Sumo Lust

Author: Steph

It was spring. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, the flowers were blooming and the dogs were crapping in the bushes. I was sitting on a park bench with my Fantastic Four graphic novel. I really liked Wieringo’s artwork. I guess some people thought I was a bit old for comics. I’d been to college for a few years, until I blew out my knee playing offensive line.

I guess you figured out by now that I’m a big guy. At six foot five and probably somewhere around 350, I catch a few second looks. But at twenty-six years old and I was still a virgin. That was about to change, big time.

Living in New York you get used to people screaming in all kinds of languages. At first I didn’t even look up from my book. When I heard the running footsteps I turned in their direction. A skinny little guy was running toward my bench. Right on his heels was a large young oriental woman. The guy was carrying a purse. He didn’t look like the purse carrying kind. I jumped off the bench and hit him with a pancake block. He dropped like wet cement. Then he glared up at me and reached inside his baggy pants. The gun had almost cleared his waistband when the big girl landed full force on top of him. All the air rushed out of his lungs. She was pounding his head into the grass when the cops showed up to take him away.

The girl introduced herself as Hisa and told me I’d been a very brave man. Now that things had calmed down, I’d finally had a chance to see how pretty she was. She didn’t look much older than twenty. She had beautiful almond shaped eyes, her long, silky black hair was tied back in a ponytail. Her sweat suit revealed a nice round set of tits and a friendly looking rump. When she kissed me on the cheek I noticed that she smelled like spice and flowers. I tried to start a conversation, knowing that I was going to sound stupid, as I always did around women I was attracted to.

“You run pretty fast.”

“Thank you,” she said with lowered eyes, “Training is very important.”

I looked at her large body and knew, for sure, that she wasn’t training for a road race.

“Training?” I asked with my usual eloquence.

“I am here from Japan for shin-zumo tournament. So sorry, female sumo wrestling is shin-zumo.”

I didn’t even know women did sumo wrestling, much less that they had international tournaments. I was trying to figure out something to say when Hisa picked up my fallen Fantastic Four collection and handed it back to me.

“You like the comic art, I see,” she said with a light accent.

I started to explain but she cut me off with her own praise of Wieringo’s work. We started talking about different comic artists from Jack Kirby to Tamaki Shin. The girl really knew her stuff. My words were flowing freely, it wasn’t like talking to any other woman I’d ever met.

“I have brought much new manga material with me,” she said. “Would you like to see it?”

I responded enthusiastically and before I knew it we were sitting on the bed in her hotel room. She brought out about two-dozen magazines and sat down next to me as I flipped through the pages. They were all in Japanese so I couldn’t read the text but some of the artwork was amazing. Some of it was also pretty erotic. The combination of the sexual images and the feel of Hisa’s fragrant body warmth right next to me on the bed were definitely stirring up my groin. I was trying to hide my erection under the magazine I was perusing. She must have noticed it anyway because her fingers slid under the magazine and gently rested on my crotch. I looked up into her pretty brown eyes. She smiled as she leaned forward to kiss me. Her hand began rubbing my hard-on, the magazine fell to the floor.

She unzipped my fly and pulled out my hard cock.

“You have a delightfully big penis. I have never seen one so big before,” she whispered seductively. When her soft lips wrapped around the shaft and it slid into her warm mouth I heard myself groan with pleasure. My hands slipped under sweatshirt to caress her smooth skin. Her back was incredibly muscular yet her warm skin was the softer than anything I’d ever felt in my life. My balls were on fire from her fantastic cock sucking. I really wanted to fuck her but was afraid that, if she continued sucking my cock with such enthusiasm, I was going to cum before I got the chance.

“Hisa,” I confessed, “I’ve never done this sort of thing before.

She looked up and smiled. Then she began undressing me.

“Don’t worry, Ben,” she whispered, “Hisa will take good care of you.”

Having stripped me naked, she eased me down on to my back and straddled me as she stripped. I’d always thought oriental girls had little tiny boobies but Hisa’s were deliciously round with little tiny dark brown circles around her erect nipples. As big as she was, she wasn’t really fat. Her slightly rounded belly looked tight. A bushy patch of black pubic hair began just a few inches down from her navel. I could see that her cunt lips were large and slightly parted.

Her beautiful breasts dangled in front of me as leaned down and softly ran her tender lips across mine. She reached down to grab my stiff dick, her soft hand sliding up and down the shaft a few times before she enveloped me in her wondrous wet warmth. Sitting up, she rocked slowly on my cock with her eyes closed. Her light moan mingled with mine. She was biting her thin lower lip. My hands reached back to grab her silky-smooth, firm round ass. I held on for dear life as she increased her fucking motions, rising up until just the head of my cock was inside her and then sliding back down until I was buried deep inside her sweet, hot japanese pussy. Each time she pushed down she groaned with pleasure and squirmed a bit. Her cunt muscles seemed to pull at my cock as she held it in buried all the way and then rose again in a delicious sliding motion. We went at it like this, slowly building the sensations inside each other, for a few minutes. Her breathing was becoming a bit harsher, my heart was pounding, and even at this slow pace I wasn’t sure how long I was going to be able to hold on before cumming.

She leaned back down and gave me a deep kiss. Her mouth tasted sweet as our tongues tangled.

“Stay with me, Ben,” she panted, “it’s time for this white boy to cum inside a real woman.”

She braced herself with her arms on either side of my head and, once again, began sliding up and down on my dick but now her strokes were shorter and faster. I started fucking back at her thrusting pussy, still holding on to her full buttocks. Her breasts were swinging in my face. My mouth caught a nipple and I began to suck, causing her to moan loudly and increase the pace of her fucking. By now I was thrusting back just as hard and fast. We were caught up in a fucking frenzy, our big bodies slapping together. I could feel a massive load of cum churning in my balls and knew that I was moments away from a powerful orgasm.

“I’m gonna cum!” I warned her.

“Fuck me with your big, white cock,” she groaned, “give me your giant load of cum…fuck me…give it to me….all your hot cum inside me!”

That’s about all it took. My body and brain exploded, my cock jerked and spurted deep inside that hot, pulsating, pumping pussy. She reached a hand over and began frantically rubbing her clit. I was just about on my final, spastic spurt when I felt her cunt tighten around me and heard her incoherent cries of ecstasy.

Her sweet, sweat slicked body collapsed on mine. I was finally a man. I’d given up my virginity for a taste of sumo lust

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