I Love New York!

Author: Cecilia

I met Josie on a business trip. I was in Manhattan for the week, and got online and found her in an adult chat room called “Black chicks for white men”. We met at a nearby diner for late night coffee and sandwiches. After talking a lot, it was obvious that we were hitting it off pretty well. I invited her back to my hotel room for drinks and fun.

When we got to my room, I closed the door, and turned around to see Josie unbuttoning her blouse. This girl wasn’t wasting any time. I just stood there and watched her as she slowly unbuttoned her blouse. She smiled at me and asked me if I was just going to watch, or if I was going to help her.

Not needing to be asked twice, I crossed the room in two long strides, to stand in front of her. I reached my hand up behind her neck, and pulled her into a kiss. Her tongue peeked out from between her lips, and I invaded her mouth with mine. While engaged in this liplock, I reached up with my other hand, cupped her breast, and squeezed softly. I pulled back out of our kiss, and used both my hands to unbutton her blouse. It fell to the floor, revealing her red-laced bra covering her dark chocolate skin. Her tummy was flat, with a gold ring through the top of her belly button.

I tore my shirt off, and grabbed her and pressed her skin against mine. Looking down and seeing the contrast in our skin colors turned me on more than I thought it would. I began nibbling on her neck, then her shoulder, and slipped her bra straps over her shoulders and part way down her arms. I reached behind her with my hand and expertly unclasped her bra. Now it was only being held up by the pressure of my chest on hers.

I leaned back slightly, and felt the flimsy fabric fall down between us. I gazed at her gorgeous tits, their nipples pitch black at the center. Stooping down, I drew one of her nipples into my mouth and sucked it gently. I felt her hand run through my hair, and heard her sigh from above. I moved to the other nipple for a little while, but couldn’t stand the pressure in my jeans any longer.

I stepped back, and unbuttoned my fly quickly, and let my pants drop to my ankles. I shimmied out of my shoes and pants in one motion, and kicked it all aside. I then reached out and undid her pants, and guided her to the bed while I carefully removed them along with her shoes. Her panties matched the bra that was now laying on the floor. tight, high cut red lace. Her legs where as fit as the rest of her.

She reached out from her perch on the bed, and slid my underwear down my thighs, allowing my cock to be released. She looked at it, and smiled softly. I’m sure that compared to some of her other lovers, I wasn’t all that – but compared to the guys in the locker room at my gym, I was proud. Regardless, she leaned over and sucked my stiff cock into her mouth. Her lips closed around the base of my cock, and she started massaging me with her tongue. It felt so good, I wanted to cum right then and there, shooting it down her throat.

But, she pulled back, and laid back on the bed. I removed her panties, and was thrilled at the sight of her brownish-pink pussy lips, exposed from where she kept her body clean-shaven. I lowered my head, and ran my tongue up her inner thigh, greeting her clit in a soft flutter. Her body stiffened from the sensation, then relaxed as she spread her dark thighs wider and allowed me to suck on her clit. It didn’t take long for her to climax, which really surprised me. But after a loud groan and bucking of her hips, she pushed my head away, whispering for me to stop.

I got up, and stood next to the bed. She flipped over onto her stomach, raising her ass in the air. And what an ass. Very round, like cantaloupes, and quite tight and firm. I reached out and grabbed one cheek in each hand, and gave a good squeeze. Mostly muscle. I spread her ass cheeks apart, and looked at her brown tight asshole, and her pink cunt. With my cock rock hard, I didn’t need to help it find its target. I leaned forward, and the tip of my white cock slipped in between those soft pussy lips. Slowly, I guided myself as deep into her as I could, never letting go of her gorgeous ass. I began pumping her softly, watching myself slide in and out of her.

Suddenly she leaned forward, causing my dick to pop out of her pussy. I leaned over and asked her what was up, and she totally surprised me by telling me that she wanted me to fuck her in the ass. Not about to argue, I backed up, and spread her cheeks apart again. Only this time my target was that tight little hole. My cock was already slick with her pussy juices, so I didn’t need any lube.

I watched with fascination as her puckered little hole grew to accommodate my cock as it slid in and disappeared into her ass. Slowly, gently, I kept sliding it in, until I was in to the hilt. Afraid of hurting her, I started rocking softly back and forth, but she soon let me know that she wanted to be fucked hard in her ass, not teased with some wiggling around. So, I pulled my cock out until only the head was still in, then, grabbing her muscular ass cheeks, I slammed my cock back into her. Her ass, and the skin on her back rippled from the force, which drove me even more. I began banging her ass, as she started moaning very loudly, talking dirty to me, and asking me how much I liked fucking her ass.

I fucked her ass with long, hard, deep strokes, and every time I slammed into her backside, the ripple went through her skin, asking for more. I reached around and grabbed her hips, and pulled her back hard on my cock with my next thrust. This time her cry sounded as if she was hurt, but she was staying in rhythm with me, and if I slowed down, she kept the pace up by rocking backwards, driving my cock back into her tight hole.

Finally, I felt my cum swelling up in my balls, and told her that I was going to cum. She jumped off my cock, and turned and sat down on the bed facing me. She squeezed her tits together, and held them up for me as I stroked myself and let my load loose on her tits. My hot white cum splashed out on her boobs, and oozed down her cleavage.

I lay down on the bed to catch my breath, and when I woke up, she was gone. All that remained was a note on the pillow that read, “That was great – call me next time you’re in town, ” along with her phone number.

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