Jia Needs A Job

Author: Steph

It had been over a month since I had been fired from that miserable laundry. The old man had moved me around from one job to another, it was no wonder I couldn’t make sense of any of them. Finally, when he had me working all by myself at night, the buzzard caught me masturbating on a pile of dirty laundry. People from the old country just don’t understand that a girl has needs that sometimes have to be dealt with. Besides, judging from the cum stain on his trousers, I suspect he was playing right along with me in the dark but, yeah, I get fired. Real fair, right?

Who knew finding a job would be so tough? I’m young and healthy with a shapely body and a pretty face. My long, black hair is straight and clean. How come all these freaks and losers have jobs but nobody was hiring me? I was beginning to think there was some kind of black list against hiring pretty Chinese-American girls, I swear. At least that day I had an interview. I’d filled out dozens of applications without hearing a word back. I figured this was, at least, a chance and I was determined to make it pay off.

I dressed in a nice white blouse. It was a little bit tight and showed the roundness of my breasts but it was the best one I had. The black skirt was perhaps a little short but showed off my shapely legs and with the pantyhose I figured it made me look like a sexy business woman. The black pumps completed the outfit and gave my cute tush a nice uplift. Sitting in the waiting room with a bunch of dowdy looking girls I felt, in comparison, like I looked competent and confident. As each one was called in before me, though, the waiting was getting on my nerves.

My name was the last one called. I strutted into the office and closed the door. There was a nice looking white man with curly brown hair sitting behind the desk. He looked only a few years older than me. His tie was loosened and the sleeves on his white shirt were rolled up. He had nice strong looking tanned arms. I took a seat at his request and he gave me a warm smile before starting with his questions. He was very friendly and I was trying to answer the best I could. Leaning forward to make a point, I felt a button pop on my tight blouse. I started to sigh with frustration and a second button popped. I could not believe this was happening to me. At first I was angry and embarrassed. Then, I noticed his nice hazel eyes looking down at my light brown, firm 34Cs with interest. I leaned forward a little further to give him a better view. Sometimes a girl has to use all her tools.

He cleared his throat and gave me a little smile.

“Now, Jia, exactly why did you leave your last position?” he asked in a soft voice. I could tell the view of my pretty titties was making him excited. I decided to risk making him more excited.

“Old Man Chin had me working alone at night,” I said lowering my voice to a whisper, “He caught me masturbating.”
His cute white face went all red. He cleared his throat again as I leaned forward a little further.

“P-pardon me? You s-say he….” he stuttered.

“Caught me playing with my pussy,” I explained seductively, “a worldly man like you surely understands that a young girl has strong needs. Sometimes I just can’t control myself.”

I stood up and walked around to his side of the desk. As I suspected, he had a nice erection bulging in his trousers.

“Does that door lock?” I asked with a sweet smile.

I could see his adam’s apple bouncing up and down as he gulped before answering.

“It locked when you closed it,” he responded.

I looked down at his bulge and then looked into his eyes. Sinking to my knees on the carpet, I undid his belt and unzipped his trousers. Reaching in, I took hold of his warm, white, hard cock and pulled it free.

“Young men have strong needs too,” I said breathing on his exposed organ.

“Y-y-yes th-they do,” he agreed.

I lowered my head and tasted his salty hardness in my warm mouth. Rolling my tongue around the sensitive head of his cock caused him to groan with pleasure. I engulfed more of his smooth pink erection, letting his dick bathe in sweet waters of my mouth as I sucked it gently. He raised his butt and pushed his trousers and boxers down a little. My left hand cupped his hefty ball sac while I began sliding my lips up and down his solid shaft, his hands tangled in my long black hair. He grabbed my head and moaned quietly. The taste of his cock and the sound of his heavy breathing were getting me excited. I reached into my pantyhose and was not surprised to find that my little, black haired pussy was wet. With my right hand I began stroking my slit as I increased the intensity of my cock sucking.

“I want to see,” he groaned, “I want t-to see you p-play with your p-p-pussy.”

I released my mouth from his stiff dick and undid my skirt. Sliding my pantyhose down to my knees, I showed him my beautiful black bush, the pubes now damp with my juices. He grabbed hold of his saliva covered cock when I parted the hairs with my long fingers to show him my pink, shiny slit. My fingers slowly slid up and down the crack of my pussy while his hand rose and fell on his hard dick. He squeezed his cock a little tighter when I slid two fingers into my hot cunt. We pumped together, me on my knees staring at his cock, him in the chair staring down at my pussy. I never thought watching a white man jerk off would excite me but knowing that he was jerking off because I was playing with myself seemed to cause heightened waves of passion to surge through my cunt. We both began breathing hard, our hands moving faster on our sex organs, driving each other forward as lust bounced from one to the other. My cute oriental pussy was driving him mad with desire, his hard white cock was making me hornier by the minute. His right hand still pumping his big white prick, he reached across his desk and grabbed a wad of tissues. His white ass was now bouncing up and down on his chair. His fingers were becoming a blur with his rapid jerking. I brought my left hand down to make fast little circles round my clit, all the while finger fucking myself as fast as he was hand fucking himself. Neither one of us could continue this hard driving pace much longer. I was panting and moaning, feeling the power of my orgasm building inside my rocking body. His hips shot straight off the chair, he put the tissues to the head of his cock and shot gobs of goo in several sharp hard ejaculations. Watching him cum brought my orgasm crashing down upon me, I squeezed my cunt muscles against my fingers and felt the powerful surges of liquid lust move in waves through my rocking frame. I bent over and kissed his cum covered cock causing him to sigh.

I looked up into his face.

“Maybe next time I am in your office, we can try fucking each other,” I said. Of course, that will not happen unless he gives me a job. I could tell by the look on his face that he knew that too.

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