Chrissy like hot sex

Then they switched and as one pulled out the other slammed in. She was in a constant state of wanting to scream from the power of the thrusts, she was crying it felt so good. They fucked her harder and faster until she was almost collapsing. Then they pulled out and slid her onto the floor.

There on her knees she started sucking Doug’s big cock again. He grabbed her hair and fucked her face fast. Tom wasn’t one to be left out, he shoved his cock into her face and she grabbed it, stroking the slippery shaft, loving the feel of her cum coating him. She took turns sucking one and then the other until they were both panting and groaning.


They leaned back against the table to catch their breath and Chrissy stood up. They watched her gather her clothing and put back on what wasn’t torn apart. She smiled and kissed them both. “Thank you for the games boys.” She said and then held a finger to hush them from asking any questions.

Just like that, she turned and walked out of the pool hall. Tom pulled on his pants and walked to the front of the pool hall, watching her vanish into the night. Her long legs and sweet ass swallowed up by the darkness.

They both stroked their cocks in her face, she sucked on the heads as they pumped themselves faster and faster, the looks on their faces telling her they were going to give her big loads. As Doug moaned deep, he spurted cum all over her face. As he kept stroking and milking his cock dry, she rubbed the cock head all over her face, leaving long trails of goo all over herself.

Tom groaned and aimed his cock lower, showering her big tits with blast after blast of wet salty cum. She nibbled on the top of his cock as he finished squeezing out the last of his cum and then they both rubbed their cummy cocks all over her face and she laughed. She loved the feeling of being coated with sex.


“She give you guys a lesson or two?” Tom’s cousin asked, laughing.

“In what? Pool?” He snorted. “You fuckin crazy? That girl can’t play for shit.”

Tom’s cousin laughed harder.

“What’s so funny?” Tom asked.

“That girl is the top women’s pool player in the state.”



“No way…she couldn’t play for. . .”

“You just got hustled.” His cousin laughed.


“She got just what she wanted from ya and left. . .”

Damn, thought Tom, he could use being hustled like that more often.

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