Brightest Star of All

Author: starbelliedboy

“Shall I help you wash up?” Lucy asked, bringing me the last of the dishes.

“No, it’s OK,” I replied, adding some more washing up liquid to the water in the sink. “Can you go up to my room and fetch the DVD? It’s on top of the shelf with my hi-fi.” I began scrubbing the plates as she left. My housemates had all gone home for the weekend, so Lucy had suggested we have a night in and watch Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon for the nth time, as we both loved that film. I’d already cooked us both a stir fry to get into the chinese spirit, as it were, and once I’d finished the dishes I got the sake that Lucy had bought (she couldn’t find a Chinese wine, so she thought a Japanese one would have to do) and poured some for each of us while she settled herself on the sofa and flicked through the menu. Turning off the light, I sat down next to her and got ready to enjoy the film.

As I practically knew the film off by heart, for the first few minutes I could just sip my rice wine and let my mind wander, glancing occasionally at Lucy out of the corner of my eye. She was sat very neatly, her legs crossed under her skirt, which had ridden up slightly above her knee, her smooth calves and perfect, fairly small bare feet glowing white from the light of the TV. The warmth of the alcohol suddenly made me feel how close her warm body was to me, only a few inches away. With a smile I remembered the first time I met her, nearly a year ago now.

I’d gone to see Kill Bill Volume 1 for the fifth time, and for the second time I noticed her buying a bag of peanuts at the food counter, but I didn’t think she could be going to see the film again, she looked more like an indie girl to me, and I didn’t think it was the type of film she would be into, so I pushed my idle thoughts of talking to her to the back of my mind and entered the room. The lights were still on, so I could see there was no one else in there, which suited me fine, I could sit in my favourite place, exactly in the middle of the room so that the screen filled my vision when I leant my head back and looked straight in front. But a few minutes later, I heard someone else come in, and looking round I noticed it was the pretty dark haired indie girl, who walked automatically to my row, spotted me and hesitated. She gave a little shrug and walked along the row and sat down in the seat next to me.

“Hi,” she said, sounding a bit shy. “Haven’t I seen you before at a Kill Bill screening?”

“Yeah, probably,” I replied, feeling the heat rise to my face. I was never very good at talking to strangers, even when they didn’t have incredible large brown eyes that seemed to hold my gaze in a vice. “This is the fifth time I’ve seen it.”

“Really? Cool! I’ve seen it three times, I couldn’t persuade any of my friends to see it again with me.” Her shyness seemed to have vanished, and I wished mine would. She held out her hand. “My name’s Lucy, what’s yours?”

“Jack,” I replied, shaking her hand, and we began talking about the film, and Tarantino in general, when the lights went out for the ads to start, and we fell silent. She offered me some peanuts when the second trailer came on, and then from the moment the film started it was fantastic. We both sang along to the Nancy Sinatra song at the beginning, laughed at the same scenes of ridiculous violence and spoke along to the same bits of clever dialogue.

Then afterwards we went for a pizza together and talked for another couple of hours about films. Although to begin with I did consider asking her out, but wasn’t confident enough to, then she went out with someone else a week or so after we met. After she broke up with him we were such close friends that I didn’t want to risk souring our relationship by asking her out, as I couldn’t bare the thought of not having her around and the indefinable sense of utter contentment that any conversation with her or even her very presence filled me with.

Anyway, before I got completely lost in my reminiscing, I was distracted by the first really amazing fight sequence and started concentrating on the film. Once that scene was over, Lucy paused it to go to the toilet while I poured some more sake, and when she came back she sat much closer to me, so our bodies were touching. When she put her head on my shoulder I finally mastered myself and put my arm around her, feeling her snuggle nearer, but not saying anything.

We watched the rest of the film like this, my cheeks pressed lightly to her warm silky hair, and when it got to the really romantic scene with Lo telling Jen Lu that he’d found the brightest star of all I felt her hand reach for mine, sending odd shivers through my body. Finally, the film ended and we reluctantly separated and stood up, both our eyes a bit wet from the ending, and neither of us saying anything or holding each other’s gaze for long. Lucy said she’d go upstairs, so I cleared the glasses and empty bottle of sake away and followed.

Entering my room I saw her bent over the desk lighting the last of the candles she’d placed around the room, dancing slightly in time to the Elvis compilation she’d put on, then she turned around and told me to switch the light off, so there was only the warm orange glow from the candles.

“Dance with me,” she said with a smile, holding out her hand, so I took it and we both started twisting and jiving, singing along and laughing good naturedly at each other’s dancing. Lucy changed the CD to the Pulp Fiction soundtrack, and we did our best impression of Uma Thurman and John Travolta before collapsing in a giggling heap by the bed, and began chatting, slightly more manically than usual, our eyes constantly meeting and then one of us would look away a few seconds later.

When the CD finished, Lucy got up again and took a while choosing a new one. As she came back to sit cross-legged in front of me again, I couldn’t help grin as the soothing voice of Nancy Sinatra came from the speakers, and we continued our conversation until the end of the first song. As the second one started though, she seemed to make up her mind about something, and grabbed my hand, looking me straight in the eye.

“Jack, how do you feel about me?” she asked, a note of impatience in her voice. For a moment I just stared, caught off guard, felt my blood rushing to my head, and tried to look away, but couldn’t. I took a deep breath.

“I… love you.” I’d finally said it. And to my delight, none of my paranoid fears came true once I had. Instead Lucy’s eyes widened and she blushed too, a big smile spreading across her face.

“Well I love you Jack! Why didn’t you say before? When – I mean, how long have you been in love with me?”

“I don’t know. Months. Since before you split up with Jason I suppose. Why didn’t you say anything?”

“Oh, I don’t know. We’ve both been stupid obviously…”

We paused for a few seconds, but it was a different type to the pauses before, and we kept eye contact, then both leaned forward, a little hesitantly, until our lips met. Lifting the hand that she wasn’t holding, I gently brushed her hair from her cheek and tucked it behind her ear, placing it around her head to pull her closer as our kiss became steadily more passionate. Lucy released my hand and drew me into an embrace, a bit awkwardly as we were both still sat cross-legged facing each other, until she pulled me up and pushed me back to the bed, still kissing me, and we ended up with me underneath her.

Things started to go a little faster than I expected, her hands wandering firmly over my chest, then I felt one slip under my t-shirt, her smooth hand caressing the side of my stomach, so I allowed my hand that wasn’t stroking her hair to push up the back of her sweater and the top beneath to feel her warm bare back. Lucy pushed herself up, kneeling over me, and pulled her top off, so above her waist she was only wearing her bra, her skin gold in the flickering candlelight.

“You’re so beautiful Lucy,” I told her, and she grinned.

Sitting up a bit myself, I wrapped my arms around her and carefully rolled over until she was lying on her back and I kissed her again, running my hands up her arms, following them from the silky underside near her shoulders, past her elbows and eventually to her open palms, our fingers meshing as she closed her hands around mine. By now I had just let my instincts take over, kissing down her neck to her shoulders and the small hollow beneath her windpipe, working my way over her chest until I was kissing the top exposed part of her breasts.

Gently, I pulled my hands out of hers and slipped them under her back, fumbling with the clasp of her bra, and to my surprise managed by pure luck to unfasten it fairly quickly. I knelt up to help remove it and then went down again, my lips finally touching her tits, feeling the soft warm skin against my mouth as I explored it, the faint scent of her body filling my nostrils, while I let my fingertips do the same as my mouth on her other breast. Deliberately, I ignored her tempting pink nipple at first, kissing all the way down to the underside where it met her chest, then I extended my tongue, dragging it slowly up, tasting her skin, and then circling her nipple. As I closed my hand around her other breast, discovering that I’d been right in thinking they were the perfect size to hold, I could feel how she was tensing, her breathing having quickened and glancing up at her face I could see the tips of her white teeth biting her bottom lip in

When I finally decided I’d teased her long enough, I licked her round pink nipple, pushing against it with my tongue, feeling it getting stiffer, and then I closed my lips around it and tentatively sucked on it, getting a small squeak and intake of breath from Lucy. I continued like this, sucking and licking her nipple until it was as erect as I could get it, all the while squeezing her other breast rhythmically, enjoying the sensation of her soft flesh in my palm, then I swapped to see to her other nipple.

Once I’d finished there, I cupped both her breasts in my hands and resumed my journey of kisses down over her stomach, right down to the place were her flesh bulged ever so slightly from the waistband of her skirt digging in. Occasionally she’d asked me before if I thought she was fat, but she wasn’t, this small amount of body fat to me made her more beautiful then the skeletal models in magazines, and it was far more arousing to the touch than if it was just skin over bone.

“How do I undo your skirt, Lucy?” I asked.

“There’s a zip at the back,” she replied, a little breathlessly, and reaching around I found it. Now kneeling on the floor between her legs, I pulled her skirt off slowly, discarding it to the side, then began kissing up her hairless legs, starting at her ankles, moving up her calves fairly quickly then slowing down as I reached her thighs. Stroking the inside of her knees with my hands and then up the outside of her legs, I peppered her inner thighs with kisses, working my way very gradually up to her crotch. Once there, I stroked the front of her black knickers, her pubic hair beneath forming a kind of cushion covered by the material, with only a couple of individual curls escaping under the elastic, and a damp patch, while not too visible in the dim light, was perfectly evident to my fingers as they played over where her hole was.

Holding her firmly with both hands around her waist, I pulled her a few inches closer to me so only the very tops of her legs were still on the bed, tucked my fingers under the waistband of her knickers and peeled them off her, then took my t-shirt off. I lowered my head down so her short curly black hair was brushing my face, inhaling the faint but delicious aroma emanating from her pussy, and started to kiss all around her hole, not going too close, but close enough to get some of the juice that was clinging in droplets to her hair on my cheek. My hands slid up to cup her breasts once again as I did this, while she spread her legs wider, trying to encourage me to go further, her breathing quickening again and I traced the edge of her outer lips with the tip of my tongue.

My mouth watering now, I slipped my tongue in the slit between her inner lips, tasting her juices, and licked firmly and steadily up the entire length to circle the hood of skin over her clit which I could see, pink and swollen, but before touching it I did the same movement again, making an appreciative noise to let her know she tasted so good. Carefully, I lightly flicked the tip of my tongue back and forth over her clitoris, getting a loud moan of pleasure from Lucy, so I licked a bit harder, and was soon lapping at it as if it were a delicious lolly, sometimes with an up-down motion, sometimes with circles, then as I got more into it, I did figures of eight and other shapes on it, sucking it a little as I did so. She started thrusting and moving her hips, so I had to release her tits in order to hold her legs back, and I could feel my chin getting soaked from where it touched her opening, which I occasionally licked before she cried out to me to get
back to her clit.

After a couple of minutes or so, I decided to try something else, so stopped licking and sucked on my right forefinger, getting it nice and slimy with my spit, and then pushed it ever so gently inside her hot wet vagina. I could feel the warm flesh enveloping it as it entered, pushing it all the way with my knuckles pressed in her damp pubic hair, then withdrawing it, pumping it in and out while I bent down to continue my tongue work. She liked this so much that I decided to attempt it with two fingers, this time just lubricating my middle finger with her juices while still sucking on her clit and inserted it snugly inside her with the other finger.

Stroking her insides like this, I turned my hand palm upwards and noticed that I could feel I kind of bulge, and every time my fingers passed over it, Lucy’s hips would tremble just a little bit more, or she would moan slightly louder. Out of interest, I stopped pumping in and out of her like this, and instead kept my fingers inside her, running them back and forth over the mound, and changing my technique until Lucy gasped, grabbed my hair with both hands and told me to “keep doing that!” So I continued in a steady rhythm, still licking and sucking at her clit, while she moaned louder and wriggled, arching her back and wrapping her legs tight around my bare back, her hands pulling me into her crotch.

I don’t know how long I’d been eating her out, but all of a sudden her whole body tensed, and her breathing became so fast she was almost hyperventilating, and she let out a long loud cry, her hands gripping my hair so hard it hurt. She began thrusting very hard into my face, calling out incoherently and gasping while I continued to lick and finger her, moisture coming so freely from her pussy that I could feel a trickle all down my right arm to my elbow. When she started to become a little less frantic, I started to withdraw my fingers, but she pulled my head even closer so my nose was almost pressed flat against her hairy flesh and she begged me to continue. A minute or so later and she started again, panting and shaking, until she finally let me go and I could pull back for some air.

Standing up, I looked down at her, licking my hand clean, and saw her flushed face smiling serenely up at me from the nest of her messed up shoulder length hair, patches of sweat glistening slightly, while the hair around her pussy was wet and flattened from my saliva and her own juices, leaving a sizable dark patch of damp on my bed clothes. She beckoned me closer, and we kissed once more, her mouth tasting her own juices on mine, until she pushed me on to my back, a glint in her eye.

“Your turn now, darling,” she said, and began kissing down my chest, her fingernails dragging sensuously over my skin where her mouth had gone before. Soon Lucy was kneel between my legs as I had been, undoing my flies and pulling my trousers and boxers off together, releasing my semi-erect cock, and she raised her eyebrows.

“How come you have so little self-confidence, Jack? This is hardly tiny!” I just smiled weakly, grateful for the compliment, but not sure what to say in reply. Luckily, she didn’t wait for one, and began kissing my thighs, letting my cock brush against her forehead or cheek, but otherwise ignoring it.

Closing my eyes, I tried to relax, feeling her warm wet lips moving up my legs, her hand carefully lifting up my balls so she could kiss just beneath them, before licking between and around them. One was suddenly surrounded by hot moisture as she took it in her mouth, the tips of her teeth just touching my sensitive skin there while her tongue caressed it. Doing the same to the other, leaving the hair on them slicked back from her saliva, she moved on to the shaft itself, holding it steady by the tip between her thumb and forefinger, licking slowly up its hardening seven inch length, then around its width, always keeping to the foreskin, teasing me.

Finally, she pulled the foreskin back and I felt the tip of her tongue trace the ridge around the edge of the head a few times, then move up to explore the wide smooth surface on top, flicking over the tiny slit a few times. Just as I thought she was going to take me in her mouth though, she slid down to lick the base of my shaft, starting the process all over again, and repeating it until a small bead of precum leaked out of the tip of my penis.

Licking it up and looking straight into my eyes with that intense gaze of hers, she opened her mouth and pushed her head slowly down, her hot damp breath all I could feel for a moment, then the tip reached the back of her tongue and she closed her lips around the shaft. I closed my eyes again as she began to suck, her mouth closing warm and wet around my dick, and she slowly pulled back, letting me slide out through her tightly held lips, and once she only had the smooth end in her mouth, she began swirling her tongue around it, took a short breath and then went down again. Now and again she would bob up and down rapidly, then lick up my shaft before resuming her slow sensual tongue work, and after a few minutes I could feel pressure building in my balls as an orgasm built up.

Lucy seemed to notice though, as she was not entirely inexperienced, and stopped, standing up, and asking me to move. When I did she got on the bed and lay down, not across it this time but lengthwise, with her head on the pillow, her hands on my hips as I remained kneeling, trying to pull me down.

“Look, I don’t have any condoms, Lucy,” I told her, to answer her questioning gaze.

“Oh, that’s OK Jack,” she said, seeming relieved that was all it was. “I trust you haven’t got any funny diseases or you’d have said before, and I’m on the pill so there’s no need to worry about the two of us becoming three or anything. Come on, I want this!”

Reassured, I knelt between her open legs and lowered myself down over her, supported on my elbows, until her hard nipples were almost touching me, and we could feel each other’s breath on our faces. One of her hands left my waist and I felt it hold my still erect cock, pulling it carefully down, the tip tickled by her pubic hair. Then it was brushing her lips, both our breathing quickening in anticipation, then she was holding it, the head just dipped in her wet entrance, her eyes looking up at me, waiting. Slowly, I pushed my hips forward, her hot wet flesh closing around my dick, and Lucy gasped as I moved up inside her until finally my patch of hair covered skin above my crotch was against hers and I could go no further.

We began kissing again as I withdrew and got into a steady rhythm of sliding in and out of her, pressing my body closer to hers to feel her heat against me, but taking care not to squash her, and doing my best to concentrate on our tongues caressing each other so I wouldn’t cum too early. Gradually I began to speed up, Lucy meeting my thrusts with her own, her legs tightening around mine, her arms pulling me closer. Our kissing became harder, the contact between our lips being broken occasionally, Lucy’s moaning becoming clearer by not being muffled by my mouth. Once again I could feel the pressure of a climax building, so I forced myself to slow down to shorter thrusts, and rolled over on to my back, taking Lucy with me.

With her on top and a slight pause, I managed to delay the orgasm for a bit longer, and let Lucy take control. To begin with she just pushed her crotch back and forth, still lying on top of me, then she pushed herself up on to her arms, her hair falling down over her face and her breasts swaying as she began rotating her hips in a circular motion as she pulled herself up and down on me. Pushing herself up further with her hands on my chest she got into a steady rhythm, sliding her vagina up and down on my cock, then I placed my hands on her tits, propping her up even higher, the nipples pressed against the centre of my palms, before she pulled away.

Now she knelt right up over me, my hands resting on her hips as they rose and fell, panting and moaning, her flushed face wearing an expression of concentrated pleasure, her hair plastered messily to it with the sweat that covered her whole heaving body with a glistening sheen in the dim light from the three candles that were still alight. While one hand was holding mine tight, she slipped her other through her curly pussy hair to work on her clit, bringing her moans to a higher pitch. As I listened to her and watched my pale cock get swallowed by the pink hole amidst her black hair, then up her smooth shining stomach, over her shaking breasts to finally meet her half closed eyes, I felt the orgasm I’d been fighting off building up again, and I knew I couldn’t stop it this time.

I started to thrust upwards harder now, and at this Lucy speeded up too, her moans turning to cries and her face contorting with her own climax. Her fingers rubbing her clit frantically, she stopped moving otherwise, as I was now thrusting right up into her, the contracting muscles inside her squeezing me tight with each stroke, a burning sensation in the end of my cock spreading all down it, the familiar haze of ecstasy filling my head, making me groan as well. I slammed up one last time, holding myself inside her, and the tightness of her hot wet pussy twitching around me took me the rest of the way, and I felt my semen pumping itself into her. Lucy seemed to be finishing her orgasm, and fell forwards, kissing me passionately as I emptied myself into her, squeezing her against me, the ejaculation seeming to last for ages, a glow more intense than I’d ever known flooding my whole body.

Finally, the last few spasms subsided, our kissing calmed down until we stopped, and rolled on to our sides, panting, looking at each other with a kind of fond gratitude I’d never had before, and I realised that the music must have stopped sometime ago. And we stayed like this, kissing softly now and again, held in each other’s arms, our sweaty bodies pressed together, my cock slowly softening and shrinking inside her, not saying a thing.

After I had slipped out of her, accompanied by a discharge of cum and pussy juice, which trickled warmly and wetly over both our legs on to the bed, we remained looking at each other in a kind post-orgasmic stupor. Her scent, the feel of her hair in my hand, and her eyes gazing into my mine becoming the only thing in my world, I felt I wanted to melt into her completely forever. Eventually the last candle had burnt out, and in the darkness we drifted off to sleep, the most contented and peaceful sleep I ever had.

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