Lana had a definite taste

Lana had a definite taste for the finer things in life. When she saw Mark and Jimmy at the bar, she knew she wanted them; she wanted them both. She wasn’t greedy normally, but tonight she was in the mood for something really different. She had just broken up with a boyfriend who had been so jealous that if any other man even smiled at her, he would freak out.

So how was she going to celebrate the break up? What better way then with two guys who didn’t mind sharing. Two guys that could work together to satisfy every desire she had? At the bar they had been talking to girls, but Lana noticed it was always the two of them talking to one girl. They weren’t actually cruising for a threesome. . .but somewhere in their minds was that thought. They were prowling and looking for a girl that could take them both on.

They had come up to Lana, talking up a storm and trying to play her. She found it amusing, to say the least. She let them play their game for about 15 minutes and then she blew their minds. She had turned to them and, point blank, asked them if they ever shared a girl before. They had hemmed and hawed and told her no. Lana laughed and told them that tomorrow they can honestly say they have.

Men, by and large, were easily manipulated into doing anything. Lana didn’t like that game though. She told them flat out, she wanted to be fucked, fucked hard. They were speechless as she explained it to them. As she explained in great detail her fantasy of two men fucking her, sucking two cocks, taking it in the ass and pussy at once. She loved the look on their faces, complete shock and yet complete and total arousal. She was surprised they didn’t shoot right there in the bar.

Once back to Lana home, she was quick to strip to her bra and panties. She wanted them to know, she was for real. No games. Tonight they hit the jackpot. They got their fantasy, a hot, willing chick to fuck in every way and then never have to see again. She didn’t want a boyfriend. . . or boyfriends. She wanted raw, hard, nasty sex and then she wanted them to go home. She needed the complete release of a hard fuck.

“So guys. . .you up for it?” Lana asked, turning slowly and letting them take in her body. She wasn’t stuck up, but she knew she had a great body for sex, she worked on it hard enough. Her deep tan only emphasized the muscles to the point of near perfection.






She slipped between them and let Mark pull her bra cups down and let her perky, hard nipples free. They both began to suck and lick her nipples, slowly getting more and more bold. It was an awkward thing for most guys, the first time they share a woman. All those homophobia issues. Lana didn’t want them to fuck each other, she wanted every inch of them for herself. She purred softly as they licked her nipples, whispering encouragement to them.


She could see their cocks straining against their slacks. As she slid into Mark’s lap, she began to nibble his cock through his pants, nipping and playing with him. Jimmy was a little bolder and began to play with her ass and lick at it through her panties. His fingers slipped under her panties, squeezing her ass cheek and then teasing her lips and asshole until she began to moan. Her pussy was so wet, it was starting to soak through her pretty yellow silk panties, making a nice dark spot that gave Jimmy all the encouragement he needed.



She unzipped Mark’s pants and pulled his cock out. He was nice and big and thick. Lana smiled up at him and then licked the head. He moaned and watched her, smiling and enjoying the show. She took his big cock into her mouth and began to suck it slowly, teasing him until he was groaning in frustration. He wanted her to suck him deep, but Lana wanted him to be nearly in a frenzy. She slid her lips all the way down the shaft finally, sucking his cock into her hot mouth, tongue working the shaft deftly all the way down. Mark groaned and leaned his head back, enjoying the final fulfillment of her tease.



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