Chrissy like hot sex

The sound of ripping cloth made Chrissy’s pussy throb, she loved it rough. Tom began to lick and finger her pussy as Doug sucked and bit her tits until she was moaning. She grabbed Doug’s cock through his pants and squeezed it hard, he was hung nicely. She undid the zipper as he started sucking her other nipple and pulled him out.



Doug wiggled his legs and let his pants drop down so he could climb on the table next to her. As she stroked him, he moved up and shoved his cock into her face. Chrissy was good with these sticks. Opening her mouth wide she sucked him in and licked his balls. He moaned and told her what a good cocksucker she was. Tom moved down from licking her pussy to licking her asshole, his tongue fucking her tiny hole and wetting her good. She moaned and wiggled onto his tongue more.

Tom stood up and threw off his clothing, grabbing her ankle he lifted one leg high so she was spread wide open and slid his cock into her in one long steady thrust. He was good sized and had to pull back and fuck into her several times before he was buried balls deep in her. Chrissy moaned and clenched her pussy muscles, stroking him from the inside out. Tom began to pump her faster, biting her leg and foot as he fucked her.


Tom sat down on the table and picked her up, placing her on to of him, facing up. As she slid back down his cock, he took good hold of her legs and began to lift and drop her, hard and deep. Chrissy grunted each time, she could feel her cum squishing out of her cunt now, each time his cock slammed all the way in, she dripped more and more all over her asshole and his balls.

Doug pulled out of her mouth and pulled her off Tom, bending her over on the table and spreading her ass cheeks wide open. He pressed his hard cock head against her asshole and pushed into her sloppy wet hole. It felt so big in her, she moaned and pushed back onto him, growling and thrashing her head as she did.





Doug grabbed her hair and held her still as slammed in and out of her ass; her pussy was squished closed each full thrust, cum still dripping out of her. It felt great. Tom slide himself under her and sucked on her nipples for a second, biting one until she screamed. Then he was between her legs and Doug pushed her down onto his cock too.



The two cocks in her was so much she squealed way louder then she intended too. It was like she was ripping apart as they filled her. Doug pulled back brutally hard on her hair to shut her up and Tom bit her other nipple. She went quiet and they started pumping both holes at the same time, making her feel like she was shredding as they fucked her.

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