Danny loves White Girls & White Girls Love Him

You”d think a black janitor living in the heart of a place like New York City would never get laid. But not Danny. He”s an ex-athlete with a bum knee and semi-arthritic shoulder, but he”s got a smooth line and a big dick to back it up. And the women eat it up. Especially the white chicks.

The first time I met Danny, we both worked the swing shift cleaning upscale apartments and condos for a company named Wiggins Cleaning Services. old man Wiggins let us pretty much do what we wanted as long as the buildings we were assigned were clean and the residents didn”t complain.

My first night, Danny spotted some chick in a mink stole and started making time with the dame right there on Park Avenue in front of her husband as they waited for a cab! This guy had balls! And the rich white guy was either clueless or he got off on the flirting Danny was dishing out to his wife, because he never so much as raised an eyebrow. I couldn”t believe it, but then what happened next really blew me away.

The rich husband missed it, but I saw the white chick take out a business card and write something on the back of it then handed it to Danny. She”d given him her private cel phone number!

I guess it”s the excitement of the forbidden or the thrill of slumming, or the turn-on of doing it with a jock that makes these women fall for Danny, but I could never figure it out. The guy had no money, no education and no future.

Anyway, I razzed Danny about his pick-up, but he was nonchalant.

“Hell, I get two or three of these a week,” he bragged. “If you want, you can hide in the room somewhere and watch us do it. Might break the boredom for you some night.”

“You could do that”” I asked, incredulous. “You could fuck some stranger while another stranger watched””

“Sure,” he said, taking a drag on his cigarette. “Once in a while, the husbands actually ask if they could watch me fuck their women. It was freaky the first time or two, but after that…” His voice trailed off and he took another drag.

I decided to take him up on his invitation.

A couple of nights later, after we”d finished cleaning a floor, Danny snuck me into this lady”s apartment. It was a typical, posh Park Avenue place. He knew where to hide me and told me to keep very quiet. If she ever found out I was watching, she”d have us both fired and then hauled off to jail for trespassing.

One of the first images I remember seeing from my vantage point was of this white lady”s beautiful white ass. It was so white it was almost like porcelain, expecially since it glistened a little from the sweat off her body. She had no tan lines or anything—just smooth and clean, her pubic hair perfectly coiffed. Shit, she probably had her pubes trimmed just for this event!

Danny immediately stripped and forced her head down to his enormous cock. One thing I noticed right away was that these women like things a little rough—not TOO rough, mind you—just dangerous enough to shake the terminal boredom of their lives. Danny was willing to oblige them, and he made this one swallow his penis into her throat until she choked. But she loved it and started making grunting noises from her throat each time she lowered and raised her pursed, wet lips over his dick. The other thing I noticed:they especially liked dirty talk. Lots of it.

“You like sucking mandingo dick, don”tcha baby””

“Mm-hm! I love it! I want it forever and ever! Make me eat it, Danny, make me swallow it whole!”

“Then suck my black cock, suck it good…that”s it, rub my balls, baby, rub them. Now squeeze them!”

She dug her ruby red nails into his groin, making him wince a little, forcing him to arch his hips further forward so that his penis slid even deeper into her mouth.

Her mouth was closed around his penis but you could definitely hear her shriek as he jammed his shaft well down her windpipe, nearly choking her.

She pulled her head off his dick for a moment. “Can I lick them, Danny” Can I lick your gorgeous black balls? There was a desperation in her voice.

“Yes, you can lick them.”

She turned her head and twisted her neck until her mouth was fully between his thighs and she began licking and slurping on his huge, hairy gonads. Then she alternated between licking his balls and sucking his dick. This lady was like someone who hadn”t had a meal in days. She tore into his cock like she hadn”t seen one in years. This went on for a good twenty minutes before Danny finally shot his load of jism all over her face and hair and onto her tongue.

Then Danny went for the main course, the fucking. He pounded this woman”s pussy like nothing I”d ever seen before. I thought to myself that this guy should be doing porn films or something. He lifted her butt into the air with one arm and he moved and twisted his hips around, poking and prodding her g-spot like a pro. Then he”d slide way out of her pussy, then plunge way in. He had her screeching at the top of her lungs after only a few minutes of this.

She rode him to a series of multiple orgasms. I”ve never had a woman acheive an orgasm as fast as this one did. Virtually from the moment he entered her, Danny had her writhing and jerking spasmodically. She was fully spent by the time he unloaded inside of her, but his orgasm caused her to have another one, and she arched her back in time to his explosion one last time before they both shuddered and collapsed.

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