The junk yard bitch

Beast came over to me in the yard as I was cutting up a Taurus. He was grinning and waving some pieces of paper in his hand like they were all tickets to the super Bowl. But when I turned off the gas and lifted my goggles up I saw they were only envelopes.

“Hey, Stu, check out what I’ve found here.”

I looked at them, four or five of them, all stamped and postmarked, with the addresses hand written on the front, all to a Mr C. Simojoki at an apartment building in the smart end of town. The envelopes had been opened, but each of them still had a letter inside them.


“Man, these are love letters. Real hot love letters. They were inside that Z06 which got dropped off last week by the insurance company. And by the amount of blood stains in there, I guess the guy they belonged to has had all the fucking he’s ever going to get. So the hot momma that wrote these is probably looking for somebody else to take over his chores.”

“Yeah?” I grinned, it was an interesting idea but I still hadn’t caught up with him. “So how come the cops didn’t find these? They usually search out every auto involved in an accident before it comes to the scrap yard.”

Beast laughed out loud: “Hey this dude was smart. The letters were inside the tool kit in the trunk. I guess the guy figured that was the one sure place his wife would never get to find them.”

Yeah, we both smiled at that. Sure, it had been a smart move. But I still couldn’t figure out where Beast was coming from, not until he explained it: “Listen, Stu, the chick who wrote these, her name is Nicola, and she was having herself a real time with a married guy, this Clay Simojoki who got whacked up in the Corvette. But what’s really interesting is that the woman works for a big stockbroking company and she was giving her boyfriend the word on every good deal she was hearing about.”

“You mean, like insider trading?”

“Hell, man, I’m sure no expert on that but I’m betting she wouldn’t want her boss fo find out how’s she been shooting her mouth off. So I’m going to phone Nicola and ask if she’d like first offer on getting the evidence back.”

“Yeah?” I was definitely getting interested now. “Hey, you’re not telling me she was dumb enough to leave her name and phone number on letters like that?”

“No, she wasn’t. No phone numbers, no addresses and she just signed the letters with her first name. Her problem was that she made a joke in one of the letters, about what the guys in the office would say if would say if they knew Ms Ashe was getting her ashes hauled by an eager young stud. So I know her name is Nicola Ashe.”

“And that’s all you’ve got?”

“It’s all I’ll need. I know her name and what sort of company she works for. I’ll find her and then call her and tell her ‘hi’ from Clay Simojoki. And seeing as how her lover boy is probably buried by now, I’m betting that I’ll get some reaction from her.”

Yeah, I could see that happening: “It’s worth a try, I guess. What happens when you make the connection?”

Beast rubbed his hand over the crotch of his jeans: “I’ll tell her about the letters and then see if she wants to dicker about some quality dick time.”

“Man, that’d be cool,” I told him. “We could use another junkyard bitch around here.”

“We’re going to get one out of this, Stu. Believe me, we’re going to be lucky on this one.”

He was so right. When I was finishing him that evening I went for a beer with Beast and he was bragging that it was in the bag. He found Nicola Ashe and she’d already been worried out of her skull about what had happened to her dumb letters. According to Beast, she couldn’t agree fast enough when he told he she’d better come on over and drop everything.

Me, I’m one of the wait and see type, so I waited until next day and what I saw was a nicely polished black Regal come rolling into the yard and stop outside the wooden shack that Beast calls his office. Then I saw the woman get out of it and decided to quit work there and then. In the first place, we don’t get many lady visitors to the yard — and in the second place, we certainly don’t get many wearing a long coat on a sunny day. Interesting.

Then Beast came over towards me, and he’s leading the woman by the hand, and she’s not a bad looker. But she’s holding onto her coat and looking at the piles of wrecked auto bodies as if she’s never seen anything like them before. Perhaps she wasn’t used to being in the shit places where the working stiffs have to go to make their bread.

“Hey, Stu, this is Nicola. We’ve got a deal in place. She’s going to come downtown regularly to fuck both of us and in return she gets to burn one letter on each trip.” Beast grinned at me: “That sound fair to you, bro?”

“Sure,” I said. “That sounds good to me.”

Well, whaddya know, Beast had been right all along. There really was things in those letters this bitch didn’t want anybody else to know about. I was sure of that because she grabbed at our dicks without even waiting for an invitation. This was our kind of lady!

“Where are you going to take me?” she asked. She had a sexy voice, kind of deep with some Southern drawl in it.

“Right here will do fine,” Beast told her. “It ain’t fancy, but it’s cheap. Now get down there and do your thing, bitch.”

She nodded, like it was what she’d expected him to say, undid a couple of buttons on her coat and squatted down. Beast and me made a grab at our belts at the same time, as fast as two gunslingers hitting leather. I guess it turned out to be a draw because we both got our weapons into her mouth at the same time.

One thing about this gal, you couldn’t say she was the shy type. Both of us got equal billing and a fair share of her busy tongue. Considering she was stone cold sober and squatting down on oily concrete in the middle of a wrecker’s yard, it was a damned good start.

“She’s a hell of a horny slut,” I said.

Yeah. I guess we’d better have an early lunch break, I feel like I want somebody to eat me. Open wide, bitch.”

Nicola put those ruby red lips of hers right around his shaft and took about half of it with hardly a grunt. I was impressed.

“Jees, what a fucking performer we’ve got here.”

“Yeah,” Beast answered. “Now I know what Clay was dreaming about when he crashed.”

That seemed to me to be a tad untactful but Nicola didn’t even seem to hear what Beast had said. She had her eyes shut and she was sucking away on him like she had a chunk of honey cane in her mouth. Where she was putting so much of him, I couldn’t figure: she was packing the meat away like a Chicago canning plant.

“Hey, man, can I check her out?”

“OK,” Beast said. “What the hell, even a junior partner deserves a few work privileges.”

That was good enough for me to grab hold of her head and find out for myself if she was as good as she looked to be. And she was! She got me into that warm wet mouth and sucked on my sweaty cock like she’d struck oil. I went up on my toes grunting with pleasure. The only thing better than a blow job is getting a blow job in the middle of a working day from some woman you’ve only just met — especially when it’s not costing even a dime for her time.

“Having fun there, Stu?” Beast asked.

“Man, I don’t know what’s in those letters but I’m voting on giving them back to her page by page only. This slut is too good to turn loose yet a while.”

“Yeah, she’s hot. A genuine junkyard bitch. If we chain her up, you think she could take both of us on at once?”

The woman wriggled her ass around and grabbed hold of Beast’s prick, pulling it closer towards her.

“Seems like she thinks she can,” I grinned.

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