at the restaurant !:.she spoke to
the driver in Russian again, and told me he would take the bags to the train
Then we walked into the restaurant:she spoke to the hostess and they brought us
to a table where her Mother and her Sister were waiting for us:.
They had saved seats across the table from each other for us:she introduced me
to her family and I gave them both a hug and a kiss on the cheek:then we sat
I had, had a little lunch on the plane, and I wasn’t really hungry, plus, I was
much too excited to eat:. food that is:. Oh I wanted to eat alright :. HER !!!!!

They ordered their meal and I ordered a salad and we started to talk, of course
she had to translate everything I said and then everything they said:but we were
all understanding each other :.when the meals came and I was eating my salad, I
felt something on my leg:it was moving up my leg:. I thought for a moment that
there were small animals in the restaurant !: I didn’t want to scare then by
moving too fast, so I just brushed my hand on my leg:.and to my surprise, it was
a foot !!!
I let go of it and looked across the table at her, and she smiled:.then I knew
it was her foot, she was rubbing it up my leg:. and she had taken her shoe off
and it was on the floor, she was walking her toes up my leg and getting very
close to my maleness:. It was getting me excited and I tried not to show any
emotion, so her Mother and her Sister wouldn’t know what she was doing:.I tried
to motion to her with facial expressions to stop:but she would only smile her
naughty smile, and she knew she was turning me on and teasing me, and she just

Well, I thought for a moment, then I said to myself, ok:two can play this
game:so I kicked off my shoe and started to rub it up her leg:. once she felt my
leg on hers:she moved hers up and down a little quicker and smiled even more at
So I moved my toes up and found that special spot between her legs: and using my
toes, I started to massage it:. I looked over to her and looked in her eyes, and
I could see that she was trying to remain calm like nothing was happening, but I
could tell by the look in her eyes, I was now turning her on too:. I thought
this would make her stop and we could finish our meal, and talk some more with
her Mother and her Sister: but no:she moved her toes up my leg further, and this
time she found my maleness:and she started to massage it up and down with her
toes:.I opened my eyes wide to her, as a signal to stop:.but she just winked and
blew me a kiss:..

My heart was beating fast now, and I was starting to breath a little deeper and
faster: and I could feel my shaft getting very hard:she was driving me crazy:
but I had waited so long for her to do this and I was very happy, but nervous
that her Mother or her Sister would catch us ! Then her Mother said something
to her in Russian, and my heart jumped into my mouth, I was sure that she knew
what we were doing:.She answered her Mother, and looked at me and said, my
Mother just reminded us that we have to hurry if we are going to catch the
Her Mother and her Sister were going to stay in St. Petersburg for a couple of
days and we were going to take the train back to her house: this would be great,
because, it meant that we would be alone there for a couple of days, except for
the cat and the parrot ! I said I was ready anytime, and she said she was too,
so we said goodbye to her Mother and Sister and put our shoes on and left to get
a taxi again:.

We were both laughing as we were trying to put our shoes on as we left the
restaurant:. And her Mother and Sister were looking at us as we left, and they
couldn’t figure out why our shoes were off:. As we walked out I said to her:
what were you doing ?!:and she laughed and said, did you like it ? and I said,
your Mother and your Sister were right there ! and she laughed and said, but did
you like it ? As we reached the taxi, I said yes, and opened the door for her
and we got in:.
She told the driver where we were going and he drove off:. as soon as he drove:
she grabbed me and started kissing me again:. and she reached down with her hand
and started to rub the front of my pants with her hand:..

Her lips were so tender and sweet and her tongue was touching mine, darting in
and out, and I could feel the sensations going through my body: it was so much
better then anything I had imagined in our emails all these months: and she
pressed her breast into me, and I reached down under her dress and found her
panties.. and I moved then aside and stuck my finger in her: I moved it up and
down and in and out, and she started to breath a little faster:.with my other
hand I unbuttoned her blouse, pushed her bra up out of the way, and moved my
lips to her wonderful round breast and sucked on her nipple:.. I took my hand
and rubbed her other nipple while I continues to suck and roll my tongue across
her first nipple:.she pushed her breast into my face and moved them around to
help me:.
and I moved my finger in deeper to her and moved it faster:.We had both waited
so long to be together and touch each other like this, and it was fantastic:..

I wasn’t sure how long the taxi ride would be, or how far the train station was,
but I really didn’t care:we were together now, in person and touching each other
and it was so wonderful:..she reached down and unzipped my pants and reached in
and took hold of my very firm male part:.and she moved my underpants down out of
the way, and stroked it up and down:..I pulled her breast deeper into my mouth
and sucked harder and moved my tongue faster and moved my finger that was inside
her faster too:.she was pressing her spot up into my hand and moving her hips
around and I could feel that I was touching her special spot inside her and her
juices were my surprise:she pulled back and bent down and put her
lips around my shaft and started to move it in and out of her mouth:..I could
feel the sensation going up my spine and through my body and she sucked a little
harder as she moved it in and out of her beautiful mouth::. I moved my finger
faster inside her and stroked her hair with my hand and I could feel her body
was reacting to my touch:..My shaft was pulsating now and my body was starting
to shake.. and all of a sudden she sat up:.The taxi had stopped !!!! we quickly
put our clothed back together, we were at the train station:.

We got out of the taxi and went inside and found my bags that the other taxi
driver had dropped off for us:. She has already bought the tickets for the
train, so we just walked to the train and got on:. she was leading me through
all the cars:it was as if she knew exactly which car she wanted us to sit in:.
so I followed her:. after all, she had been on this train many times before, and
this was only my first time, so I followed her and she took me into a sleeping
car:. she opened the door to one of the small rooms, which had two beds in it,
and we went in:.. she closed the door and put her arms around me again and we
started to kiss, and our tongues were darting in and out of our mouths very
rapidly and moving all around our mouths:first inside of her mouth, then inside
of mine and our bodies were both pulsating from the pleasure we were giving each
other:suddenly their was a knock on the door, and we stopped:she opened the door
and the man said something to her, and she handed him our tickets and closed the
door:.then, she locked the door: and said:now we will have our privacy:..

She pushed me down on the bed and started to unbuckle my belt:she unzipped my
pants and pulled then down and off me:..she reached for a pillow and threw it on
the floor at my feet and then knelt down on it:then she pulled my underpants
down and put my shaft back in her became hard immediately just as
soon as her lips touched it:and she reached down with both her hands and took my
testicles in them and began to massage then tenderly with passion:.
She was moving her mouth up and down my shaft very slowly and it began to
pulsate: then she started to move her tongue around the top part of it while she
moved it in and out of her mouth: I could feel like an electric shock go through
my whole body:.. she massaged my testicles a little harder now as she moved her
mouth up and down my throbbing shaft:..This was better then any email story I
had ever read:it was so wonderful and exciting:. we were finally together and
loving each other:. she was making me feel so wonderful: I couldn’t believe this
wasn’t just a dream: I took my hand and put it on my arm and pinched myself to
see if I would wake up from this dream: but this was no dream: this was real
and I couldn’t believe the great feelings that were going through my body, and
how she was making me feel:. everything she was doing was fantastic: it was like
magic: her lips, her tongue, her hands on my testicles, the way she moved her
mouth:. making me pulsate and throb:.

I reach over her back and unzipped her dress and started to pull it over her
head: she stopped long enough for me to get her dress off, but them went right
back to moving her mouth up and down on my shaft:.. I unhooked her bra and
pulled it off her and reached down and took both of her breast in my hands and I
started to massage them:. Her nipples were hard now and I knew she was very
excited: and I rolled her nipples between my fingers on both breast at the same
She moved her tongue around my shaft faster now and moved her mouth up and down
faster as she gently squeezed my testicles and rolled them in her hand:.
Oh my, I was really throbbing now, and I could feel the sensation building up:.
she could too:she could feel the throbbing in her mouth and it made her use a
little more pressure with her lips and suck a little harder:.. I grabbed her
hips and pulled them up toward my face and she turned her body so I could place
her spot on my lips:. I rubbed the front of her with my hand as I thrust my
tongue into her:.
she moved her hips down to a comfortable position and I reached up with both my
hands and placed them on her buttocks and pulled her closer into my face:.

I moved my tongue in and out of her slowly at first, but as I felt her start to
pulsate, I moved it in and out faster, and then up and down, and then around in
circles:and I sucked with passionate pressure and moved my face all around her
she was pulsating more now and I could also feel a few spasms and heard a quite
moan of pleasure:. I touched just the right spot with my tongue, and she put a
little more pressure on her lips and moved her tongue even faster and rolled my
testicles with a little more pressure and faster:. Oh Lord: I couldn’t wait any
longer: I exploded in her mouth and she moved faster and squeezes harder:. this
made my whole body shake and tremble, and it was so good:.

I plunged my tongue deeper into her and moved it faster now and sucked even
harder, and now I could feel her body tense up for a second and then tremble and
I could feel her juices in my mouth:. she was moving her hips all around now
very rapidly and moaning with great delight:.pushing her spot into my mouth
further, and I reach up to her buttocks and pulled her deeper into my tongue:.
Her juices were still flowing and she was moving her hips all around: I could
tell that she was really enjoying what I was doing and it made me want to do it
My tongue was darting in and out of her, and moving all around faster then a
humming birds wings move, and she was moving all around and her juices were
still flowing and flowing and it was wonderful:. she could feel the electric
shock going up her spine and across to her breast and back down to her spot all
in a very few seconds and then, they would start again:she was having mutable
orgasms now, and her whole body was shaking with delight:and she was enjoying it
so much:..

She was still sucking and moving my shaft in and out of her mouth:and it was
still very hard:.. we had both had orgasms now, but still we didn’t stop:.
We were enjoying each other so much that we didn’t even feel the train moving,
or hear the sounds: all we could hear was each others heart beating very fast:.
I reached down to her shoulders and gently pulled her up toward me, as she moved
her body down, I turned her around to face me and she sat on my shaft:.
She started to move her body up and down on it, and I pulled her closer and took
her breast in my mouth:.. I alternated sucking then licking the nipple, as she
moved up and down on my shaft, and I push my body up to meet her when it came
down and I pushed my shaft deep inside her and she would move her hip around so
it would hit the spots she wanted it to hit:. I held her breast in my hand and
moved it around as I sucked and licked the nipple: and the nipple was very hard
now: and I could tell by her movements that very time I would suck on the
nipple and move my tongue around it, she would pulsate in her breast: and she
would get this wonderful feeling going all through her body:. she was moaning a
little more now and a little louder:and her heart was beating very fast and her
breathing was very deep and quick:.

She was riding my shaft very fast now and I could feel the juices flowing out of
her onto my body, and I would thrust harder into her now and she would push
deeper into me:.and then she would roll her hips around and drive me crazy:.. I
could feel my shaft throbbing again and she could also feel it inside her, and
she moved even faster now and the pressure was building up in my testicles
again:. and she knew it:she could sense that I was going to explode and she
pushed me deeper into her, then she reached down and took my testicles in her
hands and squeezed then with just enough pressure that made me explode:and when
I did she moved her hand around my testicles, squeezing lightly: and I just kept
exploding and exploding like I was never going to stop:.. I had never felt an
orgasms like this before in my life: it was like it would never stop: and it
took my breath away for a second and I thought I was going to pass out !: It was
remarkable and fantastic, and wonderful all in one, there are no words to
describe the great feeling she was giving me:..

I turned her around and mounted her from the back:. I pulled her hips up into me
and thrust my shaft deep inside her: as I did this I reached around her body and
put my finger on a spot at the top of her opening and moved it all around:.
I would pull my shaft out slowly and then thrust it back in hard:.faster and
faster, and move my finger up and down on her sensitive spot at the same time:.
in and out: faster and faster: I could feel her insides pulsating and trembling
and I pushed deeper: as I felt her juices flow again I moved my finger very
rapidly on her sensitive spot and she moaned and squirmed and moved her hips
into me:.
I felt her insides spasm again and I knew her juices would be flowing again: but
this was only two times in a row and I wanted to give her more:. I moved my
finger stronger now and faster as I thrust my shaft deeper in to her:and then I
felt her climax again:.. her whole body was trembling, and we were both sweating
very much: I reached around her and took both her breast in my hands and rolled
her nipples in my fingers, then I squeezed them with tender passion, and rubbed
her body was still shaking and I rolled her over and put her legs, way up on my
shoulder, and thrust my shaft into her again as deep as it would go: and as I
pushed it in all the way, I rolled my hips around in circles and touched all her
spots in side:. I pushed her legs way up near her head so I could get in
deeper, and I was close enough to put my lips on her breast at the same time:.I
sucked on her nipple as I thrust myself deeper into her,,, and her body shook
again: I could feel her pulsating inside again and I knew she was going to have
another orgasm: I reached down to the front of her spot again and rubbed that
sensitive spot fast and hard and I could feel her explode in side:. as I put my
lips on her breast and sucked hard while moving my tongue all around her
nipple:.. her body trembled again and she was moaning, and moving her hips all
around and I moved in and out of her faster and faster and she was having
another orgasm : to my surprise, she reach down under me and grabbed my
trestles in her hand and squeezed: and I again exploded immediately : I wasn’t
expecting to explode again that fast, but she had a special touch and knew just
how to touch me, and where, and when: and I couldn’t hold it back:she made me

I brought her legs down to the bed and we laid there with me still in her: and
I kissed her passionately on her lips:. with my hand I still rubbed her breast
lightly:. and we kissed and touched tongues:. I moved my hips around a little:
slowly and she moved hers slowly: and I rubbing her breast and her nipples very
lightly now: I put my hands under her waist and held her tight as I moved very
slow in and out of her: our tongues were still touching and we could still feel
the electricity in each other: we were still giving each other energy and we
were both feeling wonderful:.

My shaft was getting soft now: ( I’m sorry) so I rolled off her and laid
beside her: with my hand, I still massaged the front of her opening and slipped
my finger in every now and again: as we kissed, I kept rubbing the front of her
and could feel her tremble once in a while : I kissed her neck lightly and moved
my hand up and down her chest from her spot to her breast and back down again:.
lightly I touched her body and slipped my finger into her just a little: I used
a feather touch to caress her body with my hand from her breast to her spot: up
and down. .up and down: very lightly: like a feather going over her body:
and she was enjoying it and slowly coming to herself: I kissed her neck ever so
lightly: I was trying to give her some small sensations without turning her on
again, but I wanted to keep her having some small sensations, as she regained

Her breathing was normal again, and her heart beat had slowed down, she had
stopped trembling, and seemed to be coming to herself :. we rolled on our sides
and held each other:. we were both wet from sweat and our love juices:
but we were together at last: and that’s all that really mattered::
As we laid there holding each other : now we could feel the movement of the
train:. and we decide that we would both take a hot bath when we got to her
house:. and then we both laughed: because we remembered what I had written an
email about us taking a bath together !!!!!!!

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