Star Power

Author: Steph

A singer, Rob couldn’t believe they’d picked a singer to co-star with him. Hell, his last picture had been nearly dragged down by a no-talent pretty girl, flavor-of-the-month blonde. The director had just barely saved the thing by pumping in more of Rob’s action work and leaving most of the romantic subplot on the cutting room floor. After that misery, he had to work with a black girl who’d never even acted in films before. Oh yeah, this was going to be lots of fun!

As he sat in his trailer watching a few of Ramona’s music videos, Rob had to admit the kid was a looker. Her sleek brown body moved like jaguar. She had just enough breasts to draw a man’s attention, they rode firm and high on a well toned body. Her shapely, dancer’s legs led to a nice round, slight protruding butt that the lady certainly knew how to shake. A very useful skill if they were making a musical. Rob didn’t do musicals. He did action pictures.

His prolonged sulk was broken by a knock on the door. When he opened it he was staring directly into Ramona’s large green eyes. Oh yeah, the lady was definitely a looker.

She heard the music coming from the television.

“Well, at least you’ve got good taste in music,” she chided, “May I come in?”

Rob was just dressed in a white tee shirt and gym shorts. His well-tanned muscular body was on fine display. Ramona’s pink silk blouse was unbuttoned enough to show a generous portion of her cleavage. Her tight white slacks also didn’t leave very much to the imagination.

He waved her in and closed the door. She reached over and shut off the television.

“Never liked that one,” she said, “now “Miserable Lady”, that one had some moves.”

“I’ll bet.”

“So, what’s this shit I hear about you not wanting to work with a black woman?”

Rob’s famous steely blue eyes glared.

“Your color has nothing to do with it. I’ve been griping about your lack of acting experience. You’re a beautiful lady with a lot of talent in your field, I just wanted an actress.”

Ramona nodded her head, “A white actress,” she stated firmly.

“Damn it, stop that. I don’t care if it’s a green actress! The operative word is actress.”

“How do you know I can’t act? Have you even taken the time to look at my screen test?”

Rob had just arrived on the set that morning. With a somewhat contrite voice he had to admit that he hadn’t.

Ramona plunked in a chair her head between her hands.

“I just can’t fucking believe it,” Rob heard her mutter, “I bust my ass taking lessons for two fucking years and still have to deal with this shit.”

Rob realized she was crying. He walked over and put his hand on her shoulder.

Ramona looked up with tears in her eyes, “I did all this damn work just because I wanted to work with you.”

“With me? Why?”

“You’re the sexiest white boy I’ve ever seen,” Ramona sobbed, “I don’t know, stupid schoolgirl crush, it just….”

Rob cut her off with a kiss. He felt her rich full lips part and their tongues met. Her lively tongue sent tingles of lust down to his groin. Her hand unzipped his shorts. His hand reached into the pink silk to cup a firm, brown breast. Rob was still leaning over the seated Ramona, lost in a deep, passionate kiss, when he felt her smooth hand wrap around his hardening cock.

He unbuttoned the remaining buttons on her blouse as she moved her face closer to his erection.

“Such a pretty white cock,” Ramona murmured before wrapping her lips around the head. Her tongue rotated around the tip. She pulled down his shorts and cupped his balls. Her gentle brown hand lightly caressed them as she sucked his dick. Rob got a double handful of her dark, round breasts, hanging on as electric pulses of lust began to melt his knees.

After a few moments inside her magic mouth, Rob moved his hands down to the kinky hair on Ramona’s head, gently pulled back her head. He went to his knees in front of the chair and helped her out of her white slacks and panties. Her beautiful black bush stared him in the face. A tantalizing musk scent drifted into his nostrils from between her mahogany thighs. He began to lightly lick her delicious pussy while he gently probed it with his fingers. Parting her thick, brown pussy lips he revealed her bright pink slit, his tongue slid along its length. Finding her swollen clit, his fingers played around it in light teasing strokes. Ramona’s panting little cries urged him on. His tongue played around her slit in flickering strokes, his fingers moved faster and with a little more pressure. Ramona’s cries became longer and louder.

Rob felt her fingers in his hair pulling him off her wet pussy. He wiped his wet chin on her tight belly and slid up her smooth, brown body, stopping only to give each erect nipple a little kiss. Ramona grabbed his head between her hands and gave him a quick but intense kiss.

“You have to fuck me,” she said, you have to fuck me now!”

She got up off the chair and placed her hands on the table. Her shapely round butt was raised in the air in all its ebony beauty. Ramona had spread her long, muscular legs to reveal her damp pussy, the gleaming pink slit contrasting against her soggy black pubes. Rob ripped off his tee shirt. Naked with his hard cock in his hand he approached her beautiful black female form and guided his cock between her legs. Ramona groaned with desire when he plunged deep inside her.

They fucked like animals, hard and fast. The time for subtle soft moves was over. Rob pounded his hard white dick deeply into Ramona’s rocking and squirming black pussy. His tanned hands were tight on her chocolate hips. She clenched and unclenched her big ass muscles as their fucking rhythm fell into synch. Their sweaty flesh slapped together faster and faster. Rob’s lustful grunts were a back beat to Ramona’s loud cries of passion.

“Ohhhh…fuck me, Rob…harder, deeper…. ohhhh…faster…ohhh yeah…give me your hard white cock…give it…. yeah…yeah…oh fuck…fuck me…gonna make me cum, gonna make me cum hard…. come on…oh yeah…cum with me, cum with me hard…fill my pretty black cunt with your hot white cum…Ohhh fuuck!!!”

Her sucking pussy muscles dragged him over the top. His hips jerked, a massive wad ejaculated into her greedy hot twat. She held him deep inside her cunt, squeezing his spastic, spurting rod with her strong pussy muscles while her groans of pleasure shook the room. Their perspiration soaked skin quivered together. Rob was gasping for air.
Ramona gathered her clothes and headed for the bathroom. When she emerged fully dressed, she had a big smile on her face.

“So, what do you think of my acting abilities, now?”

Rob was still naked, sitting in the chair, drained.

“Acting?” Rob asked, “What part of that was acting?”

“Guess you’ll just have to figure that out on your own,” Ramona laughed as she opened the trailer door. “Might just have to give you another undress rehearsal.”

Alone in the trailer, Rob just sat naked in the chair shaking his head. Making this picture might be fun after all.

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