Electric Feel

Author: S3xkitten

Lucy sat there on the couch, feeling bored, and lazy, and slightly horny. She was a 24 year old women with long wavy/curly black hair that fell to my mid back, and dark blue eyes.
She was 5’6 and weighed 130 pounds and had a curvy body, and generous C cups.
Being as strange as she felt, she called the electrician from the yellow pages.
A deep silky voice answered.
“Hi, the ac broke, can you fix it?” thinking up something on the spot.
“Ok, give me you address, and ill come over and fix it”
So she gave him her address and phone number, and waited. The ac wasn’t broken, it just wasn’t on. It was a sticky summer hot day, so she had on gray short shorts, a thin white t-shirt, and no bra.
The doorbell rang.
In the door way stood a 30 year old man. He was 6’3, built, strong, and as sexy as hell. He wore a baseball cap, and hazel eyes. Lucy nearly melted.
“Im the electrician, ac not working?”
“No…” she noted his eyes, as they wandered over her body, and certainly her breast. Her nipples popped out. There was a growing bulge underneath his jeans. She smiled.
“The thing is downstairs, follow me.” as she lead him down to the genorater. And left him there.
All ways leave them wanting more.
A few minutes later, he came up.
“Sorry ma’am. But i can’t seem to find anything wrong.”
“Thats the point..” Lucy purred, and pulled him down to a long hard kiss. She felt him hesitate, but didn’t stop it in any way. She danced him to the couch, where he sat down, and she straddled him. Her abdomen turning white hot, and the feel of his large bulge between her legs.
He gently stopped, and started to kiss her neck, and gave her little hickeys.
“ooohh..” she cooed.
“Names Jack.” he whispered at her neck.
Lucy stopped him, and took off her shirt. Her large, round, high and heavy breasts, popped out, right at him in the face.
Without even saying anything he took one of her nipples with his mouth, and sucked.
She gasped.
While that, he snaked a hand down her gray shorts, and rubbed at her lips outside of her panties. She pressed against him, and moaned loudly.
The burning hot sensation of his mouth at her nipples, and his fingers electrified her. He stopped, in which she took the chance to take off his shirt, revealing rock solid muscles underneath. She pushed him to lay on the couch, kissing and biting down to his pants. She slid off the belt with a large snap, and unzipped his pants. He was large and big.
She loved it, reaching inside of his boxers, she took out his jutting penis. Gently she stroked it with her tongue. He breathed sharply.
“no..baby..don’t” he protested, she replied by sucking on him deeply. She could feel him getting harder and harder, than he came. and she swallowed him up.
And went back up to kiss his neck.
Rubbing his hands on her back, he cupped her bottom, than reached inside of her shorts, and into her panties, than pulled them down, than pulled her under him.
Having his turn, she knew exactly what he was going to do. She opened her legs wide.He kissed her pussy. She moaned deeply, and her breathing got shorter. Using his hot wet tongue, it snaked into her small hole, in and out. Than flicked over her clit, leading it into his mouth, and sucked.”Ooooohh…ahhh…” she moaned.
“wait..ah..ah..” than she cried out as she hit an orgasm.
He quickly climb back on top of her, and opened her legs wider, and without a chance to recover, he slide slowly hard and thick.
She screamed.
Wrapping her legs around him, as he pumped in and out of her. Sliding, he re positioned , so that it also rubbed her clit.
Until they both got high and higher into a climax. Than orgasm.
Feeling sticky and satisfied, he rolled off of her, and quickly put his clothes, on. Lucy sat there, feeling soft and warm.
He kissed her deeply on her lips, “catch you later…”
and walked out the door.
She smiled

2 days later….

“Hello?” answered that same silky voice.
“um..my lighbulbs..broke?”
The voice chuckled.”ll be right over

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